Dossier Slaves Answer Question: Can Men and Women Be ‘Just Friends’?

In Part 3 of their video series on ‘Friendship,’ the Dossier Project answers the question: “Can men and women be ‘just friends’?”

The six women are the last of the once-105-member DOS sorority.

Raniere, their Grandmaster, is currently in prison for sex trafficking and racketeering – which included predicate acts, child exploitation, and possession of child pornography. 

Though he denies it, a jury convicted Raniere of photographing and storing 22 explicit photos of one of his female friends – then-15-year-old Camila.

The jury also believed Raniere withheld the immigration documents of her sister, Daniela – another female friend – causing her to remain confined in her bedroom for almost two years for the “ethical breach” of having a friendship with another man she kissed.

Daniela said the kiss provoked Raniere’s jealousy, requiring her penance in her bedroom.

Keith Raniere with another one of his female friends, Nancy Salzman.

Kristin Keeffe, another one of Raniere’s female friends, observed that in the 22 years she knew him, Raniere never had a friendship with a woman with whom he did not have sex. 

Raniere with another one of his female friends, Toni Natalie

Once a female friend complied, Raniere insisted she could only have sex with him for the rest of her life.

Several friends did not adhere to his demands, for which he punished the women through various methods.

Raniere generally kept a rotating group of 20-25 female friends – whom he called “partners.”  None of them were permitted to have sex with any man (or woman) but him.  

The six Dossier Project women are lifetime committed, fully-collateralized grand-slaves to their grandmaster, Keith Raniere.

The Slaves Answer the Question:

Can men and women be ‘just friends’?”

Linda Chung:

I think it’s possible. I think it’s complicated, and probably really maybe the only way that it could really work out is if two people maybe have absolutely no physical attraction, felt anything for each other. That’s the only way I think it could work, like if they really just think of them maybe as brothers or, you know, brother-sister or something like that. I think.

Digest Version: Men and women can be just friends if there is no physical attraction.

Sahajo Haertel:

Yeah, so under certain circumstances, I think men and women can be friends. So if sex is totally off the table, then I think it’s possible.

For example, family members or if there’s a large enough age gap or if one of them is not straight. Other than that, I don’t know. I mean, my personal experience is that throughout my life, I’ve had a lot of male friends, often actually more male friends than female friends, but what ended up happening is that most of my male friends, at some point, declare to me that they were romantically interested in me and wanted some kind of a relationship with me.

I never asked them if that’s what sparked the friendship, like if that was there in the beginning, and that’s why they wanted to become friends with me. I don’t know, but yeah, I have a feeling that men and women often, the initial interest is kind of, you know, more of a visual, chemical one, like the chemistry. So I think a lot of times there’s basically just in a male-female dynamic, you know, one of the people might be interested in the other.

So, I don’t know, I really don’t know. I’d like to think men and women can be friends, just friends. But also, in my own experiences with most of those male friends or even my exes, as soon as the sex kind of was removed, that was no longer possible or like that was over, often the friendship ended. So unfortunately, I haven’t been able to maintain a friendship with my exes or, you know, past romances, anything like that, which I think is a shame….

Digest Version:

Every male friend wanted sex from me.

Danielle Roberts:

So the question is, can men and women be friends? And the first thought I had when I was asked this question is, well, can friends fuck? And if friends can fuck, why can’t men and women be friends?

Honestly, I think friendship has more to do with certain traits or certain values of honesty, vulnerability, trust, respect, then it has anything to do with gender. I think maybe being honest and vulnerable about our feelings around sex or attraction is more difficult, so it can make a friendship or an honest, vulnerable friendship between a man and a woman more difficult….

Digest Version:

Friendship is possible if we fuck.

Michele Hatchette

So, I used to think, like, oh, yeah, I’d just be like, I had a lot of guy friends. I was always like, not always, but like, I tend to be a guy’s girl. Like, I was very comfortable around boys if they were just there to be my friend.

