Kevin Questions Selective Liability in Forced Labor Claims in NXIVM Lawsuit

What forced labor used to look like before USA v Raniere.

The NXIVM lawsuit, Edmondson v Raniere, alleges Brandon Porter “is liable for labor trafficking Camila because he knowingly benefited financially or by receiving things of value, including payment, enhanced status, power, and prestige, and free babysitting services from participation in the Venture, which he knew or should have known labor trafficked Camila.

“He knew or should have known that members of the Inner Circle and Defendant Raniere were forcing Plaintiff Camila to perform menial tasks, commercial sex acts, administrative work, and babysitting because Camila provided babysitting services to his family.”

Porter asked in a motion filed with the court how he should have known that Camila was being human trafficked and forced to labor.

He wrote, “The claim that I knew the insides and outsides of Camila’s life because she babysat my children is irrational.” 

Camila worked for Rainbow Cultural Garden, a company owned by Loreta Garza and Keith Raniere. According to records, Porter was to pay Rainbow $25 per hour for Camila’s services. Rainbow was supposed to pay Camila $15 per hour to work with Porter’s children as a Spanish-speaking nanny.

Unless Camila complained to Porter that she was unpaid, and he says she did not, it was Rainbow, not Porter, who failed to pay Camila, if she was indeed unpaid.

There is no allegation that Porter did not pay Rainbow. Indeed, Raniere would never have tolerated that.

Kevin – a staunch defender of Allison Mack – raises the topic of another NXIVM-related company, Delegates.

India, a plaintiff in the lawsuit, owned Delegates, which employed a group of teen Mexican girls from Chihuahua to clean homes, perform errands, and cook food for wealthier Mexicans and others who came to Albany for NXIVM intensives. The girls, all under the age of consent, came at Rosa Laura Junco’s invitation for a special kind of girls’ high school based on the teachings of Keith Raniere, of whom she was a branded slave, marked with his initials.

This was during the time Raniere sought a virgin successor.

There are no credible allegations Raniere sexually abused any of the teen girls. Though they found him, they said, “creepy.” His habit of kissing them on the lips and playing with their hands was off-putting. 

Keith Raniere kisses Allison Mack

The teen girls from Chihuahua left disappointed, and perhaps rather suddenly. They had come from their homes to Albany to learn some special teachings, and wound up running errands, cooking and cleaning for affluent NXIVM members. In fairness, India had nothing to do with the girls coming to Albany, or their education or lack thereof.

India was a slave of Allison Mack, who was a slave to Raniere.

India, who spent more than $125,000 of her savings to learn executive success and struggled to make money somehow – while being told she needed to take more expensive NXIVM classes. There is no doubt Raniere had a hand in every aspect of her life, ruling as he always did to increase dependency and keep her enslaved.

Kevin now weighs in to show what he feels is the absurdity of blaming Porter for Camila’s abuse at the hands of Raniere.

By Kevin

If someone in the NXIVM community bought food that India’s catering company/errand business was selling, or purchased home cleaning services from that business (Delegates), and India failed to pay her mostly undocumented immigrant, underage girl workers for the work they performed, did the customer who bought those goods and services engage in forced labor conspiracy?

And if they did, why are they not defendants in this lawsuit as well? And wouldn’t that make India culpable, since it she was running it?

And if you pay for food or services from a company, and that company fails to pay it’s employees in accordance with federal and state laws (which happens all the time, it’s called wage theft), does that make you a participant in forced labor?

Have any crazy guesses as to where most of your food and clothing are grown and made, and whether those people are compensated fairly for their work?

Or do the rules that we are selectively applying to a handful of defendants in this NXIVM civil lawsuit not apply to the plaintiffs, or to anyone else in society?

If everyone was being held to the same standards based on past behaviors, the two lead plaintiffs and India would be defendants in this lawsuit.

They filed as quickly as possible. Did they do so to keep the other plaintiffs who have legitimate grievances from filing their own lawsuit against the two most prominent center owners and recruiters in the company?

The Salzmans are not a part of this suit despite being linked to every single accusation in this shotgun suit.

Nancy and Lauren Salzman, who were dropped from the suit

When are Sarah and Mark going to pay the members who performed unpaid work for them in their Vancouver and Los Angeles centers?

When is India going to pay her female immigrant workforce for the labor they performed in Delegates?

