‘Survivor’ India Oxenberg Launches Podcast, ‘Still Learning;’ With Candid Interview With ‘Cult Deprogrammer’ Who Helped Her Leave NXIVM

India Oxenberg, 32, has launched a podcast called “Still Learning.”

Her podcast’s first episode premiered on August 18th, with an interview with Diane Benscoter,  a former Unification Church member, a “cult deprogrammer,” and author.

Benscoter worked with India when she confronted her doubts about NXIVM and faced possible federal criminal charges for her role in DOS.

Oxenberg is among several former members of NXIVM who have or had podcasts, including Sarah Edmondson and her husband Anthony ‘Nippy’ Ames, Jessica Joan, and Mark Vicente and his wife Bonnie Piesse.

The mushroom in her logo seems related to Oxenberg’s use of psilocybin. According to one of her websites, India used it and the drug Ecstasy to combat depression. 

She wrote, “I tried MDMA and psilocybin in small amounts. Trying these medicines with supervision was a game changer for me, and I was able to do them in a comfortable setting that made me feel safe to let go.”

India said psychedelics, including ketamine, helped her with C-PTSD, dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety, and depression.

On Instagram, India said her podcast is “for people who are still learning, like listening & asking questions.”


Oxenberg posted on a topic she is learning about — the passage of the 19th Amendment.

She writes, “I Love learning facts. I don’t consider myself a very politically oriented person, but I am patriotic for sure!✨🪄💭. 🕊️”

With her comments on the 19th Amendment, ratified on August 18, 1920, granting women the right to vote, India made a short video of herself in a series of poses.

Her podcast of August 18th delved into India’s efforts with Benscoter to break from NXIVM. Here is a short excerpt.

India Oxenberg:… I didn’t have any friends. I didn’t have anybody to rely on…. my family felt completely estranged to me….so the idea of going back to the cult seemed actually easy…. I didn’t even realize how strong the pull would be because of how afraid I was about the re-entry of reality.

Diane:… You needed help on a legal basis. You were scared legally. And you were scared on so many levels. And so, your mom made the proposition to you that she would help you financially with legal stuff. And if you would just talk to me, I think we agreed on 10 hours… but I still had to get you to agree to actually talk…. And one of the ways that we did that was … you would have the power to tell me what to… report back to your mother.


India:… I was afraid… I was very paranoid about… anybody… getting close to my mind… I was being thrown around all over the place, like being used as a pawn for NXIVM and not knowing if I could trust my mom, but really wanting to.

Diane: One of the things that any kind of a controlling group will do is polarization. … There’s us and there’s them. And your mom was not only just them but she was enemy number one.

India: Yeah, she was enemy number one of the group… I almost feel like I was just trying to catch my breath when we met… so much of what we focused on was re-engaging my critical thinking, because I would get into a thought and I would not be able to think about it any other way, but what I was programmed.

Diane: The other thing was there were so many tangled up relationships that you were concerned about. There was Allison and there was all the members of DOS… you were really concerned about the relationships with these people and what would happen to your friends…. these were the closest people that you had in your life … And so to lose them on top of your world crumbling…. I don’t know if you remember how much time we spent talking about the different people in your life and the relationships and what was going to happen…

India: I was agonizing over trying to figure out ways to help these people get out and I was barely… getting to my own senses at that time, but… I was getting to a place where I was willing to start to question things, but I was still really scared about how deeply I would question. And so for,,, those people that were still in who I considered my deepest, most… important relationships–

Diane: Like Nicki.

India: Yeah… or Michele…. And I would just cry about it with you.

Diane: Yeah, you were very upset. Yeah, those were the pieces that we had to untangle. Those were the things that were important to you and I think what happens when you realize… when you start to think… about, what if this whole thing’s a lie, …there’s a lot of loose ends to look at.

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  • India needs a serious intervention and a sandwich! Why do her and Nicky Cline appear to be starving themselves to death? Can’t you help them Frank? Wtf is going on with these ladies who left this cult turning into skeletal prostitutes?

    • You’re just jealous and disagree with the ladies looking like prostitutes. They would probably enjoy a box of donuts though, as long as no one was looking 😉

  • I wish this family would use their resources to help the real troubled people. There are so many families displaced and so many people starving right now. Meanwhile? They are just pushing more of these expensive experiences for the wealthy.

    It just doesn’t sit right with me.

    Neither Catherine or India even bothered to write a letter of support for Frank. He saved them. But they dropped him as soon as they extracted their value.

    It’s a real shame. I read that their drug retreats don’t even have much oversight.

