Scandalous Westchester Family Court: Cambareri and Guttridge Undue Influence; Allegations of Judge Lubell Propositioning Women

Corruption may or may not be rife in Westchester Family Court.  Either way, the feeding circle between the judges and the lawyers seems robust.
The judges hand out what appears to be millions of dollars and taxpayer funds to lawyers, including assigned counsel, who then create circuses at the expense of families, separate children from their mothers and fathers  – and then expect the lawyers to attend their fundraisers to re-elect them.
Court records show, for instance, that Judge Lewis Lubell sits on cases for years, then passes the case off to another judge, who then takes their time, and then it’s too late to repair the damage.
The family court judges appoint forensic custody evaluators at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars – and then expect the parents to redo the forensics when the judge deems the reports stale.
Two of Juge Lubell’s favorite lawyers are Jo-Ann Cambareri and David Guttridge. It is hard to know how well they do, for it seems they do not register their court appointments from judges.
If there is a cap on how many cases each attorney can be awarded, if they don’t declare their cases, they will never exceed the cap.
Divorce attorney Cambareri took Steve Luftshein’s children from him, then got a court order to turn up at his closing to confiscate the funds from the sale of his house. Then he killed himself.
A story is told of how attorney John Guttridge turned up at an important hearing concerning his partner Jo-Ann Cambareri’s alleged illegal email communications with a litigant.  Attorney Guttridge sat in the back of Judge Lubell’s courtroom and “stared down the judge.”
It seemed like a scene out of The Godfather where two brothers exchanged a glance before the Senate hearing was called to order. 
In another case, it appears Judge Lubell appointed Cambareri to act as the attorney for the children. She filed a motion to put the mother in jail.
Filing on behalf of the mother’s 11 and 14-year-old children, who had no idea their so-called lawyer – was making a claim against their own mother n their behalf.
Cambareri alleged the mother discussed the case with the girls, which was prohibited by either parent.

Cambareri simultaneously suppressed a report explicitly stating the father spoke to the children about the case.

The mother had full custody, and no one ever accused her of not taking the best care of them—including sacrificing to ensure they had the best private schooling.

Two forensic reports stated the father, who was formerly in a mental hospital in Yonkers, and was diagnosed as bipolar, should have only supervised contact.

But Cambareri’s influence with the judges was so great that when she recommended the mentally ill father get sole custody, and the mother receive only therapeutic supervised visits with her children, Judge Robert S. Ondrovic flipped custody to the bipolar father.

It was understandable. Cambareri’s partner, John Guttridge’s daughter, was the judge’s intern then.

Judge Ondrovic made a statement on the morning of the trial. “Off the record. Just some housekeeping before we start. John Guttridge’s daughter is my intern, but it won’t affect this trial. She won’t be involved.”

That was it. The mother knew she was losing her kids. Now they are “homeschooled” by the mentally unstable father, which is to say they are likely not schooled at all.

There isn’t a single photo of Jo-Ann Cambareri available anywhere online. She is said to look like Rachel Maddow.  If anyone has a photo, please be kind to send it along. 
Rachel Maddow
Frank Report disclosed NY Courts removed Dr. Marc Abrams, the forensic custody evaluator, from the list of court-approved psychologists. He allegedly propositioned women whose custody evaluations he was doing.
Judge Lubell officiates at his colleague and friend Marc Abrams’ wedding.

 Judge Lubell may have more in common with Abrams than merely officiating at his wedding and following his every custody recommendation to flip custody to unfit fathers and away from perfectly good mothers.

FR learned some women want to share their experiences with Judge Lubell, who reportedly called them into chambers and propositioned them.  FR plans to interview these women to try to determine if they are telling the truth or simply slandering the good judge because he flipped custody and removed them from their children’s lives, desolating mothers and their children, much like he did to the late Catherine Kassenoff and her children.

It will be curious to learn if Abrams and Lubell were ever accused by the same women in the same cases, and if the mothers had only “put out” for the good court actors, they might have their children today.

