Matthew, 16, Writes to Judge O’Neill – Don’t Try to Force Me, I Am Not Going Back to My Abuser

Matthew ambrose

Matthew Ambrose, 16, lives with his maternal grandfather in Rhode Island. From infancy until he was 13, he lived with his mother, Karen Riordan, a certified special education teacher, and his siblings, Mia (16), and Sawyer (13).

In April 2020, his father, Christopher Ambrose, gained custody after a CT Family Court ruling, forcing the traumatized children to live with their father for three years.

This year, Matthew, Mia, and Sawyer fled back to their mother.

Despite their wishes, Ambrose sought a restraining order against Riordan in CT Superior Court, alleging her coercive influence on the children.

Judge Thomas J. O’Neill held hearings without letting the teens testify – and then issued restraining orders against the mother.

Still, the teenagers preferred not to live with their father. Instead, they went to their grandfather’s in Rhode Island.

Judge O’Neill set a hearing for September 1st to rule on Ambrose’s request to force them back.

Ambrose claims coercion, while Matthew expresses his desire through a letter to Judge O’Neill.

The reason I have a copy of this letter is that Matthew emailed it to me, hoping I would publish it. He texted me to let me know he sent it to the judge.

Ambrose told Judge O’Neill that Frank Report harmed the teens by writing about them. He also told the judge that Matthew has stopped taking his psychiatric medicine since running away from him.

I received this text from Matthew last month.

By Matthew Ambrose

To the Honorable Judge O’Neill,

My name is Matthew Ambrose. I am writing you to prevent further harm from being done to me and my siblings.

From April 24, 2020 to May 22, 2023 I was forced to live with Chris Ambrose, where I was isolated from all of our family, depressed, failing academically and suicidal.

I am writing to you in hopes of telling you that my mother has never abused me, and Chris has lied to you and tried to silence us for years.

He has claimed that my writing is not mine, and has tried to say that I am easily manipulated; that is not even close to the truth, which I am here to provide to you.

It is correct that I am no longer taking medication, but the reason for not taking them is completely different than what Chris is telling you.

I have willingly chosen not to take my medication. My medication was for anxiety and depression, however, since running away I have not felt depressed, the only anxiety I feel is when Chris threatens to force us back with him and when he emails me lies.

Chris Ambrose

Chris criticizes me for not speaking to DCF or the cops without my attorney, saying things such as “The only people who ask for an attorney in those situations don’t want to give the truth,” whereas he just got a new attorney.

He makes statements like these purely for intimidation.

Before I ran, Chris failed to noticed that I had not been taking my medication since around January. I have a drawer full of medication that is months old. Capsules and tablets dating back to (Dec 2022). when I was in IOP [Intensive Outpatient, a group therapy program].

Chris claims that he was not aware that I was getting high to cope with the emotional pain of his abuse. However, the smell of weed surrounding the house at night would say otherwise.

From my room to Mia’s room downstairs, the smell of weed crept through the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living room where Chris slept. On one occasion, Chris had found the drawer that I kept my drugs in, removed everything and put it in a paper bag which he kept downstairs.

He didn’t say anything to me about it until Erin Corbett had to come to the house to talk to me about drugs. I was high all the time. I got high when I woke up, I got high before I went to sleep, I was high when I had to do IOP,

Mia, nearly 17, ran first.

I was high when the cops came when Mia ran, I was high when [DCF worker] Nancy Stewart came to the house, I was high when Erin talked to me about not doing drugs. Mia and I started getting into drugs in 9th grade because after making reports of his abuse many times, only to be forced back with Chris, we felt trapped and hopeless.

Chris is a practiced liar and we were always worried because he is so convincing. But we have evidence of severe abuse throughout our three years trapped with him.

Kiersten Capotorto and Bridget Torres from ICAPS [Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services], who I have been seeing since April 26th, have also noticed a significant difference in my appearance, attitude and overall wellbeing since running away.

From “hood always on,” and “I could barely hear you talk,” to “a whole different person” should speak volumes about how miserable I was, compared to how well I am thriving right now since I’m back with my mom where we always should have been. They have both said how much different I am with my mother compared to when I was at Chris.

Chris claims that our mother has made us cut contact with him, however that is not the case.

Matthew with his mother, Karen.

He is the one who cut contact with all of my family. Chris has a history of using our phones and Wi-Fi as a weapon against us.

Anytime we would report abuse, it’s either “I’m turning off your Wi-Fi,” or “I’m cutting off your phone.”

We had no access to phones for a year after Mia and Sawyer reported sexual abuse that did occur. He has been doing this for years, even cutting off Mia’s Wi-Fi, so she couldn’t attend her online classes during Covid.

We have evidence of all of our claims and worked hard to do this, with the hope one day we would be free and our truth would be heard, and Chris’s lies would no longer silence us. That day has come and now he’s doing everything he can to take it from us.

Even after we each executed our plans to leave, Chris continues to use the police and DCF as weapons to intimidate us. My siblings and I have contacted various media outlets to share our story because he won’t stop with the lies and we need to protect ourselves.

There is a national media news source that is going to release a story to protect us from Chris, but I don’t know the release date, so we need your help Judge O’Neill.

