ESP annual potluck dinner held at palatial mansion near Monterrey


Ana Risoul is the host of the ESP party.

Yesterday, I reported there was an annual Monterrey Executive Success Programs Center potluck dinner.

It was hosted by Ana Risoul and held at Terminal Mont Parnasse 151, Colonia Valle de San Angel, San Pedro Garza Garcia. One of our sources told us that’s the home of Ana Risoul’s parents.

One of our readers was kind enough to send us links to pictures

A palatial mansion.


The party was held in the style Keith Raniere is accustomed to enjoying. We are awaiting confirmation Mr. Raniere was in attendance.

And it’s only a short drive to the ESP office:

A reader was kind enough to do a google Spanish-English translation of the invite to ESP members:

We want to invite you to celebrate the end of this year together with a dinner (Potluck Dinner)

When: Wednesday, November 29 at 8:00 p.m.

Where: Mont Parnasse Terminal 151, Col Valle de San Angel

The dinner will be “Potluck” style; that is to say, everyone who participates should bring  a dish to share. It can be: dessert, snack, drinks or main course. Bringing something is optional, however, if we ask you to confirm your attendance.

To ask for suggestions to bring or to communicate if you would like to share any food, contact Alejandra Salazar (by Telegram +528183097694) who will be coordinating the Potluck!

Confirm your attendance and that of your companion on the Ethos list or through staff members.

We hope to see everyone!,+Valle+de+San+Angel+Sector+Rinc%C3%B3n+Franc%C3%A9s,+66290+San+Pedro+Garza+Garc%C3%ADa,+N.L.,


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  • Has anyone header from or about Alex Betancourt? There has been no post about him in a long time. He brought charges again many ex-members and now he rides under the radar! Whats up with that?

    • Let’s not forget that it was both Alex B. and Emi Salinas who brought charges (NXIVM Mexico) against ex-members, the New York Times and various other whistleblowers – accusing them all of extortion. Keith Van Ghoul masterminding blatant corruption from every portal of operation. When will the sheepians wake up?



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