In NYC America Is Being Told to Surrender to China

By Ken Gibson 

New York City and the surrounding area are seeing fewer cases and deaths on a daily basis, but the “all clear” is far from being sounded. Less deaths still occasion massive pile-ups of bodies, mortuaries are way past their breaking point, and the danger from hundreds of infected corpses every day is a reality even Alfred Hitchcock or Wes Craven could not produce on the darkest screen.

This dark cloud lacks a silver lining. Those who live must endure a bare economy and a loss of social contact.

The desire to get back to normal is restrained by the possibility that this could flare up again. And what ‘this’ is we do not even know. The most experienced medical professionals are seeing a range of symptoms, with many people not even coughing or sneezing. Heart failure, liver damage, muscle fatigue, headaches, are all commonly reported symptoms – and one article listed damage to every organ of the body as a symptom.

Reading to the end, it then seemed that COVID 19 does not per se have any symptoms; but that rather, it just attacks the immune symptom and whatever germs a person has are then free to launch a deadly attack on whatever part of the body they specialize in. So, we need to be on guard not only against the COVID 19 viroids attaching themselves to us but to any other germs that might then be empowered to set up shop in our brains, livers, kidneys, lungs or other organs.

Riding the subway is tantamount to dancing in a minefield. There is no map to show you where the invisible enemy might decide to explode. One gets on with masks, gloves and sundry forms of protection, spraying seats and shadows while feeling like Don Quixote. The windmills of the mind imagine green spheres with reddish suction cups waiting to attach themselves to every surface.

Scientists aim to 'see' invisible transmission of coronavirus ...

But not all are so skittish. The A train I take at 2 am on a Friday is full of unconcerned souls, most with no masks, or, if they have them, hanging down, along with their pants. Personal belongings are strewn across empty seats. The unwashed are at ease, not bothered in the least when someone sneezes and wheezes. The train has become their abode. Their living room, their kitchen, their bathroom. The home of a new and powerful elite that is above the law

Those who serve this elite group  – the Mass Transit Authority workers – are rapidly becoming infected and dying. 70 had died by that Friday, and by Monday, the figure was 80 or more.

Legally, the MTA workers have the right to refuse service to anyone not wearing a mask. But this just does not work in a political environment that has been created by the far left. Even before 2020 came like some diseased baby dribbling putrid saliva down its mouth to infect the world, MTA workers were on the front line of attack. Some were beaten; some were stabbed; some were killed; and some women drivers had urine thrown in their faces.

And the band played on. While the homeless used the NYC transit system as their personal playground, slashing faces and pushing straphangers to their deaths on the tracks, neither NYC mayor Bill de Blasio nor NY governor Andrew Cuomo took effective action.

The mentally ill, the rapists and the murderers, they all roamed free like some characters in a bad movie. While honest hard-working people found it hard in NY to get housing, this lot was being given not just low cost and free accommodations, but even high-priced units in midtown; the sick and crazy were placed in Carnegie Hall. And when they got arrested for violent crimes, little was done. The papers do not go a day without stories of people being maimed, slashed, burned, raped, tortured and murdered.

NYPD won't immediately arrest homeless violating rules on subways ...

By the time I reached 42nd Street, there were a dozen or more of these elites on the A. Switching to the E, I encountered almost as many.

My destination was Queens, which is per capita the hardest hit county in the city, and in the entire nation. Communities like Elmhurst, Corona and Flushing are virtual ghost towns. I did not stay long in this borough. A main reason for my travels was to meet others who wish to work together on a number of levels to fight this epidemic. We realized early on that the politicians of NY – state and city – were not doing the job. It would be up to the citizens – and up to the real men and women – to do what was needed. Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio, for instance, do not get along, and their staffs do not get along. Both are good at blaming Trump for things, but their rants against the President are doing no one any good.

Shock, outrage after bodies found in U-Haul trucks at NYC funeral ...

As an example of this, I cite the incident of the Mayor’s motorcade to Brooklyn, where 100 or more bodies were being left unattended, only to be hauled about by rented Uhauls. A black woman screamed on him: “You cannot blame this on Trump.” Her husband had died, and her calls were ignored for days, as she tried to keep his body on ice. Liberal platitudes and attacks on POTUS did nothing for her or the millions of others in the city. Trump came through for the Big Apple, he did not turn his back on his birthplace. He tried to work with the Dems here, and sent troops to the Javits Center and an entire US military hospital ship.

