Cowardly Salinas asked about Raniere and motherhood

El rostro de un cobarde espinoso, Emiliano Salinas

by Frank Parlato;

Emiliano Salinas is the son of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, former president of Mexico.

Emiliano’s teacher and mentor is an American named Keith Raniere who, Mr. Salinas says, is the wisest and most consistent man he’s ever met – and the man who best understands ethics and civilization in the world today.

Mr. Salinas is also quoted as saying: “I think the biggest insult, the worst way you can offend a Mexican, is to insult their mother. A mother is the most sacred thing in life.”

It is fitting, therefore, that Frank Report speaks about another child, named Gaelen, who was born 10 years ago.

His father is Keith Raniere, the Vanguard, the leader of NXIVM and Executive Success Programs, and Mr. Salinas’ mentor.

But long before Gaelen was born, Raniere spoke openly about producing another “golden child” who would have have a great impact on the world.  Maclean’s magazine quoted former Raniere girlfriend and business partner Toni Natalie: “I was the chosen one,” she says. “I was brought in to bear the child that would change the world.”

And in a deposition in the case of NXIVM vs. Sutton, former Raniere-girlfriend Barbara Bouchey stated “Keith himself told me that he had dreams and visions that I actually would be in a relationship with him and have a child with him.”

Despite all the promises and all the dreams and visions however, neither woman gave birth to a child.

Other women were also promised to bear a child from Mr. Raniere. None of them ever did.

And when Mr. Raniere finally did father a child, he denied he was the father. Instead, an elaborate lie was created:

The story was told in NXIVM Village that the late Barbara Jeske, a member of Raniere’s “inner circle” of women, had an old boyfriend who had married, had a daughter, become a widower, and  (ca. 2007) became a bereaved grandfather when his own daughter died giving birth in Michigan. Since the father of the child was unknown, Ms. Jeske’s old boyfriend was left to raise the child by himself, a task that simply overwhelmed him.

Remembering Miss Jeske as a compassionate and loving woman – and having no wife or female relative of his own to care for the newborn – the widower-grandfather called Miss Jeske and asked if she would raise the child.  Miss Jeske, having been properly trained by Vanguard to be a true humanitarian, readily agreed to the plan.

And so the story goes that Miss Jeske and another inner-circle member, Kristin Keeffe, traveled to Ann Arbor, Mich., to get the boy just days after his birth – and brought him back to live with Miss Jeske in Clifton Park, NY.

But Miss Jeske quickly found that she could not properly care for the infant – and enlisted another humanitarian, Miss Keeffe, to take over as the boy’s “mother”.  Thereafter, Miss Keefe moved out of the townhouse she had been sharing with Mr. Raniere (and the late Pamela Cafritz) – and into a new townhouse with her so-called “adopted son”, Gaelen.

Mr. Raniere, the world’s greatest humanitarian, said he would oversee the child’s education. The child would be the first to be raised utilizing Mr. Raniere’s newly developed “Rainbow Cultural Garden” methodologies for child rearing – which meant that he would be exposed to  music and language, eat a very restricted diet, spend several hours each day with different nannies who would each speak to him in a different language, and only interact with children who had also been raised according yo Mr.; Raniere’s teachings.

This was the lie told to all in NXIVM Village.

The truth is that Gaelen is the child of Keith Raniere and Kristin Keeffe.

The lie about his mother dying at childbirth – and the father being unknown – was told because Mr. Raniere did not want his students to know he fathered a child.

Many students believed then that he lived a celibate life.

Some of the members of his inner-circle knew, of course, from firsthand experience that he wasn’t celibate. But some of them believed he would, when the time was right, have a child with them.

Some of these women believed their child with Mr. Raniere would be an avatar.

Mr. Raniere needed to lie to preserve the good of the organization, according to Mr. Raniere and others close to him.

Miss Keeffe, on the other hand, could not admit she had a child with another man since that was against the principles of Mr. Raniere’s ownership of the women of his inner-circle.

She had an important role. She was his Legal Liaison to the horde of attorneys representing NXIVM/ESP in all its lawsuits.  If she had had a child with another man, her “ethical breach” would have been so severe that she would have to be shunned for several years,

Mr. Raniere could not admit paternity with her either. He never showered on her the attention he did with others like Miss Bouchey, Miss Natalie, Marianna Fernandez, Pamela Cafritz or others.

Miss Keeffe had never even been under consideration for bearing Mr. Raniere’s child.

But it was Miss Keeffe who got pregnant.

Mr. Raniere required that Miss Keeffe lie about her maternity.

He helped her hide her pregnancy; being thin she hardly showed for months.

Over time, some other members of the inner-circle came to know Gaelen was Miss Keeffe’s child.

A few came to learn Mr. Raniere was the father.

Miss Keeffe told them.

Nancy Salzman knew, as did Karen Unterreiner and Miss Jeske of course.

But all these women could be trusted to keep the secret.

Most of the rest of the Raniere-community were led to believe the boy was adopted.

And oh how the child was considered extraordinarily lucky. A foundling would have the privilege of being raised according to Mr. Raniere’s revolutionary theories.


Now, Mr. Salinas, this leads to questions in light of your statement about honoring mothers.

If Mr. Raniere is Gaelen’s father, then let us consider what kind of man he is who denies his own son, and tells the community he leads a lie about his child’s parentage?

