Source: I had a date with Keith Raniere – pre-Vanguard; he wanted a one night stand

Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian, the location of Keith’s date in Los Angeles.

By a tall woman who dated Keith in 1997

I went to dinner with this man, Raniere, in Los Angeles in 1997. I think I met him on JDate. He took me to Asia de Cuba at the Mondrian and ordered a very expensive bottle of wine. I was 27 and hadn’t had a lot of exposure to that. He also lit a joint inside the restaurant. I remember thinking that was very cool. In fact, that’s the main reason I remember him. He had the best bud known to mankind. To this day, I don’t know what that shit was, but it made you mellow, inspired insane laughter, and didn’t cloud your judgment or vision.

He was driving a convertible Mercedes. Maybe it was rented because I don’t think he lived in Los Angeles. In any event, he didn’t talk about himself in those terms, only about how great and smart he was. I’ll never forget his hair though; it made his head huge! I also can’t believe he’s kept it.

I remember we had a disagreement about why I wouldn’t have sex with him that night. He straight up propositioned me. No BS, just straight out with it. I hesitated because I’d never experienced that either. He started talking psychology and commented on his genius level IQ again. He began lecturing me about doing what I want to do and how life is too short. Obviously, he wanted to hit it and forget it, but I wasn’t ready to fuck a short, stocky guy I’d just met on JDate. So, he got a little snippity and he dropped me off at home without walking me in – a blessing, apparently. He seemed pissed that he hadn’t been able to seduce my mind in our short time together and deemed me a loser not worth anymore of his time.

“Well, I’m 5’8″, and 5’11” with heels, Mister. It takes a lot to slay me if you’re not at least 5’11”. I didn’t say that to him, but that’s how I felt. Hubby is 6’4″, so Raniere remains the shortest man I’ve ever been out with.

If he had physically been my type, he probably would’ve gotten lucky. I had a great time on the date and he was certainly charismatic. But the way his personality changed so quickly weirded me out. He immediately rejected me when I had the idea to possibly see him again, instead of sleeping with him that night. That’s bold.

Was Keith Raniere a purveyor of top grade weed in his day?

Artist conception of Keith Raniere with a taller woman on a date [not a real photo.]



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