Source: A list of Raniere business failures; plus “Keith is the most comfort driven ‘indulger’ that ever lived”!

A source had this to say:
Failed businesses and artistic endeavors:


Society of Protectors

In la’kech

Rainbow Cultural Garden

Plugged In Technologies

Precision Development

Acappella Innovations
Simply Human
World Audience (Theatre Productions)
Knife or Aristotle – Ethical Media
First Principles

“All of these businesses have been infused with hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars of NXIVM’s therapy client money. And years and years of these therapy clients’ time and efforts as well as their personal reputations. All of them have failed. Why? Because Keith doesn’t give a shit except about maintaining his lavish lifestyle.

“No, he doesn’t have fancy houses, cars, or clothes. He has servants and sex slaves who wait on him hand and foot 24/7 and 100’s of people who keep their whole lives on hold waiting to arrange their schedules and aspirations to support his every whim. This is not a business model that works nor one where its architect (Keith) wants or cares about the success of his followers.

“Keith is the most satiative, comfort driven, indulger that ever lived. And any man who is so completely lost in satisfying his moment to moment desires, regardless of the consequences to his followers, and their millions which he has burned through, must have destroyed all his conscience by now. Unless of course, he never had one to begin with. Which is the likeliest explanation.”

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