Heidi: Allison Mack Is 100 Percent Victim! While Lauren Salzman, Eyes Wide Open, Prospered From Nxivm

Lauren Salzman enjoyed many years at the top of Nxivm

Ed. note: In the interest of publishing all points of view on Frank Report, I am publishing Heidi Hutchinson’s informed and interesting piece on Lauren Salzman and Allison Mack. I realized it might offend Lauren’s ardent defender, Bangkok of Six, but he will have ample opportunity to reply. 


Heidi Hutchinson

By Heidi Hutchinson

Thank you for correcting Bangkok’s [redacted] that Lauren Salzman was reared (although his term “raised,” used for animals, is more apropos) into the Nxivm cult.

In fact, both of Nancy Salzman’s daughters were reared by their Dad into their twenties while their Mom was busy enabling, fucking, sucking, lying, promoting, and recruiting for Raniere.

Allison Mack was reared on movie sets — and trained as an actress to take direction without question and enthusiastically support the producer/director’s fantasy ‘vision.’

Keith Alan Raniere and Lauren Salzman ca 2003. Lauren was over 20 when she began sleeping with Raniere. Between her mother’s influence, Raniere’s early sexual attraction to her and her intelligence, she rose to the top of Nxivm.

Lauren, in fact, attended college before choosing to take up her Mom’s racket — which her Dad, a laser doctor specialist who studied in Mexico — also ultimately joined and, likewise, handsomely profited by.

Allison, meanwhile, was only educated on-set (it’s a wonder she can read at all) and never made it to college where she might have acquired some independent thinking skills, learned a little history about dictators and such, about the Pavlovian dog experiments, etc. instead of being entirely defenseless against Raniere’s “genius” teachings.

Keith Raniere with a very smitten Allison Mack. Had she enjoyed a more liberal education, would she have seen through the manipulation of Raniere?

Lauren came into NXIVM at the top of the heap by virtue of her Mother’s gold sash and ownership status. There was no social, peer pressure on Lauren to join or participate in any criminal activities. Further, Lauren has always had an inside track, she didn’t have to earn her stripes to advance, let alone break the law.

The good old days: Barbara Bouchey, Michelle Salzman, Lauren Salzman, and Nancy Salzman when Nxivm was new and the company was growing. ca. 2002

Many of Allison’s friends, however, including her much-admired bestie, Kristin Kreuk, joined NX and ‘pressured’ her to do so — in just the way Keith and Nancy designed their human pyramid scheme.

I could go on and on. I KNOW what NX did to Allison Mack down to the bottom of my soul. They did the same thing to my sister, Gina Hutchinson, only she did not survive it.

And Lauren Salzman was one of the top NXIAN‘s who did it, eyes wide open, and prospered from it.


Lauren Salzman earned around $200,000 per year for her work in Nxivm, according to a source familiar with the accounting at Nxivm.

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  • I think Lauren is much more intelligent than the likes of Mack and Nicky. Mack has had a lifelong hangup about her lack of education, which probably made her feel inferior to Lauren. It would be very easy for her to influence Mack, due to her better education and the confidence it gave her.

    In another life, Lauren could have probably functioned quite well in a normal corporate environment.

    Allison, on the other hand, never knew how to fit in, or what her place in life should be. A big part of Allison’s joining the cult is nothing more than the fact that she knew they wanted her. I think she desperately wanted to be wanted.

    After that, she was putty in their hands.

    I don’t believe there was any pre-existing depravity.

    Lauren essentially grew up in a dysfunctional environment and adopted its rules and mores.

    She was good at what she did.

    And I also don’t believe that there was any fundamental depravity in Lauren.

    But they were living in the ‘Upside Down’ and operated according to its rules.

    Nicky is just a Stan, a groupie.

    I’m not even going to try to apportion blame.

    RD Laing, the noted Scottish psychiatrist, who I knew well, once said to me, ‘Crazy people are just sane people in a crazy situation with nothing but crazy things to choose between.”

    • Great post. The only thing I’ll add is that Lauren gets way too much credit on FR for being intelligent. She was great at learning, modeling, and implementing the ideas of others. But, being really “smart” was not what made Lauren “succeed”.