We need to stay with our mother and have chosen not to see him because of the abuse and trauma he’s put all of us through.

We have each communicated this to him many times.

One of those media outlets happens to be Frank Report, which Chris claims to have “ruined our lives,” when that is not true. Chris has tried to say that my depression was from the articles that Frank Parlato put out, and that the reason that Mia got into a fight is because of Frank, which is both untrue.

I was depressed because I was ripped away from my mother on April 24, 2020. I was depressed because Chris would say that my mother is “crazy,” “sick,” and any other words of negativity.  I was depressed because he took everything I loved away from me, and cut out everyone who loved us.

Chris claims that Mia got into a fight because of Frank Report, and that there was people chanting about it, which is obviously not true, and we have evidence to prove so. We filed in juvenile court because Chris would not agree to let us go and we could not take it anymore.

We had tried to escape his control when we were first forced to be with him.

Ambrose wants the judge to force the kids back to his home in Madison, CT.

You cannot return us to Chris. I am in fear of my siblings mental and physical health. I am disturbed by the thought that my sister could start cutting again, that she would go back to coping with alcohol, or even end up dead. I cannot have my brother cutting again, and living with constant stress and fear, and I will not go back to using drugs to cope with everything. We all have varying nightmares but the theme–that Chris will capture us and trap us in his care again– is the same.

Chris Ambrose fought for the arrest of the mother of his children…

Chris is a very dangerous person. I am not going back to a house where he will threaten me with 911, 211, DCF, and hospitals. I do not want a person in my life who constantly threatens and says the police will come and “take me in a stretcher” to the hospital. I am not sick. My mother is not sick. Neither are Mia and Sawyer. Chris is the only sick one among us. We are telling the truth. Chris is not.

The three teens were happy and healthy away from their father. Judge Thomas O’Neill is asked to consider their happiness.

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  • Serve the interest of justice and public by resolving matters brought before it in fair, timely efficient open manor.

  • More of a man at 17 than your adoptive father will ever be.

    I hope you find your birth family (if you choose). I imagine your innate insights and ability to stand up to adversity may come from them.

    Regardless you’re a strong, intelligent young man. Move as far away from him as possible and begin anew.

  • Ambrose- you make a mockery of the Justice system by your fraudulent application for an RO when none is needed.

    You are a sick man who abuses the system- and laws designed to protect those who need protection.

    You should lose your law license for this.

  • Ambrose was looking for a legal tool to force teens from moms home. He didn’t care what it was or who it impacted.

    When the Madison PD told him what they’d need to physically remove the kids Chris evaluated the options.

    First he claimed custodial interference. Not appreciating that teens can go from one home to another without the assistance of a parent, he failed in trying to get mom arrested on false charges.

    Then he filed ex-parte orders of custody- when he still had custody the kids just refused to be under his control any longer.

    Then he tried contempt for failing to follow orders of a case that’s on appeal. The trial judges put that on hold when they learned his only desire was to incarcerate the mother.

    And finally he triumphed with a bogus RO that went against his teens expressed wishes, where there was no abuse.

    Ambrose exploits everyone – and uses restraining orders designed to protect those in danger – to regain dominance and control over teens that have had enough.

    The coercive control he claims against the mom is exactly what he is using to dominate and isolate his kids.

    • Judge Rodriguez and Judge Nieves were good and smart enough to see what he did and tried to do via “family court”.

      In a hypothetical Connecticut grand jury trial to address perpetrators and accomplices in those crimes (hypothetical because Mr. Adelman doesn’t care for grand juries in Connecticut):

      Ms. Grossman would be guilty.
      Mr. Adelman would be guilty.
      Mr. Moukawsher might be guilty.
      Mr. O’Neill might also be guilty.

  • So proud of you Matthew! Your Westport friends are pulling for you. This is awful and must end. We know you and your mom and this is tragic. Happy you’re standing tall!

  • Thank you Matthew Phillips! We need more attorneys like you fighting for our rights!

    Let’s stop acting like any of this is legal! Is child stealing and child abuse!

    August 24, 2023 at 9:03 am
    by T. Matthew Phillips, Attorney-at-Law
    U.S. Supreme Court Bar No. 317048

    A proposed BILL to ensure the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of PARENTS are honored and protected in the nation’s FAMILY COURTS.