Why are these people off limits for criticism? Why are people who played much smaller roles in the company still being punished five years later for their association with this group when their accusers who played much bigger roles are hailed as heroes, or left alone?

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  • Kevin/Alanzo… I’ll just start calling you Kenzo.


    Someone has already pointed out the hilarity of your ungrammatical attempt to impugn my educational pedigree. You silly Yankee Doodles… you always bring us joy!

    Now you are trying to change the topic to blather on about the Ukraine, since you rooting about in your barnyard of impotence regarding the civil lawsuit has been exposed.

    Your screen name changes, but your MO remains the same, Allen.

    Your Kevin sock puppet is just as bankrupt as the “real” Alanzo.

    Did Elon Musk allow you back onto Twitter? Or did you get permabanned for sharing (redacted)?

  • I have another question: so Rainbow Cultural Gardens and that other company India had (forgot the names), but to my understanding, it’s was people cleaning shitters and babysitting? Like, don’t get me wrong, there nothing wrong with those professions. Much of my family worked blue collar, sometimes entry level jobs their whole lives. But if NXIVM was supposedly these highly evolved, highly sophisticated “Ethicists”, should they not have been changing the world with medical research, robotics, new energy sourcing, etc? Porter Potty and Danielle were doctors and then got their medical licenses revoked for quackery. Why “Rainbow Cultural Gardens”? How about just “Rosie’s Babysitting”? What’s wrong with that? Why the need to sound special?

    Serious question: has one single person ever left NXIVM richer, spiritually or financially? Seems like you forked over your life savings then worked at a gas station or got kicked out of your profession in return.

  • Kevin-

    Are you planning to attend
    Allison Mack’s release party – hiding outside in her bushes? Let me know and I’ll bring a cooler of ice cold BudLight. *Can I call you Tom?


    *Note: Kevin’s real name is Thomas Sekera and he’s an Allison Mack stalker. He’s a very sweet man.

    • Ha ha ha! The only thing you got right was that I do enjoy Bud Light. Not sure why everyone is so up in arms about the transgender who did a boring, inoffensive 30 second promo. Seems like a decent enough fella.

      • Kevin-

        You don’t deny being Tom.

        Regarding BudLight: Now when I enjoy a refreshing BudLight I see a a miniskirt with a dick popping out at the bottom.

        The trans guy is the most annoying twat alive. If they had used RuPaul or Scott’s wife(she’s trans) nobody would’ve given a shit.

    • I don’t think so.
      Thomas Sekera is a psychopath stalker who Allison had a restraining order against.
      I believe Kevin is someone who wraps context around all the allegations and assertions about NXIVM
      Lets face it, Kevin makes great points. Many I actually agree with. Like DOS: those women were willing participants who had buyers remorse.

    • “Kevin” is a different stalker.

      His name is Allen T. Stanfield who usually goes by “Alanzo” online.

      He doesn’t stalk Allison Mack, but chases after visually impaired, cognitively challenged Walmart greeters, who he affectionately calls “blind retards.”

      He’s a philosophical, financial and marketing genius.

      I’m surprised Nice Guy didn’t already sniff him out. No one hates Alanzo more than Nice Guy–at least when Nice Guy is drunk (he’s more charitable when sober).

  • Poor, Kevin.

    Your precious Vanguard is never getting out.

    All your bitching has zero impact on the civil lawsuit.

    There’s nothing you can do to impact this situation.

    Even Alanzo has given up on this case. THAT’S how bad it is!

    Unless… maybe Kevin is an Alanzo sock puppet.

    That would make a LOT of sense.

    • Your reading comprehension skills need work. You must have went to an American public school. You’re probably one of the proles who has an “I stand with Ukraine” slogan, while selectively ignoring that country’s human rights record (because like Edmondson and Vicente, Ukraine is team good guy, so their crimes aren’t really crimes, or are someone else’s fault).

      The lead plaintiffs in the lawsuit were closer to him in rank than the defendants, and are the ones who should be liable for any wrongdoing that they are associated with.

      What is so hard to understand about that point?

      • It’s pretty basic Kevin. Ukraine are fighting for their survival as a country. Russia likes to bomb civilians, hospitals and kids. It’s pretty obvious you know fuck-all about politics or world affairs. If you’re so concerned about human rights, I suggest you look at Putin’s history. Duh!