  • “pressured”?????????
    Why do people keep saying Kreuk “pressured” Mack to join or to stay in when Mack “wanted out?” Where is the supporting evidence for this, other than KK recruited AM initially?
    not sultan

        • So we know Kreuk Krook recruited Mack, then pressured Mack to stay in the cult…so it is logical that Kreuk pressured her friend Mack to sleep with Keith so she wouldn’t have to.
          Kreuk kept her hands clean and never got into DOS because she pressured Mack to do the dirty work.

  • “Lauren, in fact, attended college before choosing to take up her Mom’s racket”

    “Allison, meanwhile, was only educated on-set (it’s a wonder she can read at all)”
    Inaccurate, she got to high school and finished…

    “There was no social, peer pressure on Lauren to join or participate in any criminal activities”
    Once again, exact

    “I could go on and on. I KNOW what NX did to Allison Mack down to the bottom of my soul. They did the same thing to my sister, Gina Hutchinson, only she did not survive it.”
    I love to finally read this and i’m sorry for what happened to your sister…nobody deserve what raniere did to them (and especially raniere. as even if lauren and nancy are monster, most of the worst was done by him)
    Some people (mostly on this side or conspiracy side) prefer to ignore the fact , ignore the cult side, the “brainwashing” (which is real to an extend…), ignore the coercion applied on the members (like Allison, India, even Nicki…)

    It’s easier to blame them because some people just don’t understand who cults are working (This could be a nice subject for Frank…maybe trying to interview member who left different cult to share to similar uses)

    “And Lauren Salzman was one of the top NXIAN‘s who did it, eyes wide open, and prospered from it.”
    One will say “so little…she didn’t made much. She only lived in a 2 millions dollars house, owned several cars, a huge collection of clothes and lots of money on her account….”
    All this while Allison took so much advantage with her -5 millions dollars on her account, a crummy condo, no cars and a beautiful statut of….Slave.

    • Thanks for clarifying those matters, Anon. I may have some assumptions or be misinformed as to Allison’s early education. My point is that in many ways Allison was unprepared to deal with the likes of Salzman & Raniere. Especially by comparison to Lauren Salzman though they’ve been equally charged and convicted — under a plea bargain ‘cut by ‘her’ attorneys paid by Clare & Sara Bronfman’s Legal Defense Trust. Another shining example of how Allison got royally f*ckd.

      • No problem, it’s not that important in the subject you pointed, you are still right…it was just a small correction.

        And I agree with you…even more so because of the career Allison took.

        See, Allison is a fantastic being, an awesome girl with a big heart but she was extremely lacking in confidence.
        And because she didn’t grow up exactly like everyone, she might have been a bit less mature or prepared for this wicked world.

        They used her weakness against her and dragged her in (like they did with the other victim)

        And to this, Raniere and specifically Lauren were good at it (from what was displayed through time and in the trial).

        Even if it might not have changed a thing, I wish I was there back in 2006 to discourage her to continue with Nxivm.
        She didn’t (nor does any victim) deserve what happened to her.

  • Heidi:
    Why did Allison Mack have such an affinity for polygamy?
    Why was Allison Mack so comfortable with serving as a Mormon-style sister-wife?
    Is it because she is related to the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith?

    The maiden name of Joseph Smith’s mother was Lucy Mack.
    Joseph Smith’s maternal grandfather was Solomon Mack,a soldier during the American Revolution.

    Lucy Mack Smith
    Lucy Mack Smith (July 8, 1775 – May 14, 1856) was the mother of Joseph Smith, Jr., founder of the Latter Day Saint movement. She is noted for writing the memoir, Biographical Sketches of Joseph Smith, the Prophet, and His Progenitors for Many Generations and was an important leader of the movement during Joseph’s life.

    Solomon Mack
    Solomon Mack (15 September 1732 – 23 August 1820) was a resident of eighteenth-century New England and a veteran of the French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War.
    Solomon Mack was the grandfather of Joseph Smith Jr., founder of the Latter Day Saint movement.

    • how about sticking to the facts ?
      Allison didn’t had affinity to polygamy at all at no point…and even then it wouldn’t be a crime !
      And less deranged than someone obsessing on a girl who could be his daughter (if he had a girl who could care for him, of course) (btw, frank, i recognize that this part deserve a redaction)
      Allison was FORCED into a relationship, like it or not…it’s only after coercion and a LOT of mental manipulation that she ended up a VICTIM of raniere.
      Yeap because even your [redacted] is not going against this fact…she is a VICTIM.