    The 14th Amendment guarantees “liberty,” which includes the People’s right to raise children; this fundamental right to parent includes the right to care, custody, and control of one’s children; so too, children enjoy an accompanying right, i.e., the right to be parented by their natural parents.
    All parents are presumed fit. No court may restrict or terminate a parent’s custodial rights unless there is first a fitness trial — where the state proves child abuse or neglect by clear and convincing evidence, i.e., which can be objectively verified without resort to judicial discretion.
    A properly noticed fitness trial must include: (i) notice to the accused parent concerning the factual allegations of child abuse or neglect, and (ii) an admonition that, if the accused parent is found unfit — based on clear and convincing evidence — the state may restrict or terminate that parent’s custodial rights.
    Fit parents are presumed to act in the best interests of their children; absent findings of unfitness, equal protection demands that two fit parents share equal and undivided custodial rights.
    A child’s best interests reside with fit parents; absent findings of unfitness, the state may not enter the private family realm. No court has legal authority, (“jurisdiction”), to determine a child’s best interests — unless both parents are deemed unfit after a properly noticed fitness trial.
    Unless there is actual harm to a child — meaning abuse or neglect as defined by black-letter law — a parent’s bad behavior or felonious misconduct provides no legal basis to restrict or terminate custodial rights. No court may restrict or terminate custodial rights as punishment for misconduct against any person, including the other parent.
    All orders restricting or terminating custodial rights must include strict scrutiny analyses, i.e., was the custody order narrowly tailored to effectuate a compelling gov’t interest?—and, did the court employ the least-restrictive means of effectuating that interest?
    The First Amendment guarantees a fundamental right to familial association — including the right to private speech with one’s children. No court may impose time, place, or manner restrictions on a parent’s right to free speech with a child, (e.g., at supervised visits), unless that parent is found unfit.
    All temporary custody orders must have expiration dates; temporary custody orders with no expiration dates are null and void. No temporary order restricting custodial rights shall remain in effect longer than 60 days, after which: (i) the order must expire, or (ii) a fitness trial must commence.
    All parents in domestic proceedings are presumed innocent of criminal accusations unless or until the state, in a criminal proceeding, proves guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, pursuant to a criminal complaint, (“indictment”). No court may sua sponte conclude that a parent committed a crime.

    • This will not solve the uneithical conduct of the court appointed psychologist and alienation industry. Financially driven to discredit ligitimat aligations of abuse. It doesn’t solve the lopsided gender bias court system fueled by fatherhood funding. Billions of funding for the federal welfare reform running the courts. There is a big problem in the United States covering up crimes against women and children. When we have a legislator reporting an attempted sexual assault and the attorney general’s office attempts to turn it into a hate crime for the public we have big issues going on in Connecticut.

  • I’d be proud to have a kid like Matthew. I’d be ashamed to face a dad like Chris Ambrose. How stupid is Ambrose. Matthew will be 18 very soon and then there is nothing more Ambrose can do. The time is not for his coercion of his son. The time has come for him to make amends.

  • These hardships have built a powerful voice in this young man. Any court that ignores this damning testimony it showing their very corrupt hand in these never ending crimes against the American family. CT court actors, Chris Ambrose, are you starting to get the sense that the gig is up? The rate at which this corruption is being exposed; family court, the CT judicial system, the CT FBI, you guys will be lucky if you just land in jail for the rest of your lives and not hang. I pray karma backhands you in equal measure.

  • It would appear there are some judges in the state of Connecticut who need their heads surgically removed from their ass.

  • Frank, keep posting article like the one you did on the evil bitch Melissa Needles. We need to continue to show a pattern in the state of Connecticut . The leader, the head of the snake.

    • We’re you a victim of Melissa Needle, 5:36 am?
      Do you personally know someone who was a victim of Melissa Needle?

      If not, what research have you done — maybe something you can post here? — which proves she is “The leader, the head of the snake.”?

        • Thanks to the Connecticut State Judicial Branch website, court filings showing blatant family court corruption are online in e-files for anyone to see. Look up the Tracy Do family court cases in Westport.

          Attorneys in those tragic Westport, Connecticut “family court proceedings” asked a judge to order that mother to pay $10,000 a month rent to live in her home. Seems she couldn’t take the pressure, poor thing.

          Anyone who cares about the future of the state can go to any courthouse to read any family court file — unless it’s sealed as Chief Court Administrator Elizabeth Bozzuto sealed her family court case. Dumbed down and/or compromised pretty much sums up the most significant American politics today.

          The people of Connecticut and the people of other states are now helpless. Not enough good-willed people can muster enough strength, will and intelligence to do anything about the family court corruption after decades of “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America”.

          The few with enough brain cells must step forward to save the rest before it’s too late.

        • Unfortunately, according to all Connecticut government offices, the teenagers must respect, agree with and participate in his lifestyle — under penalty of law.

  • Miss Chris You are a sag hag. Looks like you have diaper rash on your face. Pasty and pink, what a treat. Not! Leave the kids alone douchey!!

  • Matthew -Chris is a coward. A dog and a liar. Tell him I said so. You on the other hand are brave noble and daring. god bless you.

    • And, I f Mr. O’Neill catches a cold, Judge Nieves can hear the motion Friday morning and do what’s right. says:

      Interesting. I’ve been thinking Matthew is “noble” too but I didn’t want to type “noble” thinking that would look too awkward. It’s definitely true, though. Matthew is most definitely acting like a noble young man.

      (Great work, Mom. You raised three wonderful people.)

      If the crooks in Connecticut family court step away from the case now and stop damaging those lives, the damage done can be quickly repaired.

  • Let me get this straight. Tara, Sawyers birthmother has a relationship with her child. Out of concern she drives 14 hours to see her child and files a motion with the court – she uses the appropriate legal means to protect her child and this is the fault of Riordan?

    Can she brainwash everyone? Or is Ambrose dismissing the judgement and competence of birthmother Tara Southern?

