Reader: “Get all the data'” on Keith Raniere to make “informed decision”

A reader commented:


Ask Vanguard [Keith Raniere] and [Prefect] Nancy Salzman if any woman has been branded on their pubic region. Ask if any woman has given collateral.  Then investigate if they lied to you.
Anyone at V-Week should stream Holy Hell on Netflix. It’s a documentary about the Buddhafield cult. There are many parallels between the leader “Michel” and Vanguard [Keith Raniere].
Vanguard and Prefect [Nancy Salzman] promote that people in NXIVM should not read the negative media stories about them because it may “forever change your internal representation of the mission” and “prevent your ability to become integrated or work with Keith and Nancy.” 

Translation: This is thought control of the highest order. Instilling fear in students that if they read or entertain ideas about negative information reported to the media by first hand witnesses of Keith and Nancy’s conduct, they may be forever lost. Never grow.

Massive contradiction: How does this relate to “Getting all the data to make informed decisions”? The getting all the data philosophy espoused in NXIVM only applies to everyone and everything but Keith and Nancy’s conduct?

Get all the data folks. Do your homework on Keith and Nancy, evaluate everything you have experienced and seen. Do it like your life depends on it because it does. The handful of super wealthy at the top of the hierarchy of NXIVM don’t have any conscience or concern for your life, your success. Zip. Nada.

They could be stealing your life as I write this. How would you know? What if that’s true?

Study. Research. Interview. Look around you. Ask questions. What’s the worst thing that could happen? What could be the downside?

Nothing will happen, there is no downside. You will then be in a position to make informed, rational decisions, based on the data. If it turns out all the negative things are true wouldn’t it be better to know now? If it’s not true, wouldn’t it be better to know that for certain?

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  • Where are you Frank? Waiting for some more posts! Vweek has begun. Do you have any inside information?

  • It’s just amazing that one can become so brainwashed that they think branding vaginas is going to save humanity. I think much more awareness needs to be brought to the process of thought reform and mind control. Keith Raniere would never be getting away with this if people had even a little cult education. How about bringing education on the subject into elementary schools?

  • My guess is that those who attend this year’s V-Week will be hailed as the “true supporters” of the cause and told that they are that much closer to being integrated because they were able to overcome all the recent challenges to their faith. Then, they’ll be told how important it is that they go forth and recruit new members who are like-minded so that the NXIVM community can be rebuilt to its former greatness. Hell, they may even get some extra “free” classes for every new recruit they bring in.

    The questions now are WHERE will NXIVM try to rebuild – and WHAT new brand will it use to do that? Looks like Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are out. So, I’m guessing maybe the next big focus will be on college campuses (Maybe the branding can be switched to Greek letters for the sorority sisters).

    As for new names, they’ll probably go with something that sounds futuristic and/or scientific. Or they’ll just make up a new word. Maybe the readers of Frank Report can come up with some suggestion.

    Stay tuned…You know it’s gonna happen.

    • I can only imagine how prone to manipulation/brainwashed you have to be to fall for such garbage, but I can understand it because there is a part of the human psyche that it appeals to: feed the individual’s narcissism/ego – that they are “better” than the others who gave up when things got tough, are more ethical, more dedicated, more “integrated”, etc., – an intentional way to divert the attention from thinking about the real reason as to why the situation exists as it does now. Disinterest is implicit in the definition of rationality.

    • My guess was that Exo | Eso, the “8-platform program” of Dr. Danielle Roberts and Evan Zimmerman, would be the fallback when the ESP name became poisoned. It’s basically ESP in spandex. It was reported in that Evan Zimmerman (and Siobahn Hotaling) are recruiting in Albany area yoga schools, without mentioning Raniere’s name.

  • To Alex Betancourt – so true! So many of us never talked about Keith’s harem and some pretty weird, weird, behavior among his inner circle. The big unspoken taboo – lol! Now it’s all out in the open and all of us who left are dissecting – OMG why did we not talk about this when we were there? So much secrecy and psychological pressure to not go there. Now I feel like an idiot but not. I understand how I rationalized.

  • Agreed. Polygamy is not accepted in society and being part of a harem is really looked down on. Lauren Salzman must be freaking out.

  • I feel sorry for the women in Keith’s harem that are in DOS too and at VWeek. This must be a horrifying experience. To be publicly outed and have to address the reality of the abuse they are suffering or delivering on others. Or both!

    Inner worlds fracturing. The whole delusion rationalization cycle has to be breaking down and that is hard for any person who’s been in a cult or a relationship with a psychopath. You have to reconfigure everything in your life around reality, outside the delusions.

    And the lies.

  • The Vancouver group was the heart of VWeek. They were the most enthusiastic and totally participated in everything. I can’t believe they’re all gone – but I can. What Keith and Allison and Lauren did with DOS particularly in Vancouver was so vile and wrong.

    This is the effect of that. People left in protest.

    Who is going to take responsibility? Keith can’t slink away to his cabin and try and put someone else out there on the line to take the heat. This is all on him. Everyone knows Lauren and Allison act like hapless Keith groupies. There is no way Keith wasn’t directing this whole DOS thing. He is so far up Allison and Lauren’s ass they can’t take a shit without telling him. No way that he did not create this whole DOS thing and everyone who knows Keith well knows this to be true.

    Harm isn’t exclusively defined by the harmer. It’s the harmed who codify harm within humanity. Women felt extremely harmed. Men and Women protested this. Keith is not likely to address this directly at VWeek. DOS is so inexcusable and can’t stand up to scrutiny of any sort.

    What happens next?

  • I can’t believe there are people at VWeek. Hello?

    Alex Betancourt posted a picture of Lake George on Instagram. He’s an intelligent guy. I don’t get it. He knows all the stuff about Keith’s harem and DOS is true. At what point….? How does he keep going along with the cray cray?

    Alex, what do you tell yourself? Everything is out in the open. When it’s all secret and you are being worked over by Nancy and Lauren. Or Sara – I get that. You can kind of look the other way and go to Mykonos and not think about it. Now you are in VWeek central and everyone knows the truth.

    Are you embarrassed a little?

  • I feel very sad for this child.

    The world is crazy enough and Keith Raniere’s world is totally insane.

    Good luck kid!

  • I like how Clare is making claims against a former student and instructor. It is akin to a drug dealer calling the police to tell them someone stole their illegal drugs.

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