On occasions, I pass by the Javits, and I can see that very little is going on there. The ship is now long gone. One of the military medical staff on board contracted the disease amid the NYC mismanagement. And while it was supposed to be there for those with COVID 19, hundreds if not thousands of patients in nursing homes ended up dying in their infected nursing homes. Their fate is the worst; family members are denied access, and their bodies are left to fester in closets.

This situation was exacerbated if not brought on by stupid ideas from the left. Staff complained that they were told NOT to send patients to hospitals; thus, the patients stayed in the homes, infecting other patients and staff. Further, some staffers say that they were told NOT to wear masks, on the grounds that wearing them would frighten the residents.

Now, both staffers and residents are dying. Out of this will be born many lawsuits, with the nursing homes counter suing the state, and possibly, Cuomo personally. Below I have cut and pasted a comment from a reader on this site whose moniker is shadowstate1958:

“Who is to blame for the Huge numbers of nursing home deaths in New York?

Andrew Cuomo refuses to face facts on nursing-home coronavirus horrors


Cuomo to blame for COVID spreading through nursing home: Goodwin.

The Department of Health order, dated March 25, decreed that nursing homes and rehab centers could not use a positive COVID-19 test as the sole basis for rejecting a patient being referred from hospitals. Fearing state regulators, many facility executives say they accepted the transfers even though they believed the order was a death sentence for some existing patients and staff.”

Note the words: “death sentence for some existing patients and staff.” For patients at the Isabella Nursing Home in Manhattan, 98 were executed this way. That hit home to me not only in that I live nearby, but I have been there many times and always found it very clean and professional. My girlfriend gave a recital there in 2018. Singing gospel to the accompaniment of a grand piano, she never dreamed that the stage would be turned into a deadly scene of state-mandated executions. But it was. Thanks to the Democrats. For whom neither of us will ever vote.

While it is no surprise that nursing homes are a source of infection, it is that some religious communities are another. I rode through Borough Park and noted that about 75% of the people I saw, including children in groups, had no masks on the street. That part of Brooklyn is composed of Orthodox Jews, and while clean, they underestimated the spread of the disease.

On 30 March, the New Yorker had a lengthy article in which the reaction of the Hasidim was noted. In it, a rabbi is quoted as saying: “Faith is not the absence of reason.”

But somehow the absence of reason was taking root in place of faith among the faithful. And three days later, Rabbi Chaim Mertz was given a funeral in Williamsburg, another area of Brooklyn that is home to the Orthodox Jewish community. This led to a police presence with barricades, the presence of the mayor, and countless articles for and against both sides.

Social distancing in the Orthodox communities has been an issue for weeks, coming to national attention a month earlier with the funeral of 96-year-old Yosef Leifer, the rabbi of Congregation Karnei Reim on Avenue N. He had survived the Holocaust, but fell to COVID 19.

His funeral was attended by hundreds of his followers, against the orders of the state. Videos online showed the mourners in close proximity, flouting the laws of the land. Both reason and faith were violated. The Bible does not support such actions, but notes: “The prayers of them that flout the law are an abomination unto the Lord.”

Those who fail to follow the law can be endangering their mother, their father, their children – and their rabbis. Being part Jewish myself, this is my position – and I am far from being alone in it.

It pains me to see this in any religious community – including the Christian communities that so proudly defied logic only to see their leaders fall from this plague.

Those congregations – Jewish or Christian or of any other persuasion – that followed the rules stayed safe. The Greek Orthodox communities of Astoria and other parts of the city, for instance, follow the rules, with only 10 people in the pews at a time, and have few if any casualties. They also follow medical guidelines for any prescriptions, including those for chloroquine – which cured one Greek woman last month. Under the supervision of Dr. Taymur Mirza, a 102-year-old Greek woman recovered and has since rejoined her community.