  • Kevin, if Porter Potty can produce receipts that he paid Rainbow Cultural Gardens, then he is off the hook Right?

    • Would you have receipts hanging around your house from six years ago from when you paid for a babysitting services?

      • Was the Porter family directly paying Rainbow Cultural Child Grooming?

        Or was the money paid directly to Camilla? Or both?

        Was it a part of the program fees? Or ifees ndependent of Rainbow?

        What form of payment?

        Those are just some simple questions that could/would be asked in court to clear all of this up.

        Child Care is usually budgeted. If you have a consistent caregiver there’s usually a consistent form of payment.

        Kevin, you’ve previously expressed that you don’t have children but it’s pretty unusual for people to not know how much they’re paying for child care and have no record of it.

        It may be closer to 6 years NOW.

        But this lawsuit was initiated quite a while back.

        Most people would have kept records like that for at least that many years. If for no other reason, than for tax purposes.

        It’s not outrageous at all for the court to ask the Porter Family to show bank records and/or withdrawals or whatever they have improve payments were made on a regular basis. It’s doable and it would only benefit Brandon Porter if he indeed was paying Camilla.

      • Bank statements can be obtained for seven years. If Porter Potty paid with a check, it would be available to view. If he paid cash, then it will be his word. I think he is some trouble with this. He should have kept his mouth shut when NXIVM went up in flames. He could have just faded into the night. But he didn’t. He was vocally supportive of Vanturd and was mugging it up for the cameras and hanging with the Dead-Enders. He brought this all on himself. I will admit, Porter Potty makes some valid points: would he really know the details of Cami’s employment arrangements with Rainbow Cultural Garden? Probably not. But doesn’t matter, he’s gonna get dragged through the system.

        • Even with cash, it’s possible to track.

          It would call for just some basic accounting. What their income was, what they spent on things like rent and food and then the budget for child care.

          This is neither a hard nor complicated ask by the court.

          • Point taken.

            How much did the Sarah/Nippers/Vicente/Oxenberg cartel pay for the same or similar services?

            Or did they just flat out not pay at all?

            Question for the Nipster, who has a redeeming quality, that he’s a baseball fan:

            If Stephen Bronfman buys the Rays and moves them to Montreal, can he deduct Sara and Claire’s legal fees as a business expense?

  • Point 1: There is nothing ‘civil’ about civil litigation. At best it’s a shit show, at worst it’s a shit show with a sexually transmitted disease.
    Point 2: There is slavery, indentured labour, minimum wage, and in the words of Dire Straits “money for nothing, and your chicks for free’.
    Point 3: Claire and Sarah Bronfman used their wealth to DESTROY people. Unless they are slapped hard with their cheque books, they will carry on doing this. They are bad people who think they are great people. Their wealth automatically fucked them from birth. All Keith Raniere did was teach them how to fuck other people with their wealth. The Bronfman name is trash, and will be for generations to come. If they cared at all about that, they would genuflect and admit their wrong doing, cut ties with Vanturd and be better people

  • … At the expense of the working class, the Díaz administration promoted economic growth by encouraging investment from foreign companies from the United Kingdom, France, Imperial Germany and the United States. The proletariat was often exploited, and found no legal protection or political recourse to redress injustices. [33] …

  • Kevin:

    There is no such thing as a Free Lunch.
    If you hire someone to do work for you, then you must pay that person.

    Anything that denies the value of their labor is Slavery.
    In Third grade I learned that slavery was made illegal in America in the 1860s.

    If your icon Allison Mack was so smart, along with her other furry little friends in NXIVM, why did she not learn this lesson in school?

    • Did you read anything I wrote? I’m asking why plaintiffs in the suit who did the things that you describe as enslavement have not been held accountable.

      I am not defending the enslavement. I am asking why there are double standards in terms of who is punished and who isn’t.

      • So the same thing you always ask. And what do you hope to gain by having random commenters on a Blog answer that question? It will have absolutely no bearing on the civil suit.

      • If any of the defendants feel they have any civil complaints against any of the plaintiffs they should counter sue. That’s how the civil justice system works. It is possible that everyone hurt each other. You go to court to figure out how much all the damage should cost.
        This is high school civics stuff. I shouldn’t have to explain this stuff for you. You are an adult, act like one and do 5 minutes of research on civil litigation before you spend over a year beating the same dead horse. This subject should now be considered closed.

