Reader: NXIVM attendance may be increasing; Keep the frankreport ‘trending’

When I actively kept a blog I had a Feedjit tracker that told me where I was being visited from. Are you getting specific stats on yours?  I would imagine many visitors are from the Capital District. I stumbled upon your blog by accident.  I hadn’t read anything since the Bouchey- Keeffe phone transcript was mentioned in the Times Union. Somewhere I read about your indictment, remembered you as a “player” in NXIVM dealings and then found the blog.

I am sure you are gaining readers from the closed Reddit R/NXIVM.  (Interesting that Scientology stays open but Nxivms was closed.  I am sure you are getting readers who were fans of Smallville and thus, Kristin Kreuk and Alison Mack. Even though Smallville has been off the air awhile, ComicCon keeps it relevant.
Kristin Kreuk more so then Mack has a fan base.  I would reckon that some of the journalists and researchers etc have found the blog.

You would be surprised how many people do not realize about the cult in our midst.
There are people who live in Clifton Park that have never heard of NXIVM, not even the Times Union expose in 2012.
I am pretty sure most of Knox Woods and the Oregon Trail neighbors of Nancy Salzman know about NXIVM.  I know after the Times Union series appeared some residents of Knox Woods had fliers in their mailboxes or on their doors advising them to read the Times Union series about their neighbor and the harem.
Interesting tidbit: there is a forum called Why We Protest. It is an Anonymous Activism Forum. One of the members brought up NXIVM and going after it. It was deemed too small at the time. Main Target is Scientology and ISIS of course.
Hope you are having some luck with the website/server domain stuff uncovered. I am sure some readers who have the expertise in that area will come forward and offer to help with the server location at the time of the computer  trespass.
I would say based on the number of cars in Apropos’s parking lot at times attendance may very well be increasing for NXIVM. For a while after the Times Union expose there was little activity in the parking lot. That is why it is important to keep the Frank report trending.

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