      Also , i don’t see you talking about the others like India, Michelle, and the many who were coerced into a relationship with the monster…
      Says much about [redacted]

      Oh what a fantastic story you come with…you do know there isn’t 1 Mack in the world?

      Just in NY state , there must be hundred of Mack…
      And the one cited (not linked to Allison at all but Whatev’ right?) are not doing anything criminal either…


      • “Allison was FORCED into a relationship, like it or not…it’s only after coercion and a LOT of mental manipulation that she ended up a VICTIM of raniere.” Anonymous

        Read Catherine Oxenberg’s book “Captive” which shows that Mack was a very willing partner of Raniere.
        But in your [redacted] universe Raniere held a gun to Mack’s head all the way from Vancouver to Saratoga.

        • In her book, Catherine Oxenberg “she is shown as a heroine who realized everything, except for the risk to which she sponsors her daughter

          • Redacted was about the age…so no insult, I don’t insult but Frank’s politics are curious…especially since he isn’t redacting the [redacted].

        • [redacted]..in the reality COERCION is considered as a weapon used against it’s victim…
          One of such is Allison
          You ignore it but that doesn’t make it true.

          It’s undebatable, you can’t argue about it but [redacted]

          • Every one of your comments has to start or end with an insult to those you disagree with. Please stop doing that. Make your points without insulting people.

  • That is a fact that marks the great difference between the different followers of Raniere, some already had everything before Raniere and they lost everything for him, others like Lauren began in a good position and enjoyed many real benefits in terms of money and power. Allison had to follow a path that, although it was more comfortable for her given her celebrity status and the money they were taking from her, she was never on par with Lauren until she was part of DOS.

    • Nah. Lauren had been shoved to the side as an afterthought. She made a comeback into DOS cause Keith felt obligated to include her. At the time when DOS began, Lauren was a hanger-on in her pathetic NXIVM existence.


      Let’s not forget, this was Keith’s show. NOT the show of la mama de Lauren. Sorry to those (like HH, shadow, and niceguy) who want us to blindly believe otherwise.

      • I don’t want you to believe anything, Nutjob. You know what you know, I know what I know but don’t tell me you know what you don’t.

        I was around when Nancy and, within a couple of years, her daughters formed and joined ESP, later, NXIVM. My sister, Gina, helped bestow the title of “prefect” (it’s from “Harry Potter) on Nancy and much more. Gina also left evidence in her journal. Lauren’s own admissions (to Susan Dones among others) prove that she was part of the “cover-up” on Gina’s death and it is believed Lauren – who called Gina her “good friend” – composed Gina’s handwritten EM chart weeks before she passed. Kristin Keeffe also had a heavy hand in at least guiding Gina to the afterlife — which was Keith’s covert goal for Gina for decades, from at least the time she worked at CBI if not from the time he began raping her at the age of, at least, 14.

        Lauren shrugged off Gina’s death and went on with her Mom and the other wolf packers to lure more “Gina’s” — like a sacrifice to Molech — to Keith’s lair. Kristin Snyder “disappeared” next and several others had psychotic episodes within the same banner year. Lauren, her Mom, none of them, were phased at all but instead engaged in elaborate cover-ups paid for by Sara & Clare Bronfman that continue to this day, I dare say.

        I’m sure, as you say, Nutjob, Keith lost interest in Lauren as a paramour or ‘sex toy’ — if he ever had much romantic interest in her to begin with — but when did Lauren ever stop striving to please him by luring, grooming and offering young virgins — such as Camila Fernandez — to him? And Lauren, unlike Allison, did so knowing what destruction Keith secretly intended for them all including Allison.

        It was Lauren who held Dani Fernandez hostage for two years — perhaps a fonder fate than Kristin Keeffe had arranged for Dani — IMO, apart from the statutory rapes, one of the more heinous, obvious, NXIVM crimes for which none have been charged. Nor have any, including Keith due to jurisdiction games, been charged in the numerous statutory rapes.

        Allison Mack was not part of these crimes. IMO Allison was set-up to compete with Kristin Kreuk to be the celebrity spokes model for NX and the fall girl for the day when the law finally caught up to NXIVM.

        Nancy and Lauren long knew that day would ultimately come, especially once Kristin Keeffe fled, and prepared for it.