The Muslim communities of NYC, many of which run delis and bodegas, are scrupulous in their following of the laws, and they too have few if any reported cases. This is good news for New Yorkers as they have proven reliable as purveyors of food and basic products – including masks and disinfectants. For which I am a customer, especially as I use the subways to ride around and meet with other people who are preparing for whatever may come, and that may include food shortages.

Coming home on the F train, I reflected on this last possibility. Having gone all around the city, I note that only the boroughs of Staten Island and the Bronx, with their large park areas and low population densities, could have enough arable land to feed their inhabitants. For the other three, there is limited space and much higher population densities. Some of my partners have started growing food, using deli containers to sprout tomatoes, peppers, ginger, etc. Others have staked out some clearings in the woods where they struggle to create drainage and bring in looser soil for planting potatoes etc.

China will not 'surrender' to US demands in trade talks: Report ...

Getting off the F and going up to the A train platform, I notice some strange graffiti at the Port Authority station. It reads: “On your knees America – SURRENDER TO CHINA NOW!” Written in black, it has some strange yellow logo behind it. I take a picture of it and move on. This is not a good omen for the weekend.

On Saturday, I take the train to the 72nd St. Dakota Building stop, from which I cross into Central Park, where I meet a friend. He too is growing some tomatoes, and buying silver in case of future currency failures. We all remember what happened in Greece when people had to stand in line for hours to take out 50 euros, their daily limit. Those who had gold or silver were able to trade, cash was not the king.

My trip to the park has another angle to it – I am looking at the food trees: black cherry, black walnut, pawpaw, etc. I take note of their locations, hoping that they will be fertilized or self-pollinating. Even the pokeweed does not escape my notice; though its berries are deadly, its leaves, if pre-cooked, can be eaten. There is plenty of this in the park but I hope to never have to partake.

Food is still available in quantities, but with some items no longer available. And one must wait in line, as I did Sunday at $ store in Upper Manhattan. All the stress of waiting in lines and having this virus hovering overhead makes for short tempers. One man is threatened with a beat down for not wearing a mask as he enters the store. A few days after this event in New York, the reverse happens in Michigan, where a security guard is killed by the family of a person whom he told to wear a mask.

Monday morning I am back on the trains, and I write on this site that the homeless who refuse to wear masks are a danger. The next morning AM New York carries an article in which Eric Ulrich, the only GOP councilman in NYC, says the same; that day, Cuomo picks up on both of our remarks and orders a shut down of the subways from 1am-5am which will start today (6May). Penn Station will be closed as well, and a cleaning of the trains will take place.

After this pronouncement, which ought to have been made weeks earlier, I board an E train in utter shock, seeing something I have not seen in my half a century of riding here; a clean train. And not only a clean train, but it has been painted with bright murals like an ad for a Broadway musical. Not a single homeless person is on it. I sit alone, riding on the wheels of steel once again out to Queens.

By Monday morning, the clean has worn off; two homeless are found dead on the subways; natural causes are cited. This day I go to the Bronx, and I am pained at what I witness. On Inwood Avenue, few are wearing masks, including two people smoking a hookah at a shop illegally open; on Boston Avenue – a man spitting at passers-by.

I have had enough, and take the 6 train south, only to find it stops and forces everyone off at Holt Avenue due to a fire. A month earlier, the 2 train was stopped by a fire caused when a homeless man pushed a flaming cart into the train, killing the conductor and wounding 15. I wait for another train but it too is stopped. Exasperated, and regularly spraying alcohol, I get off to walk to the 2 train. Four young men with no masks get on and start a mini-riot, with scared passengers moving away. They then fight among themselves, and one of them drops a bottle of vodka. To everyone’s relief, they then get off.

When I get home, I look at my phone for missed calls, and turn to the photo gallery. Maybe I was just dreaming about that graffiti telling America to surrender. But no, it is there, along with my memories of riding the subway. They will never go away. Never, ever.

All I can do is go to sleep to avoid the nightmare. When I wake, it will be here, thanks to lousy politicians who have made a mess of this city – with a little help from their friends in Wuhan.

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Frank Parlato

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3 years ago

Why does Gibson write “China” in the article but “PR China” everywhere else? Is there a China that is not PR China?

