Pictures from a NXIVM amateur talent show

Periodically Keith Raniere puts on a show. Not that he appears in it. But it is his show.

The talent all provided by Nxians. The audience all Nxians and the bill sent – I imagine – to Clare Bronfman.

Here is a link with scores of pictures of a Nxian talent show:

These shows, which may from time to time, display some genuine talent are, I am pretty certain, more or less an amateur hour [or two] filled with high school-level or lower talent. Like in high school shows, parents come to see and praise their children, it is not alien to me to imagine that many of the ‘talents’ here came to be seen and praised by Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman.

In fact one of the pictures seems like it could be Raniere – at least it appears to be Raniere judging from the back of his head.

raniere back of head
Note the position of his hand…. 

Also apparently Allison Mack is crying up a river in song. I wonder how it sounds?

cry me a river mack


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  • Oh Allison can sing and act. It’s a shame she’s just wasting her time taking courses that are regurgitation of an amalgam of ancient ripped off philosophy and Scientology instead of ironically, maximizing her potential.

    She’s got talent unlike the talentless hack who she calls a mentor and is really nothing more than a good BSer. How come Raniere ain’t showing off his Judo skills or his concert level piano skills?

    “Sound is sacred…our…essence…the univers…blah…blah…”



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