      • Actually, lauren probably lied on it so to diminish her implication…no one could contradict it (no even raniere as he would have to recognize his crime)
        In a way, it’s clever as no one will go against it.

        The proof ,thou, implicate her in so much that she was likely there since the whole beginning (she was, only some time before DOS, blackmailing Dani …she kicked Dani out of the US (with help of her parents) without one ID document….

        But were i have to correct is “at this point in their lives”…
        Allison was never on par with lauren, never.

        lauren was for years an executive of nxivm (making tons of cash on their victims), she followed all the schemes (criminal or not) and she wasn’t coerced at that time….
        Allison committed one crime (as for me, the rest is not proved) , under the coercion (that is also a fact)…which means not willingly at all.
        She never made anything out of the cult (on the contrary, she lost everything…from her money to her freedom).
        And her statut in nxivm was slave (and at best, coach but not really)

        Even on recruiting part, how many were recruiter and coached by lauren? I remind that Allison was seen as the worst recruiter (she wasn’t really trying, she was in to help herself…)

        Nope, at no point they’ve been on par at ANY time…not even as victim.

        Allison is fully victim, she gained nothing and her life was destroyed (testified by vicente and other who saw her poor health state…I’ll admit it, when i saw her at the end (time of the arrest) , i had to cry seeing her in this state…)
        lauren, in the other end, is only partly a victim.
        She is victim of the false promises raniere made to her but she wasn’t mentally abused or destroyed….
        She knew the kind of liar he was but continued to enjoy her position and helped him…knowing that she would NEVER get what she wants.

        • To Frank Parlato 4:51 am

          “I suspect Lauren was brought in to DOS partly because she was a good recruiter.”

          That Lauren Salzman was a good recruiter is an understatement. Lauren Salzman recruited by far the most slaves in DOS, although she joined later. If I remember it was about 23 women/sex slaves that Lauren Salzman recruited to DOS. What a rascal little Lauren Salzman is and so cute that she becomes ugly.

      • NutJob,

        Lauren is a “hanger-on”?

        Lauren drew a six-figure salary for teaching NXIVM intensives [pure bullshit] to suckers.

        Lauren also owned a home and a BMW compliments of NXIVM.

        Lauren was on the major NXIVM director’s board.

        Miss Salzman ran a DOS slave pod.

        Nutjob is your definition of “hanger-on” defined as coconspirator?

          • I think someone out there might be moving in on, my man, Bangkok’s territory.

            …..That BEAK is only big enough for one of them.

    • “DOS” existed in spirit and practice within ESP / NXIVM under different names long before they came right out with the title that fit Keith’s life-long ambition as “master over the obedient slave women” AND LAUREN was part of and determined to be the head of, by Keith’s side, in line for the queen throne, behind her mother from the get-go.

    • She was never on par at all…
      First , Allison never had a real statut in the cult except the one of …Slave (it’s in court , in her own letter to raniere…like all the other victims)

      Second, She never did half of what lauren did and lauren is one of the reason Allison was destroyed…

      The fact is (proven in court) that lauren was an inner circle member for more than 10 years…
      Allison never was (as vicente considered she was because of her closeness to raniere around 2016…which was caused by her COERCION in DOS).
      lauren knew everything about DOS (and probably more) while Allison didn’t knew anything…
      Once again, this is said by lauren , cami and even raniere himself as he point “she don’t need to know”

      It’s also confirmed by Nicole as she stated that Allison was upset learning what raniere did to Nicole…
      The only way she could have known is by being a victim of it herself…

      She was never on par.

      • Lauren wanted Keith. That’s all she ever wanted – Keith and the baby he promised her. Allison surpassed Lauren in the only thing that was important in Lauren’s life.

        • [redacted]

          Allison was a victim of Keith…she wasn’t even used by him all that much (in any way but as a scapegoat).

          He didn’t care for her and just wanted to destroy her (because she was a genuinely good person and he destroys what is good).

          In this domain, Cami surpassed Lauren…not Allison

          And Allison was forced to have relations with him so it doesn’t count…she is just another victim

          • I type this with sincerity. How do you know Allison was forced to have relations with him? Did Allison tell you that? I ask because her interviews of the pig show her gazing at him as if she’s in love with it/him. That’s etched in our memories and it makes many readers read your claims with a raised eyebrow. I’m not saying you’re wrong – I just think you should back your shit up.