But I also missed a lot of, like, as I got older, that maybe men didn’t just want to be my friends because I think women do friendships differently with each other, treat male friends like our girlfriends, which, without having the awareness of what we might elicit responses from them based on their drive or just being too nice or friendly.

Like, I’ve made the mistake a billion times just being nice, being friendly. But I wasn’t aware. So, as I have become aware and when I wanted to have friendships with certain men, I’ve had to just be really upfront and straightforward.

Like, I’m in a relationship or I’m not in a relationship, and this is just friendship for me. This is how I do friendship. I’m very open. I invite you over to my house. But it’s not because I’m inviting you over to my house, you know what I mean? Like, that’s just how I am. So, I’ve just had to make people aware of how I roll so it’s not like they think it’s something that it’s not, you know? But before that, I mean, a whole hot mess… Yes, but from what I’ve heard from men, you know, if they were given the chance, they wouldn’t be mad at the opportunity if they had it.

Digest Version: Men always want to have sex with me, so I have to be upfront about whether sex is possible.

Leah Mottishaw

You know, I’ve been thinking about it, and the people I really would like to talk to, to untangle this and clarify a little bit, is a pair of friends, male-female friends, where both parties are gay.

So, the woman is attracted to other women, men are attracted to other men. So, therefore, their friendship is not influenced or muddied by any kind of biological, pheromonal attraction on that level. So, what remains is an example of what two humans of opposite sexes are like when they’re friends without all that extra influence.

Digest Version: Men and women can be just friends if they’re both gay.

Angelica Hinojos

… I used to think it was possible, and you know, I didn’t recognize any of their emotions, any of their, their, our emotions, our feelings, you know, our sexuality, our hormones.

There’s just a bunch of things that I didn’t consider in the past, that now it’s such a different thing for me because – and it’s a cool experience – because I feel like I’m able to see them more when they open up. They’re like, yeah, no, it’s pretty rough. Like, they do have a very, you know, high drive sexually. And, you know, for women, it’s a little bit different. For women, it seems that it’s a little bit more like, yeah, maybe here. Yes, some people, yeah. Some women, yeah. Some women are like in the middle. But for them, it’s gotta definitely be challenging on what they’ve, they’ve shared. It is challenging for them to just be friends, right?

Also, understand and recognize that there is an instinct, and there’s, we’re not animals, and we can definitely, you know, do something with it and I don’t know, I just want to say, I guess, like, I want to say that it is possible, but you have to take into consideration the reality of things, and I think when you do that, it is really beautiful because then you can both see each other as who you are and what’s part of you, you know, you’re not your body, but it is part of you. Yeah I do think they can, they can be. It just takes a lot more work, a lot.

Digest Version: 

It takes a lot of work, because my male friends want to have sex with me.


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  • Rolling Stone actually followed the DOS sex-cult pretty closely. This article has some insightful testimony from an The Groomer herself: Lauren Salzman. A Squarefoot loyalist until the bitter end.

    Lauren’s mother served her up to Raniere for sex and slavery. Lauren was ready to take a bullet for Squarefoot when the Federales picked his ass up in Mexico.

  • Al (10:02),

    Danielle only kissed Vanturd. So, not all Dossier slept with him. The rest, really not sure if they slept with him or not, but assuming they did.

    These women keep claiming they will “tell our story”, but its been nothing coherent to date. They basically put out these videos, but do not talk about any of the unanswered questions. We can only really rely on the court testimony from Lauren “Groomer” Salzman and the victims.

    From the testimony, it appears the ultimate goal was to have 1000 full time DOS Masters and Slaves: all subservient to Vanturd. All branded with his initials. All on call to please and fulfill his sexual desires. Dani Padilla was building a torture dungeon for those who stepped out of line. Stepping out of line could be anything Keith deemed an ‘ethical breach’. The punishment could be whippings, beatings, and other forms of physical and pschological torture.