    It seems the court used Tara’s action of redress against Riordan also. Ambrose plays the blame game and pays millions for attorneys to promote it against pro-se mom.

    It seems Ambrose is threatened by everyone. Karen’s bad. Tara’s bad. Mia’s bad. The extended family is bad. Aunty Easter baskets is bad. Frank is bad.

    Ambrose must sue everyone that is bad. Sad. Bad. Threatened. Dad.

    • Got some really good points on the situation. Everyone else can see the best interest of the children. These judges are acting in the best financial interest of the state.

      • “judges are acting in the best financial interest of the state”

        Where can we find that information?

  • Hypocrisy of Ned Lamont:

    “Our court system works best when it reflects the diversity, experience, and understanding of the people it serves. These individuals I am nominating have the qualifications that meet the high standards the residents of Connecticut deserve on the bench. Justice delayed is justice denied, and these new judges will help ensure the judicial branch is able to decide cases promptly and efficiently,” noted Governor Lamont in a March press release.

    Really? O’Neill has an understanding that he wants to make Cuda happy and drag out a pointless RO hearing for over two days to collect big bucks from dummy Ambrose.

    And he joined in the sport of abusing mothers deprived of life savings and children.

    Ned Lamont is not what CT needs. Not with his judgment. O’Neill needs to step down.

    • The government of Connecticut is not concerned with the citizens of it’s state. It’s concerned with it’s financially benefits to itself. People must read through the collective bargaining agreements. As well as the protection of state employees no matter how much harm they cause. Family court has been a hot topic years. AFCC crimes against the residents in the state have gone unpunished long enough. I was told Mimi Gonzalez was not well spoken. I watched the hearing from 2014. Mini speaks just fine. She speaks truth. Who kicked her off the judiciary committee and why?

      • Her testimony exposed too much. She went after Adelman. During her testimony she was parched from nerves- that’s how dangerous it can be.

        Even at adelmans reappointment hearing- when they priced he lied under oath, he was reappointed.

        Mini was part of the GAL task force investigation that exposed racketeering in family court. The AFCC was a business run by Adelman, Robert horwitz, sue coussineau, Bruce freedman and others. It was not legally registered as a business and they took millions and never reported or paid taxes in it.

        The GAL task force had Robert Horwitz and Sue Coussineau in charge- the fixes guarding the hen house- the criminals being investigated were at the helm of the investigation and fraud and corruption was still proven.

        Yet zero criminal accountability. None. Adelman stepped down as director of what proved to be an illegal business run through the courts.

        CT family court needs to be taken down by the people and the feds.

        These are not divorce/custody battles. These are crimes against humanity.

    • Ned Lamont, Susan Bysiewicz, Chris Murphy, Richard Blumenthal, Martin Looney, attorney general William Tong and the rest of the state elected officials in Connecticut are well aware of the fatherhood initiative federal government funding financially fueling custody battles. Millions maybe even billions being run through the state. It should not be any shocker. They are fully aware of the MOU and state legislation attached to federal funding for the fatherhood initiative federal welfare reform act. They are well aware of the access and visitation grant. They are focused on the sole benefits financially to the state. They are appointing judges to the bench that are working for the state. Not the best interest of the children or family’s effected by family court. Why do you think this is gone on for so long. Legalization of abuse and pedophilia for federal funding.

    • “The problematic Barrett letter”?

      “… The problematic Barrett letter arose from an exercise in comity. In the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1998-1999 term, Glover and Barrett were colleagues as holders of prestigious clerkships: Glover for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman to sit on the court, and Barrett for Antonin Scalia, the conservative icon. …”

      • Where’s all the comity been in the public-private partnerships of Connecticut AFCC, Inc. since 1984? says:


        Comity refers to courts of one state or jurisdiction respecting the laws and judicial decisions of other jurisdictions – whether state, federal or international – not as a matter of obligation but out of deference and mutual respect.

        In Constitutional Law, the enforcement of judgments between states in the United States is governed by the Comity Clause of the Constitution – Article IV, § 2, Clause 2.

        The first-filed rule, for instance, is a rule of comity for resolving conflicts of jurisdictions where parallel actions are filed in different federal district courts. If two or more substantially identical actions are proceeding in different courts, the court with the action that was filed later should defer to the jurisdiction of the court with the action that was filed first by dismissing, staying, or transferring the later-filed suit.”

  • Hi Matthew! I’ve been following your story and just wanted to say, most of all that I’m so sorry for everything you are going through. Your situation seems pretty bad. I lived through something similar. The details are a bit different but the elements and types of players are the same.

    I assume you’ve read my posts to Mia and hope you know I understand the pain and alienation you guys have probably been feeling. But, I see your pictures and think, wow! You guys have the most beautiful smiles! All three of you! And it’s funny to me how you look alike even though you’re not biologically related! Your story has captured my heart. I hope you don’t mind if I share a few thoughts?

    First of all? This psychiatric outpatient treatment thing? I think you might be in the wrong group. You may have heard me telling Mia not to be afraid of social workers, especially at your age and Matthew? I meant what I said. If you’re telling me that your anxiety and depression is linked to the emotional harm Chris has caused? I believe you!!! I was in a situation exactly like this. I was made to take antidepressants and they didn’t fix anything. It didn’t do anything to improve my social and emotional health.

