Jens Gould makes an impressive appearance on Fox News. He is not a Keith built millionaire. But he is a Keith built zombie.
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Jens Gould, as editor of The Knife Media, [Formerly Knife of Aristotle] gives interview on Fox


A large team of analysis at The Knife will determine slant bias and media, says .

Where is the bias and where is the distortion?

Mr. Gould says The Knife can help readers help out.

Much of what Mr. Gould says is true.

But it’s what he does not say is his methodology – and who is the conceptual founder of The Knife, Keith Raniere – that’s really interesting.

For more information on the The Knife, you can click on these links:

I commented in my own name on the youtube page as follows (I do not know if the comments will be removed):

Comment #1:
The interview is quite nicely done and much of what Mr. Gould says resonates with many. However, people viewing this should be aware that The Knife Media recently changed its name. It was formerly The Knife of Aristotle. The conceptual founder of The Knife is Keith Raniere.
Comment #2
While I applaud the concepts promoted by Mr. Gould, a great deal of transparency and for that matter – a careful vetting of how analysts evaluate what is spin, slant and bias – is required. For more information on The Knife and about Mr. Raniere, I invite people to visit the Frank Report. Here are a couple of links which may be informative. Facebook page emerges under The Knife (sans Aristotle) News from NXIVM Village: Knife of Aristotle to change name; newbies promoted to EMPs “Knife of Aristotle isn’t just Fake News site, it’s a cult”


Jens Gould makes an impressive appearance on Fox News.

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  • If the Knife did not also rate Fox News’ coverage of the same 25 Trump stories, the Knife is clearly not doing its job.

    If that rating showed Fox as being objective and not slanted, does anyone believe for a nanosecond that Fox News wouldn’t show those numbers?

    If any Frank Report readers paid for a Knife subscription, maybe they could comment on the objectivity, spin, etc difference between say New York Times and Fox News on Trump stories.

  • No statement of their definition of “objectivity”. Except that it is NOT the same as fact-checking.

    The definition of “spin” seems to be the use of adjectives when reporting the facts. In other words, the writing would have to be as dry and boring as sawdust to have no “spin.”

    Notice that neither Gould nor Fox News mentioned that you have to pay a lot for their “service.”

  • bahahahahaahahahaha. The Knife Media is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard of.

    Jens has not only drank his share of the kool-aid but I think he drank everyone else’s too. If he can’t recognize Keith as a sociopath, how the hell is he going to be able to cut through media bias? Jens was a somewhat respected reporter then NXIVM got a hold of him. He looks like he lost his soul. I did a lot of classes with him and he’s changed.

    He could have had such a magnificent role in bringing Keith down given his media contacts but instead he chooses the Knife. I’d trust a rusty butter knife to cut through media bias more than this organization.

    Excuse me for a second. Bahahahahahahahahahaha. The Knife. Hilarious!

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