Two more websites go down: Clare Bronfman’s “Ethical Humanitarian Foundation” and “World Ethical Foundation”


The website for Clare Bronfman‘s Ethical Humanitarian Foundation is down:

And the website for her World Ethical Foundation website only has the home-page up:  On the home page is a collage of pictures, of the Dalai Lama and NXIVM cult members.
The other pages were used to imply that the Dalai Lama endorsed Keith Raniere.
With all thew recent media attention on Keith Raniere, it’s probably wise for him and the Bronfmans to take down easily provable lies.  The Dalai Lama did NOT endorse Keith Raniere. When he appeared in Albany in 2009, he told the audience that the media should investigate Keith Raniere and find out if the scandals about him were true or not.
The World Ethical Foundation’s webmaster did not get all the pages down.
There is one link: It is actually in white letters, that remains on the home-page:
Through this link you can see other pages.
The visit of the His Holiness the Dalai Lama to the City of Albany and the Capital Region truly represents an historic occasion. The teachings of His Holiness: the promotion of human values; religious harmony and understanding; and justice for all, are certainly tenets by which we should all subscribe in order to make our world a better place. Our world is better, in fact, because of organizations like this, informational sites like this site, and many others. I am honored that we will have a first-hand opportunity to both hear his message, and, more importantly, internalize his words.
What’s peculiar is, on the World Ethical Foundation’s homepage, the above quote from Mayor Jennings two “hidden links” in it.  There is an invisible link on the word “this’ in  “organizations like this’. If you accidentally click on the “this,” you will be directed to a website called Thick Ass Glass []  which states it is for
Adults Only (21+) All products sold on this website are for Legal Use ONLY! You must be AT LEAST [18] years of age to enter.”
The Mayor Jennings quote also has a second hidden link on the words “this site’ when he states “informational sites like this site.”
If you accidentally click on that link you will wind up on Snoring Mouthpiece Review]  a website ostensibly about sleep.
I wonder if hackers got at the website?
Collage on the home page of World Ethical Foundation’s website,

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  • My favorite parts of the video is where they cut away to Keith. And you know Keith is only thinking “I’m going to get so much pussy because the Dalai Lama is here”. My second favorite part is where the Dalai Lama tells people to come clean about the bad things they’ve done. Can you imagine what the Bronfman sisters, Nancy and a lot of other people in the crowd would need to come clean on if they listened to that advice? There’d be some heinous confessions. Beyond that wondering if Luke might be Lucas. If so, Lucas, what does it feel like to be part of an organization that is sinking faster than the Titanic did? Does it feel nice? Only you aren’t the Leonardo DiCaprio character. You’re more like a deckhand who refuses to believe the ship is sinking and sits there until it’s too late to save anyone or yourself.

    • These people are such New Age weirdos. They don’t know what religion is.

      They see the Dalai Lama and are only superficially enamored with his status and think him giving a speech casts upon them more than a superficial credence. Religion is a ongoing process until you die. He showed up because you donated a large sum of money to his foundation, and then he gave advice that they didn’t even follow through on. Do they think his mere presence allowed his aura to be transferred onto them, and that everything would be smooth sailing from here on out? It didn’t validate anything that they did before or after, and it certainly didn’t validate what has come to pass. The proof is in the pudding. Or maybe I should say, in the brands.

      “By your fruits you shall know them.”

    • I think Luke is someone pretending to be Lucas. Wouldn’t Lucas be a bit smarter than to use such a similar name?

  • I’ve verified those hidden links exist. Very odd. Doesn’t seem like hacking to me – why make the links so difficult to find, wouldn’t a redirect/popup be more effective? Maybe just incompetence from an amateur webteam that don’t know what they’re doing.

    • Luke
      You seem rather emotionally involved in all this “BIG DRAMA” ….What’s going on, Luke? Why you reading this report if you don’t believe it?
      I’m here trying to find the truth of why I was targeted (and I search wherever the clues lead me) but you seem to have no reason to be here, Luke, other than trolling. …or maybe
      Comic relief?

  • I speculated as such the other night. The 4 chan crew has been reading this site, besides coming up with some of the best memes on the internet like lol cats, they hate Pedophiles having created pedobear, if any group of “activists” has the ability to take down websites it is them. And it was mentioned here in comments on a few posts back regarding the meme war, that they have taken down far bigger fish than Keith and Nxivm. Their humor may be politically incorrect and juvenile at times but they do see themselves as white knights.

  • With so much awful publicity, of blackmail, slavery, and genital branding, it would not surprise me if they are getting hacked and trying to restore from fragmented backups. if they were really trying to rebrand, things would either go back up with major changes, or not at all.

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