    I know what it’s like to be 14, 15, 16 years old and learning that adults didn’t know as much or were not as omnipotent or powerful or as right as you thought.

    I hope you know that I believe in you, Matthew. You are amazing! Thank you for sharing your story. It warms my heart and I believe good things are on the way for you and all your loving family!

    • These are the positives and empathy these teens need and deserve! Thanks for posting! Couldn’t agree more.

  • Governor Lamont- Where the hell are you and why are you taking no action? We have kids having to flee across the border because their rights in family court have been so egregiously violated.

    You appointed O’Neill in May 2023. Is this the Justice you want for our state? To abuse women and children? To deny their right to be heard under Jennifer’s Law PA 21-78?

    Did you endorse that law for DV so attorneys can twist it and victimize the innocent?

    O’Neill was your choice. He has no business being in family court. His ruling is an embarrassment to out state. And an insult to all people who actually need restraining orders!!

    Shane on Lamont for endorsing this abusive Judge O’Neill. His ruling is an atrocity to these teens and all contains of domestic violence!

  • This is about the right to redress grievances. As a teacher and parent we raise youth to believe in our government-and our constitutional right to be heard.

    These teens are told and labeled as victims of the mother from whom they sought safe harbor.

    They now cannot contact their mother because a judge silenced them, and gave a restraining order the teens do not want or need. It subjects them to further harm and distress.

    Let them be heard!!

    The restraining order and name of case isn’t PPA Ambrose vs Riordan-

    His name has disappeared. His hand in this mockery of Jennifer’s Law is concealed from.public view.

    The trickery he has used to manipulate the court results in false orders of these teens against their mother- that they wanted, and applied for such a heinous order.

    This is a violation of human rights.

  • When a judge refuses to hear the testimony of the alleged victims the public should be outraged.

    • Ambrose write for that show. Since fired and rejected from Hollywood he’s devoted his days to writing a script – rewriting this family’s history to make himself the devoted father who frees his children from the alienating mother.

      The concept of parental alienation has been wholly rejected by the UN and determined to be a tool for abusers in family court.

      If only Ambrose did t get fired… he’d be happily off living his life in Hollywood living god knows where and doing who knows what.

      Only Hollywood writer that lives in CA for three years and allegedly has no residence. Foolish wife. What were you thinking?

      • Only thing dad writes now is this dumb story to the court- who he had to pay no -one in Hollywood wants to pay him for his story -so he had to find someone -now the only thing is -it’s not even interesting -it’s mediocre -this shit happens all the time -usually much worse abuse -but because he was mildly well known b or c lister -the story stood out -which good because kids were being abused and don’t deserve it -and it was horrid and the court is corrupt but if he wasn’t a used up Hollywood player the public sheep might not have originally paid much notice now Frank pathed way to show how twisted the legal labyrinth is
        Give kids a break Chris Ambrose just stop and start a YouTube channel called plagiarism for dummies teach people how to not get caught by your years of experience sure you just hid your other slimy secrets that one just was too greasy to stay under the table cloth

  • Chris- Remember, your community’s police force has many other important tasks. The role of a police officer is to keep the community safe.

    Calling the police to your home to scold your child prevents them from doing their job.

    Calling the police to “escort” you around town to threaten your children is sadistic.

  • I will lend you for a little time a child of mine he said. To love and care for until our relationship is dead. Do not be angry when I send the attorney to gather them for me. I bought and paid for the right to keep them solely for me.

  • Irregardless of public opinion these children are hurting. This tug of war is causing harm.The children want to be able to have a relationship with the mother. The best interest of children has been made a complete judicial joke. Karen Riordan is not practicing witch craft or voo doo. These are off drugs and living in peace at the moment. Forcing them back is going to cause harm. Chris if you care about these children you wouldn’t seek to have their mother tossed in jail. You continue to try to control the situation. Please do not continue to abuse these children.

  • Demonic birds of a feather flock together. All prayers to YAHUAH to put those dear children of His, the Creator, in the love and protection of a real loving home (NOT to the inverted and twisted Cambrose) and NOT back to the evil dark forces of the maritime/admiralty courts/banks that yield such tyranny among the innocent -treating them only as “goods” in their world of demonic commerce. All darkness and word spells of the administrator “O’Neil” (as there have been NO Judges in America since 1786) be silenced. Praise to the Most High Father that his love will shine and shower these children and surround them it’s protection against the Brothers of Saturn and fraternal orders of darkness.

