“I don’t believe stories about Raniere?” Ask these people…

Keith Raniere is not a bad man; he’s actually a good man who’s just misunderstood.  At least that’s what his slave-women say.


Students of Executive Success Programs are taught to get “all the available data” before reaching a conclusion.

After reading the recent revelations about Keith Raniere, some of those same students are now having doubts about Mr. Raniere’s integrity and are looking for “more data” before they decide what to do.

The following are some sources that people who want “more data” might consult to help them make that decision:

Ask Clare Bronfman [l] and Sara Bronfman what is true and what is false about what the media has reported about Keith Raniere and his various NXIVM-related organizations, and their own roles in those organizations. Ask them if it’s true that Mr. Raniere advised them on how to invest $65 million in commodities and lost every dime.  And be sure to ask questions that will require the Bronfman Branding Babes to give you “Yes” or “No” answers rather than long explanations of what happened and why.
Ask Dr. Brandon Porter if the foreign “nannies” of Rainbow Cultural Gardens are in the U.S. legally, are being paid what the application said they would be paid, and are all paid on the books. And, once again, try to ask questions that will require Dr. Porter to give you “Yes” or “No” answers rather than long explanations of what happened and why.
dr roberts
Ask Dr. Danielle Roberts D.O. if she has performed pubic branding on women while four naked women held the “DOS “brandee” down on a table. And ask her if Keith Raniere designed the DOS program – and if she herself has been branded.
Ask Karen Unterreiner how many companies are in her name, Jim Del Negro’s name, and Nancy Salzman’s name. Then ask how many are in Keith Raniere’s name? Ask her how much of those companies’ business is done in cash and if all of their income is reported to the IRS.  Also ask her why they make Nancy Salzman beg for money these days.  And ask her if she is willing to take the fall for Keith Raniere if there are, in fact, massive tax evasion schemes that can be proven.
mack and clyne
Ask Allison Mack is she has had women branded with hers and Keith Raniere’s initials. And ask Nicki Clyne whose initials, if any, are branded on her pubic region.
alex and emil
Ask Emiliano Salinas [l] why he broke up with his long-time gay lover, Alex Betancourt – and why they got together in the first place. Ask Emiliano what woman carried the twins he allegedly fathered, and what plans does Keith Raniere have for educating the twins. And ask Alex, who also had a surrogate mother birth twins for him, the same questions.
Ask Nancy Salzman why she hasn’t been paid in years and why she has to beg Clare Bronfman to get her bills paid. Ask her if she owns the home on Oregon Trail where she lives – and where she gets the money for all her designer-label clothes. And ask ker if she did, in fact, allow Keith Raniere to have sexual relations with both of her daughters, Lauren and Michelle.
Ask Barbara Bouchey if Mr. Raniere lied to her about being in a monogamous relationship with her.  And ask her if Mr. Raniere also lost all of the money she gave him to invest in commodities.
50_Zpu54_400x400 (1)
Ask Lauren Salzman how old she was when her mother first handed her over to Keith Raniere for sexual purposes. Ask her if she has a brand on her pubic region with Keith Raniere’s initials? Ask her if Dr. Danielle Roberts did the hot-iron branding while she was naked and whether four other naked women held her down for the branding.
esther 11
Asl Esther Chiappone why she came from Alaska to Clifton Park, NY and whether Mr, Raniere lied to her about being in a monogamous relationship with her.
Ask Ivy Nevares if Keith Raniere lied to her about being in a monogamous relationship with her. And ask Ivy why Keith refused to talk to her for several years. What was her ethical breach?
raniere n
Ask Keith Raniere if he knows anything about the branding of women of  DOS.
Ask Clare Bronfman why ESP lost its lawsuit against the Hearst Corporation (Times Union), Condé Nast (Vanity Fair), Toni Foley, Joe O’Hara, and Barbara Bouchey.  Was it possibly because the federal courts really don’t like it when people lie under oath even if it’s “ethical lying”?
Also ask Clare if she’ll take the fall and go to prison for Keith Raniere’s numerous financial crimes – and whether she’ll let Keith and Allison Mack stay at Wakaya Island in Fiji as they wait for her release. This is not a sarcastic question, but one of loyalty, you might tell her.
Ask Toni Natalie if Keith Raniere raped her. Also ask her if Keith lied to her about being in a monogamous relationship with her – and whether he’s been pursuing various legal actions against her ever since she walked away from him more than 20 years ago.
Ask Heidi Hutchinson what Keith Raniere did to her sister and whether he was responsible for her suicide.
Ask Svetlana Kotlin if Keith Raniere lied to her about being in a monogamous relationship with her.
Ask Jim Del Negro if he can remember the names of the various companies for which, at least on paper, he serves as president (He once was unable to do so under oath). Ask him, as an ethical matter, if he is willing to go to jail to protect his mentor, Keith Raniere, if/when federal charges come down. If he is offered immunity to testify against Keith, will he do it – or will he take the fall forMr. Raniere? Pose this as an ethical question. There is no guarantee they will offer Mr. Del Negro immunity since his testimony may be worthless because, unlike Mr. DelNegro, Mr. Raniere’s name is not on a single document.


