John Doe 2 Is Edgar Bronfman Sr.

Edgar Bronfman Sr. Should the sins of his father, Sam Bronfman,be visited on him?

In the case of USA v. Keith Alan Raniere, I see no reason not to identify John Doe 2.

He is/was Edgar Miles Bronfman, father of Clare Bronfman, former president and CEO of his family’s distilled beverage firm, Seagram and former president of the World Jewish Congress.

He died at age 84, on December 21, 2013.

Bronfman was a billionaire and before and after he died he left Clare money. I estimate it to be about $400 million. Clare squandered much of that on her Vanguard, Keith Alan Raniere, over the 15 years she was his enabler, henchwoman, clown and dupe.

She is believed to have a net worth now of about $200 million.

Her father, Edgar was married five times (twice to his third wife, Clare’s mother.) He had five children with his first wife, Ann Margaret Loeb: They are Samuel, Edgar Jr., Matthew, Holly and Adam Bronfman.

After divorcing Loeb, Edgar married Rita Eileen Webb, later Georgiana “George” Bronfman in 1975.

Georgia Webb Bronfman Havers leaves court with her daughter Clare Bronfman.

Georgia Webb and Bronfman divorced in 1983, were later remarried, but divorced again. They had two children, Sara Bronfman (born 1976) and Clare Bronfman (born 1979).

Now that Clare has plead guilty to two felonies, [harboring an illegal alien for financial gain and enabling identity theft] one must wonder how her siblings feel about it?

They know, even if the public does not, that John Doe 2 was their father and that Clare was initially charged with hacking his computer.

In the Memorandum of Law in Support  of Government’s Motion to Admit Certain Rackleteering Evidence, the prosecution writes,

“Racketeering Acts Two and Four allege conspiracies to commit identity theft as to John Does 1 and 2 and Jane Doe 2, respectively. These racketeering acts arise out of schemes by defendants and co-conspirators, including Raniere, Bronfman, Russell and Nancy Salzman, to obtain passwords and monitor the email accounts belonging to these individuals. Defendants and co-conspirators believed John Doe 1 and John Doe 2, , were participants in a large-scale plot to destroy Raniere and Nxivm….

“The government intends to introduce at trial evidence that the defendants and their  co-conspirators engaged in aggressive, and, at times, illegal, methods of investigating perceived enemies of Raniere. For instance, the trial evidence will show that Raniere, Bronfman, and Nancy Salzman, among others, engaged an investigative firm that obtained information such as bank statements belonging to perceived Nxivm critics and others. The targets of these efforts included federal judges overseeing litigation in which Nxivm was a party, political operatives, high-ranking politicians, reporters, ex-girlfriends of Raniere, Nxivm’s own lawyers, legal adversaries and their families, John Doe 2 and John Doe 1’s employer. These efforts were undertaken, in part, to attempt to gather evidence of a conspiracy defendants and co-conspirators believed that John Doe 2 was spearheading to ruin Nxivm and to gain an advantage in litigation against perceived enemies….

“Evidence of the defendants’ and co-conspirators’ surveillance of perceived enemies is also inextricably intertwined with the racketeering conspiracy. The evidence completes the story of Racketeering Acts Two (monitoring the email accounts of John Doe 1 and John Doe 2) and Three (alteration of discovery material), because there is overlap among the victims of those charged crimes and the defendants’ and co-conspirators’ surveillance targets.

“Furthermore, the victims in both situations were targeted because of the defendants’ and coconspirators’ belief that there was a conspiracy, led by John Doe 2, to ruin Raniere and Nxivm.

“For similar reasons, the surveillance evidence also demonstrates the defendants’ and coconspirators intent and absence of mistake as to these related racketeering acts.

“Moreover, because several cooperating witnesses were involved in the surveillance of perceived enemies, such evidence is also admissible to corroborate their testimony and to directly address the conduct that is expected to be a focus of their cross examinations.”

Clare Bronfman said she meant to good but made a mistake or two. She said in her allocution: “I endeavored to do good in the world and to help people, however, I have made mistakes. This experience has taught me the gravity of my responsibility, and I will take these lessons forward in every future decision.” I wouldn’t count on it.