    It really makes me wonder if these people actually learned anything at all?

  • This womans testimony is what we’re relying on?
    Why would she think we want to see her unbuttoned?
    Your not at the beach or pool?
    Gosh India, please have your dosage lessened.
    Truly hate that the new way is to have everyone’s life online, down to every possible bad decision made, I want to see all the women, those called loyalists and those who left, be able to move on in a dignified way. They all have been hurt and this offering up their personal lives is so wrong. GOD SPEED to all of you.

  • I followed and had respect for India UNTIL I saw her posing like she was trying to have sex with the camera, shirt wide open, and a mesh see-thru bra. No one’s going to take her seriously now. Some men will ooggle and pant for more, but the majority of people will just shudder and walk away. If you’re still learning, India, please learn that business is about good decision-making, not posing half naked and sexualizing yourself. When a financier asks to see your assets, he doesn’t mean take off your shirt. You aren’t in Keith’s world anymore. Learn how to behave in the real business world and leave Keith’s filth in the gutter where it belongs.

  • I came to the realization today…

    Watching and commenting on India wasting her life on stupidity, I had a grand epiphany,

    I’m wasting my life.

    Take it easy everyone!

  • “India said psychedelics, including ketamine, helped her with C-PTSD, dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety, and depression.”

    Just like Nxivm tech cured Marc Elliot’s Tourette’s.

    What an idiot this woman is.

    “Getting high on hallucinogens will cure all your problems”. Great advice, there 😂🤣😂

  • India:

    “Still Learning.”
    I’m still learning to. Please post some nudes so we can celebrate the female form via your anatomy.

  • Definitely would be the feature spread in the women of NXVIM calendar. India, Alison, Nicki, Sarah, Bonnie, Lauren and some others would make an awesome calendar. All of them were comfortable being naked. Let’s make it happen!
    And, BTW, India totally wants to be in a cult. These people! All of them. Finding their “journeys”. All are cult hoppers.

  • She should call it “Delegates”. Like her AWESOME business she had with Vanturd. It was the Rainbow CULTural Grooming of housekeeping. Pay people minimum wage, charge double that then keep the rest. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

    Is there a single NXIVM alum to be successful? And I don”t mean books and podcasts, I mean like a legit business that actually does something productive.

  • – India sure knows how to launch a pod…
    – I’d like to thank Tim Ferris for helping to lead us to this psilocybin place.
    – Giggity giggity.
    – I was looking for an excuse to get into a K-hole.

    • Reasons NutJob disappears for months on end then comes back serendipitously:

      1. Nutz works as a King Crab fisherman on the show Deadliest Catch. So he’s out to sea for months at a time.

      2. Nutjob is divorced and periodically has the kids while his wife dates(bangs) his *brother.

      3. NutJob is occasionally allowed internet access at the halfway house he resides and he gets lonely.

      4. NutJob get’s board of watching Netflix.

      5. NutJob likes to chyme in and create drama because he leads humdrum life.

      6. NutJob likes attention, like everyone else here including me.

      7. NutJob misses Nice Guy and wishes to be his friend.

      *Note: NutJob’s brother is
      IceNine aka Actaeon.

      • I am completely offended and horrified that you would defame one of the all time great FR commenters by calling IceNine, “Actaeon”. IceNine is IceNine. Actaeon was a blowhard who got his panties in a bunch because people caught on to him – so he “quit” FR. Amazingly, a few days later, a brand new FR commenter emerged out of nowhere named Aristotle’s Sausage. To say IceNine is one in the same as Sausage is fighting words directed at poor IceNine.

        The correct answers are 5, 6, & 7.
        Also, 8 – Not enough entertainment in my wheelhouse on the comment board. 9 – I do regular dopamine detoxes and FR gets axed. 10 – The less time I spend here, the more $$$ I make.

        • There’s a lot to unpack here.

          Ice-nine is not banging Nutjob’s wife. Ice-nine has only been banging one married woman. She’s a lawyer with a nice vacation home on an island in MA. Her husband is a nice guy but passes out after two citrus infused martinis.

          Ice-nine is definitely not Aristotle Sausage, Nutjob is right about that. sausage is a crazed psychopath weirdo who chose erica durance iof all people to stalk for two decades.

          Nobody remembers or gives a shit about Acteon.

          Also fwiw Ice-nine has been busy paying attention to other shit but hopes to comment more again. He also hopes frank makes the most of his time at home, bless him. And he also thinks frank should bring back theme music for his articles. This one of India would be a great start.

          Slap my heinie.

