Republic of Fiji, Raniere, Bronfman and extradition

Republic of Fiji and extradition



Unlike Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman, his funding source for punishing those who have slighted him, I have no blood lust and take no pleasure in reporting the fact that there is a chance that these two, along with certain others involved with them, may be prosecuted for a number of criminal acts in the not too distant future.

Which brings us to Fiji.

Recently we have posted that two members of Keith Raniere’s inner circle, Clare Bronfman and Marianna Fernandez, have revealed a direct interest and/or link to Fiji, a distant Pacific island nation whose closest neighbor is New Zealand about 1300 miles away.


In the nature of rank speculation it was theorized that with law enforcement possibly taking a look at some suspected serious crimes that Raniere and Bronfman may have committed, these two may be plotting out a flight from the US.

Or it could be just that Bronfman and co. went on vacation there and bought some tee shirts to support a volleyball league. And Marianna just happened to become enamored with the culture perhaps on an innocent voisit therte.

But if they chose to flee, Fiji might be a good choice for the wealthy Bronfman and her guru Raniere.
According to

“Fiji is situated below the global average in terms of its performance on international corruption measurement indicators and performs poorly in terms of the rule of law.”


“The interim government that took power in the 2006 coup used the anti-corruption discourse, together with the defense of multi-racialism, to legitimize overthrowing the elected government. It has since systematically weakened the country’s democratic institutions, reduced civil society space, and silenced opponents and the media.”


The Heritage Foundation states that the respect for the rule of law has significantly worsened and that country does not have an effective and independent legal system….. Moreover, political interference has risen and judicial corruption has become a major challenge to Fiji’s governance structure.

One can imagine that someone with a lot of cash and lawyers could arrange for extradition from Fiji to be a very, very, very slow process….





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