Various Fodder for NXIVM Rabbit Holers — Brian Elliot Emails Ethan Klein; Joe Rogan on NXIVM; and Podcasts By Alli Mary Epp and Kelly Thiel

Marie White is an obliging artist.

NXIVM continues to inspire content for podcasters and YouTube creators. For those looking to go further down the NXIVM “rabbit hole,” here are links to interviews with some lesser-known characters, listed below, as well as Ethan Klein’s follow-up to his interview with Marc Elliot and Joe Rogan discussing NXIVM on a recent podcast episode.

Ethan Klein Gets Email from Brian Elliot Defending Brother Marc

Ethan Klein reacts to NXIVM aftermath following interview with Marc Elliot

Popular YouTuber Ethan Klein, once again, mocks Marc Elliot and uses an email from his brother, Brian, to chortle up a laugh-fest on one of Klein’s livestreams.

Older brother Brian chides Ethan through email, calling him “dishonorable,” but Ethan appears disinterested in healing his “ethical breach. The original interview has over 1 million views.

Ethan Klein reviews his interview with Marc, where he repeatedly displays a photoshopped photo of Keith Raniere, Marc, and “their amigo” Charles Manson

NXIVM Gets Shout-out on Rogan Podcast

Joe Rogan: LOL NXIVM Cult Leader Was TOTALLY INSANE!!

On a recent podcast episode with Ari Shaffir and Big Jay Oakerson, Joe Rogan discusses the documentary “Holy Hell,” and other cults, including NXIVM.

Big Jay Oakerson appears the most knowledgeable about NXIVM and criticizes Keith Raniere for not being satisfied with only three girlfriends.

Joe Rogan reacts to a picture of India Oxenberg, saying, “She’s pretty.”

Vanessa Grigoriadis on Andrew Gold

My Insane Meeting With Scientology-Like Cult: NXIVM | OTE Podcast 238

In 2018, writer Vanessa Grigoriadis interviewed NXIVM members Clare Bronfman, Allison Mack, and in his first media interview in 14 years, Keith Raniere, for a piece in the New York Times magazine.

Grigoriadis released a podcast called “Infamous” using her previously recorded interviews and did a media tour talking about NXIVM.

YouTuber Andrew Gold interviewed her on his YouTube channel.

She speaks candidly about her opinions of the group and reveals she knew Keith and Clare were going to be indicted before they did.

Former DOS Member, Souki Mehdaoui, on Harvard Divinity School’s video: Abuse of Power in Alternative and Emerging Spiritual and Cultural Organizations

Video: Abuse of Power in Alternative and Emerging Spiritual and Cultural Organizations
Souki Mehdaoui [bottom right] in Harvard Divinity School’s video: Abuse of Power in Alternative and Emerging Spiritual and Cultural Organizations
As part of a conversation discussing abuse in spiritual and cultural organizations, Souki Mehdaoui, former NXIVM and DOS member, shares her experience.  Souki hasn’t done a lot of media, but was featured in the first New York Times article.

She was the woman who Keith Raniere sent a text comparing himself to Bill Gates and Abe Lincoln.

Keith Raniere compared himself, or at least the pubic brand he authorized, to mark on his slaves, to Abraham Lincoln and Bill Gates.

Souki recently did a few podcast interviews about NXIVM, DOS, and working on HBO’s ‘The Vow.’

Souki was highly critical of the producers of the Vow, and we expect to tell that story in the future.

Souki Mehdaoui describes herself as “a documentary director, writer, and cinematographer based in Denver.”

Leaving A Cult with Alli Mary Epp

Leaving A Cult with Alli Mary Epp – Radical Resilience with Blair Kaplan Venables

Allison ‘Alli’ Mary Epp is a name not known to many in the public.  Last year, she announced her participation in a high control group on a podcast.

That group was NXIVM, where Allie was an active coach for several years.

Her interview was graphic enough to require the following trigger warning: “The Resilience Project provides an open space for people to share their personal experiences. Some content in this podcast may include topics that you may find difficult. The listener’s discretion is advised.”

Alli coached, recruited and taught students out of the Vancouver Center, run by Sarah Edmondson, who recruited her into the group.

In Allie’s interview, she shares some positive aspects of NXIVM, but talks about red flags and her process of healing since she left, in her words, “quietly.”

One interesting aspect of her interview is that she said she did not feel anything was seriously wrong with NXIVM while she was a member, until she found out some “shocking” revelations about “the leader,” Raniere.