What kind of man encourages or requires the mother of his son to claim her own son is not hers, but adopted?

Consider the psychological impact on the child – with people around him – and he himself believing that his biological mother died giving birth to him and that he was later adopted by Keeffe — when all along the reality is that  his true mother is not dead but raising him, and his true father lives nearby.

It is well known that children whose mothers die at childbirth often feel guilt.
In this case, the guilt was based on a lie!

I was there. I witnessed it.  I saw the child many times. I spoke with his father and mother many times. I heard this lie told many times. I initially believed the lie.

I later learned  the adoption story was a total fabrication – and that Mr. Raniere and Miss Keeffe are the boy’s parents. Miss Keeffe, to her credit, told the boy the truth about his parentage.

She did not let the boy grow up with the lie.

In February 2014, Miss Keeffe fled the group.

She had the help of New York State Police investigator, Rodger Kirsopp, whom I interviewed, and who confirmed he helped Miss Keeffe escape from Mr. Raniere with her son –  and that he helped arrange for her and her son to live in safe houses for battered women for a time. (This, by the way, is same Rodger Kirsopp who would later become a staunch ally of NXIVM/ESP and its attorneys as they tried to prosecute Miss Foley, Miss Bouchey and others for “criminal computer trespass” but more on how Mr. Kirsopp came to be “transformed” on another day).

Mr. Raniere told several women he would father a child with them. They did not have his child.

When he actually fathered a child, he lied and made the mother lie.

Mr. Raniere never allowed the child to call him “dad ”.

Mr. Raniere is a man who denied his son.

The mother of Mr. Raniere’s child had to flee from him  –  and was only able to do so with help from with law enforcement.

She had to escape for the welfare of her son, she said, and is still in hiding from Mr. Raniere, the father of her son.

Show me another instance of a man who lies to his own child (and the world) that his child took birth as his mother died. What good man would want his child to believe this kind of lie?

Mr. Salinas, the supporter of motherhood, as you continue to support Mr. Raniere, ask yourself what your life would be like if your father had thus dealt with you.

Had he told you that, when you were born, your mother died giving you birth, and that he was not your father.  And that your real mother was not your mother, but she adopted you and no one knows who your father is.

Mr. Salinas,  you have twins now.

Ask your wife, ask yourself: Would you lie to your children the way Mr. Raniere did to his son?

Maybe you might like to say this comes as a surprise to you: Perhaps you did not know Mr. Raniere is the father of Gaelen.

Ask Mr. Raniere.

If he denies it, and you want to know the truth, contact me. I will provide irrefutable evidence.

Or if you are afraid of me, ask Robert Crockett, an attorney in Los Angeles, who has custody papers ready to serve on Miss Keeffe wherein Mr. Raniere claims he is the father of the boy.

But ,of course, Mr. Salinas you probably already know that Mr. Raniere is Gaelen’s father –  and you know the story Mr. Raniere told YOU about the child being adopted was a total lie.

You were lied to, yet you support him.

To my mind, that makes you a liar – and a coward

So I call you out in print Mr. Salinas  as “a lying coward”.

But then I am not a Vanguard, but according to his Holiness, a “suppressive”.

But to my “suppressive” mind, there are not many things lower than a man who lies about his child and denies his own flesh-and-blood.

Lower still is the hypocrite Salinas who knows this and mouths platitudes about a mother being “the most sacred thing in life.”

Somewhere in hiding with his mother is a 10-year old child named Gaelen.

He does not see or speak with his father for he and his mother have fled from him and fear him.

He does not go to school out of fear that NXIVM’s attorneys or private detectives will learn of his whereabouts – and snatch him away.

He does not play with other children or participate in group activities out of fear that someone will recognize him – and report where he is to Mr. Raniere.

Let’s say a prayer or make a gentle wish that mother and child, wherever they are, will find peace and be free from the terror and punishment that lies deep in the bitter heart of Keith Raniere.

As the Dalai Lama said to Mr. Raniere, in your presence – for you were there:  “If you have done wrong, you must accept, you must admit, change, make correction.”

Mr. Salinas, you are helping to fund and enable Mr. Raniere.

He is on a quest to track down the whereabouts of Gaelen and Miss Keeffe who  fled him in the night to escape the life of terror and craziness he had created for them.

He has already found them twice but they were able to escape both times before he could snatch them up and bring them back to a jurisdiction where the legal system has been most helpful to him.  Even now, I suspect, Mister Raniere’s attorneys are meeting on a regular basis with the law enforcement authorities who will order that Miss Keeffe turn Gaelen over to Mr. Raniere and his crew of nannies to finish the child rearing experiment that began soon after he was born

He seeks the return of Miss Keeffe, not out of love but to punish her.  And he seeks the return of Gaelen, not because he wants to be a true father to the child that he never acknowledged as his own flesh-and-blood but to finish the great  “Rainbow Gardens” experiment.  And he wants them both back so that they can be properly punished for their transgressions – and cleansed of the “suppressiveness” that led them astray.

You know all this is true, Mr. Salinas, and yet you do nothing.

Gutless, spineless, worthless, and gutless…Un gran cobarde.

Artist depiction: “The evil father”
Mr. Salinas was told to sit in the corner.  He’s still there.
The face of a spineless coward, Emiliano Salinas

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Spanish translation, please !
Spanish translation, please !
6 years ago

This post is also worth reposting in Spanish translation.

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