Dalai Lama urged Raniere ‘be transparent’; Raniere responds with DOS

Contrary to what supporters of Keith Raniere say, the Dalai Lama did not endorse Mr. Raniere when the Dalai Lama appeared in Albany, May 6, 2009    [44;15 of video] at the request (and expense) of Clare and Sara Bronfman.

The Dalai Lama said this:

“Oh. Firstly I received an invitation that, in principle, I accepted. Then I received some request that I should not go there because of this is controversial; some allegations.

“Then we carry further investigation. Then finally, including this organization’s teacher [ Keith Raniere], and his, some friend, {Nancy Salzman] came to see me in Dharamsala and I discuss, I observe, basically, they are carrying some kind of movement about ‘ethics.’

“Then, as I mentioned earlier, it is my moral responsibility to support any movement by any person who carry, who are working for ethics. Because in today’s world many problems essentially our own creation. Nobody want more problems, but due to lack of ethics, lack of principle, this unwanted man-made problems happen. Whether politician, whether  businessman, whether a religious person, whether anyone, moral principle is very essential, like backbone.

“So, therefore, I felt, I feel it is my moral responsibility, but, at the same time, these allegations [of Mr. Raniere being a very unethical person].

“So when I met them personally in Dharamsala, I told them very friendly, very openly, ‘As far your sort of work for promotion of ethics, I fully support. Is my moral responsibility, but, at the same time, those allegations you must make very clear.  If you have done something wrong, you must accept, you must admit, and change, make correction. If you not done [anything unethical], make clear all these allegations, truthfully, honestly, openly, transparently.’

“Then some media, I always telling media people, ‘media people should have long nose, as long as (audience laughs and applauds)  … wait, wait, wait…  [applause dies down] as long as an elephant nose and smell, in the front and behind. That’s very important. And make clear to the public what’s going on. Whether with the politician or with the mayor or religions people, the bishop or myself, must sort of watch and make clear, and inform public, provided it must be very honest, unbiased, objective, that’s important. Sometimes, say, one company financing a newspaper then newspaper report a little bit biased. I think not as biased as Chinese propaganda. But sometimes you see a little sort of biased sort of version also is happening. That must be avoided,  must be honest, truthful.

“So, now I think in front of,  I think the public, I want to to tell the media people, ‘please carry continuously, all these spots where you have some doubt, thorough investigation.’

“And those concerned people’s side: ‘Also make clear. All your work must be transparent.’

“So, that’s my view. So, I feel, no problem, come here, meet people, and talk . Because of some criticism remain distance? Not much use., Come face to face and talk, friendly, bluntly. Truth always win. So, more talk, more investigation, truth  will become more clear clear, clear, like that. So, that’s my answer.” (applause).

We will leave it to the reader to ascertain whether Mr. Raniere’s DOS program with pubic Bronfman-paid branding and collection of blackmail material on the women members is in consonance with the Dalai Lama’s words.


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