Her voice is vital, interesting and new, and her role as a victim has hardly been explored.

An intelligent and seemingly spiritual woman, it is refreshing to hear her – especially since we have heard so little about her before.  I’d like to hear more about her experiences in NXIVM and DOS.

Sarah Edmondson with Alli Mary Epp at Sarah’s Wedding (Source: Instagram)

Alli Mary Epp describes herself as a “lifelong seeker, ceremonialist, kundalini yoga teacher, sacred story teller and mother of two.”

Scientology & NXIVM w/ former NXIVM member KELLY THIEL

Scientology & NXIVM w/ former NXIVM member KELLY THIEL

Another fascinating voice I’d love to hear more from is Kelly Thiel. She was a NXIVM coach invited into DOS, but never joined.

Thiel appeared in the Starz documentary “Seduced” and wrote a book called “Unapologetically Glorious: The Power of Owning your story without shame and blame.” According to her book cover, she is a #1 best selling author.

Kelly Thiel: Unapologetically Glorious: The Power of Owning your story without shame and blame

For those who love rabbits, the holes are plentiful and so interesting to read about and ponder – could this happen to you or me?

Here is one of my recent paintings. I call it Keith Raniere, the old man in the SHU.


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  • Why doesn’t Marc Elliott send medical documentation of his disorder to Ethan so Ethan can do a public apology

    Ethan can be the bigger man, I would think.

    If Elliott send Ethan medical verification I’d bet Ethan would say he’s sorry for saying Elliott faked it.

    At least until Elliott admitted to faking it to Raniere to keep his speaking engagements. That’s just wrong.

  • Ethan’s “youre faking” comment were blink-and-youll-miss-it. Marc decision to amplify the comments suggest he’s having an emotional reaction. He feels like victim even though it’s counter to NXIVM teachings.

  • Internet entrepreneur Bob Lee murdered in Communist Sh*thole San Francisco
    ‘SF is a complete s**thole. I am a registered Democrat… liberal politicians are ruining cities.’ Music mogul David Foster’s daughter slams woke lawmakers over murder of CashApp founder Bob Lee
    Foster ripped into the left for what she feels is their responsibility in Lee’s murder
    Foster, 42, is the daughter of music mogul David Foster and a model/actress
    ‘SF is a complete s—hole,’ she said adding ‘liberal politicians are ruining cities’

      • ShadowState will never share is true identity or whereabouts with anyone……

        ……..Serial taxidermists live anonymously in the shadows, otherwise they go to prison for life.

    • Voters get what they voted for or by foregoing voting, thus enabling the election results as they occurred. That is why no one needs to complain about the current conditions, because it is only the beginning of a trend that will continue. It will only get worse, not better. How fortunate that I don’t live there and I don’t plan to set foot there, even for a visit or a vacation. No, thank you.

  • She (Souki) was the woman who Keith Raniere sent a text comparing himself to Bill Gates and Abe Lincoln. Marie White

    In light of Bill Gates’ relationship with the pedophile sex trafficker Bill Gates maybe Raniere is correct in comparing himself to Bill Gates.

    For example Bill Gates’ wife Melinda saw fit to divorce Gates’ sorry ass because of Gates’ foolish relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.
    Furthermore, the Microsoft Board of Directors eased Gates out of his position at the software giant when it became well known that Gates socialized with the notorious pedophile Epstein.

    Also the courts have kept a tight lid on the list of Epstein’s clients, who are men of wealth and power.

    • “Also the courts have kept a tight lid on the list of Epstein’s clients, who are men of wealth and power.”

      Wasn’t Donald Trump one of them?

      • Wasn’t Donald Trump one of them?

        In fact Trump was one of the first people to mention in the media –Vanity Fair Magazine in 2002 — that Epstein liked underage girls.

          • Peaches:
            The exact story is titled “The Talented Mr. Epstein” after the movie The talented Mr. Ripley.
            It was written by Vicky Ward.
            SOCIETYMARCH 2003 ISSUE
            The Talented Mr. Epstein
            Lately, Jeffrey Epstein’s high-flying style has been drawing oohs and aahs: the bachelor financier lives in New York’s largest private residence, claims to take only billionaires as clients, and flies celebrities including Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey on his Boeing 727. But pierce his air of mystery and the picture changes. Vicky Ward explores Epstein’s investment career, his ties to retail magnate Leslie Wexner, and his complicated past.

