Lock ‘Em Up! Revive Fugitive Slave Law, Capture Ambrose Teens and Save CT Family Court Racketeering Enterprise


This is a work of fiction. Nevertheless, this narrative may, coincidentally, align with real-life events or individuals, but such congruence is entirely inadvertent and beyond the author’s control. Any semblance of truth is entirely unintentional.

 John Cuda

By A. Barry Cuda, Attorney, Family Law Section Connecticut

There is a problem with the Ambrose teens, not only for their owner, Chris Ambrose but for the entire family court enterprise in Connecticut.

Three teens fled their master and went to Rhode Island and New York. Connecticut law seems powerless to retrieve Ambrose’s property.

We have a federal law that can help.

The Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 enabled the capture and return of runaway slaves in states that did not enjoy slave ownership.

The slaves used a criminal system of trails and houses known as the Underground Railroad, but that did not stop the feds from taking them.


The law authorized US Marshalls to deputize citizens to assist in recapturing slaves. The US Marshalls could deputize Ambrose, and he and a posse of armed deputized men could catch the fugitive teens.


It is Legal

While errant legal “experts” believe the Fugitive Slave Law is moot, the US has not repealed it. The law exists in archived form and is not dead letters. The capture of teens by their parents does not conflict with the Thirteenth Amendment.

It did not matter then that slaves did not want to return to the plantation or that the Ambrose teenagers do not want to return to him now.

He wants his property back.

Sale of Teens Ratified Thrice

On April 24, 2020, Ambrose temporarily purchased his children.

Judge Jane Grossman approved the sale. 

The father never rescinded his purchase. Neither did the courts.

Judge Gerard Adelman reaffirmed the purchase in February 2022, making it permanent. The mother had no right to even talk to his property.

Judge Thomas J. O’Neill ratified the sale on August 8 when he issued restraining orders preventing the slaves from living with their mother.

But under state law, he could not force the teens back with Ambrose since they left the state.


Runaway teens

The property must be retrieved.

Rhode Island did not uphold Ambrose’s purchase. Neither has New York.

People ask, “how can you force teenagers to stay with a man they despise?” 

There is a more significant question. If a man purchases kids in Connecticut Family Court, and they run to another state, and the sale is not enforced, what value is his purchase?

Ambrose paid one million dollars to buy his children. If possession of a million-dollar sale is unenforceable, it could collapse the market value of children in Connecticut.

To answer the first question: Once Ambrose gets this property back, he must keep them this time.

Here is how to keep teens who don’t want to live with their custodial parent:

Physical Punishment: Ambrose must employ a person experienced in corporal punishment. As the old Connecticut saying goes, “A woman, a teenager, a dog and a walnut tree. The more you beat them the better they be.” 

Shackles and Chains: Unless these teens are restrained, they will run.

Branding: A brand makes them easier to identify if they try to escape again.

Increased Surveillance: They need to know Ambrose is watching.  

Drones can help keep an eye on escapees from Ambrose’s home.

Separation: Separating the teens is a powerful deterrent. Ambrose may need to prevent them from seeing each other, just as he prevented them from seeing their mother.

Use of Force:

The use of force continuum is paramount here. Force, even lethal force, is justified as a deterrent.

 Prosecution: The captured fugitives must be subject to prosecution, and a first-time offense might be probation. Prison is next, with severe penalties to deter other teens from escaping after they are sold.




Sale: Ambrose could sell one or more of the teens to men who want teenage Latinos.


Men who can afford to purchase teens, but never had children of their own.

Why Now?

Some 2,000 family law attorneys in CT depend on family court to provide effective means to support their lifestyles. Another 1,000 mental health therapists and custody evaluators provide attorneys with valuable support in the enterprise and earn their living from it. 

It will be a grim chapter in Connecticut’s history if word gets out that you can buy kids here, but the state can’t enforce possession [nine-tenths of the law], and your two-legged chattel are free to run across state lines as soon as they have the gumption.

