Comments from three people who met Raniere or took the course

Looking at comments posted online in forums from people who claimed to have met/seen Keith Raniere and/or took NXIVM courses, a curious picture emerges.
Here are three comments dating back to 2010:
galaxyeye says:  Just because some people have benefited from the seminars, does not mean Raniere is not a power hungry manipulator. No one close to him has a healthy relationship with their biological family. He destroys those relationships emotionally and literally so your only family is them. Don’t let him hypnotize you. The IRS really should look into him. Notice he “owns” nothing. However, he has many verbal agreements with the many women who own businesses and business endeavors. He keeps his name out of it so he has no assets on paper. But he has access to all sorts of money. Also, if he were the one to buy real estate, apply for permits or own a company, he’d have to sit in front of various local boards, be questioned outside of his self-created world and would not be able to be in control of the situation. Followers, don’t bother asking if I were “present” to witness any of this. Yes.
 Javier Toussaint Parrodi seems to have benefited by NXIVM: 


I have 37 years old. A family (12 happily year married) 3 kids, almost 2 MBA’s, top management position and Catholic. I have taken the tool (ESP) and all I can said regarding my own experience its that:
1) I am happier than ever
2) I am more productive (and its improving)
3) I reinforce my values (life, family, love, friendship, compassion, etc)
4) I reinforce my entrepreneurial essence
5) I do not understand why people want to hurt if at the end the vision´s group is to have a more ethical and sustainable humanity.

I read a book of Miguel Ruiz: The four Agreements. It states:
a) Be honorable with your words
b) Do not make suppositions
c) Do not take it personal
d) Always make your best effort

I stand with adding value and pro-life so I can contribute to humanity.

Hope this helps others to be open to a better chance to reach happiness and fulfillment. Why not? What if we can? We can give it a try, don’t we?

But Fathernature writes:

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