Epstein News Deluge: Reputational Damage Taints Largest Bank, Oldest University, Academy Award Winner – Possible Class Action Suit With 100 Victims

For many years, it seemed that the people directly involved with the Epstein Trafficking Ring – be they clients, enablers or co-conspirators – would never face any kind of consequences. It was even joked that Ghislaine Maxwell was the first person in history to be convicted of sex-trafficking young girls to no one.

But for some time, now, some measure of reckoning has been under way, and it is starting to inflict reputational damage on some rich and powerful members of the American and European society.

Last weekend I published a very well-read piece about the ‘incessant flux of new (and not-so-new) information’ that has been revealed lately: Drip, Drip, Flood: Incredible Surge of News in the Epstein Trafficking Saga – Here’s 15 Shocking Developments That You May Have Missed

It’s a mind-boggling amount of developments, but I stated at the end of the article that ‘the way things are going, it’s expected that, by the time this story hit the Frank Report website, there will be additional developments, and this piece will need an update’. And I was not kidding!

Here you have a new batch of happenings on the criminal saga of the decade. Many of the developments are taking place in court.

Let me begin by the latest development: a new round of internal JPMorgan emails was released, part of the plaintiff Jane Doe’s legal memorandum requesting the judge grant class-action status to the case. If Doe succeeds, more than 100 victims of Epstein could join the litigation.

Jes Staley: formet top JPMorgan executive and Barclay’s CEO.

The Daily Beast Reported:

“JPMorgan raised red flags about its banking relationship with Jeffrey Epstein as early as 2006 and held meetings with former executive Jes Staley—who is accused of sexually abusing at least one woman in Epstein’s orbit—about his friendship with the multimillionaire sex-trafficker, new court exhibits reveal.

According to internal emails published as exhibits as part of an Epstein victim’s lawsuit against JPMorgan, Staley even went as far as suggesting that bank brass meet with Ken Starr, Epstein’s high-powered lawyer who helped him dodge serious charges in Florida.”

The emails prove that bank had known Epstein was radioactive for years. The filing reads: “JPMC ignored all the allegations about Epstein’s sex trafficking and instead continued to facilitate the venture.”  It “deliberately failed to file reports in the face of red flags because the reports might result in government intervention in the sex-trafficking venture.”

A few bullet points from this legal filing:

  • In July 2008, JPMorgan’s private bank risk team referred Epstein to its anti-money laundering (AML) branch ‘for excessive cash activity’ and articles about Epstein’s involvement in ‘the prostitution/underage sex trade.’
  • The bank’s risk managers ‘documented his negative background’ and ‘marked him high risk’.
  • Director for the bank’s Financial Intelligence Unit, Phillip DeLuca: ‘This is the guy who likes young girls, correct? Hope that they do not cave!!’
  • Banking transactions from a woman in Epstein’s circle: ‘Lots of salon, lingerie shops, drug stores, video like ‘girls gone wild’ and some other suspicious shops.
  • 2006 memo: Epstein’s “cash withdrawals are routinely made in amounts for $40,000 to $80,000 several times a month, which total over $750,000 year to date.”

The territory of the Virgin Islands is also suing JPMorgan, alleging the Wall Street titans enabled the Epstein’s international sex-trafficking scheme.

But, since there’s actually a good deal of blame to go around, the JPMorgan is arguing that the USVI itself is to blame, and therefore not entitled to sue.

Bloomberg Reported:

“The US Virgin Islands is asking a judge to block JPMorgan Chase & Co. from arguing that the territory has ‘unclean hands’ in suing the bank for allegedly benefiting from Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crimes because it also failed to act against him.

The USVI said in Monday filing in Manhattan federal court that JPMorgan was seeking “to shift fault to the government for alleged failure to prevent Epstein’s and JPMorgan’s own trafficking-related activity.”

JPMorgan called the claims a ‘masterclass in deflection’, saying the USVI failed to act against Epstein despite having the same information about the allegations, granting him lucrative privileges and massive tax incentives.

USVI replied: “JPMorgan had real-time information on Epstein’s activity that the government did not and had specific legal duties to report this information to law enforcement authorities, which it intentionally decided not to do.”

We have written at length about how, besides the Virgin Islands case, JPMorgan is also defendant is a parallel lawsuit by Epstein trafficking victims.

In this case, it’s the bank that’s having to fight a demand for disqualification of its law firm from defending it. A lawyer for the plaintiff is claiming that Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr has a conflict of interest and must be disqualified.

Reuters reported:

“Law firm Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr pushed back on Monday against an effort to bar the firm from defending JPMorgan Chase & Co in a lawsuit accusing the bank of helping to facilitate late financier Jeffrey Epstein’s abuse of women and girls.

WilmerHale lawyers said in a court filing that the firm’s past work for an anti-sex trafficking organization that supported an alleged Epstein victim, Courtney Wild, was “unrelated to and had nothing to do” with the case against JPMorgan, which was brought by a different Epstein accuser in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

[…] WilmerHale lawyers authored a friend-of-the-court brief in 2021 on behalf of the anti-trafficking organization ECPAT-USA urging the U.S. Supreme Court to take up an appeal by Wild, who had sued to invalidate a 2007 non-prosecution deal between Epstein and U.S. prosecutors.”

