Christine Marie: ‘I found a small journal entry noting my meeting Keith!’

Christine Marie decided not to join Keith Raniere’s harem.

Editor’s Note: When Christine Marie met Keith Raniere, she said she experienced sexual harassment.

Mr. Raniere, along with Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske, worked hard to persuade her to have sex with him.

The time was 1998. It was before Mr. Raniere began Executive Success Programs(ESP). He was operating a multi-level marketing company called National Health Network.  She was offered a marketing job for the company. She took a train to Albany to meet Mr Raniere.

Ms. Marie shared an entry from her diary, with this explanation: “I wrote this on April 18, 1998, but I was catching up from not having written for a while, so it was not written the exact day I met him”.

I am getting involved with the National Health Network. In fact, right now I am on a train alone to Albany. I am hired to do some writing for them. I also want to market for them because they are taking on the Applebrook product line. Keith Ranieri [sic] is the founder. He is unique but he scares me. He is supposedly one of the smartest men in the world, but he’s really into energy and sex, and he’s trying to draw me into his way of thinking.”

Ms. Marie added: “I totally forgot I had written this like this! Interesting that in my first entry I commented on feeling pressured for sex…wow…it gave me a rush of memories.”


One of the more interesting things Ms. Marie told me was that Mr. Raniere claimed he had supernatural powers. He described an incident to her where he was walking with some woman and he so arranged the powers of nature that the rain fell only on her, while he remained perfectly dry.

Ms. Marie said she thought at the time he was lying.

Perhaps it was allegorical. He has made many women’s lives full of rain, while he seemed to enjoy their sorrow.

Keith Raniere is quoted as saying, “He who has the most joy, wins.”

Keith Raniere told Christine Marie that he was able to make it rain on a woman while not a drop fell on him.


Keith Raniere in the 1990s.
Barbara Jeske and Pam Cafritz were Keith’s principle ‘wing women’ in the late 1990s. Both achieved the high rank of the Purple Sash. Both died of cancer at an early age. Both women’s medical regimens were under the care of scientist Keith Raniere.

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