    Pretty lofty goal for a guy with square feet…

  • In a related story, Bill Clinton, Hugh Hefner, Nick Cannon and Wilt Chamberlain all state to not be in the mood.

  • Bunch of real sharp thinkers there. Very articulate, too.

    “Uh, well it’s kinda like, y’know, maybe… or not… it’s like it kinda depends y’know?

    No wonder these idiots needed Vanguard to do their thinking for them.

  • Wasn’t it one of the wisdoms that Vanguard taught that men only want sex from women and that’s all they think about (especially Raniere)?

    Today we know that these six women internalized Vanguard’s teachings. They were his best and most learned students. It is a pity that life did not teach them better, then they would have known that Vanguard’s teachings were wrong.

  • I’m legally stoned and loving this new episode of the ABC daytime show, The View. Whoopi Goldberg lost a lot of weight

  • Ah, Toni Natalie. You know what’s weird about cosmetic procedures? When people get plastic surgery, everyone looks shocked. But when people do Botox, nobody even raises an eyebrow.

  • Yes men and women can be friends – this sounds to me as if youve been programmed to believe – All men are sexual predators at base and all women are both cause and target. Its a grim view. Maybe you all were educated in single sex schools and never had basic careers and jobs out in the world? Dont you have mates from school? work? Life in general?

    Most men and women know what it is to desire things from people they cant have. Most recalibrate and move on, no problem. I have male friends whose wits, courage, skills and all round greatness I couldnt do without. couldnt have done without as some of these are by now – old friends. We are all attractive enough to have partners, marriages kids etc..

    This is so sad and jaded. Very much the view of sexually abused women – sex workers particularly, often feel like this, and who can blame them?

  • RE These Latest Revelations from the Dossier Dingbats:

    It’s nice to know…..

    Danielle is DTF.

    Leah Mottishaw is asexual.

    Sahajo is a lesbo cut thru & thru.

    Hinjos is like “blah, blah, blah, I’m a moron.” She’s dumb even by Mexican standards.

    Michelle Hatchette likes to bang if you’re cool. She isn’t cognizant of the fact—nobody cool has ever wanted bang her alopecia ass.

    Linda Chung is like a true Asian, she’s incestuous.

    Keep in mind all of these women banged Vanguard and now have his cancer causing HPV variant. So if you get lucky and bang one of them— please double up on the condoms.

  • How grateful am I that these pulchritudinous sages have spared us further doctoral gender studies, and expanded so greatly on that old saw “philia” of C.S. Lewis’.

    I “look forward to (their) next syllable(s) with great eagerness.” (John Gielgud, as “Hobson” in “Arthur,” 1981).

    • 100%. He is featured on their website. They are all head-over-heels for Vanturd.

      Why? That’s anybodies guess… I assume they feel trapped, either by guilt, collateral, or just a stubborn reaction to knowing when you fucked up so bad, you just stay the course.

  • Frank, did all (6) of these women have sex with KR? If they were all on DOS they must have? Or did he not meet with them in time?
    Also, any updates on Nikki and Alison?

  • Yes. They’re truly lunatics if they have to have sex with any guy their friends with. They deserve Keith 🤮

  • So is this them admitting that they’ve ALL had sex with Keith? They all believe heterosexual men and women can’t be friends without sex coming into it, and they all have such a deep friendship with Keith…. I tell you one thing that is clear here about their sexual preferences: they all love a great mind fuck. Nobody who gets screwed by Keith gets away without having their brain scrambled and fried. I guess these six Dimwits of Satan walked away from their mind fuck saying, “Mmmmmm, that was delicious, having my brain cells shoved down deep to the acidic pit of my stomach. Tasty. Give me more!”

