Vincente should do sequel called “What the #$*! Does Raniere K)now!?”

  1. ivynevares_meganmumford
    Ivy Nevares had a ‘love child’ -called Ultima…?

    WHOEVER writes: Mark Vicente seems to be a cult hopper. He was in Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment for which he made the film “What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?” prior to joining NXIVM/ESP and becoming a high ranking member.

    He probably could create a more legitimate sequel to the film with a title slightly different from the original by replacing the words “Do We” with “Does Raniere”.

  2. A couple of points: If Ultima is the love child of Raniere and Ivy Nevares, how come he told her not to cut her hair and why did he shun her?

  3.  According to our sources, Raniere mocked poor Ivy and made sport of the fact that she did not cut her hair. Sources tell me that Vanguard denied actually ordering her not to cut her hair, but had dared her not to cut her hair as a sort of a practical joke that caused him much mirth.
  4. The poor girl, desperate for his affection, made it a point of honor not to cut her hair thinking she could please him and win his love.
  5. Meantime Raniere and the women of his harem were laughing at her behind her back. Love child indeed.
  6. And speaking of love children. How come Raniere denied his own child?
  7. If Bonnie Piesse had a child with Mark Vincente, or for that matter with Vanguard himself, would she tell the world the child was adopted and the mother died giving childbirth?
  8. Would Piesse tell this lie for Vincente or Raniere about her own love child?
  9. Finally Vincente would have to admit that Raniere would be a superior choice genetically to father his wife’s child than he since Raniere is superior in intelligence and athleticism {Raniere is a judo champ and tied the state record for the 100 yard dash. And while VIncente is perhaps at best a mediocre mind and a follower, Raniere is a leader of men}
  10.  Does Raniere have the right of the first night?first-night-671x280

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