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Joseph O’Hara tried to return the property he borrowed money against to Clare and Sara Bronfman. I will never forget the blood curdling attitude Raniere had – he told the Bronfmans we don’t want the property back, we want O’Hara indicted.

ohara r

Joe O’Hara before.


raniere holloween party

Artist’s Conception: Keith Raniere at a Halloween Party at Nancy Salzman’s house…. As seen by Peter Fallon….

karen underriener

Karen Unterreiner almost had several of Keith’s love children….. 


Note written by Gina Hutchinson about Keith. She later committed suicide.



According to a court filing, Keith Raniere told Svetlana Kotlin: she was the only one. She found out he had a harem. Then he tried to make her jealous.

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Instead of spreading love and compassion, Clare Bronfman has spent much of her adult life [and a fair amount of money] with lawyers. 


Raniere and Nancy Salzman went to beg the Dalai Lama to come to Albany. He did.


Sara Bronfman [center] at a NXIVM/Executive Success Programs gathering at Necker Island.


Allison Mack at Necker Island


The Raniere harem compound 

raniere 4 (2)

Young Mr. Raniere


The video game Vanguard. A player gets more fuel by destroying enemies. No the game was not patterned on Raniere; Raniere patterned himself on the game. It was one of his favorites. 

to be continued…

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