        • Is that going to be the response to these questions when they are under cross examination?

          I think they’ll have to do better than that if they’re hoping to score a billion dollar payday.

          Especially considering that the due diligence you mention will show that the two lead plaintiffs caused much of the damage that most of the others are suing over.

          “Ms. Rood, why are you suing?”

          Rood: “Well, Mark brought me in, so I’m suing a doctor and an actress that I’ve never met.”

          Good luck with that.

          • There are really good reasons why certain people are being sued. And, “Kevin”, I know you know exactly what I’m talking about. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time as the saying goes.

            It’s all about personal responsibility. You know, taking accountability for your actions. There are times when it’s not your fault, and there are times when it is. It’s beholden on you to know the difference.

            Think about that.

    • The little hairy creatures just didn’t go to school or pay attention because they were hanging around on the film set or otherwise busy.

      I think I read that Keith Raniere also tried to become an actor. I would like to know more about that. Is there anyone who can add anything to this?
      And if Keith had managed to become a reasonably successful actor, he might have refrained from creating Vanturd. It’s all just a theory that can’t be proven.

  • “If everyone was being held to the same standards based on past behaviors, the two lead plaintiffs and India would be defendants in this lawsuit”

    What ‘past behaviors’ are you talking about?

    Fact 1: Camila was sex-trafficked. Did Sarah/Mark/India have a part in that? No
    Fact 2: Camila was trafficked to do forced labor. Was Sarah/Mark/India responsible? No
    Fact 3: Part of that forced labor was babysitting for Dr Death. Did Dr Death know about any of this? Maybe he did – we don’t know; we only have his word for that, and frankly his word aint worth shit. That’s what the lawsuit is seeking to establish.

    “When are Sarah and Mark going to pay the members who performed unpaid work for them in their Vancouver and Los Angeles centers?”

    What unpaid work?

    “When is India going to pay her female immigrant workforce for the labor they performed in Delegates?”

    India was only a slave. Allison was her master. And then Nicki.

    • This is a civil trail Not a criminal trial where people get to make a plea deal to avoid any of THEIR responsibilities for what they did wrong., they all volunteered and traded work including Mark, Sarah & India.
      India has not only collected her 125k back , she already doubled it.
      Camila has been paid to the tune of 400K , etc. Etc.
      Nancy & Lauren ..well there’s just no words to comprehend them being dropped from this suit unless perhaps they’re holding damaging info over Sarah & Mark in my opinion.

      • “India has not only collected her 125k back , she already doubled it.
        Camila has been paid to the tune of 400K , etc. Etc.”

        Good. They deserve it. And more besides.

        Nancy and Lauren have already been punished and have shown remorse. Their participation in DOS was minimal. Lauren was the most important government witness, whose testimony was crucial. She was Sarah’s best friend.

        • If you believe Lauren’s partipation in Dos was minimal You are deluded
          She napped with Keith at the rendezvous harem in Mexico prior to the raid., she taught this for decades and she served no jail time.
          Nancy please, stop ✋ She knew her credentials weren’t valid for what she was doing, she treated people like dogs or worse and she lied consistently. To me, she is the same as Epsteins lady friend but worse because she had two daughters!!!

          • So how long was Lauren in DOS then?
            Did Lauren give out seduce assignments? Did she take food off their plates? Did she beat them or give penances? Ever read the trial transcript?
            Sure she went to Mexico. She was in love with the sonofabitch. If love should fall on a dunghill. He stopped her from meeting someone else, he stopped her from having kids. She was as much of a victim, if not more so, than anyone else. And don’t you think her mother doesn’t realize this now?

    • India was also a master. And she was in charge of the company Delegates in which an underage, immigrant workforce performed free labor.

      India did that. Not Allison. Not Nicki. Not Danielle. Not Brandon Porter.

      You support a lawsuit in which there is alleged forced labor, yet in response to a question about Mark and Sarah, who owned the company centers where the alleged unpaid work was performed, your response is “what unpaid work?” You must be an attorney.

      Sarah and Mark bear no responsibility for Camilla, but Danielle, Allison, Nicki, and Porter do? How so? Because Porter paid a company for babysitting services?

      How many others procured babysitting or childcare services from the same company?

