Evidence mounting on Raniere crimes: More on Keeffe’s criminal accusations

“At every level of all the NXIVM operations is fraud,” says Kristin Keeffe in her warning email to members of NXIVM and their attorneys.

She was trying to get them to consider not continuing to participate in the criminal enterprises under the direction of the “egomaniac” and “sociopath” Keith Raniere.

Keeffe was a follower of Raniere for more than 23 years, lived with him in the same house (with other women of his harem) for 11 years and gave birth to his son.

In 2014, she fled the cult taking her son with her.

Lest anyone be saddened that the son was separated from his father, keep in mind that Raniere never acknowledged the boy as his own child – and told followers the boy was adopted, a monstrous lie that even deadbeat scoundrels are hard pressed to utter.

Keeffe left and after leaving it evidently dawned on her that the entire NXIVM operation was a criminal enterprise, and not what it is advertised to be: a life coaching business led by a compassionate and ethical man of astounding brilliance and goodness.

In her letter to Raniere acolytes she points out crimes caused by Raniere’s “sociopathic tendencies.” She alleges Raniere has “total psychological control” over Clare Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Emiliano Salinas, Kathy Russell, Marianna Fernandez, Loreta Garza, Steve Ose, and Ben Meyers.

This is the mother of Raniere’s son talking, a woman that knew him better than anyone.

Based on her emails, recorded phone conversations she has had with others, and other documents that have come to light, here’s what Keeffe has on Raniere:

1) 12 years of Raniere hacking into people’s emails, phone records, bank accounts and credit cards including federal judges senators and the press.

(This is the same man who, through his born fool, Clare Bronfman, are pressing charges against Barbara Bouchey and trying to jail her for a single visit to a social media webpage of NXIVM that hundreds have access to.)

Keeffe claims she  can prove the Raniere computer trespass through secret email and online fax accounts and text messages. Keeffe claims to still posses the account information.


Bouchey also has proof among her copies of boxes of documents that NXIVM tried so hard to get from her.

Judges Cavanaugh, Falk, Sharpe, Treece, Macevoy, Littlefield, and others such as Chuck Shumer, the Suttons, Rick Ross, Peter Skolnick, The World Jewish Congress, Rabbi Israel Singer, Steve Herbits, Jim Odato, George Hearst, Rex Smith, Steve Forbes, Edgar Bronfman and more were victims of computer trespass and /or illegal probing or invasion of privacy, Keeffe claims.

An independent source informed me that a federal investigation of the probing is underway, although the degree of severity or interest is unclear.

2) Foreign Corrupt Practices: Raniere, through his idiot, Emiliano Salinas, bribed judges and politicians in Mexico, in a plot to lure four enemies (two ex-lovers Toni Natalie, and Barbara Bouchey and two former NXIVM teachers, Susan Dones and Kim Woolhouse) to Mexico to have them thrown in jail.

Salinas went so far as to have an email account in the name of a Mexican journalist created to contact Natalie et. all. to invite them to a so called “anti-cult conference”.

Keeffe claims she has the same evidence as #1.


There is evidence independent of Keeffe that suggests every word she is saying is true.

I have evidence that strongly suggest this is not fiction – although it is stranger than fiction to be sure.

3) Massive tax evasion. Hidden money – $10 million plus brought into the US in cash. Much of it was stored at Nancy Salzman’s home on Oregon Trail.

4) A cover-up of students who have had full psychotic breaks during training.

Research indicates there are at least six people NXIVM has covered up serious mental episodes.

5) Bringing in illegal aliens across the border at Niagara Falls and later imprisoning/ forcing them to have sex with Raniere through “dastardly psychological manipulation.”

There are witness who have seen this first hand and Keeffe and others know the names and dates of entry of the women.

I have interviewed individuals who have verified this as true.

6) Wide scale immigration fraud.

Keeffe claims to know the names and dates of entry of all the parties and what was falsified about their Visa applications.



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