Judge Garaufis Grants Raniere Extension to September 29 for FBI Tampering Reply to DOJ

Keith Raniere just after his last moment of freedom - March 26, 2018. He is seated in the backseat of a Mesican federal police car. Raniere is now seeking to regain that freedom with his Rule 33 Motion for a new trial.

U.S. District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis has approved a 14-day extension for Keith Raniere to submit his response to the Department of Justice’s arguments against granting him a new trial.

Raniere previously filed a Rule 33 motion alleging the FBI tampered with digital image metadata in child pornography evidence presented during his 2019 trial.

The new deadline for Raniere’s response is September 29, marking the second time Judge Garaufis has extended the deadline due to Raniere’s unavailability.

Arthur Aidala, Raniere’s lawyer, told the court he found it challenging to consult with his client, who is incarcerated at USP Tucson and has been in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) for over a year. Meetings and phone calls with attorneys for prisoners confined to the SHU are severely restricted, and mail is often delayed or not delivered at all.

The initial filing deadline was September 1, which the court extended to September 14,.

Aidala sent a letter to the court on the day the filing was due, explaining his office had not been able to discuss the contents of the reply with Raniere, because the prison had only allowed him to see it the day it was due.

Aidala wrote to the court:

Raniere’s incarceration poses logistical challenges to enable him to easily participate with our office in the drafting of his response. To that end, although we have attempted to provide Mr. Raniere with a draft of our Reply, he only just received it today, and we have not yet had adequate opportunity to discuss its contents with him and receive substantive feedback from him.

The judge promptly granted the extension request.

Earlier in the year, the judge granted the DOJ a 30-day extension to respond to Raniere’s initial motion for a new trial.

Raniere was placed in the SHU following a fight with another inmate, Maurice Adonis Withers, in July 2022. Although the BOP cleared Raniere of any wrongdoing, he has remained in the SHU while Withers was released.

Raniere has questioned the justification for his extended SHU stay and sued the BOP and the warden at USP Tucson in a federal lawsuit in Arizona.

Raniere alleges his continued SHU placement aims to hinder his active participation in his Rule 33 motion.

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  • Frank
    Why should this dweeb get anything? He raped and killed MY sister, and you grant him air time. What is your issue? You like this moron ? He is your best friend ? You have a killer as a play mate ?
    You wanted people to sign papers to keep you out of prison- we did NOT.
    Your best friend will die in prison, but the “rat” knows all.

  • “Raniere was placed in the SHU following a fight with another inmate, Maurice Adonis Withers, in July 2022.”


    Do you consider BOP leaving Raniere in the SHU cruel & unusual punishment?

    Is it just, considering what Dani went through?

    I don’t know how I feel about it. My opinion changes from one moment to the other.

    If I remember correctly, New York passed a law that no no inmate can be held in the SHU longer than
    3 weeks in a row.

    • I think it is cruel but not unusual. So let’s say we do not want to do it to other prisoners. We only to do it to Raniere. That does not work because who gets to decide the exceptions?

      • Frank-

        I believe Raniere being in prison for life is punishment enough.

        He will be eating shit food; living in a cement hellhole; hanging out with scumbags; and never being with a woman for the rest of his pathetic life.

        The SHU for a full year is torture.

        As you know, New York State no longer allows an inmate to go longer than 3 weeks.

        Thank you for responding!

      • Christ Anonymous!

        How long do we keep the scumbag in the SHU for?

        I believe Raniere deserved the 3 or more beatings he received in jail and prison and he even deserved his time in the SHU.

        However, at a certain point enough is enough.

        The scumbag will never see the sunrises outside ever again and will live the remainder of his life in a hellhole.

  • William Anthony Fly, also known as Toni Fly, is now at USP Coleman II. Prior to that he was at USP Terre Haute. I don’t know exactly when he was transferred. Keith might be interested to know where Toni is now. Toni has only 2 years left on his sentence.

    Federal Bureau of Prisons
    Register Number: 18658-023
    Age: 54
    Race: White
    Sex: Male
    Located at: Coleman II USP
    Release Date: 09/08/2025

    Frank Report
    Toni Fly Lands in Terre Haute; Bronfman Lawyer Jumps to Trump; Supreme Court Schedules April in Raniere; Gage Engages in Group Chat with NXIVM Sex Cultists
    March 23, 2023


  • Maybe, just maybe if Raniere didn’t tamper with women and especially little girls his prosecutors wouldn’t have tampered with the exif data.

  • I think the government is scared of Raniere he has then dead to rights. They tampered on him. He’s got them. They have to Epstein him in Tucson soon.

  • Where can I find the gov’ts response that Raniere is now to respond to – somehow I’ve missed that

  • He’s definately at risk of sexual attack/ abuse – thats cause and effect for you, or karma if preferred. as to the govt. being so shook by his allegations of a plot against his important self, that seems doubtful.

  • Raniere deserves a new trial. The FBI absolutely tampered with the evidence and protocols were violated. Evidence missing for days at a time- where’s the accountability? The lengths the govt is going through to thwart him at every turn is sadistic – clearly they want this case to go away.

    • Where are you getting this misinformation? The man had relations with women under the age of 18, was running what comes down to a ponzi scheme and keeping young woman hostage to his perversions and harassing anyone brave enough to break free from his death grip. Time to move on and worry more about far more important topics such as homelessness and such. It’d be so nice if those who defend this predator actually took time out of their doubling down to read all of the court transcripts online, all of which are readily available.

  • Tyranny rules.
    Over a year in the Shu and he has counsel. Imagine what happens to those targeted without counsel.

    Inhumane treatment is not the answer. Each day Raniere sits in the Shu is another example of the cruelty of our system and the lack of oversight.

    We have no rights. There is no due process.

    • Who needs rights at all? Just completely unnecessary if you want to keep slaves, otherwise the slaves would also start thinking they are entitled.
      Didn’t Raniere think that he could beat the system? With a legion or cohort of attorneys, not even Raniere can do that. Somehow Raniere was wrong. He miscalculated.

    • Nah. He just thinks he’s deserving of special treatment and so keeps shunning and/or breaking the rules. What is the result is such punitive behavior in response. He should just accept being at cause for his situation as he taught others and deal with it.

      • Raniere’s way of dealing with non-compliance or violation of rules is to complain and sue, with the help of attorneys, for allegedly being unfairly punished or reprimanded. Almost always unsuccessful, because it does not follow the legal process even in the case of complaints, but instead inadmissibly files a lawsuit before the complaint process is completed.

    • Your comment is indicative of one being quite misinformed, doubling down and defending someone who is definitively not a victim but a Victimizer.

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