marianna fernandez
Ask Marianna Fernandez if she knows Keith Raniere imprisoned her sister, Daniella, for 18 months because she refused to have sex with him – and if she believes Keith has had sex with her younger sister, Camilla.  Also ask her how old Camilla was when that first happened, if it did happen.
Barbara Jeske died of cancer a few years ago. Ask Keith if he diagnosed her ailment as carpel tunnel syndrome, which delayed her going to a medical doctor.
Ask Kristin Kreuk if she still comes to Clifton Park, and, if not, ask her why she no longer does so.  Also ask her why she declined to get closer to Keith Raniere, when he offered to teach her one-on-one.
Ask Keith if he ever said he tied the New York State record for the 100-yard dash and if he has one shred of evidence to prove it.
Ask anyone who follows Keith Raniere how many lawsuits the Portly Power has filed against his “enemies” and what kind of “Confidentiality Agreement” he requires from students, and how much he charges them before he will teach them. Then ask him how many women have accused him of rape.
Ask Becca what actually went on behind the scenes in Clifton Park.
Ask Keith Raniere why the right cancer medicine did not arrive until the day Pamela Cafritz died, and not sooner.
tax_fraud (1)
Ask any special agent of the criminal division of the IRS Office in Albany, NY whether the agency has ever investigated the financial affairs of Keith Raniere and his numerous companies.  Also ask whether the IRS has wiretaps on the phones in ESP’s offices on New Karner Road in Albany, NY.
Ask Esther Chiappone about the death of Kristin Snyder.


sara and hubbie
Ask Sara Bronfman and her husband, Basit Igtet, if they would approve of having their baby daughter branded if Keith Raniere said it was a good idea.
1990 raniere consumers buy line
Ask Keith Raniere why he doesn’t mention in his bio that Consumers’ Buyline was sued by several Attorneys General in various states and eventually shut down for being a Ponzi scheme. Ask him how many lawsuits were filed against him and the company – and how many people got stiffed on commissions they had earned or goods they had bought.
Ask  Holly Trexler, the Special Prosecutor in the now infamous “computer trespass” case, if she knew Ben Myers and Steve Ose were employees of Clare Bronfman if/when they perjured themselves about the location of the NXIVM server.  And ask her if her recent appointment as a judge was her “reward’ for prosecuting a case that every other prosecutor walked away from.
e sal
Ask Emiliano Salinas what role he had in trying to lure Toni Natalie and other women to Mexico on behalf of Keith Raniere. Ask him if there is an email account he shared with Karen Unterreiner, on behalf of Keith Raniere [who has.nothing in his name]. Ask him if he’ll take the rap for Keith Raniere if/when charges are filed in Mexico or the USA for attempted kidnapping and tax evasion.
Raniere child
Ask Keith Raniere the name of the person he defeated to win the East Coast Judo Championship when he was 11 years old (or was it 12)? And ask him if he has one shred of evidence to show for this absolutely amazing accomplishment?
rck ross
Ask Rick Ross if operatives of Keith Raniere tried to lure him or anyone he knows on a boat for illicit purposes – and whether Raniere’s ever hired agents to illegally search Rick’s property. And ask him if Keith Raniere ever won so much as one motion in his 13-year lawsuit against Rick and others?
yuri plyam
Ask Yuri Plyam what he thinks Keith Raniere really did with the $65 million he lost investing the Bronfman’s money in commodities.
gina melita
Ask Gina Melita how old she was when Keith Raniere raped her.
As Rhiannon how many times Keith Raniere raped her when she was 12 years old.
chritine marie
Ask Christine Marie what kind of requirements Keith Raniere wanted to impose on her if she chose to stay, which she did not.