Ken Gibson
Ken Gibson
3 years ago

There is People’s Republic of China – usually just called China – and the Republic of China, usually called Taiwan (aka Formosa).
PR China gives us coronaviruses. Taiwan is a friend of the West.
It sometimes gets confusing.
Like the Confusion, I mean, Confucius Institute – run by PR China on US campuses.
Last month I went to the PR China consulate and served an EVICTION NOTICE.
Since they chose to ignore it, and possibly spread COVID-19 in the US, I will go again and
bring a bigger crowd, to include Chinese Americans, Hong Kongese and Taiwanese.
Asians hate PR China and its lies.

Python Swoope
Python Swoope
3 years ago

commie chinese Kung Flu coronavirus was an ATTACK ON AMERICA and the Free World !

3 years ago


-If Dr. Fauci is such an evil human being…

Why has Trump not fired him yet or removed him from the task force?

-If Dr. Fauci is a criminal…
Why has Trump not ordered the justice department to investigate him?

-If Fauci & Bill Gates planned a world pandemic….
Why hasn’t the world governments gone and issued an arrest warrant with Interpol?

I am genuinely interested to learn dissenting points of view from my own.

Thank you!

3 years ago

Frank, you shouldn’t be that concerned about this. Afterall you and China might have something in common.

CENSORSHIP: meaning, what you don’t like to hear even if true, you censor…

3 years ago
Reply to  truthrises

Truth Rises,


Uh…Hey Mr. Rises, Frank posted your comment.

If Frank didn’t post your last comment, it’s because what you posted was completely insane or so crass it would make a Marine blush.

At least that’s been my experience.

3 years ago


Why is Andrew Cuomo Killing Patients in Nursing Homes?
Imagine if we’d responded to AIDS by closing everything BUT the gay bath houses.

By JOHN ZMIRAK Published on April 28, 2020 • 20 Comments

John Zmirak
I’ve written here before about the weird phenomenon of the cargo cult. In that context I was describing it in order to make some points about Darwinism. But today I’d like to focus on an even less savory subject, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo. Because he clearly belongs to such a cult. His sect uses scraps and fragments of Christian morals and mores. But without knowing what they’re for or how they work.

The End of Weekend At Biden’s?
The media are treating Cuomo as the shadow legitimate president in exile, and Joe Biden like the ghost of elections past. So I suspect something is up. Maybe the Democratic National Committee has given up on its revival of Weekend At Biden’s. It wants a functioning, conscious candidate who doesn’t sniff strange women’s heads.

I think the DNC will sooner or later send out a text to all its loyal Assassins at CNN and The New York Times, and tell them to make the hit. The message will inform them that Tara Reade’s sex abuse charges against Biden (which they have ignored as flimsy) are suddenly “troubling” and “deeply problematic” because … well, reasons. They’re clever fellows. They’ll think of something.

Biden will protest, flap around like a flounder on deck for a news cycle or two, then accept some quiet offer he can’t refuse. The whole thing will be over in 48 hours. The Democrats will cancel their in-person convention. Then hire consultants from the old East Germany to conduct a delegate plebiscite by email. We’ll have a whole new race. And a tougher one.

Will Cuomo Let His Cargo Cult Faith Dictate His Politics?
What if Andrew Cuomo is not in fact a flagrantly lapsed Catholic, but a member of a South Sea Cargo Cult? Then we have the right to know. No, there’s no religious test for public office. But we must be sure that he wouldn’t let his religion dictate his decisions as president. Because they seem like the only explanation of his actions as New York Governor.

I wrote about such cults last summer.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Cargo Cults. They emerged among some Pacific Island tribesmen who encountered Western travelers. (Especially, during World War II, American pilots.)

They appeared with mysterious light sticks and dangerous fire sticks. They climbed out of gleaming ships. And carved out airfields. Then they waved their arms and lit their strange fires, and the Great Birds came down. More airmen climbed out of their bellies. Best of all, these newly landed “gods” weren’t hostile, but friendly. They unloaded great boxes of treasure. And gave them out to the natives. Unusual foods and drink, astonishing magic tools and powerful medicines.