            I honestly don’t have much of a problem with your posts EXCEPT when you call Allison a victim and find her unique in this label. IMHO, basically EVERY female and most males that ever crossed paths with Keith ended up as victims.

            I’d love to see Allison (and pretty much everyone but Keith) walk and get a slap on the wrist. But you very vocally wanting to make every other female fry and make Allison walk free, is detrimental to both of our desired ourcomes.

  • I would like to correct my esteemed colleague, Empress Heidi, on the fact that Frank’s OWN RESEARCH concluded that when Lauren was still UNDERAGE (under 18 years old) her mom had allowed Keith to ‘wrestle around’ with her physically, thereby GROOMING her for a later sexual relationship after she became an adult.

    If she was physically “wrestling around” with Keith as an underage child (under 18) — as Frank claims — then she was obviously being exposed to this monster’s teachings while she was still under 18 years old.

    Is it fair to assume that Lauren spent some time with Keith as a child (under 18) —– but was never indoctrinated by his warped values and teachings?

    Nope. Keith indoctrinates everybody he comes into contact with.


    I also have to assume that this kinda thing probably happened at regular intervals, since I doubt that she only met Keith one time as a child, but then never saw him again until she was an adult.

    I demand that Heidi offer PROOF to refute these allegations!

    It doesn’t matter if Lauren was raised mostly by her dad because, when she visited her mom, she was being groomed to worship Keith.

    Ha! Gotcha, Heidi. 🙂

    Frank confirmed this in a previous article. You are directly contradicting Frank’s own research.

    Frank Parlato’s research is impeccable and he is rarely wrong about NXIVM related matters.

    My memory is also very good.

    …And I remember that Frank wrote an article (1 or 2 years ago) which confirmed this fact ——- though I’m too lazy to sift thru his thousands of articles to locate it now.

    I also don’t know if that Sicilian fucker took down that article (to save face) —— cuz he’s a slippery bastard. 🙂

    I am taking Frank “at his word” in that article. I’m assuming that he was telling the truth in that article.

    If Frank was lying to us in that article —— then it’s Frank who was WRONG and who owes us an apology.

    What say you, Heidi?

    Is it possible that my memory is wrong about reading that article?

    I doubt it.


    Cuz my memory is too damn good. I’m not a 65 year old grandpa-aged asshole (like Frank) who’s going thru the first stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s. 🙂

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    • PS — I also DEMAND that Frank Parlato, or Empress Heidi, publish the VALUE of Lauren’s home, cars, jewelry and assets.

      Heidi is claiming that Lauren was living high on the hog for years —– but I seriously doubt that Keith shared anything of value with Lauren, other than an average home and an average car.

      The value of her shitty home was not worth millions. It wasn’t anything close to being a super-luxury home.

      Ha! 🙂

      Show me the PHOTOS from Google Maps.

      Show me the appraised value from a reputable source.

      If not, then you’re not being honest with your readers.

      Also… Show me a copy of the court document that required Lauren to list her asset values —— so we can see how luxurious her cars, clothes, jewelry and assets were.

      Lauren was NOT benefiting VERY MUCH from the millions of NXIVM.

      She was Keith’s stooge. She was relegated to living in obscurity, with very few financial benefits, other than basic necessities.

      Lauren was living a modest lifestyle and I implore Frank & Heidi to PROVE otherwise.

      If not, then I win this argument and Heidi automatically loses. 🙂

      Have a nice day. 🙂

    • Why so nasty towards Frank, Banger? While Frank may be a bit greasy given his Serpentine Sicilian traits, etc., he is not a grandpa to my knowledge. And you’ve no clue what the poor, old man has been through battling NXIVM and a few other foes abetting NX for a decade or more. Why are tearing at him like this on here? Frank’s our hero. Stop throwing stones at him.

  • I believe someone somewhere is jealous of the princely Bangkok’s amour Lauren Salzman, definitely not Heidi. “Oh heavens to Murgatroyd” I wonder who it is.

    • It’s actually not uncommon that even innocent people have to take or even get coerced to take plea deals to walk free after. It happens a lot because it saves a lot of time, money and space in overcrowded jails to avoid a long trial.

      • But in this case we know a lot of the facts and they didn’t cut a deal for several months, not until additional sex charges were brought against Raniere. LOL

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