          • Niceguy picked a bad time to quit FR. Things he’ll be missing:
            The miraculous return of Andrew Luck errrr- Ice-nine.
            The ability to defend himself against the cuckolding brought to light above.
            Podcast #2 featuring Bangcock interviewing India. errrr India interviewing Bangcock.
            My next poll titled – The Real Reason Niceguy’s Wife Makes Him Close Down The Cottage By Himself
            When we treat Frank’s briar patch like the Silver Bay YMCA and we crash his pad to stave off his loneliness.
            Alonzo’s answer to his FMK question of Aristotle’s Sausage, NiceGuy, and David Miscavage.
            Frank asking Niceguy for the follow-up article about getting busted typing under the covers.

            Take care, Niceguy. Don’t be afraid to fall off the wagon…

      • I could add to NiceGuy’s list but I’m struggling to come up with anything that’s not confrontationally disgusting. I’m already aware of Nutjob’s limitless imagination and I sense he does have considerable self restraint even when taunted. I’m best advised not to make a contribution. 🙄

  • What a disgrace to her family! When you can only attract attention by spreading your legs wide and raising one as high as you can while repeatedly exposing your nipples you demonstrate beyond the faintest doubt you are pure garbage. Katherine or whatever your name is, BOTH you and India are the lowest form of human garbage… trash… soiled brown toilet paper… what on this Earth “educated” you? What dressed up ape??

    You remind me of Will Smith… vomit…

      • Nutjob,
        I was hoping someone with India’s looks and background would have something else between her ears. I am so very disappointed… I can’t associate trash, or couldn’t to date, with that image…
        Maybe I learnt something new.

        • You love her.tee hee Forgive her for letting your pretend memory be sold.Your fake memories now live on FR.
          Your vitriol smacks of a jilted lover’s attempt at revenge.
          Or is this a British royalty thing?

          • Jilted lover’s revenge? We lead such massively different lives, Nutjob. My point had nothing to do with your understanding of it.

            We’re just on completely different wavelengths. As with the Duke of York being scapegoated by a door mat (her puppeteers in fact) to deflect attention from who knows how many hundreds of criminals hiding behind political, business and religious titles, contacts, tax haven bank accounts and such…

            Yes, I know… now I’m a serial killer… animal molester… child rapist… hater of “God”… Down’s syndrome sufferer… on and on…


          • What’s a Duke of York? Is that like if Laettner had been drafted by the Knicks? Or Coach K playing in a Final Four game at Madison Square Garden?

            I don’t think any of those things about you. But I do think you take your glove to the game. And I do think you’d blush if a female would ever make eye contact.

          • Nutjob?

            Can you just outline how you ‘ve been imagining me strangling you when you lie flat staring at the ceiling in almost total darkness with only the pale moonlight visiting your deathly silent room?

            I am not allowed to reply to your last post below so I’m doing it here! 😒

      • to Anon…,

        The two character traits can easily coexist. Most likely we have been raised in very different environments hence the different stance. Not insinuating negativities.

  • “One of the things that any kind of a controlling group will do is polarization. … There’s us and there’s them. And your mom was not only just them but she was enemy number one.”

    This is also what abusers do. Polarization and isolation so that they can control and manipulate the child(ren).

  • Actually, all these ‘survivors’ of NXIVM have serious psychological deviations, not because they underwent brainwashing. Keith Raniere was, in fact, just a concave mirror reflecting what they already had in their twisted minds. That’s why they ended up there and only left to preserve their public identities, but they never really ‘got out of there.’ That’s why they now make a living from it, giving talks, offering courses, and trying, in some way, to create their own cults. I can imagine the inner emptiness that Nicki and Allison must be feeling after renouncing their master. They’ll likely try to compensate for it soon, I believe, by joining forces to give interviews, write books, and offer ‘deprogramming’ courses, like the deceitful Sarah. Look at Mark, he helped create that monster, that despicable figure of Keith, and now he wants to appear as a ‘savior,’ isn’t that ironic? Look at India, poor thing, her face seems disturbed. Everyone, without exception, exhibits a high degree of psychopathy.

  • This is a façade. This woman was never healed. Just look at her eyes. She’s worn out. The drugs, her relationship with her mother. The display of her body… Desperate attempts to replicate what she once had and has now lost. There’s a serious disconnect between everything she says and does.

    • You have a guess as to what’s going on inside her head. I’m guessing you swing without your hands touching and your elbow pointing at the sky.

  • Nipples and psychedelics oh my. From one extreme to the next . Take psychedelics to reprogram that’s hilarious. She is very sexy for 32??

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