            In this story Donald Trump exposes Jeffrey Epstein as a pedophile.
            Donald Trump has nothing to hide.

        • That’s true. But I think that was meant as a compliment. Trump also partied with Epstein: he arranged for dozens of models for a party. Lured them in under the disguise of a photo shoot. Who where the male party-animals? Only Trump and Epstein.
          Then Trump had lunch with a 17 year old miss teenage contestant. He also entered the dressing rooms of the teenage girls of these contests.

          Last but not least, he said to Michael Cohen, while at a tennis court, that he’d like to have the ass of a girl walking off the tenniscourt. Who she was? Cohen’s daughter. She was 15 years old.

          • The full quote has Trump saying that Epstein liked young girls almost as much as Trump does himself.

            Dudes. Make some friends who want to hear your near constant stream of qanon type shit.

            Read the room. On this blog no one is here for your unrelated to Nxivm political propaganda on the posts about Nxium.

            So desperate. Go to the local senior center. Pay a hooker to talk about Hunter Biden’s laptop. Anything.

            Just stop with it on here. So fucking sad for you and annoying for others.

  • I want more media appearances from Damon Brink. I kinda feel for the guy actually. I mean, it’s kinda tough when people come off as decent – yet misguided – but they continue to support an animal like Vanturd. That’s my problem with all the Dead-Enders. They know Vanturd engaged in sex with a minor, yet they still support him.

    MORE BRINK!!!!!!!

    P.S. I really do NOT think he should be ‘camceled’, but he was really entertaining.

    • Question, are Damon Brink, Pilgrim and Scott Johnson all the same and DTF? my fat wife broke my 🐓

      • I swear on my nutsack, I am ONLY Pilgrim and do not write under any other name.

        I’m always DTF for attractive women, age 30 and up. Nothing freaky. Just good old fashion lovin’, the “Pilgrim” way. I once gave a 43 woman eight orgasms in one session, that pretty much lasted for 2 hours. Technically three sessions with maybe a five minutes break between each one. This is why I offer my sexual services to DOSSIER girlies. Vanturd could never ever give a woman the experience I can. I would love to break Nicki in. I figure if she slept with Vanturd, I should have a pretty good shot. I am better looking and have perfectly sized penis that just stimulates the g spot on each downstroke. The LOVE it.

        Nicki, HMU ON Frank Report!

        • If I had a chance with Nicki, I wouldn’t speak to her that way. The date would be memorable because it would include peach wine and a turkey hunt hosted by a Pilgrim.

          • I think Nicki is a bit of a masochist. I mean, she slept with Vanturd for 10 years. Can you imagine subjecting yourself to that fucking pathetic little turd-burglar? She has to be a glutton for punishment. Nice girls do not like nice guys: they want an asshole who will put them in their place. I am a nice guy but can adjust my personality if the pussy is worth it. The way I see it, Nicki is a nice feather in the cap, a nice notch on the headboard, and probably will turn into a nymphomaniac once she experiences a real man like me. Trust me, I’ve turned lesbians straight, good girls bad and seen girls eyes roll nto the back their head while claiming “YOUR COCK IS GOD”. I am an American Male, in the truest sense of the term.

  • Your art is wonderful. This post has some actual new interesting tidbits which is refreshing because this blog has gotten a bit stale of late.

    Mainly because of it’s refusal to report actual updated news about the Nxivm cult. Such as very recent developments in the civil lawsuit.

    Plus, the censoring of comments that don’t match what is apparently a focused Frank Report agenda now.

    Hope the censoring ends soon.

    Happy Holiday of your choosing to you all during this glorious Spring of rebirth and beauty.

  • The Elliott brothers have all drank the koolaid.

    Susan Dones posted w clip where Marc said he had “faked” Tourette’s symptoms because the results of Keith’s cure were too good- and his audience wouldn’t believe he actually has Tourette’s if he were symptom free.

    If it were truly a legitimate cure, symptom free results would be optimal. People would believe if the “cure”/treatment were shared and similar success achieved.

    If anyone has experienced the pain and punishing aspects of Tourette’s (physically and psychologically) you know you would never “fake” these symptoms.

    Marc is an absolute conman. His money stream is dry. Con is over.

  • Please get Ethan Klein on here! I want to tell him thank you for making me laugh my ass off. Marie, I love your art. I was wondering, when you said Nicki reminds you of Diana, is that Princes Diana? Nicki doesn’t feed the hungry and give medical relief to aids victims. Nicki is beautiful. Like Princes Diana she has natural beauty. Truth is beauty and Nicki seems to be embracing it.