Revive the Fugitive Slave Act NOW!

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  • Refuse refuse refuse.
    Let these fuckers put their hands on you.

    A million for each paw they use to take you back to CT.

    Do not give in!

    They’ll say, “The kids cane willingly” or “the kids agreed to return with the father”.

    That’ll be the summary even if you have a four hour stand down where you’re threatened with rape and beatings.

    Wtf is your father thinking? He confined this conduct by the police?

    His control and abuse is evident to everyone. Stay strong. Do not return to CT no matter what!

    These are sick fucks.

    You are Gods gifts. ❤️😇❤️😇

  • … A second officer upped the ante with intimidation tactics. He warned that any alternative placement would expose them to significant dangers, including physical and sexual abuse, and likely separate the siblings due to age.

    The officer said:

    “… You’re going to wind up… with some of the worst kids in the world. And you might not be together. You’d be separated because of your age… So the three of you are not going to be staying together. You’re going to be in Pleasantville Cottage School, or one of these other places that are a complete shit hole.

    And you’re gonna get beaten, raped and abused on a daily basis. I promise you that because we take the reports there every day. The kids are, it’s horrible, and that’s what they do. They’re going to place you there until they find out what to do with you. And these are the worst places in the world.” …

  • Attorney general William Tong you are guilty of squandering 10 million dollars of the state money. You have wilfully failed to investigate the family court complaints. It appears you are paying the state employees to be quiet about the fraud going on in Connecticut. Impeach William Tong he’s hidding the curruption of the state. Based on reported information of Connecticut insider. You are dirty to the bone. You are falling to protect the residents and children in Connecticut. Free Karen and the kids.

  • My record journal. Com. Not in the main stream media. Newington rotary hold forum on human trafficking, including Berlin turnpike. Organizers along with the FBI hold forum in a church to discuss the problem. A fraction of cases are being reported and even less prosecuted. Children as young as 2 and 4 years old. Why is the flagship university Uconn not holding any symposium on this matter? Why is this not being held by the state government? Why aren’t the main stream media like Hartford current reporting? No mention of Newington state representative in attendance? Having to go to the church to discuss the matter. While health and human services discuss the billion dollar fatherhood initiative in swanky Newport. Connecticut ” the leaders” should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Work in the office or factory is hard not only because of the amount of labour required, but even more because of the need to be on guard against omnipresent and vigilant eyes and ears. After work one goes to political meetings or special lectures, thus lengthening a day that is without a moment of relaxation or spontaneity.

      The people one talks with may seem relaxed and careless, sympathetic and indignant, but if they appear so, it is only to arouse corresponding attitudes and to extract confidences which they can report to their superiors.

  • In Connecticut children regardless of age, are property.

    There is not one good outcome with any of the gals of CT courts. They need to be eliminated, as do custody evaluators. It’s a racket. The AFCC handbook. Time to bring it to an end.

  • Ladies, start identifying as a man before you file. You will have more protections undy the law. You will get access and visitation money. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_

  • They are firing all the Domestic violence agency heads in Florida who are on board with the minis mommy program. The fatherhood funding to allow the continued abuse of women and children. You people are Fucking sick. Underground railroad needs to get started.

    • July 2023 domestic violence shelter closed due to poor conditions. Yet 22 million for fatherhood funding in the state of Florida. The war on women across the united states. The governor of Florida so excited about his foundation appears to have little concern for the woman it’s affecting. This is a national problem.

  • I thought Ambrose was already deputized. Isn’t that why he owns and controls Madison PD?

    Makes them look like fools as he has them hunt girls allegedly for stealing his passports? No passports found. No apology given and PD refused to take complaint against Ambrose.

    He run the show. Had Jack drumm do his bidding reporting lies about Richard Luthmann. How much longer is madison PD goi g to be said and led by pedo Ambrose?

  • I don’t think they should revive the fugitive slave law. Just force the kids to go home. I do agree Mr. Chris needs to use some methods to keep the kids from running. Don’t they have like electric fences?