Clare Bronfman hacked her father’s computer to monitor his emails because Keith Raniere told her that there was a conspiracy, led by father, to ruin him and Nxivm.

This is all going to come out at trial.  Even though Clare plead guilty, it is still a predicate act with which Raniere is charged.

I wonder if the Bronfman family are prepared for this to come out in court?  How about the World Jewish Congress? How do they feel about Raniere and Clare hacking the emails of the president of the World Jewish Congress?

We first learned about the hacking from a conversation between Kristin Keeffe and Barbara Bouchey, the transcript of which was filed in a court proceeding in 2015.

Kristin revealed, “Clare hacked her father’s email account….  she sent an email to her father that had a picture. It was from her account, that was her old email address. …. Clare…  embed[ed] a picture of a bear, because Clare’s father’s nickname for her was “Clare bear.”

“With a key logger, which is a type of virus that when you open the picture it downloads onto your computer and it records all the keystrokes, so you can get all his passwords, and everything that he’s doing. Clare went so far as to send the email to her father, [writing to him] ‘Oh, look at this thing and look at this’, but he never opened the picture. So, she went down to his office and met with him, and specifically said, ‘I want to show you this picture.’ And went on his email with him and downloaded the virus onto his computer herself…  [A Nxivm member] spent like a year reading all of Edgar Bronfman’s emails including emails with Hillary Clinton, and involving world leaders with the World Jewish Congress. Then reporting on the contents to Keith and to Clare ….  Clare told me that Edgar found out [he had been hacked], and they blamed Elan Steinberg who had been the former Executive Director of the World Jewish Congress, for doing it. And, Elan Steinberg died in 2012, but people at the World Jewish Congress will attest that this computer was hacked…. ”


Yes, Clare hacked her father’s computer on behalf of Raniere, based on his lying to her that he was behind a plot to destroy him.

This may explain Clare’s allocution when she plead guilty last month.

She said in part, “Your Honor, I was afforded a great gift by my grandfather and my father. With the gift comes immense privilege, and more importantly, tremendous responsibility. It does not come with the ability to break the law, it comes with a great responsibility to uphold the law. I failed to uphold the following laws set forth by this country, and for that I’m truly remorseful.”


Some readers may also know that Clare allegedly tried to get her father to make a near deathbed confession which she videoed. She was trying to get her father to admit that Keith Raniere was a victim of his conspiracy to destroy him.  Her father refused. He died two months later.

He did not go to his grave lying that he had been behind a plot to destroy Nxivm, which included, according to Raniere, an effort to manipulate the commodities market to thwart Raniere’s trades in commodities, to destroy a Los Angeles real estate project, and buying off the Albany Times Union and Forbes Magazine to get them to write bad articles about Raniere.

MK10ART’s stunning painting of Clare at her father’s death bedside, trying to elicit a confession from him.


To date, Mathew, Edgar Jr., Adam, Sam and Holly – Clare’s five, older half siblings – have not shown up at any of her court proceedings. Neither has her sister, Sara, who was a staunch member of Nxivm.

It is bad enough that Clare was involved in a sex cult, that she plead guilty to two felonies, will likely go to prison for a year or two, and through worldwide news, disgraced the Bronfman family.

But they must be mortified that Clare hacked their father for a bizarre sex cult and that, too, will soon make worldwide news.

It has been said by friends that Edgar Bronfman Sr. was brokenhearted over his two youngest daughters, and especially Clare’s destructive loyalty to a despicable cult and a filthy, vile, disgusting criminal who barely deserves to be called a human being.

Now Clare is paying the price for her stupidity and dishonesty, embarrassing her family along with it.

She will spend time in prison and be a felon for life.  Still, we will not know half the crimes this sinister being committed. Most of it, she got away with.

No wonder her siblings have not appeared at court to offer her support. She, who had so much given to her, is barely to be considered part of the family, but a breed apart.