Did Judge Lubell ever ask mothers to just give in a little bit for a big reward?
Though Catherine Kassenoff is dead, FR is not done with our investigation. And as Kipling once observed, “For the sin they do by two and two, they must pay for one by one.”

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  • i am i pro se . I had one hearing and Lubell threatened me , harassed, insulted … it was ” like a gang rape ” by him and defense attorneys . He verbally insulted me , treated me like trash did not let me say one word and threatened the arrest the minute i tried to talk . I am afraid to go to court . and missed another hearing . Not sure what to do

    • Who was your opposing council? I was forced to pro se too! When is your best court date ?

      • Hello , My case it medical malpractice but i discovered huge medical fraud by NY biggest Hospital Corporation ( I am trained in microbiology , immunology etc ) The Hospitalists tell healthy patients that they have lymphoma cancer and need surgery and chemo and make millions . I have audio records , prove , whistle blow testimony files upon files of documents .
        I filed the case and had it for 2 years against the doctors and the CEO . On the other side a big NY firm – they have 5 attorneys against me .

        i filed multiple evidence to the court system . I was getting threats to drop the CEO etc …or else .
        The hearing face to face was in May . Lubell was screaming , stating that the defence should initiate multiple law suits against me to shut me up , he threatened an arrest … I have disability – i use a walker – Lubell would not even let me reach for water or let my assistant help me .
        They have no legal means to seal the files or dismiss the case , so they just threatened me . It worked .

        I have a transcript and I read transcript from Catherine hearing with Lubell . Same vindictive abuse and threats .
        I contacted the overseeing committee. But they are all the same .
        Public must know what is going on but I do not know what to do . I worked 4 years on the case . … just lost hope . Hospital is a very very dangerous place as well as the court .

  • Any honest family court attorneys/evaluators in Westchester County or did the corruption scare the good people away?

    • No!!!! All say they will defend you then leave you doing all the work. Evaluators are biased and in bed with the court. Family court needs total accountability by oversight outside of the court. They ruin lives especially children’s!!

  • “…. Minors who live here can come and go as they please.

    Chief Paul Oliva leads the Mount Pleasant police department.

    He said, “we respond to violent suicidal emotionally disturbed persons.”

    Police respond to hundreds of emergency calls on the campus every year.

    “This center is a tremendous drain on Mt. Pleasant police and on ambulance services.” — Chief Paul Olivia

    The Mount Pleasant town supervisor is now calling on the Governor to close the Westchester County facility. “

  • I’m so glad you have highlighted other court professionals – John Guttridge and Joanne are horrible. It’s incestuous at westchester Supreme Court. Even when two new judges have been appointed recently, by the governor- they are making the same rulings against mothers. Please highlight other awful child attorneys like Maralyn faust and kathy hannon – long history in this court house. Mother’s please contact Frank report if you have had either one as your afc

    • Gayle !! Thank you so much for pointing out that nasty couple – John and Joanne – two of ugliest child abusers in Westchester. What would you call it if they fight to give custody to a suicidal – man who has massive depressive episodes?? Obviously it NOT healthy for a child to be in the care of someone who wants to kill himself??? Hannon is a true animal. When will this attorneys start focusing on the children! This is legalized child abuse. I’ll reach out to FR. Could you please add your facts to the website listed below. Let’s get some collective data on these criminals.

    • I hope there is groundwork being laid for a class actual lawsuit against Guttridge and that Maddow looking character for the collusion and sheer terror they intentionally inflict on their opposition.

    • John Guttridge and Jo anne Cambareri are plain EVIL they have ruined the life of my children. They are two bullies who push perfectly fit Mothers to no end. I pray that one day their corruption comes to light. They are notorious for getting away with this type of behaviors. I wish I could talk about my case with someone but I am in fear of retaliation by them. I hope there hope out there and more victims can come out too

    • Please keep this about all alienated parents by this court system. I am a father that has been fighting for 3 years ,4 attorneys, 4th judge. Lubell appointed Faust in my case. My daughter was coached to make false sexual allegations against her half brother. All investigators found the allegations to be unfounded. They all told me that their notes would show the manipulation of my daughter. Faust has done her job blindly and without due diligence. A forensic that I consistently ask for has been denied, subpoena of the workers notes denied. Refusal to look at hard evidence showing the alienation . And now for reunification i am assigned Abrams. A man acussed of propositioning mothers? We have to focus on the corruption of the court. It is not gender specific. Thank you.

