Eyewitness: NXIVM planned Kristin Kreuk’s ‘teen’ website, controls Allison Mack ‘ hook, line & by her bank account’!

Another of the Doe’s writes about Kristin Kreuk’s “Girls by Design” proposed website:

Girls by design was a brainchild or part of a brainchild of NXIVM. I was around the Cult at the time it was being developed and overheard Nancy Salzman talk about it more than once. Kristin Kreuk even stayed at Salzman’s house (it’s what they did to attempt to brainwash these people) when planning ‘Girls by design’ out.
I don’t think Kreuk knew what the man behind the curtain [Keith Raniere] had plan for her or her young girls.
I haven’t been around for a long time. I hope she got out and stays as far away from the cult as she can. They will bleed every penny she has ever made out of her & tell her being an actor is a bad thing. Look at Alison Mack, what a sucker she is, they have her hook, line & by her bank account.


Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk at a NXIVM =gathering. Did Keith Raniere try to get Kreuk to be one of his wing women, hoping the celebrity’s appeal to teens might procure some nubile teens for his harem? 

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