Wikipedia reports what happened next:

With the end of the war, the military abandoned the airbases and stopped dropping cargo. … In attempts to get cargo to fall by parachute or land in planes or ships again, islanders imitated the same practices they had seen the soldiers, sailors, and airmen use.

Cult behaviors usually involved mimicking the day-to-day activities and dress styles of US soldiers, such as performing parade ground drills with wooden or salvaged rifles. The islanders carved headphones from wood and wore them while sitting in fabricated control towers. They waved the landing signals while standing on the runways. They lit signal fires and torches to light up runways and lighthouses.

In a form of sympathetic magic, many built life-size replicas of airplanes out of straw and cut new military-style landing strips out of the jungle, hoping to attract more airplanes.

Cuomo Uses Broken Pieces of Christian Morality for Magic
This is precisely how Andrew Cuomo treats the Christian (and hence American) view of the person, as the image of God with unique value and inalienable rights. He puts that view on like a fake pilot’s cap woven of palm fronds, and sings litanies of praise for “women’s reproductive choice.”

Cuomo seems to believe that by aping Christian rituals, he’ll attract the valuable “cargo” of ordered liberty, justice, and respect for human rights. Perhaps some patient anthropologist in a Pith helmet will explain to him, “Sorry, my dear chap. But that’s not how any of this works.”

When he lit up the Empire State Building in pink to celebrate New York’s pro-infanticide law? He may in his primitive mind have meant to emulate Christian behavior at Christmas. Poor Cuomo doesn’t realize that we light up our cities to celebrate a child’s birth, not children’s deaths.

Cuomo seems to believe that by aping Christian rituals, he’ll attract the valuable “cargo” of ordered liberty, justice, and respect for human rights. Perhaps some patient anthropologist in a Pith helmet will explain to him, “Sorry, my dear chap. But that’s not how any of this works.”

Cuomo credits the strange taboo that mentally ill “transgender” people have the right to demand our compliance with their tragic, self-harming delusions. That’s one of their “rights.”

But pro-lifers, orthodox Christians, and Second Amendment advocates don’t have the right to reside in New York State. We can see in the tangle of such wildly conflicting claims the shadowy workings of the pre-philosophical mind, which kneels before lightning and thunder and thinks in images and myths.

Every Life Matters. Except for Old People
The most poignant, touching example of Cuomo’s sad, knock-off religion? When he spoke to defend his draconian lockdown of the whole of New York State — including the rural environs of Niagara Falls — for the sake of New York City. Cuomo spoke of his elderly mama with what sounded like filial piety. Then he aped Christian ethics more plausibly than ever. He told the press: “I want to be able to say to the people of New York — I did everything we could do. And if everything we do saves just one life, I’ll be happy.”

That sounded good to me. Cuomo got the words right and even pronounced them correctly. It seems that he got hold of one of the missionaries’ books and has been memorizing phrases. But he doesn’t know what they mean. Leave aside his practice of human child sacrifice. What kind of tribe venerates its elders and claims to protect them from every threat — then callously and needlessly exposes them to death? What kind of leader would close down most buying and selling, and lock his villagers in their homes, to fight a plague, then send infected people to sit in the huts with the old folks?

And that’s exactly what Cuomo is doing. His Department of Health just issued this decree:

No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH [nursing home] solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19. NHs are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission.

Cuomo won’t even send nursing home patients to safety on the U.S.S. Comfort, sitting almost empty off New York’s coast. But he will send likely infected patients, untested, to cough on the other elderly residents in nursing homes where they’re meant to be safe.

As The New York Post reports, “At least 3,500 nursing-home residents in the state have died from the coronavirus to date, including 2,000 in New York City, part of more than 16,000 overall.” Read the heartrending stories The Post has collected from grieving family members of beloved parents and grandparents needlessly killed by the virus.

Coronavirus Story Hour at Nursing Homes
Have you got that? People can’t go to church, or New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will seize the building and steal the land. All restaurants, bars, and sports stadiums are closed. The entire economy of the state wheezes on life support. But the Governor won’t let nursing homes test people before exposing them to the very people most endangered by the Chinese virus, old people? That’s worse than refusing to close the gay bath houses during the AIDS crisis (as liberals did). It’s on the order of closing pretty much everything except the bath houses. It boggles the mind of the civilized onlooker.

