The Sun: Names the ‘Cult’ in Rainbow Cultural Garden

Rupert Murdoch’s The  Sun has published an in-depth article on Keith Raniere’s  potentially dangerous children’s care and educational company Rainbow Cultural Garden.

Read the entire shocking article:

CULT LINK Posh Brit school founded by American ‘cult leader’ under ‘review’ by watchdog

There is a video of Keith Raniere making one of his standard seduction moves on a mother while pretending to teach the woman on the topic of raising a baby. Classic dishonest Raniere.

Here are my quotes in the story:

“There is no scientific study that supports this programme and no study into the long term effects it may have.”

“To begin with this programme is created by cult leader Keith Raniere which should be an immediate red flag, given all allegations against him.”

“Also this is about learning multiple languages but it was devised by a man who can only speak one language English – he knows nothing about other languages.”

“In my opinion, it’s an attempt to train children to become sociopaths who can never bond with their parents because there’s always a different nanny in the house speaking a different language. It’s a classic cult technique.”

“A parent is not supposed to speak to their child when the nanny is there unless they can speak in the language of that day.”

“So, for the parents on the home programme, which is what most of the wealthy parents do, if you can’t speak Arabic or Russian or whichever language it is, you can’t speak to your kid all day.”

“You aren’t supposed to hold your kid or interfere with what the nanny is doing – I witnessed this when I worked there and I was astonished by it.”

“They say they have a bunch of children who speak between seven and 13 languages but it’s a total fabrication they could not produce one kid.”

“I have spoken to several parents who were bitterly upset because their children could not speak any other languages and in one case the child could not even speak his own language.”

“I spoke to one of the first kids who took part in the programme from being a baby and he could not speak any other language and seemed very negatively affected by the whole experience.”



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  • Any speech pathologist would tell you that it’s impossible for a child to learn language in this way. This is at least a case of child neglect and potentially abuse.

  • What the fuck does VanDouche know about handling babies?

    Didn’t Kristin Keeffe say she ran away because VanDouche was “experimenting” on her son while also being his father? Didn’t other former NXIVM members say that they never saw VanDouche even play or even spend time with the boy?

  • The woman in the video is Loretta Garza (yes the 3 of the 4 Garza sister). She is the Head of Rainbow and lives in Albany. She started out as Salzmans assistant and worked her way up to the President of Rainbow.
    She hires all the nannies in Albany and knows about the Visa issues and kick backs. The FEDS will want to talk with her.
    The FEDS will want to know about who had a room upstairs of Rainbow for over a year (about 18 months) & ended up sharing it with her mom for awhile.
    NXIVM made up a story of why Loretta needed an extended work Visa to stay state side as she was the only one who qualify for the job. Loretta knows a lot about the cash and what it was spent on.

  • Every time I watch Keith in a video I’m stunned by how retarded he comes off. The stuff he says is literally garbage over and over. There is no value. People actually moved to Albany to learn from this turd? Really? It’s amazing that the authorities allow an alleged pedophile around children.

  • im sorry… that video.. i just can’t.. so sad, but also hilarious…. does she have bigger hands than Keith?

    • Chris, I hear you brother. He’s a crazy one and she right there with him. Sad thing is all four sisters are involved. Two in Mexico who are helping to hide Raniere right now and her youngest sister was teaching for Rainbow in Albany. Loretta, (in the video) is a deep insider, she oversees all of Rainbow.
      I feel bad for their parents in Mexico. God only knows what they must be going through.

  • Rainbow Cultural Garden UK (239 High Street Kensington, London, W8 6SA) is totally the work of Sara Bronfman during her time away from Clifton Park.

    There are other locations in Clifton Park, New York City, Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Cuernavaca, Guatemala City, and Madrid.

    Many “instructors” are illegal aliens, who are paid little, don’t pay taxes, and are required to kick back most of their pay.

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