Epstein, Staley and JPMorgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon.

We have also talked about how JPMorgan brought a lawsuit against its former top executive (and later Barclays’ CEO) Jes Staley, “in an attempt to make him liable for any penalties the company might have to pay if it is found to have facilitated Epstein’s sex-trafficking crimes in two other high-profile lawsuits”.

Financial Times reported:

“JPMorgan Chase claimed former executive Jes Staley repeatedly thwarted its efforts to sever ties with the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein while the former Barclays chief executive was employed by the US banking giant.

Staley has sought to dismiss the lawsuit. In a filing in Manhattan federal court opposing that motion, lawyers for JPMorgan alleged Staley knew of Epstein’s sex-trafficking operation ‘but thwarted any efforts within JPMC to sever ties with Epstein’. Staley ‘persisted for years in protecting Epstein in the face of attempts by JPMC personnel to end the company’s relationship with Epstein on reputational grounds, made misrepresentations in the process, and continued to do so to the end of his JPMC tenure’.”

Allen and his wife, Soon-Yi Previn.

Besides all the flurry of activity in the courts, there is also an ongoing movement in the MSM to shed light on Epstein’s acquaintances – and that is bringing severe reputational damage to many.

Take filmmaker Woody Allen, for example: his relationship with the convicted pedophile is well known for some time, now, but a new trove of documents has further revealed the extent of their relationship.

Telegraph reported:

“Woody Allen frequently dined with Jeffrey Epstein and invited the disgraced financier to film screenings after his 2008 sex offence conviction.

Over the course of several years, the two men planned visits to art studios, Sotheby’s auction house and film screenings together.

Allen, 87, and Epstein were scheduled to meet nearly every month in 2014 and 2015.

[…] Allen and his wife, Soon-Yi Previn, also attended dozens of dinners at Epstein’s mansion.”

It could have been seen as ‘old news’, but in the current environment no one seems immune to crippling reputational damage (just ask Prince Andrew).

So Allen and his wife had their spokesman reach out and say:

  • “Woody and Soon-Yi lived in the same neighborhood as Epstein and were frequently invited to dinner parties at his townhouse”.
  • “There were always other guests at those gatherings.”
  • The director never “spent time with [Epstein] without Soon-Yi also being present”.

I, for one, am not impressed by these explanations. It seems to suggest that the presence of his wife was an iron-clad guarantee that all was ‘clean’ – as if only men were involved in the Epstein ring abuses, which we know very well not to be true.

Furthermore, at this point no one accused Allen of engaging in any sexual abuse of Epstein victims – despite his history, having married his former wife Mia Farrow’s step daughter (that he knew as a child), and having been credibly accused by Mia and her son Rowan Farrow of sexually abusing his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow.

Right now, the reputational damage on Allen comes from the fact that he lent his ‘Academy-Award-Winner’ credibility to Jeffrey Epstein and helped the ‘Jay Gatsby from hell’ continue his life of crimes. And there’s no denying that.

Lawrence Summers.

The documents that have been released by the Wall Street Journal have also highlighted the close relationship between a sex trafficker and the oldest University in America.

Former Harvard president Lawrence H. Summers met repeatedly with and solicited donations from Epstein. In fact, the disgraced financier donated $9.1 million to Harvard from 1997 to 2007 — until the University halted donations following his 2008 conviction.

Summers also benefitted from his relationship with Epstein in other ways. The Crimson reported:

“Summers wrote an email to Epstein in April 2014 asking for ‘small scale philanthropy advice’ for his wife, Harvard professor Elisa New, who was in the process of establishing Verse Video Education, an online poetry project.

‘My life will be better if I raise $1m for Lisa’, wrote Summers, who is currently a professor at Harvard. “Mostly it will go to make it a pbs series and for teacher training. Ideas?”


The college dropout had remade himself as a respected habitué of Ivy League schools.

The Nation reported:

“Between 1998 and 2007, Epstein donated a total of $9,179,000 to Harvard, much of it going to the establishment of the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics (which carried the regrettable acronym “PED”), run by professor Martin Nowak. Epstein was treated by Harvard as not just a generous benefactor but someone who merited inclusion in the community of ideas. Epstein was made a visiting fellow in Harvard’s Department of Psychology in 2005, despite the fact that, as an internal report later noted, he ‘lacked the academic qualifications Visiting Fellows typically possessed’.”

When Epstein was prohibited to give money to the university itself, he kept giving money to individual research programs carried out by Harvard scholars.

“Harvard is one of the biggest sharks in the ocean, with an endowment of more than $50 billion—the largest academic hoard of wealth in the world. You don’t get to be as wealthy as Harvard if you are overly scrupulous about whom you take money from.”