  • Actung my white brethren!

    Everyone knows the Jews control the blacks.

    So on the heels of the jew attorneys we’ve got a Sicilian(black) attorney named Cambareri entering out story.

    Clearly she resembles Frank’s lineage of monkey/ape men. That’s why he ain’t showing her photo.

    Like them Jews – Sicilians(Africans) all look the same.

  • Who is everyone focusing on Judhe Lubell?! It was judge Everett who initially ruled she should have supervised visits. It was judge Nancy Koba who held a 10 day temporary custody hearing and determined her visits should be therapeutically supervised. It was judge Susan Capeci who authorized to suspend her access temporarily until they find a suitable supervisor since Jennifer Culley and the mother had an unusual alignment.
    So what was Lubell guilty if exactly?! Officiating a wedding of the neutral forensic in this case who Catherine and her lawyer chose?!
    I do believe the courts need reform but I believe you’re all focusing on Lubell because it perpetuates the false narrative when the truth is every judge knew Catherine was a danger to not only her kids but clearly to herself as she chose to end her own life.

    Let this family be

    • A focus on damage done by judges, attorneys and evaluators harms victims of those judges, attorneys and evaluators?

    • 3:33 pm,

      You asked, “So what was Lubell guilty if exactly?!” Are you hoping for answers to that question in this comment section?

      You wrote you think the courts need reform and you’re happy with the way the case was handled. In what ways do family courts need reform?

      You seem to want FR readers to “let this family be” after we read the details you shared. The details seem to say that you were an eyewitness to what happened during those four years.

      If you were an eyewitness, what you saw and heard would be helpful information for all who want the best for the family and for all families in Westchester County family courts! Did you contact the authorities yet to tell them what you witnessed?

      Please share with state and federal law enforcement offices everything you personally witnessed before, during and after “Jennifer Culley and the mother had an unusual alignment.” and what led you to believe they had an “unusual alignment”.

      Would you say Jennifer Culley should be investigated instead of Judge Lubell in order to protect children in Westchester County from now on? 🤔

      What did you witness before and after Judge Everett ordered those first supervised visits? Did Alan tell you about his strategy? Or, was getting a judge to kick Catherine out of her house Gus’ strategy? Do you know of any other parents with cases involving Gus and/or Jennifer Culley? If so, did Gus and/or Jennifer Cullen use those strategies on any other parents?

      Please share details of everything you witnessed before, during and after Judge Nancy Koba “held a 10 day temporary custody hearing and determined [Catherine’s] visits should be therapeutically supervised.”

      Please share details of everything you witnessed before, during and after Judge Susan Capeci “authorized to suspend [Catherine’s] access temporarily until they [found] a suitable supervisor.”

      You wrote, “Officiating a wedding of the neutral forensic in this case who Catherine and her lawyer chose?!”

      Interesting, right? What did Catherine know about Marc Abrams before he involved himself in her children’s case?

      You wrote, “I do believe the courts need reform but I believe you’re all focusing on Lubell because it perpetuates the false narrative when the truth is every judge knew …”

      What did every judge know about Catherine and when did they know it? You seem to think Catherine was an obviously dangerous person. What took four years for all those judges to protect the children from such a dangerous mother?

      Removing any parent from the home while restricting that parent’s access to the children is certainly an extreme measure. That kind of thing would be an appropriate response in cases involving extreme danger. You must have witnessed something that led you to believe that she was extremely dangerous. On a scale of 1-10, how dangerous was she? 1 being not so much, 10 being extremely dangerous.

      Please share everything you personally witnessed with the authorities and consider sharing a few more details so we have a more complete picture. Many who care about the children still wonder who and what prompted all those court employees, officials and contractors to respond to what looked like a simple child custody case with such extreme measures. As you wrote, it’s time to let the family be. Please share everything you know with the proper authorities so that healing can occur as soon as possible.

