When Vanguard’s smiling…. a few stray notes on NXIVM Corp.

Vanguard is in Monterrey, Mexico.

When asked on 20/20, if he found Keith Raniere charismatic, Rick Ross, who had some significant, if adversarial, face time with Mr. Raniere in mediation sessions during their 14 year federal litigation, answered, “no”, he found Mr. Raniere “boring”.


In SOP classes, Keith Raniere explains that, in matters of sex, “when a woman tells a man, ‘yes’, she means ‘yes.’ When she says, ‘maybe’, she means, ‘yes,’ and, when she says, ‘no,’ she means, ‘maybe.'”

He sounds a little like Lord Chesterfield to his son, without the manners.

Someone calling herself Abregok, who claims to have once dated the man who is fast becoming the most famous Vanguard in the world, commented on Mr. Raniere’s ‘all’s fair in love and rape’ statement:

He’s right about this for me. I went on one date with Keith years ago. He asked me to fuck him. I said “no,” but I meant “maybe.” He was just far too short for me to decide in that moment if I should go for it, and his boldness was a turnoff. He got upset about it and I didn’t see him again, thank God. Talk about the “Crazies.” He had great weed [marijuana] though.”


It is reported that NXIVM is still holding Intensives in NYC – although they are hard pressed to find any new members. They explain to the few who might ask, that the extraordinary media spotlight they have  attracted is not earned or earnest but rather a deep seated plot meant to destroy them.

As Keith Raniere once said “The brighter the light the more the bugs.”

But it could be reversed to: The more the bugs, the brighter the lights.

Is that a prison cell?


The intensives may be merely designed to continue to hypnotize the remaining, dwindling membership.

It is also reported that Lucas Roberts and the faithful clan of Lim are trying to enroll people in weekly classes in Vancouver.  It is believed few to none are attending.  Too many of the people  Vancouver have access to internet and learned to google.

In order to earn money to pay for more intensives, Lucas Roberts makes house calls to repair Mac computers. A source says he owes more than $100,000 to the cult for classes. Mr. Roberts is proud to endorse Mac and uses it in his advertising. I wonder if Mac feels the same about Mr. Roberts?


In Clifton Park, in photographs at least, the faithful appear happy. They smile for photos on their social media postings. At least two NXIVM couples posted ‘happy together’ images. Are they truly as happy as they appear?

This is Ben Myers and Michelle Salzman. Ben has done the IT work for NXIVM and is an expert hacker. [He is also not a bad liar either.] He has been dating Michelle Salzman – who is a NXIVM’s bookkeeper. She is also  daughter of the Prefect, Nancy Salzman. Ben has been dating Michelle ever since Vanguard ordered Ben’s previous girlfriend, Daniela Fernandez, imprisoned in a room without human contact, untiul she healed her ethical breach. he ethical breach, as Vanguard defined it, was that she was dating Ben, and Keith wanted Daniela to be in his harem and only have sex with him, according to Daniela.

She wanted to be free to date Ben and since Keith had many women, she felt it only fair she should be able to date other men, especially since Keith was only able to see her once in a blue moon for he had many women to mentor.

Ben chose not to stand and fight for Daniela and switched to Michelle and they’ve been happy together ever since as the photo above might indicate. Daniela spent 18 months imprisoned in a room under Vanguard’s orders. Food was brought to her daily. Ben knew all about it and kept it a secret. Daniela finally escaped and returned to Mexico.

Perhaps this is an example of what Clare Bronfman meant in her recent “Note” on her new website, when she wrote: “I frequently hear and witness stories of individuals improving relationships with loved ones.”

After all, she must have heard about it. Daniela was imprisoned in a home Clare owned, on 12 Wilton Court, in Knox Woods.


Another ‘happy together’ couple is Edgar Boone and wife, Vanessa Sahagun. Edgar is the only Blue Sash and has a parking space reserved for him at ESP headquarters on New Karner Road. He was the fountainhead of the Mexican enrollment and is said to have opened the doors to both Mexican membership and pioneered the bulk cash smuggling operations NXIVM enjoyed for nearly two decades.

He also has triplets under the care of the dubious Rainbow Cultural Garden program. That must cost him about $200,000 – far more than what he is getting in commission in the pyramidal scheme of NXIVM.

I wonder if his kids can speak between seven -13 languages. At the prices Edgar is paying [he is a trust fund son of father Ricardo Boone].

Somehow it seems to me, Edgars’ eyes are not smiling.


This is purely speculative but maybe deep down, he is not happy about what’s become of his life and the lives of many others he is responsible for bringing into the cult of the ruthless Vanguard.

He has a far away look as if he and maybe his wife know that before them looms a dreadful future.

But he must follow the lead of his Vanguard who does his thinking for him.

Keith Raniere says, “When we smile, the world smiles with us: each experience of joy is an experience of joy for all people and a victory for human kind.”


He also said, “He who has the most joy wins.”

For my part I like the closing paragraph of Keith Raniere’s old bio:

But despite his extraordinary talents and accomplishments, what often strikes people most about Mr. Raniere is how down to earth he is. He has the unique ability to relate to virtually anyone, and is known by his friends as a prankster extraordinaire.

The following is merely an illustration and not a true picture. It is meant to effect your internal representation of Keith Raniere:

The superior mind of Vanguard [not pictured] does the thinking for the Yellow, Orange and Green brain sashes. But what about Blue?

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Leah Remini Will Return To A&E To Investigate Nxivm
Leah Remini Will Return To A&E To Investigate Nxivm
5 years ago
Enjoy Your Prom
Enjoy Your Prom
5 years ago

Did everyone catch that the Sun now has a trove of collateral from DOS slaves, presumed to include Nicki Clyne’s? That stuff will all hit the internet eventually.

Weird Prom
Weird Prom
5 years ago

So special that they are having a prom and smiling while the rest of us are dealing with PTSD and healing from scarring. Nicky Clyne also has pics on her IG at this weird prom. In the background of one photo is Evan Horowitz, Sean Sweeney and the evil Dr. Brandon Porter. All having a joyous time. Like nothing is happening. Wtf?

5 years ago
Reply to  Weird Prom

WTF is the way understatement of the decade.

Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
Darth VanDouche - Chicken Shit
5 years ago
Reply to  Weird Prom

Like I said, if the emperor isn’t betrayed – “Et tu Brute” – there will always be sheep that go down with the ship, and VanDouche will send everyone to walk the plank before he would ever have to. In the meantime, he’ll take the lifeboat out the back door. The guy already ran away like a chickenshit to another country when the heat (at least in the media) started to rise. If it’s all fake, why the fuck is he running?

There’s little difference between him and a mob boss, except he’s convinced a bunch of rich ninnies that his “mission” is to make a more noble civilization when it’s simply for his own Machiavellian ends of money, control and sex. Ethics is just his “tool” to achieve the latter, like everything else he talks about.

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