That’s it for now. But of course, it is a certainty that at any minute other bombshells with rock the world of the rich, famous and powerful. The deluge is not over.

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  • Epstein never had anything to do with Trump outside a nodding acquaintance. Trump could get any woman he wanted always.

  • RE Paul’s Latest Chapter:

    This piece is an excellent synopsis of the Epstein Scum Club.
    There is a vast amount of evidence Epstein was running a high end pedophile ring for rich men.

    The evidence is voluminous. It speaks for itself. These “elite” making time to go to Epstein’s island & opulent brownstone repeatedly…..Why?

    What happened to all the video? Every single room of Epstein‘s brownstone that had cameras. No footage exists(anymore).

    Why don’t more women come forward? Some probably came from impoverished Eastern Europe countries and those women are most likely not alive anymore.

    Why would a billionaire fashion magnate sell Epstein a $50,000,000
    dollar brownstone for one dollar?

    I do not believe in conspiracy theories, however, this is a conspiracy with overwhelming, ample evidence.

    Where did all of that video footage go?

    • Epstein was an FBI/CIA asset. Summers, Staley and Dimon may be on video raping children. We need a Special Prosecutor and Independent Investigators to take this on. If Biden is reelected in 2024 this investigation will be ended forever. Those three are hardened Biden supporters.

      • So why didn’t Trump investigate while HE was in office? He even said of Ghislaine Maxwell, “I wish her well” when asked for comment on her arrest. Trump didn’t lift a finger to investigate anyone involved with Epstein. So why do you have the ghall to complain that Biden won’t? Biden was never with Epstein, but Trump sure was! MANY times, until Epstein stepped on Trump’s. And we all know how Trump holds a grudge and can’t ever let it go. It’s the only reason Trump uwasn’t still pointing out women he’d like to rape, to Epstein in later years. Saved by the grudge.

        Get your your facts straight before you spew nonsense. You feed your hatred for a fellow American just because you were too stupid to figure out Russia has succeeded in ripping the U.S. apart, because morons like you believe the propaganda. Rather than treating your fellow Americans with politeness, you unleash moronic rage at anyone wearing a blue suit. Wake up, Idiot! Every time you spew hatred and bigotry towards your President and anyone not on “your” team, you are falling for Putin’s plan to destroy American democracy.

        Honestly, I stopped calling the U.S. the “United” States during the Trump administration. You are the DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA, and you should be ashamed that you let Putin’s propaganda tear your country apart by turning on each other. I am so glad I am not an American. I won’t even visit the US anymore. There is so much hatred and rage, and you’re all too stupid to see how you fell right into Putin’s plan to show the world that US democracy is collapsing.

        Keep it up and 2024 will be the last vote you ever cast. King Trump will choose the next US ruler.

        And for the record, IF I was American I wouldn’t want Biden running either, but at least I live in a country where I don’t fear my fellow countrymen, and I don’t feed a hatred against my fellow residents either.

        Your lack of insight into how much hatred you have been programmed to feel and express in these past 7 years astounds me. Seriously, think about how much HATE you have inside you now, compared to 10, 20 yrs ago. And truly ask yourself when and why you became so saturated with that hate.

        German citizens didn’t decide to slaughter their own countrymen overnight. It took years of propaganda stoking hatred and rage. The same hatred and rage you now feel towards your fellow Americans. Every time you slag off your President, or anyone not on the same team as you, you’re destroying American democracy and Putin is rejoicing.

        When Russian or Chinese nuclear heads take aim at the US, do you want a military that will work together to defend your country, or do you want them at each other’s throats for not being on the same political team? WAKE UP AND STOP THE HATRED TOWARDS YOUR OWN AMERICAN CITIZENS!

        • I voted for Gary Johnson in 2016 andJo Jorgensen in 2020. I will not vote for Trump. But it was his justice department who took down Epstein. Under Obama, the Justice department was orders to stand down to protect DNC donrs/assets.

          • It wasn’t Trump’s office who took down Epstein. It was the release of a documentary outraging the public. And by then because Trump held his grudge against Epstein, he just didn’t stop it. He was too busy shutting down investigations looking at him and his family, and opening ones against his enemies.

            Trump used the DOJ and FBI as his personal Black Cube–which for years, he jealously watched Epstein rise to power by having them, and it drove him crazy, wanting that for himself. But he wasn’t George Santos, couldn’t become Jewish, didn’t have the intelligence experience or connections, so running for office was his alternative.

            Trump wanted to BE Epstein. But he didn’t have the brains to run honeypot operations. He kept falling for them. And while I’m at it, Trump has NEVER been a billionaire. Just a bullshitionnaire. But he was on TV, so that means too many believe every lie he tells (or let’s him get away with it).

        • —So why didn’t Trump investigate while HE was in office?


          Cuz Trump was part of it….

  • Staley, Dimon and Summers are filthy in this. Children are at risk of being raped around them if they were bosom buddies with Epstein. I don’t like “guilt by association”, but this is different. These guys knowingly worked with a pedophile child sex trafficker. It was more than professional.

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