NXIVM Notes: Nancy’s Hoped-4 Release, India’s Birthday Meat, Michele’s White Dress; Sarah’s Jim Jones; Epp’s New Poem

Story and artwork by Marie White

Nancy Salzman Compassionate Release Opposed By Government

Nancy Salzman


On May 15, Salzman’s attorney, Robert Soloway, filed a motion before Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis for a reduced sentence, seeking her early release, presumably based on her health. The motion is filed under seal.

On June 02, 2023, the Government, through AUSA Tanya Hajjar, filed a letter opposing the motion under seal.

 Judge Garaufis permitted Salzman’s attorney to reply to the Government’s letter, due on June 7 and presumably filed under seal but not yet posted as filed on the docket.

 The judge will then decide whether to grant Salzman’s request.

 If the judge does not reduce her sentence, Salzman’s prison release date is August 1, 2024.

Keith Raniere in the SHU

Raniere vs. Garland [BOP] in the US District Court in Arizona

In December 2022, Keith Raniere brought his second action against the BOP, asserting First and Sixth Amendment claims based on the following:

  1. Two allegedly dropped legal calls with attorneys in May 2022 when he was about to file a Rule 22 motion for a new trial.
  2.  allegations of retaliatory conduct, including his extended detention in the SHU {Special Housing Unit] at USP Tucson,
  3. The banning of his power of attorney Suneel Chakravorty and other NXIVM-affiliated people

Raniere sought an injunction restraining BOP from interfering with his telephonic communication with his attorneys and their employees and agents and his visits with Chakrivaorty and his attorneys, which the Court denied.

The BOP filed a motion for summary judgment to dismiss Raniere’s lawsuit based on his failure to exhaust administrative remedies before filing the complaint.

Raniere asked the Court for discovery regarding BOP actions and its use of the grievance system, both in general and specifically regarding him.

The BOP, through its attorney, Assistant US Attorney Denise Faulk, responding to Raniere’s motion, urged the Court to deny his motion for discovery. The BOP argued Raniere failed to comply with Rule 56(d) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which requires the identification of specific facts that further discovery would reveal and how those facts would preclude summary judgment to dismiss the lawsuit.

Senior US District Judge Raner C. Collins granted Raniere’s Motion for Extension of Time to Respond to Motion for Summary Judgment until July 31, 2023.

The Court has yet to rule whether Raniere is entitled to the discovery he requested.

 Sarah compares Raniere to Jim Jones

At a recent TEDX talk, Sarah Edmondson made the observation that Keith Raniere was as dangerous as Jim Jones.

She said, “According to expert assessments, Keith Raniere is now known as one of the most dangerous cult leaders of all time, on par with Jim Jones. His rise to power culminated in the death of 900 people 300 of which were children for drinking poison flavor aid, which is where the term drink the Kool Aid comes from, by the way. And FYI, if they hadn’t have drank it, they would have been shot. It wasn’t a choice. We don’t use that phrase properly. It’s called a ‘bounded choice,’ coercive control.”

Sarah Edmondson by Marie White

Jones Led the People’s Temple Cult

Like Raniere, Jim Jones

  1. exercised strict control over the sexual lives of his followers,
  2. coerced members into abortions,
  3. forced some members to engage in sexual acts.
  4. Members who dared to rebel against Jones faced severe consequences.
  5. These included reduced-calorie diets,
  6. unpaid work,
  7. public humiliation and shunning,
  8. physical violence.

Unlike Raniere, a tragic climax occurred in Jonestown, Guyana, resulting in the murder-suicide of 909 inhabitants, including 276 children, in the central pavilion.

She’s Not a Little Girl Anymore

On June 7, India Oxenberg turned 32, and posted some photographs for her birthday:

India with her husband, Patrick D’Ignazio. The couple lives in Key West and owns and operates the Eaton Good restaurant [see below].

Ironically, the couple met at a vegan restaurant, and it took some time for their romance to heat up since India was still loyal to NXIVM. Now they own a restaurant with plenty of slow-cooked meat choices – BBQ ribs, brisket, pork bellies, and BBQ chicken.

India and Patrick’s restaurant



Michele Hatchette Says Yes to a Dress

From dancing in front of the MDC for Keith Raniere to a bride all dressed in white.

Michele Hatchette recently visited an NYC thrift shop to purchase a wedding dress. Though already married to Jerome Fressinier – the couple had a small outdoor ceremony – they may exchange vows again in a more formal affair.

Michele, one of the founding members of the DOSsier Project, has not posted on social media for the group in more than a month. It might be a sign she will gradually forget the madman who lives in the SHU in USP Tucson in favor of better goals and dreams like marriage and perhaps a family to think about and remember.

Poetry With a New Age Twist

Alli Mary Epp, a NXIVM member, turned New Age guru, writes poetry too.

Here is one of her poems:

To all my Self Identified Spirit-led Ladies: A LOVE POEM”

By Alli Mary Epp

To all the divine feminine healers
The light-working feelers
To all the ecstatic somatic dancers
The tarot reading romancers

The witches emerging from the shadows
The priestess of the moon
Astrological Oracles decoding planetary tunes

The plant whispering shamanic guides
The manifestation Queens
The ritualistic holding sacred space
For our grief to be safely seen

The animistic listener channeling messages from the grass
The embodied purpose dharma coach
Who loves to shake her 🍑

The yoni steaming
Spell weaving
Crystal toting tantrics

The time-line jumping sisterhood casting hypnotic magic

The money-mindset Boss Bitch Babes
Fancy yachts and macrame

The micro-dosing Reiki Ravers
The Breathwork Rebels
The earth grid savers

The ancestral connectors to the well and wise
Those that are here to decolonize

We are all here to play our part
To sing our note in this holistic art
Let us know deeply- we need each other
We are from the same family of stars
When we lift each other up
We remember Who We Are


Epp’s poem inspired me to write a new age poem myself.

To the Chakra-balancing Cosmic Cowboys

By Marie White

To the fortune whisperers

Unicorns twirling in moonbeams

Astrological decoders of intergalactic


channeling messages from the grass,


to mermaids wiggling their tails

whose wise owls decolonize

and intertwingle

from the same sparkle of stardust

Like aura-cleansing bananas in the sky


About the author

Marie White


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