Edmondson quotes Raniere on joy

Sarah Edmondson quotes Keith Raniere for her thought of the day on her webpage http://www.sarahedmondson.com/my-work/acting/:
 “He who has the most joy wins!” ”  KEITH ; )
That is perfect. And so true.
Raniere is seen having a great deal of joy as he sues ex-lovers and other enemies, attempts to put them in prison, lure them to Mexico, squander scores of millions in losing commodities investments, make blundering real estate deals, commit possible tax evasion, selling knowledge [instead of sharing it as Gandhi, The Dalai Lama and others have done] have hyper confidentiality agreements to prevent others from talking about him, have his companies shut down by authorities, sleep with numerous women – some of them under the age of consent – lying to some about having babies with them; while denying the paternity of his own son; telling some falsely that he is monogamous; while misleading students that he is like a monk, celebrating his birthday for a week – with paid admittance, lying on his bio about accomplishments that never occurred  – and overall winning  by having ‘joy’ mainly by depriving others of joy.
Yes, the use of the word win, implies lose. Raniere is accused of making plenty of people losers, although I can’t help but think, in the end, he will lose, in a spectacular way.
As for Sarah Edmondson, she must actually be a fool.
And that is always a sad thing to behold.
Quoting Gandhi and Aristotle and following Raniere, she must be a joyful simpleton.

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