Sources: “Pimp Mack” continues on the road to degradation

Allison was supposed to find the right women. If they were married they were not supposed to tell their husband.

Sad. Her critics are calling her “Pimp Mack.”

Sources in three California cities – San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco – report that Allison Mack has been there recently.

Her mission: To boldly go where no DOS slave master has gone before.

She is trying to recruit young woman to join DOS, Jness and ESP in the worst of times to atone for her sin of allowing DOS to become public.

In what some are calling a desperate state of mind, the former TV actress is trying to use her celebrity to round up new, young women for DOS and for Mr. Raniere to mentor.

Mr. Raniere thrives on finding new students to teach.

Both Clare Bronfman and Mr. Raniere, who is also known as Vanguard, have shown Miss Mack some displeasure at the way she bungled DOS with its pubic branding and growing insistence on collateral.

While Mr. Raniere created the idea for DOS, with a perfect mathematical formula which was based on 6-6-6., Miss Mack was given charge of it.

Mr. Raniere devised the perfect plan where he would have six female slaves, and each of these six would have six female slaves who in turn would have six female slaves who would also have six female slaves until the entire female population would owe allegiance to “the most ethical man in the world” and as a combined female force they could effect worldwide change.

They were to be the fulfillment of Mr. Raniere’s oft-stated dream: “Humans can be noble. The question is, will we put forth the effort?”

According to several sources, Miss Mack has been persuaded that the fault lies with her – and, consequently, she has agreed to make a city by city tour in California where liberal minds and free-wheeling young people might be able to look beyond the myopic view of human branding and collecting collateral published on the Frank Report and see it for what it really is: a coaching program for women to help them unite and save the world.

Miss Bronfman – who has been receiving extensive EMs in Clifton Park over her extreme jealousy issues regarding Miss Mack – has now been vindicated. She was right to jealously guard her Vanguard from this woman.

Miss Mack destroyed Vancouver, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Three Mexican coaches have quit. A cadre of people in Clifton Park want to leave but have been asked to stay until Vanguard  and Prefect make a statement of explanation, which is expected shortly.

Miss Mack, meanwhile, is doing penance. If she is not bent on destroying Keith Raniere, she will bring in new women to join, sources say she now knows.

Right now, not a single new young woman is joining the organization. Every one of the potential new women simply Google the names of Keith Raniere or Allison Mack and are shocked to learn about DOS branding and blackmail.

Mr. Raniere advised Miss Mack that it was her fault that Frank Report learned about DOS, according to sources.

She has committed a major ethical breach by failing to screen the women properly before allowing them to become DOS members.

Miss Mack tried to defend herself by saying it was Mr. Raniere’s idea.

According to a source, Mr. Raniere, with the slightest inflection of his voice, as he imitated the cadence of Miss Mack, asked her, “Oh, so in this life, you don’t want to accept responsibility for the mistakes you make in this life?”

Miss Mack was mortified and humbly begged his forgiveness. Vanguard then allowed her to atone for her grievous conduct by penance.

She must go out and recruit new members or Mr. Raniere will suffer inordinately for her mistakes.

A desperate Miss Mack has been said to have visited several cities.  Whether it is because she is desperate [and desperation shows], whether the online record of Mr. Raniere is past the breaking point for anyone short of certifiably insane to consider joining, or whether Miss Mack is having a meltdown from lack of nourishment, sleep, and stress which may land her in the hospital is hard to say.

But sources say, she is having no luck at all.

For the first time, there is a not a single new person joining ESP, Jness or DOS.

It may be finished. If it is, Mr. Raniere has let Miss Mack know in no uncertain terms – she will known as the cause of the ruination of the greatest teachings meant to make this world a more noble civilization.

If so, how extreme must be her guilt.

Miss Mack is said to be virtually penniless. In the eight years since she joined Mr. Raniere, she has given her multi-million dollar fortune to his service. But money cannot buy ethics as Mr. Raniere teaches.

Unlike many parents of young women who might be in a perilous state from guilt, Miss Mack’s parents are said to be standing by in tentative support of Mr. Raniere’s goals of helping her redeem herself.

Her father is said to made of the same stuff as most of the males of the Society of Protectors, and her mother is not going to substitute her judgment for that of “the smartest man in the world.”

This is lucky for, in some unenlightened circles, fathers and mothers of daughters who are displaying outward symptoms such as Miss Mack would rush in to intervene.

Indeed, down Mexico way, some fathers would do more. They would get out the cuchillos grandes and perform a castration on the man who did this to their daughter.

Happily, Mr. Raniere has nothing to worry about from Miss Mack’s father.

In a recent tweet, Miss Mack wrote, “I was set free! I dissolved in the sea, became white sails and flying spray…”

Meantime her vicious critics are calling her “Pimp Mac”. But it is not fair. While she would be glad to bring in new women for Mr. Raniere to teach, she is not having any luck at all.

Allison Mack is being called “Pimp Mack”.
During a happier time when she still had money.
maxresdefault (1)
Allison Mack need not be sad for she knows she has the compassionate Vanguard looking out for her at every conceivable vantage point.
Artist conception of Keith Raniere as the “Guardian of Women.”






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5 years ago

Why the shift in tone from then to now in how we should view Allison. It seems in year 2017 posts she’s also a victim. Obviously, she’s now a perpetrator, but the info about how she’s unstable, has no familial support to get her out, and is desperate is now left out.

Soylent Green
Soylent Green
6 years ago

According to her Instagram, Mack has actually spent the laat few weeks at a pretentious acting workshop in Connecticut. Just so everybody knows.

Soylent Green
Soylent Green
6 years ago
Reply to  Soylent Green

*last few weeks

Damn it. Typing from my phone sucks.

6 years ago

VanDouche criticizing another for not accepting responsibility for the mistakes someone has made in life is the fucking epitome of hypocrisy.

Poor Allison. She revealed her Master’s sick fetishes too quickly – people weren’t brainwashed enough or infatuated with the little celebrity she has left due to her association with the Master Clown – so normal people were turned off and disgusted by the horny little pudgy guy and his ideas of branding, dieting, fornication, adultery, cumming on women’s faces like a porn star, etc. It’s all YOUR fault Ally. Can’t you see the obvious?

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