  • Ethan as hilarious as ever in his deadpan way. Didn’t take him too long to get the measure of Marc’s brother, Brian. The piss-taking is as usual quite merciless.

    Joe Rogan is like watching a recalcitrant 14-year-old smoking pot with his 12-year-old friends, and trying to solve the problems of a world he hasn’t got a clue about. If you’re of a dopey disposition, don’t have too many friends, and have a fairly low IQ, it’s something you might be able to tolerate.

    Fascinating to hear the input of Souki Mehdaoui, whose story also features quite prominently in The Vow Season 1. How such a smart and super-articulate high achiever found herself in the clutches of structured abuse and indoctrination should be a lesson to us all. The systematic ceding of personal agency to the vertically structured authority of DOS left so many women like Souki feeling terrified, trapped and vulnerable. That she had the temerity to escape is commendable.

    There but for grace of god…

    • Souki was in her twenties and not long into NXIVM. Somehow she was happily texting with the Vanguard himself, as I conclude from the 2017 NYT article. If I remember correctly, very few people had direct access to Vanguard, let alone his telephone number. Unless you are a hot 20 something of course.
      It is all so transparent. Horny little devil.

      • Souki didn’t seem to be getting on so well with her direct master, the girl from Harlem, who threatened her with a good spanking by text if she continued to mess up. And DOS was supposed to RID the world of female infantilization?

    • Mr Longworth, I think you’re correct in comparing Ethan to the Deadpool character. I wonder if Ethan likes Deadpool? Who are Ethan Kleins role models?

  • I simply do not get it. I mean, I swear I just don’t get it. Did you people never see the William Shatner at the Star Trek convention on SNL saying to all his devoted Cultees: (paraphrasing) “You guys have turned a sweet gig of mine into a colossal waste of time.” Please do not co-opt “rabbit hole”—a sacred term to those neurodivergent and those neurotypical with great passions (and those simply “curious”) who actually do research, for the tragedies that follow this smut.

    The “1M views” interview? I clicked on determined to figure this all out because I am such a staunch supporter of the young girl who had the guts to leave, and what do I get? Diarrheal and poop and someone or something defined “flapper” in a way nothing having to do with the Roaring 20’s. Too indifferent to listen again. For that is the opposite of hate not love.
    Please all of you, put these energies toward something purposeful like Wordle (no, have never done one, will never do one.) As Shatner exhorts: GET A LIFE! For a very very important reason. You devotees’ attentions to Keith Raniere and his cult are what keep the Dossier victims – oh yes they are victims, do not lose sight ever of this – in business. You click, and so they can peddle a femansplained manifesto of an abuser, the dossier girls never having manifested one damn original thing.

    (See also, golf, a #CWOT non-sport,

  • Hello Marie,

    If Alli Mary Epp was recruited into the organization by Sarah Edmondson, later became a coach, and was not harmed while in the organization, then how is she a victim?

    What is she a victim of?

    And if she is a victim, who is her abuser? Who committed a crime against her, and how did that person benefit?

    A handful of the defendants in the civil suit who never met her and had nothing to do with her?

    Or the person who brought her in, made money from her recruitment, and did the same to countless others?

    Who also happened to own the location where anything that happened, good or bad, would have been her responsibility?

    Thank you for your time.

    • Wasn’t she another victim of Raniere? Isn’t he her abuser? Didn’t he indoctrinate her like everyone else, and didn’t she end up working for him, which generated money for the company? Don’t think she’s a plaintiff though. If Sarah hadn’t recruited her, someone else may have, or someone else may have recruited someone else, whose garlanded photo would be looking down on us from this page now. A different victim to behold but the abuser would still be the same.

      • I think Vanessa Grigoriadis is a phony. She is definitely riding on the coat tails of the NXVIM drama and looking to make a profit. When she wrote her piece on NXVIM, she offered no opinion or concern about the branding in the article she wrote. She took a few classes in NXVIM, and I don’t think she was against it. Now she is looking to cash in. Podcast. Doing many interviews appearing on other podcasts. Would like to get Franks thoughts on Vanessa?

        • Yeah, not disagreeing with you. She’s a hack’s hack and always looking for an angle, but that’s what hacks do. Gotta make a crust I suppose.

    • Kevin, what compelling writing. A beautifully framed inquiry. I would love to know.

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