  • JD

    This whole process is absurd that a teenager cannot in confidence convey to his therapist and the courts that his Father is an abusive parent. People believe that the child protective services and family court make the correct decisions to place children in the hands of the safest environment and with the most responsible parent. The actions of these professionals only depicts what a sham the whole process is and essentially allows one of the parents to pay them off. This young man was brave enough to convey his thoughts and fears and the courts saw fit to toss these children back into the lions den. The whole process and the way that Karen Riordan and her children have been abused and neglected by this process is disturbing and irresponsible and everyone involved in these decisions should be held accountable, lose their jobs and be brought up on charges. The whole situation amounts to forced child abuse which will have long lasting psychological damage. Continuing to shake my head and have no confidence in our justice system

    • It is because they are MINORS and WARDS of the STATE – signed over/registered by the Birth Certificate – it’s all CONTRACT – unbeknownst to most Americans. That is why C P S can come and yield their authority – as it’s been handed to them on a silver platter; albeit, via deception yet they have all contract with them. It’s all Maritime/Admiralty is NOT a court of JUSTICE. They are all about parasitic-evils that make MONEY via “charges” … it’s all business for them. The BAR is the British Accreditation Registry. There is NOTHING FAIR about “law”sayers and those demonic courts. Check out Jordan Maxwell….

      • “… In the United States, this procedure is administered by the individual U.S. states and their respective bar associations. In general, a candidate must graduate from a qualified law school and pass a written test: the bar examination. Almost all states use the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), a multiple-choice exam administered on one day of a two- or three-day test. An increasing number use the Uniform Bar Examination, which includes the MBE. In either case, on days during which the MBE is not administered, the bar exam may include questions related to that state’s laws. If the candidate reaches the score required by a particular state, the candidate is then admitted to the bar. A lawyer whose license to practice law is revoked is said to be disbarred.

        State bar associations may set additional requirements to bar admission such as trial and court observations, character and background screenings, or an additional examination on professional ethics …”

    • DCF has good people but plagued with issues and targeted individuals support those connected with the AFCC- highly lucrative practice of trafficking kids through family court.

      Gerard Adelman and Robert Horwitz were founding members and Directors of the AFCC- a business being operated within the walls of our family courthouse.

      They did not legally register. They took millions and never reported it as taxable income. GALs were handed cases and a cartel of judges, lawyers, and psychologists extended litigation, used kids as collateral, and auctioned to highest bidder. They give the loving parent no contact to conceal their evil deeds of blatant child abuse.

        • Those who know what happened in the NXIVM case know: New York AG offices ignored NXIVM crimes for twenty years.

          Those who know about the crimes in state “family courts” since the 1980s know: Connecticut AG offices ignored the AFCC, Inc. networks’ crimes since 1984.

          Whether you saw two alarms — or two Shriners’ hats guarding crimes and secrets of the Brotherhood — what do you know that we all should know that would save us all from this hell?

  • Powerful letter. Thanks for leading the way for so many kids that are in abusive situations.

    Sounds like you, Mia and Sawyer managed to stay bonded. That says a lot. Usually abusers are able to “triangulate” and put two against the third.

    Peace is coming. Your father needs to listen. Hope God helps him resolve the evil within. But that’s not your problem. It’s toxic for you.

    Live your life 👍🏽💪🏽

  • Matthew-

    Thanks for being so brave and telling how and why you guys got into drugs. It’s impressive you have such self awareness. You’re a great writer.

    Are you able to stay off the drugs? Try to stay clean. It’s great if you’ve been able to but if it’s too tough, get the help you need. It’s totally understandable but Ambrose will succeed in his undermining your health and happiness if drugs take over.

    Stand tall and proud. You’re a good man – more of a man at your age than Ambrose could ever be.

    • “Ambrose will succeed in his undermining your health and happiness if drugs take over.“

      Connecticut Governor Lamont will too.

      That’s probably one reason he wears “Owlsey Bear” belts and pushes pot on the youth in Connecticut. Many who crave power and control — in families or in politics — know that strong smart young people are a threat to their power and control.

      I’m praying those three wonderful teenagers will continue to make wise choices.

      They are all so smart and really good people.

  • Chris Ambrose is so sick that he has to force kids to live with him. Bet he never thought he’d grow up to be such a hero. I would be ashamed to force my teens to stay with me. I would try to make them want to stay with me. I would try being nice and kind and see if I could get them to want to spend time with me.

  • Kids shouldn’t be allowed to send letters to the judge. Neither should the mother. The father speaks for them. Children and mothers should be seen and not heard.

    • Is that you Gerard Adelmonster? Or Jocelyn Hurwitz? Sue Coussineau? Janis Laliberte? Or the other GALs from hell?

      Are you trying for another Catherine Kassenoff by eliminating this mother for the second time?

      Good v Evil

  • I am so bewildered and amazed at the negative comments against these children. How can their mother be coaching them when she cant see them or even talk to them. As far as Chris being lonely, he wasn’t all that lonely the years he spent away from them in California leaving Karen to raise the kids by herself. Now he wants to make people to believe he is doing the best thing for them when all he really wants is to get the 13 year old back so he can continue to molest him, and if you don’t think that is happening you are the fool he is fooling. These kids are telling the truth, but as the old saying goes MONEY TALKS!

    • Karen never stopped talking to the kids. She talked to them and she also put heinous lies about the dad all over the Internet for the kids to see. And she made sure they saw it.

      • Shut up Chris. May you crash and burn equal to the destruction you have leveled on these innocence children you swore to protect. You are the lowest example of humanity, if you are even human, which I suspect you are not. May you rot alone for the rest of your miserable days.

        • I hate to break it to you, but the majority of people are on Chris’ side. The only people who aren’t on Chris’s side have been lied to and manipulated here at the Frank report. Most of the comments here don’t reflect reality. It’s Karen’s little echo chamber.