But it might make sense to a primitive mystic like Cuomo.

I made a joke in very poor taste, early on in this crisis. I quipped that the same people who favor Drag Queen Story Hour to spread gender dysphoria to kids, would call for Coronavirus Story Hour in nursing homes.

But didn’t really expect Andrew Cuomo to go ahead and do it.

3 years ago

What are you doing besides wandering around complaining and eyeing walnut trees? Thanks for spreading the subway germs tho. 👌 Good job! Great quarantine skillz!

Pro tip: there are lots of oak trees in Central Park, so get your olde tyme acorn flour recipes ready! Goes great with squirrel jerky. Order your Chinese-made slingshot from Amazon and you’re all set.

Seriously, what is this real men’s and women’s club going to do? Deliver groceries to the elderly? Share quinine recipes? Blow up 5G towers? Put up anti-Humpty Dumpty flyers? Rescue mole children? Hopefully just the first two.

If your panties are in such a twist about food, Fresh Direct is no longer a mess. I have yet to see a line in any D’Agastinos in Manhattan. Especially the UWS or UES. Stay out of Trader Whores and Whore Foods if lines upset your spy-hunting, citizens-arresting, manly-man soul. Get pickup from a diner to go with your weeds. Have some self-respect.

When was the last time someone got tortured on the subway? Seriously, I forget. Not recently. Not unless smell counts as torture. Chill, my fellow city bro. Deep breaths through your mask. Not on the subway.

You were right about the Central Park raccoons, and Franklin Graham being a POS, but — wilikers — are you otherwise a hysterical shrieking baby? You’d think you were a lib the way you clutch your pearls about the city. Maybe…idk…move? Re-join the armed forces if you want to fight China ASAP. Recruiters are open. Make sure you can do a cannabis-free piss test tho. Good luck!

3 years ago

Judicial Watch files lawsuit seeking Dr. Fauci, WHO records

Francine Marshall
Francine Marshall
3 years ago

How does Shadowstate make his money? How can he afford to sit around all day and night in front of his computer appending Fox News diatribes to his comments? Like he’s forcing himself on us….

Ken Gibson
Ken Gibson
3 years ago

How do you make your $? I make part of mine assembling equipment for tristate area hospitals, including machines that test for COVID-19 – the last one was acquired by NY State Med. Dept. and can test 1000 cases a day.

Shadowstate is contributing to awareness here, he has lots of info and gives sources. I do not care how he makes his $, that is an irrelevant question, but since you are going around asking such personal questions, I preemptively answered.

Other things I do include outing US pols who are traitors.
Got a problem with that?

3 years ago

Tucker: Elites don’t want you to question their coronavirus policies

3 years ago

Shadow: Why don’t you get your own fucking website? Your comments have nothing to do with the articles posted.

Ken Gibson
Ken Gibson
3 years ago
Reply to  Hoover

As the author of the article posted, I find Shadow’s comments quite revealing and relevant. Also, he gives sources and URLs. What do you give? Lip? You go start your own website and I will be happy to avoid it.

Dianne Lipson
Dianne Lipson
3 years ago

You took the A train at 2 am? Is that a typo?

3 years ago
Reply to  Dianne Lipson


Correct me if I’m wrong, but taking the A-train at 2AM is like asking to get mugged.

Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies
3 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy


Ken Gibson
Ken Gibson
3 years ago
Reply to  NiceGuy

2am it was. Sometimes I help deliver and assemble medical equipment including machines for COVID 19 testing, like last week to the NY Dept of Health. So I have to get to a warehouse early. But now there are no subways at that hour, after I posted a suggestion on this site that they be cleaned and the homeless issue dealt with Cuomo finally did just that. A day late and a $ short.
It is not my choice to just ride around at that hour, and even w/o COVID-19 I do not recommend it.
But we all have to do our jobs and our part in this crisis.

3 years ago

If/when Texans are told to surrender they will double-check to be sure all of their ammunition clips are full.

3 years ago

Dr. Anthony Fauci gave 7.4 million dollars of US taxpayer money to the Wuhan Lab to genetically engineer bat viruses!

