Informed Source argues Journalist Yuriria not involved in Raniere/Salinas Mexican Plot to imprison women

An informed source writes:
While I have no reason to disbelieve the plot to lure nxivm defectors to Mexico for a pretend anti-cult conference, where a bribed judge had issued an arrest warrant, with the intent of abusing them and hoping to get them to recant their anti-nxivm statements, it’s easier for me to believe that the email address allegedly used to invite them was created by nxivm plotters, than to believe that Yuriria was personally involved.

Yuriria seems to be a legitimate and prominent mainstream journalist in Mexico.  She has interviewed the former Mexican president Carlos Salinas de Gortari who is Emilio Salinas’ father.

The wedding of Emilio Salinas and actress Ludwika Paleta was of two highly visible personalities. The invitees were totally A-list.  Yuriria would have been a natural if innocent invitee.

The 2013 web page you cite notes that Yuriria was at the wedding.

This 2016 blog page

cites other sources that Yuriria was at the wedding.  There seems to be no doubt that this is true.

But the blogger also asked Yuriria via Twitter whether the belonged to her, and she (eventually) said no way.

I’m sure Yuriria has media email addresses that sound more serious than  If she was truly involved, why would she use a hotmail address instead of a more credible address?

Whereas it’s easy to believe that Salinas or some other plotter would think that Yuriria’s name would give the plot credibility, and a hotmail address under any name is trivial to make.

It does appear that the above blogger is trying to paint Yuriria as being involved in the plot.  But the evidence seems pretty weak.

Source says Yuriria not involved in plot to lure 4 Raniere enemies to Mexico to be imprisoned.
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