‘Bula’ is the word of the day for Raniere, and Fiji judges

Reader advisory: The following is mixture of fact, rank speculation and, for those who love words of other nations to become part of their own vocabulary , a word of the day.

Fact: Since Fiji was taken over by a military, virtual dictatorship in 2006, the leaders are in constant need of money.

Fact: The judicial process is slow in beautiful Fiji and money can purchase justice cheaper than in America.

Fact: Extradition to America may never happen in this island paradise for those with money to spend.

Fact: Clare Bronfman and Marianna Fernandez, a Raniere lover, have revealed they are involved in Fiji in various, seemingly innocuous ways.

Speculation: Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman may know they will/might face criminal charges in the US.  They may believe they cannot buy their way out of it.

Speculation: Raniere may have studied which of the world’s countries would be most hospitable to fleeing criminals with a lot of money. He may have determined Fiji is best.

Fact: Fijians live on remote and tiny Pacific islands, far from any nation with any great expanse of land.

Speculation: For most of its judges, America and its laws and its pursuit of justice is a vague (if not hypocritical) concept carried on across vast and shining seas and subordinate to sudden infusions of wealth which could come delightfully from pleasing wealthy Americans fleeing America’s own corrupt criminal justice system.

The word of day is “bula” (boo-lah!), which, as any Fijian will tell you, means hale well and welcome, or literally “life!”

One can almost hear a Fiji judge saying, “bula, Keith Raniere, and bula, bula, to your harem and Clare Bronfman too. ”

And Raniere, saying in kind affectionate notes of reply, “Kua ni leqa”, which means, “no worries,” and introducing Clare, as he adds, “Na marama oqo e na sauma taucoko,” which means “the lady will pay for everything.”



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  • The question is where does this leave Nancy Salzman? Is she going to the islands also? If not, as predicted for years it leaves her holding the bag. NXIVM is in deep in poop with unpaid state and federal taxes. I’ve been at a training where Raniere preached that paying taxes was unethical and supported an unethical government. Both Nancy Salzman and Barbara Jeske worked people over several times attempting to get people to not pay their taxes, most likely to hold it over they heads later when a person stood on their own two feet.

    • Are these women really this stupid? Vandoofus gives the orders but shields himself from any “legal” association with these companies and then lives off of their fruits, while these morons take it up the ass with all the corporate tie-up from which he can disassociate himself from because his name isn’t on any of the paperwork. Critical thinking only exists as ink on paper, or pixels on a monitor, for these clueless people.

  • If the above story is true, which isn’t hard to believe. Raniere has talked about for years having his own island i.e. country”. Now he’s has his out of the all the illegal behaviors. Question is, is the island big enough for all those who he has involved in his schemes or are they going to be left behind for the Feds to sweep up for prosecution?

  • Do these NXIVM clowns on twitter do anything else other than 1) quote other famous people from the past or present all day long 2) link to articles about those people or groups who are actually doing something in the world 3) recruit other ignorant people into taking a bunch of endless human “potential” courses? That’s all I see from people like @sarabronfman, @pamelacafritz, @hildrethmark, @allisonmack, and others like them.

    • It because they can no longer think for themselves, too much mind binding and they are under the spill of Raniere, Salzman, Salzman Jr, (Lauren), or others from the inner circle that will keep them under a hypnotic trance. It’s part of what happens when one steps beyond the self help of NXIVM training into the cult of NXIVM. Poor sheep, they have lost their ways. Someday they will wake up like other have.

If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?

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