      There are multiple allegations in the lawsuit in which the lead plaintiffs themselves participated in the behavior that they falsely accuse of others. Nicki will establish this when she gets her day in court.

    • Hum… India had slaves. Some were trafficked

      She was a day away from being arrested. It was her mom’s constant calling her to get her to go the the DOJ that finally got India to finally work with the Feds.

      Had she not had those tapes of Allison’s talking to Raniere about setting up DOS that put the final nail in his coffin as the leader of DOS & the Grand Master India might be in prison herself vs where she is today.

      Most of the the bigger Plaintiff’s in the case have clean hands. If the case moves forward, in the depositions alone with bring forth their dirty laundry.

      The BS from SOP, JNESS, number of enrollment, telling people their too fat to get promoted, punishments they passed down themselves “because they were taught” to do that, hard pressured sells when people couldn’t afford advance courses and more is going to be air.

      If these so called I have a right to sew your ass to get to the big buck people think they can beat the shit (once again) out of other or ride the tails of litigation to get some money, they might want to think again.

      So far they have been protected by lawyers they haven’t had to pay a penny to.

      When it comes time to your depositions, your going to have to answer all their questions they have for you about your time in NXIVM. ALL questions are on the table.

      Depositions become part of public court documents when going to trial.

      Depositions are no fun when your the one being asked the question. You are also under oath.

      • “Hum… India had slaves. Some were trafficked”
        You mean the grand slaves of Allison. India followed orders on pain of collateral release. Big difference.
        “ALL questions are on the table.”
        Yep, she must feel pretty confident about getting justice then.

      • Ha ha ha.

        It means that fake Kevin appears like a cursed creature whenever the civil lawsuit is brought up.

        Or if Kevin catches a whiff of someone who wears Sarah Edmondson’s perfume fake Kevin will follow that person until fake Kevin’s target can finally find a way to shake the creepy person stalking them

        It’s interesting that at least two of the women from the dossier project (that never wanted a man to stand up for them) have bailed on their beliefs and on pedophile Keith Raniere, but fake Kevin is still going hard for the remaining dead-enders thst he’s allegedly never met and a cult leader that he allegedly never followed.

        Kevin is like if one of the Manson girls’ prison pen pals was still out in the streets trying to convince everybody that Charles Manson never actually killed anybody so he should never have been in prison.

        Even though Charles Manson is already dead and pretty much all of his followers that are still alive have renounced him.

        Marc Elliot admitted to faking Tourette’s Symptoms for financial gain. It’s on YouTube coming right out of Elliott’s own lying yap hole

        Ha ha what a suckball of a fuck up!

        • A number of people here and on other message boards are now starting to ask the questions and make the points that I’ve been asking and making for a year and a half. Not that I’m taking credit for that, but still…

          Watching the actual stalker, Mr. BK I’m too afraid to use a real name, wet himself in the comments section of his own thread due to people pointing out the obvious (for example, that Nicki has a right to file motions to defend herself, considering she’s being sued and all…) has been fun to watch.

          I never once endorsed or supported any criminal or harmful activity. I have never met Raniere, and have never met any of his remaining supporters. All I’ve done is point out that many of the people pointing fingers have no business doing so.

          If you have any counterpoints that justify why Vicente and Edmondson have any business being lead plaintiffs in a civil case in which they are suing people for things they themselves did, please, share them with us.

          If you have any explanation for why you have a problem with behaviors that went on in this group, but simultaneously believe that the people who displayed those behaviors should be given a pass, while low ranking students and customers remain defendants, please, share with us.

          Either Vicente and Edmondson are lying, or, if the allegations about the organization are true, belong in prison, should be defendants in this suit along with the Salzmans, and should have every penny they and their centers earned off the backs of unsuspecting customers clawed back down to the penny.

          If a girl was locked in a room for two years, why were Lauren and Nancy removed from the suit?

          Or is that Brandon Porter’s fault too, because he once knew this guy, who knew this guy, who knew this other guy, who once met her in passing?

          • Lovely peaches.

            It is a clip now readily available
            (In light of what happened with Ethan Klein on his podcast), if you Google it.

            That will save you having to sit through an entire interview of Marc Elliot and Keith.

            Which is a lot to ask any human being to endure.

            We’re not trying to create Dr Frankenstein Porter’s experiments here, right?

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