Kevin Responds to Commenters, Condemns Sentencing Disparities Between Raniere and Other Convicted Sex Offenders

MK10ART painting of Keith Raniere

Kevin, who some suspect is Nicki Clyne, has replies for several of Frank Report’s esteemed commenters.

MK10ART’s portrait of Kevin.

Frank Report does not believe Kevin is Nicki, but is a man named Kevin, whose last name he has asked us to withhold.


I hope John Tighe is sitting comfortably somewhere, having a cold beer, and enjoying Keith Raniere’s cries to be released from the SHU – a great deal.

MK10ART- Portrait of John Tighe


I don’t think Tighe is enjoying this at all. If improper things are being done to Raniere, they can also be done to innocent people, a concept Tighe understands all too well.

There’s a big picture beyond “good guys” vs “bad guys.”

Shadow State

The mayor of College Park, Maryland, Patrick Wojahn, was arrested Thursday on 56 child pornography possession and distribution charges.

The 47-year gay Democrat faces 40 counts of possession of exploitative child material and 16 counts of distribution of exploitative child material, a press release from the Prince George’s County Police Department (PGPD) said.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children first alerted the department that a social media account operating within the county was distributing “suspected child pornography” on February 17, according to the PGPD.

Through an investigation, authorities determined the account belongs to the sitting mayor. On February 28, the PGPD executed a search warrant at his home in College Park, seizing “multiple cell phones, a storage device, a tablet and a computer.”


Nothing will happen to the guy. He has the right politics, belongs to an identity group, and his victims aren’t women in their 20s and 30s who had to endure the horror of transcribing a video for a dead friend’s memorial service. [like the victims in the Raniere case.]


Cleveland rabbi sentenced to prison for soliciting underage sex
Among those who testified on Stephen Weiss’ behalf in a bid for leniency was a prominent rabbi in the Conservative movement.

He tried and failed: Rabbi Stephen Weiss will get six months in prison for trying to have sex with someone he thought was an underage person – who was actually a law enforcement agent.  

A Cleveland-area rabbi was sentenced to six months in prison on Monday for soliciting underage sex, capping a sad and shocking saga for the area’s Jewish community….

Weiss, formerly senior rabbi at B’nai Jeshurun Congregation in Pepper Pike, was sentenced for the crimes of attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and possessing criminal tools. He had been arrested and charged after a sting operation last April and pleaded guilty to the two felony charges in January.

Weiss, 61, will be required to register as a sex offender for 25 years.


If one of the children the rabbi solicited for sex had read and interpreted a journal article for him, would they have added 119 and a half years to his sentence.

MK10art portrait of Raniere behind bars.

Starting to sink in yet guys? That this whole Raniere thing has nothing to do with sex crimes or keeping people safe? That if it did, all these other weirdos, like the Rabbi and the gay mayor, would face similar punishments as Raniere – with his 120 year prison sentence.


“Jails and prisons house the criminally insane” – H. Lowes.

“Like Allison Mack” — Shadow State


Allison will find a way to achieve the ultimate revenge: Rebuilding her life, without any thought of what people outside her circle think or say about her.

Beautiful true genius Daniella

Daniella’s many, many letters asking to be set free when she was confined in isolation for almost two years on Keith’s orders are much more compelling than Raniere’s letters written from the SHU.

And better written.


If Daniela’s confinement was so bad, why was her primary abuser, Lauren Salzman, dismissed from the civil suit?

Maybe that’s a better question for the lead plaintiffs, Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente.

Keith’s Actually Guilty

So it’s not the FBI?

It’s Rosa Laura Junco’s daddy?

Or is daddy Junco working with the FBI?

And Moira.

And Camilla.

Nxivm Camila

And the dozens of others.

Or is it EVERY one?

Just EVERY single person v. Raniere?


It’s possible to believe Raniere could be guilty of crimes, and also believe that the people who prosecuted him cheated?

Both of things could be true simultaneously.

The problem is that if they cheated to get a guilty man, it means they also cheat to get innocent people. Which is why so many people need to believe there was no tampering or foul play.


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  • Kevin is not Nicki. You people are fucking paranoid.

    How much longer until Nicki has Only Fans account going? I imagine buttering bagels is getting old.

  • “Nothing will happen to the guy. He has the right politics, belongs to an identity group, and his victims aren’t women in their 20s and 30s.”

    Anthony Weiner had the “right politics” too and look what happened to him. Duh!

    And then there are the others who had “extreme right politics” (a bit like you Kevin!) and who pretty much got away with it. Suspect DJT was into that a bit. Wasn’t he a fellow traveller of Epstein’s? And then didn’t he say stuff about Ivanka when she was like really young, and barged into the 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant dressing room when the girls were half naked? “Don’t worry,” he told them, “I’ve seen it all before.” I’m sure you have Donald…

    And what about Giuliani with Baron Cohen’s daughter? Oh, and then there was Roy Moore, Nathan Larson, Mark Foley, Dennis Hastert….