  • Great answers ladies. However, I disagree. I am 60 years old, was attractive (I have been told by both sexes), and have had several, long lasting, deep friendships with dudes. And they were not gay. Some were even attracted to me, and I them. You most of the time are attracted in some way, or you probably wouldn’t have sought them out, and vice versa. For me, we have been friends for nearly 50 years. It takes no work at all for us. There is a feeling like you are siblings. You can find that person completely gorgeous and the other way around, but there’s just something that is “wrong” in the physical attraction area. I just don’t think ya’ll have found that person. So when are we gonna see this wonderful women’s empowerment your promising? I don’t think I am alone in waiting to see how you’ll empowerment without using NXIUM tech. I know ya’ll have it in you. Drop your baggage. You have hurt many people and have never retracted your statements saying what liars all the people who have seen the light are. Let’s see what ya’ll can do on your own to show just how forgiving and ‘for your sisters’ you really are. Yes, time has passed and still not one of you have said anything or done anything to show you can think for yourselves. You still stick to the story that everyone but you lied. I am so willing, and I KNOW I am not the only one, to see your side of things if you just stop the lie thing. Try a different stance, cuz, this one is getting really old and tired. I don’t wanna sound harsh, but after 6 years, it is HIGH time ya’ll found a different row to hoe. I don’t think I am the only one who feels this way. Where’s your progress?

  • The experience for women, especially young women, is that you end up with a lot of false male “friends.” It’s like how a wealthy person never knows if their friends are true friends or just hanging around to get a piece of the pie. I had tons of male friends who I thought were close friends–we talked daily about everything and anything. But they all pretty much vanished from my life once I was engaged and married. I regretted not investing more time into my female friends, who generally don’t disappear once you’re no longer on the dating/casual sex market.

  • The idea that men and women can’t be friends unless one or both is gay or sex is involved is laughable. Of course they can. Jeez that’s like saying that gay people can only be friends with members of the opposite sex and bi and pan people can’t be friends with anyone. Not every person you want to meet (gay, straight, whatever), is going to want to be in your pants. And even IF you find your friend attractive it doesn’t mean you try and jump into bed with them. There’s a thing called restraint and human decency.

    I’m a lesbian. I have multiple women friends. In fact most of my friends are women. Do I want to jump into bed with all of them? No. Am I attracted to some of them? Yes. Am I going to make a move on them if it’s not mutual? No. I have a couple of good male friends who I know find me attractive who also know that they don’t have a chance with me. Does it bother me that they are attracted to me? No. Because they are decent human beings who bothered to have the conversation with me and say “hey so I need to get this off my chest and put it out there so it doesn’t become a thing.”

    I’m also open with my friends whom I find attractive. They know I’m not going to hit on them and you know what, for some of them it boosts their ego when they feel unattractive to be reminded that someone finds them attractive. It reminds them they may feel like no one could want them but actually there are people who do/will. This whole men and women can’t be friends things is BS.

  • My answer: Yes. Men and women can be just friends.

    What DOS do not understand is, most of us are not Keith Raniere. We can keep our hormones under control. Civilized people can have a bonded friendship while staying out of each others pants.

    I can only assume they assume every man is like Squarefoot, trying to fuck any female that is within a square mile, like a fucking monkey in a zoo, throwing its sperm at females passing by.

    DOS, seriously, what type of discussion in this? Are you genuinely unsure if men and women can be friends?

    • But Vanturd never evolved into a man. It takes humanity to become human, and the Vanturd was completely lacking in humanity. That’s why he had to mind-fuck people into thinking he was human.

      Vantured lived life like a hairy orangutan who wants to fuck every member of his troup anytime he chooses, but the females are not allowed to even sit next to another male, or they’ll get severely punished. Keith looked, smelled, and behaved like the disgusting, hairy orangutan he was. Though he sure gave grrrrreeaat mind-fucks! (If you’re into that.)

    • —My answer: Yes. Men and women can be just friends.

      Yes, of course they’re your friends….

      Cuz they’re not attracted to you. Sorry.

          • 10:16, I’ve never had to beg, Ill put it that way. But I’m not picky either. Been with the same woman for 15 years. But prior to her, I have had quite a sex-life.

            I’ve always thought Danielle and Leah would be fun in the sack.

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