      You wrote, “Catherine was a danger to not only her kids but clearly to herself as she chose to end her own life“

      That tell us there was absolutely no reason for Catherine to feel so tormented and helpless in that family court case.

      You wrote, “Let this family be”. Conflicting stories continually circulating are what’s stopping the process.

      So, in your opinion, where you think a federal investigation of the case should begin? Please let FR readers know so we all can ask the authorities to start there. Would you say the federal investigation should focus on Jennifer Culley?

      Should federal investigators ask Ms. Culley about what she saw and heard?

      Knowing what you know, what’s the healthiest way to let the family be while we work to prevent future harm?

    • I read the transcript from the hearing of Lubell and Catherine . I faced him in court myself .She reported him to Judicial Overseeing Committee. Trust me there should be a good reason to do it . And there was and is . A u working for him ? or part of the system ?

  • If Steve Luftshein’s suicide didn’t change these courthouse convicts, nothing will.

    They are sadists, sociopathic to engage in the cabal. Purely profit driven. The playbook is written by the AFCC.

    These frauds are so protected and insulated with virtually no oversight, they boldly violate all due process and subject children and innocent families to psychological torture.

    Literally hell on earth.

    The targeted parent is left in disbelief with no money, no children, no resources and the world casting doubt and judging them.

    The playbook lines include- are all these people against you? (Meaning the judge, gal, attorneys, therapists, schools, dcf) and the truth is- YES- it is a well run machine designed to isolate, gaslight, and undermine every action of the targeted parent.

    They can barely think by the time the prolonged litigation is through with them.

    And the public thinks- surely something terrible must be wrong with them for this outcome. They had to have done something to deserve it.

    And the truth is they did nothing at all. They were the targeted parent and victim of a criminal conspiracy.

    Thank you Frank for keeping these crimes alive and exposed. It’s been going on for three decades and must end.

    • What happened to this poor Guy Steven? Which court house and state? Theses people are something. Everyone is entitled to expose the courts. Suicide is not the answer. These cases are so bad. Many parents have fallen. It’s really alarming what is going on in these courts. We are so close. The good people in our government get pissed off. Look into the family courts. Please we are beginning you

    • I am so sorry that you have been terrorized by these low class – losers who call themselves lawyers. There is a lot happening to help you.
      Please consider filling out the form below – so we can get a database of the crimes and the perpetrators.

      Big thank you to One Moms Battle for her valiant fight against against this system of legalized terror.

    • “If Steve Luftshein’s suicide didn’t change these courthouse convicts, nothing will.”

      Suicide only reinforces the perception that these people were dangerously mentally ill, and the courts made the right decision. That could be why it appears that Catherine may have lied about having terminal cancer as the main reason for ending her life… She didn’t want to make it so plainly obvious that she was seriously mentally ill.

      • The bottom line is she came to the realization that her campaign of harassment and slander wasn’t going to get her anywhere. If she did commit suicide it was for one reason only…to draw attention to herself and thereby get one last slap at the husband. We’ve seen this story so many times…parents who lose custody “fighting for their children” by ignoring the instructions of their counsel, family therapists and judges. If anyone is to learn anything about this situation it should be that if you can’t get past your anger at your ex and stop acting like a crazed hateful stalker you will lose your children. I hope this sinks in with every non-custodial parent reading this. But I know it won’t because so many of them are seriously mentally ill.

    • “The lawyer is accused of traveling to Cambodia in February and May of 2019 and paying to sexually abuse four children — all under the age of 15 — on multiple occasions.”

  • … A Westchester attorney and mother of three — who posted on social media that she was about to undergo assisted suicide in Switzerland because of a grueling custody battle — died overseas on May 27, documents obtained by The Post show.

    Catherine Kassenoff, 54, died in the tiny town of Oristalstrasse, Switzerland, about an hour west of Zurich, records show.

    Her cause of death was not revealed, “due to Swiss Medical Confidentiality Act,” according to the document.