Frank Report has identified yet another woman who was raped by Keith Raniere when she was under the age of consent. More details to follow… But in the event, Mr. Raniere, you are reading this, perhaps you will recall a 13 -year old girl named Rachel that you decided to teach one-on-one?

More on that in a later post: But for the sake of posing questions, here’s one for Keith: What was the ruse you used on Rachel when you first tricked her into having sex wit you?

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6 years ago

Isn’t it ironic that Raniere – the self-proclaimed “world’s most intelligent man” – wasn’t smart enough to prevent his baby mama, Kristin Keeffe, from taking off with his golden avatar child, Gaylen? Hmmm…Maybe the Pudgy Psychopath is losing some of his magical powers.

Another sign of Raniere’s continued deterioration is his total lack of reaction to everything that the Frank Report has published about him in the past few weeks. Back in the day, there’d be lawsuits filed, cease-and-desist letters delivered, lawyers running into court with emergency motions, etc., etc. Now, nada!

Raniere is clearly afraid of starting a legal battle with Frank Parlato because he knows that he’d end up being questioned under oath by Frank’s attorneys. And the last time Raniere testified under oath, the judge decided he was a lying phony fool and fined him millions of dollars.

Maybe it’s time for Raniere to change his made-up title of Vanguard to Vangelding???

6 years ago
Reply to  krclaviger

That, or VanConfusion. Allison Mack tweets:


This is what years with Raniere produces. A woman who had a successful acting career that made her a multimillionaire, one that many struggling actors would love to have, to one where she believes that she’s contributing, but really has no idea what she’s doing. This is what her “mentor” has provided her. He has effectively taught her the summary of his own life.

6 years ago

She was prey since you’re a sociopath. That part is certain. But even the Cheetah doesn’t always capture the Gazelle, and he’s actually the fastest land animal on Earth, not some fake 100 yard champion. LOL. Also, your mind games aren’t “powerful”. You don’t even who’s leaking all this information right under your stalking nose.

6 years ago

All of these have truth to them. I’m sure the Kristin Kreuk thing is true too. VanDouche, did you really think a girl like her, who joined the group with sincere intentions, the way she was raised, and who was protecting her, would let you of all people fuck her, you sick fuck?

KK never prey...?
KK never prey...?
6 years ago
Reply to  VanDouche

Maybe the above poster, and many others on this site, give Kristin Kreuk too much credit. In her public appearances she always seemed to be stable, intelligent, and well brought up…and maybe she was…however she was also insecure enough to join ESP, spend many tens of thousands of dollars over many years absorbing Raniere teachings, coaching others, recruiting others. Why do we assume she was immune to the powerful mind-games that so many other intelligent women succumbed to? Somehow Kristin could stay pure while her close friends Allison and Nicki took to the branding iron. Somehow Kristin saw thru the sexual BS of Raniere, yet kept socializing for years with unenlightened ESPians Kendra Voth, Allison, Nicki and long-time BF Hildreth. Kristin had to be a dream target for Raniere…pretty, slim, long haired, famous and rich…so he would definitely deploy all his mind-games on her…yet somehow she stayed so involved with ESP, for so long, but never fell prey….?

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