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New Years wish for Raniere on Saratoga In Decline blog 12/31/2011

Maybe this coming year [2018] many will get their wish:

But back on December 31, 2011, Anonymous said on the now defunct Saratoga in Decline…

If you carefully study your own life and those of achievers whom you admire, it is an absolute certainty you will discover that your greatest opportunities to grow and learn often occurred during times of failure.

Raniere doesn’t believe in failure nor does he examine his own life – that would be too hard. If he did, he would “own” his failure instead of blaming others and he would learn from them and change his ways. Instead, he just gets worse.

He uses the cat box method – he covers up his failures. Problem is you need to clean the cat box out regularly. Not VanSmell – he need to “think” so his “others”, just keeps adding litter to the box in an attempt to cover up his shit.

Entity on the right: I don’t teach bullshit. Entity on the left: No, you are bullshit.

Rumor is his closes “chosen ones” whom he co-habitats with, all live in a big “pig pen liter box” that smells of his “cat like” urine and shit.

Might be time to clean your litter box out and examine your life, Oh Smelly One

To those who cover up his shit – the time has come to admit to yourselves and the authorities what turds are buried in the liter box.

Some shit is coming to the surface anyway.

Happy New Year Vanturd – here’s hoping you and your closest followers get arrested in 2012

I had nothing to do with anything My name was on nothing.



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