    An attorney who once worked for Gov. Hochul, Kassenoff — who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer — placed a suicide note on Facebook claiming she was choosing to die by assisted suicide in part because of “a prolonged separation from my children.”

    “It is with a profound heartbreak … that I am writing my last post ever. Today, I will be ending my own life … In the last four years of my life I have woken up every day to a nightmare like no other,” she wrote in May.

    “I cannot survive this torment and the grief that comes from such a prolonged separation from my children … The court system did this to me … It is a predatory system that functions in darkness…” …

    • Comments under that New York Post article about Catherine’s death are reflections of so many crimes against humanity. How many good reporters aren’t allowed to write about the deliberate stirring up of chaos in dangerous child custody cases?

      Why don’t publishers publish documents to show the step-by-step process of the extortion of those millions of dollars from those two wealthy parents in Westchester County family court? Reporters can at least show the timeline of the case with names, dates and as many details as they can find.

      Owners of all mainstream outlets could allow that kind of in-depth reporting. Why don’t they? What’s stopping them?

      The New York Times is complicit in the crimes committed in family courts. The NYT could have reported the tens of millions of crimes committed in family courts since the 1980s.

      The national family court crisis in America has drained and destroyed millions of children and families since the 1980s. So much evidence of such extensive damage, tragedy, crime and loss should have prompted big-time corporate news outlets to show the public the clear pattern of criminal activity in states across the nation. Why do we still have no idea many millions of crimes family court vendors committed against children and families in New York?

      What about Connecticut? California? New Hampshire? New Jersey? Utah? Minnesota? Georgia? Texas? Arkansas? South Carolina? North Carolina? Delaware? Washington DC? The list of crime scenes goes on and on.

      How many individuals who committed crimes in family courts have been investigated and prosecuted so far?

      Big news outlets should have investigated by now. Reporters should have reported about each state’s court administrators and law enforcement offices to tell us about how many individuals ignored the corruption for decades.

      The public has been kept in the dark in the same exact way the New York Attorney Generals’ offices ignored and mishandled evidence of NXIVM crimes for twenty years. Did all mainstream news publishers face political prosecution for reporting details of the NXIVM crimes? Do all mainstream news publishers face political prosecution for reporting details of family court crimes?

      It took twenty years for the feds to finally protect the public from NXIVM, after so much damage was already done.

      How many more years will it take for mainstream outlets and the feds to protect us from the criminals in family courts?

  • Frank, I have a similar story and have been trying to contact you. I knew catherine and the mother in this article

    • We have all been trying to get our stories heard. We all say the same thing. I am so sorry you were abused by the legalized terror inflicted by these egregious child abusers who call themselves divorce attorneys. But please consider adding your story on the link below – so we can create a database of the crimes committed.

      Sending you peace on your journey!

  • The sad part of Lubell is that supposedly he was a great father, and embattled his own divorce. Unfortunately, the corruption really got to him.

    • He looks smelly and pungent. His black robe is made of mothers tears. When Lubell cries himself to sleep he just wipes them away with Kassenoffs money

  • I would love to know how many other suicides were an outcome of family court abuse.

    It’s easy to see how they would drive a person to that.

    Taking your children alone is enough. Then they take all your money – a lifetime of savings – humiliate you with court orders that depict you as a lunatic, a danger, unstable – and put that out there publicly.

    What the public needs to know is family court is a joke. It is a game. It’s all lies. All of it.

    When they say it’s court actors, it truly is. And it’s a national epidemic.

    One so profitable Governor Lamont turns a blind eye to all that has been brought to his attention. Connecticut is one of the worst states known for this scam. And AG Tong backs the predators.

    $$$ for custody.

    • Moms are hard-wired to protect our children and family courts severing that bond is literal torture. Guessing the statistics are in the millions since the 1980s — just in America. Probably tens of millions around the world. Gardner toured the world to spread the “PAS” scam and it’s been used as a legal tactic in about thirty countries ever since.

  • Marie, you should paint Judge Lubell devouring children like a scene from the artist Francisco Goya, Satan Devouring Children.

