Tampering in Raniere Case: Retired Agent Kiper’s Email to FBI Director Wray Calls for Immediate Accountability

FBI Director Christopher A. Wray

On July 10, 2023, retired FBI Agent J. Richard Kiper, a consultant for Keith Raniere’s legal team, emailed his former boss, the Director of the FBI Christopher Wray. It is not known if Diector Wray responded to Kiper.

Kiper served as an FBI special agent and CART examiner from 1999-2019. Wray became the eighth director of the FBI in 2017, appointed by Donald Trump and continues under the Biden Administration.

The subject heading of Kiper’s email is:


Important disclosure from retired FBI Agent J. Richard Kiper

Dear Director Wray,

This is Dr. Rick Kiper, retired FBI agent and CART examiner.

You may recall I was the agent who in March 2015 testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the FBI’s retaliation against whistleblowers such as myself. As a result of the testimony of myself and others, Congress unanimously passed the FBI Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2016, which included giving FBI whistleblowers the ability to make protected disclosures directly to Congress. The WPEA was an important step towards FBI accountability, but that’s not the reason I’m writing to you today.

Today I would like to share with you startling information about the FBI that will soon make national news headlines. I trust this information will enable you to “get ahead of the problem” and take actions that demonstrate to the American people that the FBI is still worthy of their trust.

Today I am the lead digital forensic examiner on the Keith Raniere/NXIVM investigation (50A-NY-2233091). This is the investigation where the FBI claimed to have “discovered child pornography” on an external hard drive belonging to Raniere. The alleged “discovery” had the immediate result of causing all of Raniere’s co-defendants to take guilty pleas, and ultimately Raniere was convicted and sentenced to 120 years in prison.

At the time of Raniere’s trial I had no knowledge of the investigation, as I was leading FBI instructor teams in delivering several cybersecurity training courses overseas. After retiring in July 2019, however, I was asked to take a look at the digital evidence in this case and how the FBI handled it.

What I found shocked me. I have attached my full report of technical and process findings, which is pending a response from the DOJ (more on that later).

What is important is that six other digital forensic experts – including three other former FBI CART examiners – agreed with my findings.

We found overwhelming proof that digital evidence used in court, which the prosecution said was “at the heart” of their case, had been mishandled, misrepresented, and even altered while in FBI custody.

Specifically, we found that DOJ/FBI employees willfully and unlawfully acted to deny Raniere due process by:

• Misrepresenting how the evidence was discovered,

• Mishandling the evidence and breaking chain of custody,

• Reviewing the evidence without being authorized to do so,

• Delaying transfer of the evidence to the FBI Computer Analysis Response Team (CART) for preservation and analysis,

• Providing the evidence to an unauthorized third party,

• Failing to document the transfer of evidence to an unauthorized third party,

• Accessing the evidence without a write blocker,

• Modifying the evidence,

• Violating the FBI’s own policies and procedures,

• Violating well established critical forensic protocols,

• Making material misrepresentations, under oath, minimizing the violation of critical forensic protocols,

• Withholding evidence from defense counsel,

• Presenting demonstrably manipulated evidence in trial,

• Providing technical statements during sworn testimony which knowingly conflicted with testimony previously established by the FBI and DOJ in prior litigation, and

• Providing technical statements during sworn testimony which can be empirically demonstrated to have been false.

You should know that prosecutors on this case, AUSA Kevin Trowel, since retired, and AUSA Tanya Hajjar, have repeatedly called these claims “frivolous” and “entirely meritless,” while asking for two extensions (totaling more than seven weeks so far) to a court order requiring them to respond to a motion to compel discovery.

Former AUSA Kevin Trowel called Keith Raniere’s FBI tampering allegations ‘frivolous.”

After my 20 years of faithful service to the FBI, including my service as a CART examiner, a CART instructor, a developer of CART curriculum, and trainer of CART instructors, I was extremely disappointed – actually, outraged about how the FBI handled the digital evidence in the case. You should feel the same way.

The difference is that you can do something about it, before it becomes the biggest FBI evidence scandal since the FBI Laboratory trace evidence fiasco in the 1990s.

Keith Raniere with Richard Mays

That said, nationally recognized, career attorneys and judges have already expressed dismay after learning the facts of this case.

“I’ve never [before] seen an instance where the system threw away its credibility purely for the purpose of convicting a defendant.” –Former Arkansas State Supreme Court Justice Richard Mays

“In the face of this alarming evidence, there is really no excuse for the court or for the prosecutor to hide behind procedural delays in waiting to get to the bottom of this. They should take immediate action. And if they can’t, or they won’t, the United States Attorney General should appoint an independent prosecutor. If an independent investigation determines this tampering occurred, there must be accountability. People have to be criminally prosecuted. This is very serious.” –Bud Cummins, former United States Attorney in the Eastern District of Arkansas

Just last month, renowned Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz proposed a “9/11 type commission” headed by former Director Louis Freeh to look at systemic problems with the FBI, especially in the case of Keith Raniere.

