Text from Lauren Salzman speaks of secrecy in case ‘shit goes down’

Lauren Salzman used her position as an employer of Executive Success Programs to coerce her employees and underlings into DOS and its secret practices. Here is a text to one of her slaves prior to the public exposure of DOS.
She writes “Secrecy is a super important thing in the process. It protects us in case shit goes down. The fact that no one knows who is involved will allow the group to stay in tact [sic]. It could also keep people safe depending on various things….
So just be mindful to be discreet.
Lauren really got into secret agent lady role. One DOS slave was ordered to seduce a man who might present a problem for NXIVM.
New evidence of extortion and sex trafficking coming soon.
More women have come forward to tell Frank Report that Keith Raniere told them he was the creator of DOS. One woman said he feigned great sadness about what he was going to require his followers to do… intimating it might be tragic.

He demanded sex from various DOS women,. A number of women said Keith was extremely repulsive when he ordered them to have sex.

On top of that he is impotent.
Some men do not respond to Viagra.
He demanded that women could not have sex with anyone once they became members of DOS.
A Day in the Life of a Slave:
Daily Practices
  1. Daily Fasting  12 hours from the last time you have anything other than water w. lemon or black tea w. lemon + honey (sparkling water is ok)
  • Daily 1 Minute Cold Shower (before eating)
  • 15 Minute Silent Walk of Contemplation
  • Daily Abstinence of a Comfort 
  • Daily Emotional Practice 
  • 15 Minutes of Devotional Study
  • ‘Daily act to honor me as your M’ [master]
Monthly Practices
  • New piece of C submitted on Dropbox on the first of every month.  ‘Let me know when it is uploaded so I can take it down.
Allison Mack recent Instagram.
Marcelo “Little Keith” Ortiz, a proctor in Monterrey posts this image on his Facebook.
Meant to be a bogus deep piece of worthless word salad, Mr. Ortiz accidentally hits upon truth. ‘Whatever you believe imprisons you?–may be too true for those who believe in Keith Raniere.
An investigation has been started by the Nuevo Leon Attorney General into Emiliano Salinas, Jimena Garza, Omar Boone, Alex Betancourt and Marcelo Ortiz.
The big news about Monterrey is the investigation of the Attorney General.  See Channel 7 news report in Monterrey.


Teenage girls reportedly are being subjected to “five day clinical trials” to cure chronic diseases. They are being conducted currently.

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6 years ago

Lauren is in a tough spot and will probably be the first one to jump at a deal with law enforcement. Wonder if she’ll throw Mom and Sis under the bus or just blame Raniere for everything???

6 years ago

Lauren will fold like a rag doll when the feds cuff her, Keith told her Allison would take the blame but it’s really her that is going down for it. She is worthless to him when NXIVM is no longer around.

text, source or hearsay?
text, source or hearsay?
6 years ago

“Lauren really got into secret agent lady role. One DOS slave was ordered to seduce a man who might present a problem for NXIVM.”
Interesting….would like to see the evidence.
Can you elaborate?
Where you that problem-causing man, Frank?

Backstory on Secret Agent Lauren
Backstory on Secret Agent Lauren
6 years ago

Go back to August blog posts. It was alleged that Lauren and Keith were trying to get model/actress and member of THE SOURCE who goes by the stage name Nik Isbelle born Nicole Todd Isbell to sleep with some married guy that was causing NXIVM problems. Nikki has since left NXIVM. She was also rumoured to be the girlfriend of Mark Hildreth that Keith was trying to sleep with. Pictures of VWEEK 2016 that have appeared on this blog, clearly show her in the front row of some photos next to Nancy and Keith.

6 years ago

Too bad tho that it sounds like the alleged story seems based only on hearsay, not a direct source (NikkI Isbell) or a text. Would have been nice to have harder evidence…so kool-aide drinkers might believe it.

3 years ago

You were right.

Temple Kung Fool
Temple Kung Fool
6 years ago

When is enough hearsay from first hand accounts, by people who have nothing to gain except a possible lawsuit against them from NXIVM, or media sources, that have to do legal vetting of stories to avoid be sued, enough for some folks see reality.

The branding is real (NY Times)!
Keith’s awesome diet is real (People)!
Sex with Keith, disgusting and unethical, is supported by many first hand accounts.
Losing million of Bronfman/student’s money, which is, again, unethical (Vanity Fair)!

There is enough evidence for me. Keith is a two bit criminal and an abuser of women.

When they (ESP coaches) were trying to get me to support my wife in the program, I asked them if the stories about ESP were true. They came up with some ridiculous answer like, “Keith is above responding to lies and that by responding it gives them credibility. Don’t worry, the truth will come out and you will see how these people were targeting Keith unfairly.”

Look at how that turned out!

6 years ago

“Keith is above responding to lies and that by responding it gives them credibility.”

The only thing Keith is above is he women he’s fucking.

6 years ago

Temple Kung Fool
I think so many people are involved, and so many are either trying to cover up their involvement, or are too scared to admit that they were wrong/tricked/fooled etc. ..that they just won’t admit to anything.
Hopefully law enforcement is investigating now(and generally an investigation will create silence as well).

But realize that most people involved in this are either extreme narcissists or sociopaths (who will never admit theyre wrong) or those who were deceived by them (and some of the decieved are too ashamed or too afraid to speak out)

Abused people are often silent, and those that abuse them will lie about everything. Abusers ALWAYS lie, and when it’s a conspiracy type situation its so hard to speak up.

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Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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