    • Hopefully you are trying to be funny, this is not a joking matter. If you’re not trying to be funny you need to go live with Mr Chris behind his electric fence

      • And don’t you think for a minute he wouldn’t do that. Any means to keep the kids locked up. Of course as I’ve said before the two older kids only have a short time before they could leave but the thirteen year old would be left with him alone and that’s exactly what he wants.

  • … Page 14 … The branch promoted employees by reclassification instead of using an open competitive promotional process. The Judicial Branch should promote its employees using an open competitive process whenever possible. (Recommendation 3.) …

    Stephen Grant is gone. Court Support Services Division Executive Director is now: Gary A. Roberge

    The IG office is supposed to investigate HHS grant fraud; Connecticut Superior Court Judge Robert Devlin Jr. is the state’s “first-ever inspector general”; Gary Roberge, Robert Devlin and Robert Holzberg involved themselves in the “Judicial-Media Committee”; Mr. O’Neill was probably chosen for the clean up crew and we’re not allowed to know what Paul Boyne thinks.

    On April 19, 2013, The Connecticut Committee on Judicial Ethics discussed “whether a Judicial Official may serve on the board of directors of [The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc.] that provides services to court-involved clients and receives the majority of its funding from contracts with the Judicial Branch. … [W]ith one member recused, [the committee] unanimously determined that service on [The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc.’s] board of directors would violate Rules 1.2, 1.3, 3.1 and 3.7(a)(6)(B).”

    On May 20, 2013 Attorney Anne Stevenson reported in her Washington Times Communities column:

    “… Paul Boyne, a Connecticut father of four, says the CJE’s ruling comes too late for his children, who he says have not been allowed to visit him in years. Boyne says that since his divorce case opened in 2007, the custody case has remained open due to the fact that the judges who currently serve as corporate directors for the vendor refuse
    to establish a custody or visitation schedule.

    These same judges have ordered his family to patronize various vendor affiliated services from Dr. Sidney Horowitz, who does not have a State contract to provide therapeutic services on behalf of the Judicial Branch. Court transcripts show that in July 2012, Judge Holly Abery Wetstone recused herself from hearing the Boyne matter, then authorized payments from the Judicial Branch to an unnamed vendor, despite the fact that there were no motions for fees pending before her to rule on at that time.

    Judicial Branch billing records are kept separately from the court case filed in the Court’s administrative offices, and parties who wish to see the invoices submitted by professionals appointed to their cases are required to request them under the State’s open records laws. The heavily redacted records Boyne obtained from the Judicial Branch show that Horowitz had billed over $4,200 to the state on the Boyne case, however, Boyne and his ex-wife’s attorney confirm that Horowitz did not provide them with copies, nor did the Judicial Branch seek their approval for the charges Horowitz submitted.

    Boyne says that Horowitz failed to provide all the services and reports outlined in the court order, then recused himself from his appointment to the Boyne case in May 2012. Yet in fall 2012, Judge Lynda B. Munro and Judicial Branch Manager Mary Kay West administratively authorized payments to Horowitz at more than twice the state rate, even though no court order on record had approved the payments.
    Through an open records request, the Judicial Branch provided the same billing records on the Boyne case which were less redacted than the records the state provided to Boyne himself. The copy showed that Horowitz made calls to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families the day before he recused himself from the Boyne case …”

  • Why is Cudas name still not on the public docket? He’s too busy threatening Riordan out of public view. It’s bloodsport.

    It was painfully apparent Ambrose could not keep his eyes off Riordan in court. He thrives on her every reaction- looks for pain and distress – that his goal.

    Malignant narcissist who wants his wife dead or in prison for life. Classic.

  • Plenty of evidence Ambrose is an abusive psychopath.

    They won’t force kids back to him. Way too much liability.

    Evidence has been provided to news outsiders and movie productions. These kids are wise beyond their years. They collected the evidence and freed themselves.