The tangled web of Keith Alan Raniere – by MK10ART

Just as Keith Alan Raniere has stretched downwards a little, at least, the definition of being human, [yes, he did that, as time will tell – his was unique evil] Clare has joined him in this most ably, degrading her family and by her odious conduct, helped degrade – in her own small, selfishly-disgusting way – the entire human family.

Now for some more of the wondrous artwork of MK10ART:


Clare Bronfman illegally bundled money for Hillary Clinton. She did not have to plead guilty to this charge. Painting by MK10ART.

Clare faints in court at the opportune moment.

MK10ART’s splendid painting of Clare Bronfman and the 27 attorneys she has been paying.

It could have been a lot worse kid. MK10ART’s wonderful painting of Clare Bronfman.


Clare Bronfman and her attorneys institute a lawsuit. Painting by MK10ART

MK10ART’s sketch of Clare Bronfman, the current leader of Nxivm – known also as Legatus.

Allison, Keith and Clare enjoy the branding table – MK10ART

MK10ART’s  painting of Frank Parlato, publisher of Frank Report, drawn in a chariot drawn by his slaves, Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman. The irony is that these two tried to make Parlato a slave of the state but missed the mark.

Clare snowboarding away on her money – away from serious charges – By MK10ART.

MK10ART’s painting of Clare Bronfman and her ability to purchase justice directly from the Department of Justice. [Where else would you buy it?]

Clare Bronfman’s Scrooge-like past haunts her this Christmas holiday. – Sketch by MK10ART


Clare’s complete allocution:

Your Honor, I was afforded a great gift by my grandfather and my father. With the gift comes immense privilege, and more importantly, tremendous responsibility. It does not come with the ability to break the law, it comes with a great responsibility to uphold the law. I failed to uphold the following laws set forth by this country, and for that I’m truly remorseful.

Between approximately October 2015 and January 2018, along with others, I did harbor an individual who I knew had remained in the United States in violation of the law. I substantially facilitated her to live and work in our country in a way that would be undetected, and I was wrong. She did work for me and businesses I was affiliated with, so her work was a financial benefit to me.

Additionally, I was wrong to facilitate the use of someone’s credit card who had passed away. Between approximately November 2016 and March 2018, I knowingly facilitated the use by another person of a deceased person’s credit card, and the use of that person’s bank account to the pay the bills for the credit card which were more than a thousand dollars.

My office and I handled the logistics of payment of the credit card bill from the bank account, and the person using the credit card did not intend to pay taxes on the income received in the form of payment for goods purchased on the credit card.

I meant no harm in either case, however, that does not justify my actions nor their affects, and for this I am truly sorry. I endeavored to do good in the world and to help people, however, I have made mistakes. This experience has taught me the gravity of my responsibility, and I will take these lessons forward in every future decision. Thank you.

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  • More beautiful powerful work from MK10, what a blessing to this site. On FR, you’re like ‘Phiz’ to Frank’s ‘Dickens’.
    Love Dr. Snuff and his Insulation van, talk about Devil in the detail!

  • What a dastardly thing to do to her own father. Makes you shudder to think on the breadth and extent of her pridefulness, her self-interest.

    Of course, if she has no respect for her father, it probably follows that she will have no respect for patriarchal authority in the round, certainly not some relatively financially poor man calling himself “The Judge”.

    Her allocution reads like a vague affected homily; that sly note of contempt the willful criminal employs when playing the system.

  • It’s really difficult to believe Claire sided with Keith who is way more important instead of her own father in her mind at that time.Then again, families are shunning or pretty disappointed in these “royal” members that chose to be part of this stupid group over their own family. Pretty sad.

  • For all her remaining money, still Clare is a pauper. She sold her soul which can’t ever be bought back. I hope she rots in hell when it’s her time. The one entity she cannot escape ever is God and His judgement. Though Clare with the gigantic ego and immense self pride and lack of conscience doesn’t believe in God, she will nevertheless not escape punishment.

  • I’m enjoying the articles, as always – but I’m not enjoying this new format. The blue text is not as easy on my eyes, it’s uncomfortably large, and there’s absolutely no reason for posts to be framed so noticeably. Please go back to the blog format that the former posts were in. They were easy to read and didn’t need to change.

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