          • Can you list any on your “side” who aren’t part of the political …religious …cultural… and business networks trying to destroy families and children in for-profit purposefully adversarial mandatory “family court” proceedings?

    • He was lonely when he lived in Hollywood. That’s why he came back. He came back to be with his beautiful children. Karen took them. away. He cried and cried. He was so sad. Finally he could not besr being away from his children any more. He begged the court to bring his loved ones home.

      It is a happy ending but then Karen forced the little children to leave the only one who ever loved them. He gave up his successful career in Hollywood to come to them and Karen broke up a happy home.

      Judge O’Nell the only solution is to put Karen in jail until the kids are 18.

  • Why doesn’t anybody care about the dad. How lonely he must be without he three little ones he raised who now don’t want him anymore.

  • No kid says that. Mommy lured them back with the promise of no curfews and Driver’s Ed. Doesn’t that sound better than living with the parent who set boundaries, didn’t permit 23 year old to commit statutory rape on his daughter, prohibited bedroom door locks, and will not sign off on a Driver’s permit until after the child proves they are responsible enough?
    We don’t know much about the behavior of mother, father, or brother but Mia, on the other hand, has completely laid bare just how rebellious she is. The more she says, the worse it’s gets. Did the 16 year old also sneak the car out without dad knowing?
    Teenagers need their father’s discipline and strict boundaries, not their mother’s coddling. Leniency always sounds better than discipline. If Mia stays with the mother, I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets preggers by new year’s.
    Judges and social workers are trained to spot those who blame the parent for their poor behavior. It’s nothing new to hear a kid blame their drunk driving on the parent giving them permission to do so. Blame statutory rape on the parent who knew about it and let it it happen anyway. Claim their parents allow drugs in the house but yet somehow it only seems to go on in the nether regions of the basement after the parent is asleep. Again, judges and social workers are keen to this deception because they’ve heard it a zillion times before.

      • I can identify blatant lies and the difference between a teen’s writing and a woman’s without being their father. Those letters were not written by them.
        These kids will run roughshod through their mother who will never be able to enforce a curfew which is exactly the living situation all teens want. In six months she will be at her wits’ end and will…wait for it…..wait for it…..blame the father. Well, she sure as heck ain’t going to take accountability herself. We women are incapable of that.
        Mothers have zero authority over anyone over 12. Think she can stand at the door and stop them from leaving at midnight? Nope, only a man can do that. Without their father, these kids will be in a gang and pregnant within months and she will enable it.
        This is not a tough case to figure out.
        I come back to read the comments.

          • I have no clue about that. I just know women and kids and this case is easier than the Kassenoff case to figure out.
            Your readers are certainly a unique bunch. What’s puzzling is that it seems you haven’t figured it out yet. Really?

        • 1. “I have no clue about that.”

          2. “I just know women and kids and this case is easier than the Kassenoff case to figure out.”

          3. “Your readers are certainly a unique bunch.”

          4. “What’s puzzling is that it seems you haven’t figured it out yet. Really?“

    • Does that discipline include telling a 13 year old “you sit here by daddy and be still and quiet and let me touch your penis, cause that’s what daddy likes”. Don’t tell anyone

    • Chris do you have brown eyes? There’s an old saying you are so full of **** your eyes should be brown!

      • The kids want to live with their mother so they can get laid and stoned with no one stopping them. The mother won’t know what hit her. She’s in for a doozy with these kids who are no longer children. Yikes!
        This is not a hard case to figure out.
        But, keep the comments coming. I’m here for these glorious comments.

        • There is so much energy and detailed, well funded plans in place to end you Chris. Hope you are aware of the little universal truth of what goes around, comes around, bc there ain’t nothing stopping your takedown train little Chrissy. Hint: global humiliation is on the docket FOR SURE. Hahahaha. Get it? Docket? Thought you would enjoy that reference given that the legal system is your weapon of choice. Oh hey, do you read the Bible by chance? Remember what God said about hurting the little ones? Something about it better that you end up on the bottom of the ocean with a millstone tied around your neck.

    • Chris- your hate and inability to leave Mia alone is evident. This article and letter is about and by Matthew. Is Matthew lying too? We all know your call to Erin was to cover your ass. Leave your kids alone.

    • Did she lure them when she abandoned them? Chris writes that she abandoned them. He’s had them 24/7 for three years. Stop scapegoating the mother.

  • Judge O’Neil, these kids are testifying on social media platforms let them have their day in court. They are almost adults. Let them testify virtually from Rhode island.

  • Matthew’s letter said the father found the pot, took it, and then called in an expert to come and speak with Matthew about the dangers of drug use.

    So much for the narrative that Chris was a bad dad condoning drug abuse in his home.

    Kids! You don’t need to lie. you could just simply say I wanna live with my mom because I want to. You don’t have to make up lies to justify it. It is very easy to tell when someone is lying and it just makes it that much less likely that any judge would allow your mother to have custody when there is this evidence that she is coaching you all to lie against the dad.

    • No evidence Chrissy. You’re working hard now. All the kids lie Chris? Do their friends all lie too? Sawyer lies?

