Robbie C investigation inconveniently timed with computer trespassing indictments. NYS BCI: “You can’t have it both ways with Raniere being treated as a victim while he’s also harboring a child molester.”

A reader asks: Will anyone come forward and corroborate, first-hand, the investigation into Robbie —? And what happened there? It is reasonable to believe that such information would go a long way to helping women understand what is happening to them with DOS. Especially women and all Executive Success Program participants with children. It is a much needed, first-hand data example of what happens when you raise your child in the teachings of Keith Raniere.

Please come forward – it could save lives, literally and figuratively.


Answer: The investigation of child abuse by Robbie, a son of one of Mr. Raniere’s slaves,  had to be “suspended” because at the same time the young man was being accused of sexually molesting children, the reportedly-compromised NYS Police were working to indict enemies of Mr. Raniere for possibly going into the Executive Success Program’s password-protected website without being authorized to do so.

When the NYS Police compared the two crimes – the sexual molestation of a string of children by a Raniere disciple versus a handful of people allegedly entering into a password-protected website and learning who were the coaches and students of NXIVM – the decision as to which one to pursue should have been obvious. But when the NYS Police chose to go after the alleged computer trespassers, it became quite clear that Mr. Raniere had lots of money and lots of lawyers and the trespassers did not.

The NYS Police may have reasoned: We will always have sexual molesters but it is not every day we can please high powered attorneys who represented Mr. Raniere and Clare Bronfman. So, the NYS Police abandoned the child molestation case in order to pursue the computer trespass case.

Unfortunately for Mr. Raniere, Clare Bronfman, aided by Ben Myers and Steve Ose, committed perjury in providing information about the alleged computer trespass case – and, once that became clear, the alleged trespassers were acquitted of all charges.  But even though that case was dismissed almost a year ago, there are still things happening in it – a fact that we’ll report on in a later post.

After choosing to side with the Raniere-organization during the computer trespass case and compromising themselves along the way, the NYS Police could not go back and reopen the child molestation case against Robbie.  And so the child molestation case was simply abandoned and the alleged victims of those molestations left to fend for themselves.

Justice, American style!




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  • In response to ‘Don’t Believe You’ I take issue with your suppositions:

    1. You feel police should merely ‘confront a child abuser,’ who committed felony sex crimes. In other words a child molester “gets off with a warning.” That’s nonsense.
    2. Police should ‘believe a promise from the child molester that “he will stop” molesting children, “since the police will be watching him indefinitely”. Also nonsense. child molesters are not known to keep their word. In fact some child molesters are unable to control their urges to molest children even if they promise they won’t do it again. I don’t believe police are qualified to make a judgment whether a pedophile will keep his word and not molest again.
    3. I also don’t think police will be able to “watch” Robbie “indefinitely’ since he might move or improve his ability to molest undetected. If he was charged and convicted he would have to register as a sex offender which actually would assure police will be watching forever.
    4. You believe police should NOT prosecute a pedophile to “avoid bringing innocent children’s reputations to public attention.” In that case no pedophiles would ever be charged. The names of children are shielded from the press.

    It seems to me the police wanted the enemies of Raniere. The alleged child molester got in the way. They wanted to do a favor for Robert McDermott, Raniere’s lawyer.He was former Deputy DA for Albany County. The so-called ‘independent special prosecutor’ was McDermott’s former assistant at the DA’s office.

    Robbie C was Raniere’s web person. He had purchased the websites. If he was a child molester – then what happens to jury sympathy for Raniere who got trespassed?

    If the people whose business had their computers trespassed {Keith Raniere and NXIVM] employed a child molester, it kills their case.

    [add to this that Raniere teaches it‘s ok to have sex with children [and he has been accused of so doing]. And this would have come out at trial if Robbie had been charged.

    Police had to choose one or the other: Charge Robbie – and lose the computer case or ignore child molesting and hammer the computer trespassers and have a hey day and please the people who really count around here

    As for lying Clare I agree with you. she should have suffered the consequences. But in the world of Raniere – people don’t pay right away.

    maybe one day they will: “For the sin that ye do by two and two ye must pay for one by one!”

    • If the parents are persuaded not to press charges for molestation, for whatever reason, as has been alleged, then prosecutors may choose to pursue the hacking charges with no complications.

      Do you really mean to say that police and prosecutors do Raniere’s bidding so completely?

  • I think that computer trespassing can represent a greater crime then child molesting. Since the foundational support of our economic system is based on computer privacy. In a sense computer trespass is like rape of a person. A young man may have fondled a number of children and the conduct of police to ignore it is one of those sad choices police must make. The child milester happened to be the same young man who hosted many of the web sites. To make the computer trespass victims seem associated with the child molester would be to confuse the victims with the villains. They had to let Robbie go to get the computer trespassers. That is something that everyone seems to be forgetting. If Clare had not lied under oath this would have ended entirely differently. It’s not right to blame police. They had to do what they did.

    • It’s far easier to believe that police chose to confront the child abuser, believed a promise that he would stop (since they would be watching him indefinitely), and chose not to prosecute to avoid bringing innocent childrens’ reputations to public attention, than that they actually thought that checking the ESP social website was more important than child abuse.

      Clare ‘had to’ lie under oath? No, she chose to. And she should have suffered the consequences.

      Raniere needs better apologists that this…..

    • “I think that computer trespassing can represent a greater crime then child molesting.”

      This is some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever read. Computer trespassing, e.g., “violating” an adult’s computer and possibly their privacy is more detrimental than psychologically damaging an individual for the rest of their life due to sexual exploitation that occurred to them when they were child? Either you don’t sincerely believe this or NXIVM has morally brain-dead sheep as apologists.

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