    Forcing them back will add to the liability of the state. Ambrose was found to be unsafe. You only need it once. They buried it but evidence and doctoring of records is proven.

    Leave the teens alone now. Enough damage has been done.

  • Madison PD is tired of the antics of Chris Ambrose. As a taxpayer I don’t want to pay to have madison police “escort” a lunatic father around town for no purpose but to harass his wife and kids.

    I don’t want to pay to have Ambrose call in false charges resulting in four madison cruisers hunting down innocent teen girls on a highway chase led by a lunatic. All the girls were in fear. Madison police buried that incident bc Ambrose made them look like baffoons.

    Go back to pedo Hollywood where providing drugs and alcohol to minors may be accepted. You’re no father. Showing up at football games or lax practice doesn’t make you a father.

    And we’re all tired of your stories about a crazy wife. No one buys it Ambrose. You’re a creep and embarrassment to our town.

    • All the girls were in fear of a lunatic? These three kids stay in fear of that lunatic all the time. Every day they wonder what he’s gonna do next, how long will they be safe from him, where will they have to run to next to get away from him? The police had no right to terrorize these girls just because that lunatic told them to, they should be suspended. The taxpayers of Madison, especially the parents of the girls who were with Mia should be raising hell with the police dept that he obviously has in his pocket. Run him out of Madison, show him what it’s like to be on the run.

  • The people of Connecticut need to start governing themselves.

    1. Does the Court Support Services Division (CSSD) store the records for HHS grants to “family courts”?
    2. Where are outcomes for those programs and cases recorded?
    3. Is Inspector General Robert J. Devlin, Jr. supposed to investigate fraud involving the use of HHS grants?

    From the state of Connecticut’s website: “Inspector General Robert J. Devlin, Jr. was appointed by the Criminal Justice Commission to a four-year term on September 27, 2021. Inspector General Devlin was appointed a Judge of the Superior Court for the state of Connecticut by Governor Lowell P. Weicker, Jr., in 1993 and in 2019, Governor Ned Lamont appointed him a Judge of the Appellate Court. From 2010 to 2017, he served as Chief Administrative Judge for the Criminal Division of the Superior Court. He has been a federal prosecutor for the U.S. Department of Justice’s Organized Crime Strike Force and was recognized by the U.S. Attorney General in 1992 as one of the outstanding federal prosecutors in America for his work as a member of the prosecution team that secured convictions of the hierarchy in New England organized crime groups. He also has served as chairman of the Connecticut Sentencing Commission.“

    Stephen Grant was very involved with AFCC Inc.
    Is he still Connecticut CSSD director?

    “… In the context of HHS grants, contracts, and other agreements, the Cures Act authorizes CMPs, assessments, and exclusions for:

    knowingly presenting or causing to be presented a specified claim under a grant, contract, or other agreement that a person knows or should know is false or fraudulent;

    knowingly making, using, or causing to be made or used any false statement, omission, or misrepresentation of a material fact in any application, proposal, bid, progress report, or other document that is required to be submitted in order to directly or indirectly receive or retain funds provided in whole or in part by HHS pursuant to a grant, contract, or other agreement;

    knowingly making, using, or causing to be made or used, a false record or statement material to a false or fraudulent specified claim under a grant, contract, or other agreement;

    knowingly making, using, or causing to be made or used, a false record or statement material to an obligation to pay or transmit funds or property to HHS with respect to a grant, contract, or other agreement;

    knowingly concealing or knowingly and improperly avoiding or decreasing an obligation to pay or transmit funds or property to HHS with respect to a grant, contract, or other agreement; and

    failing to grant timely access, upon reasonable request, to OIG for the purposes of audits, investigations, evaluations, or other statutory functions of OIG in matters involving grants, contracts, or other agreements. …

    … Specified claim

    means any application, request, or demand under a grant, contract, or other agreement for money or property, whether or not the United States or a specified State agency has title to the money or property, that is not a claim (as defined in this section) and that:

    (1) Is presented or caused to be presented to an officer, employee, or agent of the Department or agency thereof, or of any specified State agency; or

    (2) Is made to a contractor, grantee, or other recipient if the money or property is to be spent or used on the Department’s behalf or to advance a Department program or interest, and if the Department:

    (i) Provides or has provided any portion of the money or property requested or demanded; or

    (ii) Will reimburse such contractor, grantee, or other recipient for any portion of the money or property which is requested or demanded. …”


    New York legislators are currently considering whether or not to provide regulations, oversight and accountability for “family court” evaluators. Do their “family courts” use HHS grants?