      Give it up.

    • Stop telling the kids they’re liars. Who the fuck gives you the right to do that? You know nothing. You are nothing.

  • Dad is dangerous because he “threatens” to get his son psychiatric care? The mother has so twisted their minds. I can understand if the kids would rather live with their mother. But framing the dad as dangerous is just ridiculous. And shows exactly how the mother has twisted their perception of reality.

    At least this letter sounds more like it was written by a 16-year-old. the one to Arcara was obviously not written by him. “I implore you…” etc. ?

  • You look happy in RI. Stay strong. Keep holding your ground. You express yourself really well. You will be heard. Sometimes it takes much longer than it should. ❤️❤️❤️

  • “I was depressed because he took everything I loved away from me, and cut out everyone who loved us.”

    How kids are forced to endure such trauma is unreal. Thank you for spot lighting what is happening in family courts.

    Ambrose is the one at fault here. This case was over long ago and he continued his destruction- He is a Hollywood career plagiarist. It is any wonder he was able to manipulate dcf and police?

    He’s a decades old con artist.

    Hoping j Oneill, like J. Wilson and J Nieves and J Rodrigues will see through him. Listen to these teens.

  • Out of all the judges, attorneys and psychologists practicing in Connecticut, only a few make most of the trouble for children and families in family courts.

    Among all the thousands of good licensed professionals, the worst of the worst “licensed professionals”show up again and again in all the nightmare “family court” cases. Political connections have covered for the crimes committed against children and families for the past several decades.

    Look at the Connecticut psychologists listed in chronological order according to when they received their licenses. Many psychologists promoting Dr. Richard Gardner’s theories today in Connecticut family courts were licensed in the 60s and 70s.

    Good judges, attorneys, psychologists, medical providers, social workers and law enforcement must provide the much-needed oversight and accountability for themselves and their colleagues. Dr. Richard Gardner was a twisted quack who provided oversight and accountability for the junk science of Alfred Kinsey. “Birds of a feather flock together.”

    Clean house. Drain the swamp. Be brave. Do something.

  • What a letter! So horrifying how this boy has been mistreated and abused by Chris Ambrose — and even more horrifying how O’Neill and the courts have facilitated and enabled this mistreatment and abuse. Matthew’s words couldn’t be clearer. It’s a grave injustice and a terrible threat to all of the kids if Ambrose is permitted to keep lying in court and controlling these kids against their obvious wishes to be with their mother, Karen Riordan. Matthew and his siblings must be heard in court. And if O’Neill doesn’t permit them to be heard, then he needs to be disbarred. The kids need to be heard, and they need to be where they want to be — with their mother who offers safe haven from the abusive and dangerous Chris Ambrose.

  • This type of story is heartbreaking. To watch rich, powerful people like O’Neill (rookie judge) just make arbitrary decisions regarding children that are NOT HIS!!

    The CT Family Child-Trafficking System is broken. Its beyond reform. The Feds need to investigate.

  • This brought me back to the NXIVM days, when a few started to break away from Keith’s grip and the Bronfmans filed lawsuits against everyone who escaped. For example:

    “We … have chosen not to see him because of the abuse and trauma he’s put all of us through. We have each communicated this to him many times. One of those media outlets happens to be Frank Report, which [Bronfman attorneys] claim to have “ruined our lives,” when that is not true. [Keith] has tried to say that my depression was from the articles that Frank Parlato put out …”

    Watch. Up next, in an emailed statement to Rolling Stone, Connecticut family court defense attorney, Susan Necheles, will write that The Connecticut Chapter of AFCC, Inc. did nothing wrong. “Connecticut family court was not a criminal enterprise but instead was an organization that helped thousands of people,” she will write. “The charges against Jane Grossman, Jocelyn Hurwitz, Gerard Adelman, Robert Horwitz, Sidney Horowitz and Lynda Munro are the result of government overreaching and charging individual with crimes just because the government disagrees with some beliefs taught by Dr. Richard Gardner and held by Jessica Biden-Caverly and Bruce Freedman.”

    It’s all happening just like Frank Parlato predicted:

    “Like the NXIVM case, the feds from another district may have to intervene once they realize the enormity of this conspiracy and the coopting of local authorities.”

  • White, affluent, highly educated well-spoken white man overrides anything brown children report.

    He likely overrides what a white child will report but definitely supersedes words of a brown or black child.

    I’m a brown man. I know. Proud of you Matthew. We are united. Keep the faith.

  • Brave and articulate young man. You matter. I’m sorry so many were deceived by appearances but thankful you and your siblings are strong. You are people. You have rights. Thank you for sharing your story and standing up to tell your truth. Such cruelty. But you will heal and be stronger than ever.

  • End this nightmare for these kids. How loud mist they shout to just live with those they love.

    I’m so sorry Matt that you’ve been put through such he’ll at such a young age. But you’re a young man now. You’re strong and brave. Thank you for telling the world the truth.

    Often times judges don’t get the full story. It’s absurd it takes a judge to set you free.

    Perhaps your father will realize you are not his possession and if he lets you live as you want that in the future maybe you’ll meet again.

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