Dr. Fauci Backed Manipulating Viruses in Wuhan Lab, Gain of Function Research

3 years ago

Shadow that’s public information he didn’t do anything underhanded.

Why doesn’t Trump have Fauci transferred, investigated, or fired if all of that?

Do you happen to have an answer to my question?

Or will you be posting a random video to a 1950s musical?

3 years ago

Cuomo ORDERED COVID patients to be admitted to nursing homes even though that action would endanger elderly nursing home residents.
And when Emperor Cuomo was asked about his Executive Order, he lied about it!

Didn’t New York set up special COVID hospitals at the Javits Center and Madison Square Garden?
And President Trump sent a Naval hospital ship!
None of these special hospitals was used to capacity.

What was Emperor Cuomo’s goal?
To kill off nursing home patients and lower Medicaid costs?
Or to kill as many people as possible from COVID and blame Donald Trump?

And why isn’t Emperor Cuomo being investigated criminally?

Elderly COVID-19 Positive Patients Sent To Nursing Home on Cuomo’s Watch!? | LevinTV

Ken Gibson
Ken Gibson
3 years ago

Sadly you are correct, with one small point – NOT MSG – as we note Madison Square Garden – but the gist of what you are saying is correct.
It could be that Cuomo was DELIBERATELY trying to spread this disease – killing the patients and the staff.
They might have been too intimidated by his power to revoke their licence etc.
And Fauci – and others like Dr Lieber and U of Texas – have too many ties to Wuhan.
Today I went to Fort Tryon Park…where the sign is in Chinese.
Something is going on and Americans have every right to demand mass arrests of politicians with deep investigations into
any of them who have ANY ties to PR China – especially Diane Feinstein and the 32 Humpty Dumpty congressmen who REFUSE to answer simple questions we have been posing since 5 August, 2019 (Davis Richardson wrote an expose of them in the Daily Caller on 7 August 2019) – Adam Schiff etc have been in with the Epsteins, the Clintons, and PR China (on board at this NYC based institute are a number of PR China execs/agents).

This is America’s darkest hour. Signs telling America to surrender – ON YOUR KNEES it said.
I bet that very few politicians have the guts to do anything about it.
That is scary. I just might go pick some pokeweed this weekend.

3 years ago
Reply to  Ken Gibson

If you want to help people, you could learn everything you can about chlorine dioxide and its therapeutic use, and also investigate Andreas Kalcker, his main defender. I am Latino and I am from South America. I mention this because of the best videos I could find about him and about chlorine dioxide, I have found them in Spanish. if you can translate them or find quality information in English, it would be very useful, I mention the quality information because both the use of chlorine dioxide and Andrea himself usually be discredited by various news media and drug agencies, however, this information is often biased or suspicious an example of this is that harmful effects on health are mentioned but at the same time it is mentioned that no official study has been carried out and always calls the Attention as the Olympic is ignored the fact that associations of people who consume chlorine dioxide have been created for some time and Iguen doing or that Andreas Kalcker has provided research data carried out by him and other people in an unofficial way, I give you this advice because you are in a place where there have been many infected and killed by this virus, but I do not tell you that you believe Blindly investigate and learn on your own.

Ken Gibson
Ken Gibson
3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Gracias, yo voy a buscar mas informacion del Sr Andreas Kalcker.
De cual pais es usted?

3 years ago
Reply to  Ken Gibson

In thinking of the Emperor Cuomo and his Edict compelling nursing homes to mix COVID patients with the frail elderly, the only person I can compare him to is the Roman Emperor Caligula who issued an Edict making his horse Incitatus a Roman Senator.
From now on, I shall call Cuomo “Emperor Caligula Cuomo.”

Empress Gretchen Whitmer, Governor of Michigan, tried to ban the sale of seeds for food crops as non-essential.
Growing tomatoes, onions, green peppers or potatoes is not essential according to Empress Gretchen the First.
But Michiganders can go out and buy booze and lottery tickets.

America’s grubby Control Freak Governors, many of them Democrats, are using the Wuhan virus as an excuse to grab Fascistic powers.

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Frank Parlato is an investigative journalist.

His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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