    Or paint children and their wretched mothers under his black robe. 😉

        • Why not paint a picture of those who allow all those horrible crimes in family courts? Whoever’s in control could have thrown the whole family court criminal cabal in jail years ago. Why didn’t they? Corrupt judges, corrupt attorneys and corrupted vendors are like weeds. Good law enforcement could have pulled up those weeds years ago. Instead, they chose to ignore all that crime.

          Who created such a system and who enforces it? What kind of monsters force children and families into the clutches of those cabals week after week, year after year?

          Where are all the good people? Were they all fired, threatened and blackmailed?

          New York politics used to be a hub for the worst of the worst in politics.

          Are the bad guys any better today?

          “One Nation Under Blackmail v.1 is a damning indictment of the consequences resulting from the nearly century old relationship between both US and Israeli intelligence and the organized criminal network known as the National Crime Syndicate. This book specifically explores how that nexus between intelligence and organized crime directly developed the sexual blackmail tactics and networks that would later enable the sexual blackmail operation and other crimes of deceased pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Other books on Jeffrey Epstein focus on the depraved nature of his crimes, his wealth, and his most famous/politically-connected friends and acquaintances. This book, in contrast, reveals the extent to which Epstein’s activities were state-sponsored through an exploration of his intelligence connections.“

          It’s surprising to see about thirty five mentions of the Bronfman name in the index.

          That might explain why the feds didn’t prosecute the NXIVM crimes until citizens forced them to do something about the stealing of our government. It also might explain how Clare and Sara Bronfman got the feds to target Frank.

  • I’m searching the Swiss consultant now, but there’s a lot to choose from. Which consultant confirmed her death?

  • It’s sad and slightly amusing that ppl believe that wild accusations posted to some obscure website will bring reform to anything. It won’t. Like the Kassenoff case: it will make for clicks and juicy gossip but, ultimately, sullies that credibility of any claims and does nothing but injure people.

    • Well – as long as it’s injuring the right people – Lubell, Guttridge, Abrams, Cambareri – …I’m ok with that.

      Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

    • That’s EXACTLY what the current “family courts” are: Traffickers

      The public has no idea. Millions of families every year, what easy prey we’ve been.

      If you’ve seen judges, attorneys and vendors joking around in the most dangerous cases, that’s what the joke has been.

  • The GALs often practice no law at all. Why then, are they gals? They’re just attorneys. They are not skilled in child matters.

    They are not even mandatory reporters – required to report suspected abuse or neglect to dcf/CPS. That should be a requirement for anyone in position of taking care of children. The legislatures have seen to it that gals are not held to this standard.

    We are giving them a free ticket to abuse kids and to condone abuse of children. They have court immunity and don’t have to report abuse to anyone. Why? Who would ever set up such a position?

    And as FR states- the number of appointments isn’t readily available.

    Another point- in family cases the public cannot tell how many days of trial, or how many status conferences are held.

    The courts hurt this information because the public would see the injustice when case after case is having 20+ days of hearings for a no fault divorce.

    And secreted status conferences are are often off the record. The judge devices if there will be a record made of these secret dealings.

    Why is that? What’s the criteria?

    I can tell you my house proceeds were divided at a status conference without any record. Then presented as a done deal in court.

  • We still have no legal proof that lady is dead. Doesn’t that have legal repercussions involving the estate, custody? What is happening?

  • I know from being close friends with many lawyers that it’s even worse than this..
    being a lawyer or a judge….are only titles..these titles don’t make them immune from acting like scoundrals..they just get legal immunity..meaning they can get away with anything without being held accountable..

  • Do you have damning details by multiple women ready to be depositioned? Or is this flag waving?

      • Dear Frank,

        It seems Frank Report is the only news outlet anywhere that so objectively and so thoroughly reports the destruction of families and children in family courts.

        Meanwhile, the near-total lack of mainstream news coverage of the family court crisis has allowed small cabals to physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially destroy so many in family courts in America and around the world.