    Have Connecticut legislators considered whether or not to provide regulations, oversight and accountability for “family court” evaluators? Connecticut “family courts” have used HHS grants since 1984, when AFCC Inc. first set up shop in the state when the for-profit purposely adversarial public-private networks were established.

    Anyone wanting to know more about that can ask AFCC Inc. director Gerard Adelman, AFCC Inc. Treasurer/Secretary Robert Horwitz, AFCC Inc. Treasurer Bruce Freedman, AFCC Inc. Networker Lynda Munro and AFCC Inc. “family court evaluator” Sidney Horowitz.

    It definitely looks like Mr. Adelman, Ms. Munro and Mr. Horowitz were involved in the Boyne v. Boyne case; Connecticut is still holding Paul Boyne as a prisoner (in Virginia?) and the Ambrose case could involve a political cover-up.

    Are the reporters at Connecticut Inside Investigator investigating and reporting any of that?

    • It’s questionable weather the bigger threat to society is Paul Boyne or the powers that be in the state of Connecticut. Paul Boyne should not have made threats. It’s really fishy that the state of Connecticut has been ignoring the crys of its residents. The dad’s originally got the shaft. As soon as the fatherhood funding poured in parental alienation ruled the family court. We see you Connecticut. Where the hell are the feds?

      • The feds are looking the other way. In 2014 parents proved racketeering and illegally running the for profit AFCC through the judicial branch!

        It was proven. Judge Adelman and Robert Horwitz holding key positions on the board of the AFCC. No consequences for either and they still work in lockstep to steal childhoods for money.

        Both of these animals are on the Ambrose case but they’re on many others as well. Paige Styvan had her daughter taken, Angela Hickman also from Westport never saw her two sons again. The brutality is permitted by feds.

    • I called the inspector generals office last year. They told me that they only investigate police fatality and the inmate fatality. When I mentioned this before you people thought I was nuts . The woman on the phone told me that they don’t investigate the family court. I wonder why it took so long for Connecticut to get an inspector general? Why the office is not fully operational?

      • If you write to the Hartford Courant to ask those questions, maybe Inspector General Robert J. Devlin or someone else from The Judicial-Media Committee is still allowed to relay an unelected bureaucrat’s answers to each and every one of your questions.

        From the “Minutes of March 1, 2007, Judicial-Media Committee”:

        “… Judge Lavine also thanked Patrick Sanders, Connecticut editor for the Associated Press, for presenting the idea of the Fire Brigade during last year’s meetings of the Public Access Task Force. Mr. Sanders credited his boss in Massachusetts for suggesting the idea. …”

  • As sad as it is this is a truly accurate analogy to what’s transpiring with this case and these teens. It also highlights and punctuates the absurdity of it all.

    While i realize this is no laughing matter, I have to admit this made me spit my coffee out all over the place:

    ‘Ambrose could sell one or more of the teens to men who want teenage Latinos’


    A. Barry Cuda never disappoints 😂

  • If the three fugitives are captured and Needle & Cuda “guides” their case into Mr. O’Neill’s private court, will details of that case activity also be unavailable on the judicial branch website?

    Will Mr. O’Neill allow the public to attend those private hearings as he allowed the public to attend Needle & Cuda’s private “restraining order” hearings?

    • Covering themselves in darkness. Connecticut is operating behind the publics back. Intimidated because soo many people behind Karen and no one supporting Ambrose to continue.