If high profile figures such as Judge Mays, former USA Bud Cummins, and Professor Dershowitz are risking their professional reputations to call for investigating how the FBI handled this case, then you should also take it very seriously.

Director Wray, you once said, “In the end, actions speak louder than words. It sounds simple, but there’s real strength in remembering that.”

That was a quote I included in my FBI e-mail signature line, because I believed you were sincere when you said it. I hope you will take this opportunity to investigate, and hold accountable, those responsible for mishandling and altering evidence in the prosecution of Keith Raniere.

I stand ready to help you and other FBI leaders understand exactly what happened and how such malfeasance may be prevented in the future.

Thank you, Rick

J. Richard “Rick” Kiper, PhD, PMP GSEC | GCIH | GCIA | GCFE | GCFA | GASF | GCPM | GCCC


Co-owner, KiperteK LLC “Making sense of it all”



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  • A few phrases from an NPR article:

    “… People who falsely believe the 2020 election was stolen …”
    “… some people who falsely believe the 2020 election was stolen have tried to audit the results …”
    “… a controversial movement to push Americans to uncover widespread fraud …”
    “… the baseless idea that the 2020 election was stolen …”

    If National Public Radio thinks people falsely believe there’s fraud committed in America, there’s no fraud. If National Public Radio thinks it’s controversial to push Americans to uncover fraud: It’s controversial.

    NPR thinks questions about fraud are baseless ideas. Stop falsely believing in fraud. There’s no such thing. Period.

    And, by the way: They should sue you if you disagree.

  • People like Raniere and Kiper have nothing better to do with their time, money and power than to ruin innocent lives, like that of Kristin Snyder. This smear campaign against the FBI is an attempt to turn public opinion against the FBI and use political pressure to free a convicted sex trafficker who had women branded with his initials and coerced a 15 year old to lock herself in a room for 2 years. Anyone who is trying to defend Raniere is a sick animal who is either trying to be relevant, or is so blinded by self hate they have lost all sense of morality.

  • Hey Skippy(Kipper),

    In between:
    fighting terrorism and org. crime;
    investigating new cults;
    and overseeing hundreds of other investigations…..

    ……The good Director Wray has the TIME to read/email a former FBI agent turned PAYED consultant, who is defending a pedo cult leader?

    DUMB! DUMB! DUMB anyone who believes you.

  • What exactly if anything was the good Director’s response?

    I know! Indubiously, Rich won’t divulge anything the email said. Such a classy gent.

    I imagine the Director’s response was, “Will take into consideration…Thanks!”

    Kipper impresses the Dead Enders and Frank. Bravo, bravo!

  • “If high profile figures such as Judge Mays, former USA Bud Cummins, and Professor Dershowitz are risking their professional reputations”

    Dershowitz reputation is already swirling the drain.

    Kiper is trying too hard to pimp up his message. In doing so it gets weaker. He should’ve sticked to his findings and not introduce “big names” to corroborate his story.

    • It’s pretty obvious a very rich person is paying fools to say whatever they are told to say. Let’s not forget a rapist and pedophile is in prison which is a net positive for everyone…except KR

    • I agree. I takes a real man, Suneel and Kipper are totally outstanding real men. It takes balls, be them smaller than most, to fight for a just and moral cause. No man, be it Raniere should be framed for child pornography, not like that one writer. He had more health problems than Queen Nancy

  • “…startling information about the FBI that will soon make national news headlines…”

    So now Kiper has bugged Judge Garaufis’s chambers to preview the ruling on Raniere’s Rule 33 motion?

  • If it is proven the FBI tampered with the digital timestamp, with Squarefoot be released from prison? Will all the other charges be dropped as well because it was all same trial?

    Damn, I’ll feel kinda bad if that is the case.

    But, its still fun ripping on him and the other Dead-enders/Dimwits. I mean, he did sleep with a 15 year old girl. I’d probably bitch-slap him if I ever saw him, for that.

  • That Bronfman millions working overtime with “9/11” type commission for the FBI. Was amused by “national news headlines” which turned out to be no so much. It was given the internet equivalent of page 12 attention.

    There was a chain of evidence failure in regard to the camera card (which is about what half of bullet points are really about) but the hard drive containing the under age pictures remain unassailable as does the fact the victim is willing to step forward and verify the veracity of the pictures.

    But the money has to keep trying, otherwise Bronfmans may not swing around with a second paycheck.

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