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Part 3 Rational Inquiry for Dummies: It is a ‘belief system’ which students accept in lieu of old belief systems

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Part 3:

Keith Raniere has a “belief system” with therapies [teaching in classes] which he calls Rational Inquiry.

There are many terms which need explanation [we will get to them in time].

For instance, there are techniques to create what he calls “double binds with a major force and a minor force.”

One set of techniques is called “pre­ emptive.”

“Recapitulation” occurs when communication is done so that when the “punch line” is given at end, everything that came before it must be “replayed and reevaluated in light of the punchline” [ information}.

“This allows for greater learning,” Mr. Raniere teaches and also for “an ‘a­ ha’ experience (the hallmark of learning).”

Preemptive techniques allow a person to set up a story so that it has a more profound “punch line.”

He speaks of “essence intent” which explains why a person says or does something.

If a therapist [ESP coach] can identify “essence intent”, they can then identify “being intent” which is what a “person [is] trying to do in the world.”

He teaches therapists/ ESP coaches to look for “some point” in a student’s “very early” life where there was “some incident of non-satiation which the individual became fixated upon.”

In other words, as a small child, you did not get something you wanted and it altered your entire life going forward.

Or as Mr. Raniere explains it “That fixation translated itself into everything else that they do.”

“Once the therapist [ESP coach]  finds the person’s ‘ being intent,’ the therapist [ESP coach] can work from an integration standpoint to integrate it and thereby, all the disintegrations that followed after it will rapidly fall into place.”

In other words, Mr. Raniere seeks out a single incident from your early youth and then adjusts your view of it to change you entirely.

“Sometimes it is necessary to get through some of the other more superficial disintegrations to get down to a more primary disintegration,” he explains.

To do this part of his work on students is to “deprogram” them.

“Deprogramming” utilizes “a lot of the technology to thwart a person’s potential attempt to protect their faults or their fears (e.g.,phobias).”

What Mr. Raniere teaches is that his coaches should not attack  a person’s fears but build “another structure that is strong and supported by consistent information.”

That is to consistently build a dependency on the teachings and lifestyle of ESP.

“Once the stronger structure is in place, the practitioner [ESP coach] transitions the person to that structure [ESP lifestyle and faith in Mr. Raniere] and the fear structure [former wrong beliefs] collapses.

“To do this the practitioner ‘talks around’ a nonintegrated issue, constructing concepts around the issue in such a way that it is not the only thing that is supporting their belief system. Then, when the disintegration is uncovered, they literally have a strong place to go as opposed to trying desperately to fight for the only thing that they believe in.”

In other words, you are given an alternative belief system as a refuge from your present wrong belief system. Once the coach or therapist hits the early-childhood-learned fear button that impacts your emotional responses in a fearful way, as Mr. Raniere explains it, the student now  has “another belief to rely upon that is more consistent and integrated.”

Two of the requirements for taking ESP courses that, unfortunately are never fully explained to the students are a complete and total disregard for reality – and a really good set of hip-waders!

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  • Superficially it comes across as philosophy or psychology, or self-help. Underlying I get the real sense of more of an occultic mindset – reprogramming based on weakness, fear, shame, desire to change your response to stimulus. This is ancient, although little known about. It’s also vaguely similar to scientology. The apparent revelations about the use of sex, only deepen my feeling that it’s occultically based. Certainly the language provides a clever guise, but look behind it.

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