Raniere spotted driving in Knox Woods; will radar detectors go off?

Keith Raniere is said to never drive a car. It has been said that his brain waves are so powerful that they will set off radar detectors if he drives a car.

Perhaps because so few people are actually using radar detectors anymore, Mr. Raniere now appears to be driving.

He was spotted several times driving an SUV. Someone said it looked awfully similar to the one Pam Cafritz used to operate when she ran errands for Mr. Raniere.

Of course, it may be someone who only looks like Mr. Raniere.

But if someone could find out if he is driving, it would be nice to know.

One hates to think that radar detectors might go off.

According to the Albany Times Union [February 24, 2012] “Raniere has convinced some followers he doesn’t drive because his intellectual energy sets off radar detectors.”

While it is true that he rarely drives and it is believed he has no driver’s license, when he has to go somewhere, he is usually driven by one of his female disciples.

He told women they would bear his female avatar baby, that he made it rain on only a woman he was walking besides and not on him, that he tied the state record for the 100-yard dash [but the records were lost], that he understood computers when he was 4 years old (which is BEFORE computers were invented), that he won the East Coast Judo Championship when he was either 11 or 12 [but the records were lost], and that radar detectors go off because of his intellectual energy when he drives a car.

It is not known why radar detectors do not go off when he is seated in the passenger  seat.

Does anybody know why?



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  • I thought that Raniere didn’t have a driver’s license. So, is her driving around illegally? Guess he knows that NYS Investigator Rodger Kirsopp will take care of any tickets for him.

  • No one in the whole harem is willing to drive Raniere any more? He used to claim that hundreds of people would drop everything instantly just for a chance to see him in person. Have things really collapsed that badly in Raniere world?

    Maybe there is a happier explanation. If it’s down to Keith and Mariana in his townhouse (since Pam died), and the rumors that she is pregnant are true (fhe first Golden Child since Keith knocked up Kristin Keeffe then made her go into hiding and pretended the child was adopted), maybe he has to run out to get her pickles and ice cream?

    Although if he doesn’t have a drivers license, he ismin “ethical breach….”

  • Please post proof that dissenting opinions are suppressed.

    I frequently check older posts, and have NEVER seen an old comment disappear. My own comments usually appear instantly, with only a few going into “moderation” and appearing perhaps an hour later (it seems to be either profanity-detection or web-link-detection).

    There are comments in defense of Raniere-world. There are comments noting Mr. Parlato is under criminal indictment. And there are comments criticizing Mr. Parlato’s taste in illustrations or subject matter (I have made a number myself).

    Mr. Parlato has offered to post verbatim any statements that Mr. Raniere, Ms. Mack, or any other principal figure in Raniere-world wish to make in their defense. But Raniere has never chosen to respond to journalists. He prefers to use Bronfman money to have his lawyers bring civil or criminal charges. As has been done to Mr. Parlato.

    Mr. Parlato has also promised to remove from his list of DOS members any who contact him with reasonable evidence that they have been falsely accused. He has stated that none have done so.

    • Try to point out something about the real history of Joe O’Hara’s legal case, a true copy of Frank Parlato’s indictment, or something from his old “manmaking.com” website and you will be deleted. Try it. It has happened to myself and others three times now.

      This site is propaganda and a sham.

      • I can’t believe this last comment stuck. Parlato has been deleting so, so many commenters. We will have to regroup. Could it be if we repost they may ACTUALLY GET PRINTED HERE? That will take a little coordination. In the meantime here is a choice quote from Frank Parlato from the homepage of manmaking.com created and authored by Frank Parlato. Keep in mind, this is JUST the homepage. More ridiculousness can be found within. https://web.archive.org/web/20100515170544/http://manmaking.com/

        “Are you unmanly, cowardly, weak? This site may help you to be strong, to preserve the manly fire within, to look upward, to hold your breath, and gain strength, to go out into the world with absolute courage, to shut off that filthy television set which promotes effiminate behavior, to stop looking inordinately at the body of woman with greedy, weak and sickening lustful eyes and be a man, a giver of strength to one and all. Be chaste and come and rule nature, inner and outer.

        Are you depressed, lacking in vigor, failing to succeed? Then stop your filthy habits at once. Stop groveling at the feet of woman. Banish this weakness of the knees. A brave man never bends the knees. Be celibate. Be chaste, and you’ll never be weak.

      • If critical comments get deleted, why is your critical comment still here? Should it not be the first to go?

        • By the way, taking screenshots of posts before they are deleted by Mr. Parlato. It’s hard to believe, had such faith in this site till now.

  • If you truly had evidence that Clare Bronfman committed perjury your case would have been dismissed by now. The fact of whether there was a written agreement in your case or not matters little in terms of common law in NY and Federal Law. If there was a verbal agreement that you acted on or acknowledged in any way shape of form proves an agreement was in place. If Clare Bronfman had a lapse in memory as to whether she signed a document evidencing that agreement or not is minor. The bottom line is this, did you acknowledge that agreement? Based on your indictment and prior statements to the Press you said the monies you earned were a loan. I think you are fucked. I also note that you have stated repeatedly on this blog and elsewhere that you simply put the $1 million you received from the Bronfman’s in a “trust” account and never touched it. ONE SINGLE TRUST ACCOUNT. Yet based on your indictment when the Feds raided you to retrieve the $1 million dollars they seized three separate trust accounts. So was it three accounts or one? Why did you distribute the monies across three different accounts and then lie about it here? Your indictment said you fraudulently used your 90 yr old fathers attorney bar number to set up those “trust” accounts, presumably without his knowledge. This all sound really fishy and bad, especially considering the gross misrepresentations on this site. It makes you look guilty as hell and like Joe O’Hara desperate to throw the CULT MUD against the wall in hopes you’ll get off your crimes. Which by the way, two thirds of the charges against you have nothing to do with the Bronfmans. At a certain point, one has to think. Really?

    If you weren’t guilty you would post your indictment with an explanation of the charges on this site. If I was innocent I would be doing that. I would also be publishing the specific “proof” of Clare Bronfman’s perjury. Anything less signals desperation and that this site is all bullshit.

    I dare you to post this comment. As you said earlier, “You don’t delete comments”.

    • ” If Clare Bronfman had a lapse in memory as to whether she signed a document evidencing that agreement or not is minor.”

      LOL. This is hilarious. How do you suppose someone at her level in the company had a “lapse” in memory as to whether she signed a legal document worth one third of anywhere from 10-26 million dollars? NXIVM is NOTORIOUS for requiring non-disclosure agreements to be signed and telling its members/followers that it is A-OK to hide one’s involvement in the cult and be secretive about its inner dealings. In other words, hiding or not telling, distorting, and even lying against the truth are part and parcel of what it teaches the more layers of the onion you peel.

  • This website deletes all dissenting opinions and counter points. The truth is not getting out. All that is published is the carefully curated opinions of Frank Parlato who’s sole purpose is to get off his 19 felony counts in his indictment. The minute he gets off he won’t care less about these stories.

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