  • Due to the economic development of the United States we have decided to cancel the life long pursuit of liberty 🗽 and freedom. We are promoting big pharma . We will persue vaccination of your children with out consent. We will persue gender surgery on your children despite the fact there brains are not fully developed. Because it generates big dollars. We don’t feel the need to wait until the children can think rationally. We will continue to place children in the care of the parents who pay to keep them. We will continue to use the countrys financial means to ensure the wealty members of society have benefits and retirement. Our government and state employees will be protected to continue the endeavor for the economic development of the wealthy in the country. We will continue to fail to prosecute crimes against humanity such as violence against women to save money. We will pass laws to protect ourselves from the public hearings about it. This appears to be allegedly the stance of the current political leadership. First amendment right to express opinions on the belief of what appears to be happening.

    Joan S. Meier
    George Washington University Law School, Washington, D.C., USA

    “… Protective parents and domestic violence professionals have long asserted that courts dealing with child custody and their affiliated professionals frequently deny true claims of adult partner or child abuse and instead punish parents (usually mothers) who allege domestic violence, child physical or sexual abuse, or seek to limit the other parent’s child access for any reason. Anecdotal reports have suggested that courts are even less receptive to mothers’ claims of child physical or sexual abuse than their claims of partner violence, and that many mothers alleging abuse – especially child abuse – are losing custody to the allegedly abusive father. …

    … An adaptation of the ‘parental alienation syndrome’ (‘PAS’) coined by Richard Gardner (1992), parental alienation, while lacking any universal definition, embodies the notion that when a child (or the primary parent) resists contact with the non-custodial parent without ‘legitimate’ reason, the preferred parent is ‘alienating’ the child, due to her own anger, hostility or pathology (Johnston and Kelly 2004, Zaccour 2018). Although PAS itself – which Gardner defined as a mother’s false claim of child sexual abuse to ‘alienate’ the child from the father – has been largely rejected by most credible professionals (Meier 2009, p. 5, Thomas and Richardson 2015), alienation theory writ large continues to be the subject of a growing body of literature, and is frequently relied on in U.S. family court cases. …”

    Did the new judge Mr. O’Neill mention the “Barber” and Latino Boiz activity in his latest court order?

  • What are the 3 fugitives shoes sizes? I’d like to send them running shoes and pack to each of their underground railway stops.

  • How is the budget going in Connecticut? How are the budget gaps going? How are the access and visitation grants going. Riding the wave in to retirement?

  • Father’s and families. The father’s believe that it’s their rightful place as heads of the family. Controlling it even financially. The AFCC working to make that happen. We have seen what extraction teams look like. It is now inadvertently against the law for children to love their mother. Obey the father. Let the children attend virtual school. Let them get treatment in New York. It’s in their best interest. Obstruction of education and medical care because of current location is not in the best interest. People are not possessions. Mothers matter. Stop the birthing person nonsense. Stop the father’s and families. Families are defined individually for different families.

  • Chris isolated them. He was able to do it within the walls of his home.

    He’s a predator. Thank god those kids are away from him.

    No parent hunts his kids like Ambrose is going. He’s the madman of our town. Now that kids are gone, their truth is being confirmed. No one’s buying his bullshit.

    Always knew something was off but money talks. Ambrose talks too much. Works too hard to make it stick.

    Three out of three left and don’t want to return. Simple. Runaways for a reason.

  • That sums it up.
    And this is how kids are treated in CT family court.

    Ambrose kept them captive and silent by some of the very threats mentioned. He threatened the kids with the police and dcf constantly. These threats have been provided to FR and other news sources- not to be wasted and buried by family court.

    Recordings of dcf case workers and hired guns- court vendors have also been secured and provided to FR and other outlets to prove it is Ambrose and his hired cabal that try to “brainwash” children under the guise of therapy.

    But the singular villain is Ambrose – for no one would take these actions to do such harm if not paid by the greatest financier- Ambrose himself.

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