        How and why those small networks have been allowed to force dangerous child custody cases through for-profit, purposely adversarial private offices for so long has been a mystery. It shouldn’t be a mystery.
        The lack of mainstream coverage of the family court crisis left most people totally unaware of the scope and depth of the corruption made millions of unsuspecting parents and children easy targets since the 1980s.

        Survivors, family members and friends who witness the well-oiled corrupted family court machines usually think there’s no way to make such corrupted family courts honest, safe and fair. Most think something like, “It is what it is.” I felt that hopeless until a few months ago when I somehow found Frank Report online.

        I have no idea how I found FR, I just remember how I felt when I saw your articles about Judge Adelman and several players in Connecticut “family courts”. I saw you were not afraid of them and your courage gave me courage. Those characters in some of those articles are the same characters who almost literally destroyed me twenty years ago. What they did to me and my family was evil. There is no other word to describe what they did.

        If the whole government is corrupt (I don’t think it is) that would explain those few getting away with such evil for so long. Since most people in the world are good people, good law enforcement offices just finding out about the family court crisis should have an easy time investigating and prosecuting those small networks in every affected court in every affected state.

        I hope and pray many are willing and able to share the details of what they witnessed under oath. I’m also hoping and praying for whistleblowers in each affected state to step forward now. Please count me in if and when the feds start investigating Connecticut family courts. I will be happy to tell the authorities everything I witnessed.

        Your journalism is the kind of journalism that gives so many hope. I’ve never had this much hope for family courts in America and around the world. As soon as the investigations and prosecutions start in one state, other states will follow and so will other nations.

        We need more journalists and publishers with the courage and integrity to investigate and report the reality of family courts. Thank you so much for your courage, integrity and good work. I could probably do without some of the adolescent humor in the comment section, but if that’s an unavoidable man-thing that might contribute in some way to ultimately save millions of lives from now on, Godspeed to you, all of your good readers and the Frank Report.


          • I wish I could do more to help. It looks like the family court systems are as hijacked as the law enforcement offices. Where’s the oversight and accountability for all the harm family courts have done to so many? And did those lousy law enforcement offices ignore all the NXIVM crimes and all the family court crimes and instead terrorize Frank because of one lousy tax form? And why haven’t we done more to help Frank?

            I hope the judge will apologize to Frank for the hell the AG’s offices put him through after all the good work he’s done to help those same AG offices. Frank has been risking his life doing the state attorneys work for them and the DOJs work for them and everyone knows it. Those lousy prosecutors who saw Frank’s family beg the judge for mercy should apologize to Frank, too. If the prosecutors don’t drop the case and apologize to Frank for harassing him all these years we should circulate a petition demanding that apology.

          • Thanks, Gayle. All of this has been such a nightmare for so many.

            So many survivors, witnesses and advocates are hoping for justice as soon as possible so family courts will be safe places for future generations. Living happily ever after for as many years as possible would also be nice.

      • Me too . Just was in his court room in May . Legalised ” gang rape ” by him and defence . Threatened to lock me up . i have no attorney – was pro se … I am scared and missed another hearing . He is a devil . Also advised defence to start legal actions against me . Called me names – did not let me say one word

        • He violated your 14th amendment. We need to figure out how to help you. He’s disgusting. Who is opposing counsel ?

  • How sick! sexually exploiting distressed mothers. Forget the dead duck Kassenoff for one minute. Rape, extortion, murders and suicides are happening and the cops just twiddle their thumbs? Why aren’t these vicious judges and lawyers being raided?

    • Even worse than Harvey as he was SUPPOSED to PROTECT the children! Not leave them in the hands of people with diagnosed mental illness. He’s even lower and uglier than Weinstein.

    • Lubell in New York and Adelman in CT. The powerhouse judges who steal kids. No one dare cross them.

  • Westchester County Family Court is a child-trafficking operation. That’s the only way to frame it.

  • Have any men experienced the same propositions from Dr. Logan Green or Dr. Michael Haymes in family court cases?

  • It’s so very hard to understand how this continues. When and how do we put and end to the family courts nightmare?

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His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” Parlato was also credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premiered on May 22, 2022. Most recently, he consulted and appeared on Tubi's "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM," which aired January, 2023.

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