    It’s actually a pretty long list, Kevin, but you can read all about it here, but I know you won’t bother your ass…:

  • 2 random questions.
    1, does anyone know if Sarah Edmonson was married to someone else before Nippy? I read an interview with someone who said when Sarah was on that cruise ship when she first signed on she was with her husband at the time.Sarah always says it was a boyfriend.
    2. How long did Lauren know about Daniella being locked in the room? And how did she not serve any time for being part holding someone hostage?

    Check your notes. Check the transcripts. Check common fucking sense.
    You are turning into an obvious bullshit artist, Kevin. Nobody is buying this one. And I’m not buying anything you’re selling.

    • Then explain why other people are being sued for the alleged confinement if Keith was the only one responsible. I’m all ears.

      But take it easy with the screaming in caps, eh?

      • Here’s your defense: “It was Keith.”
        It’s the best defense because it’s true.
        Lying in an attempt to.shift blame off of those being sued is bullshit.

  • Even IF someONE “cheated” to convict guilty Raniere (which did not happen) it does NOT mean that therefore ” they also cheat to get innocent people”.

    Logic fail.

    Kevin makes a big ass jump there

    Now it’s not just one guilty person in one jurisdiction.

    It’s every person innocent or guilty in every single jurisdiction.

    Which is obviously bullshit.

    That reasoning is akin to saying because a chef had a horrible customer in a restaurant who returned the food and the chef spit in it – therefore the chef also spits in all the food. In every restaurant in the United States.

    That’s a big ass jump in logic.

    And in Kevin’s scenario the same chef would be preparing food for every single person in America.

    That’s not how the justice system is set up. It’s made up of many different humans in a lot of different branches. In multiple jurisdictions.

    By Kevin’s logic if Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor by default Robin Hood would also just be stealing from poor all the time too.

    That’s a huge jump.

    Nobody tampered. Nobody cheated. Because nobody had to in order to prove guilt.

    Keith left evidence everywhere. And there were living humans who were called under oath to testify to Keith’s crimes. It’s over. Keith lost

    The dead-enders are trying to make Keith’s case about justice reform because they believe by making it about something bigger than Keith they can garner support.

    It’s hollow. It’s transactional. It’s transparent.

    It’s pathetic and desperate.

  • Daniela testified under oath about the horror and torture of being in the room for 2 years.

    That’s the dead-ender gold standard for verification of truth.

    “Under oath”= truth.

    If Camilla can’t be trusted while not speaking under oath (as idiots like Marc “I faked my Tourette’s tics” Elliot claimed recently) then Daniela can be trusted because she took the witness stand.

    Don’t be a hypocrite Kevin.

    Did you take the stand?.

    • The context is that if it was that bad, that one of the primary abusers shouldn’t have been removed from the civil suit.

      • But it’s not your lawsuit “Kevin” (or us it?) So guess what? No one has to consult with you about why people are removed or added or any of the legal details or decisions.

      • In cases where victims of abuse sought NXIVM’s tools to deal with trauma, they were taught that victims of abuse were the real abusers. This teaching, reinforced through many intensive EM sessions, caused those victims to experience severe re-traumatization.

  • “There’s a big picture beyond “good guys” vs “bad guys.”

    Says Kevin, who can’t wrap his mind around the idea that people like Sarah Edmondson, whose hands are not entirely clean, can sue other Nxivm insiders.

    This guy’s a joke.

    • This is a shabby reinterpretation of the deadenders favourite Rumi quote – they got it from Popova’s quote site, [not like anyone is actually reading Rumi in that squad – why? when all their succour is with vanguard] – it states ” somewhere beyond ideas of right and wrong there is a field — I will meet you there” Michele and Alison were very fond of it, or the superficial notion that Rumi wanted to provide a glib and blanket excuse for shitty behaviour. Typical nxium reading comp. skills. Another of Kevin’s ID ‘tells’ I think.

  • Raniere taught you there are no victims, “Kevin”.

    It’s all in your head. Stop being so paranoid and obsessed with futile idiocies!!

  • Kevin.

    Your shared boyfriend will die in prison.

    But you will always have his initials branded near your vagina to remember Keith.

  • there needs to be much more coverage on all the paedophiles. All the sexual deviants should be tarred and feathered through journalism and social media. They should all be paying heavy prices for destroying lives. What Keith Raniere did to that Mexican girl? Keeping her in a room for two years? It’s so horrible. She will probably suffer from claustrophobia, PTSD, trust issues, self esteem issues. Who knows what else.
    But her parents? Were they punished for negligence?

    When these predators sexually and or physically abuse these children , they end up destroying their lives. They all deserve major consequences and these consequences should literally terrify others who want to touch and abuse kids! It has to stop. Keith should be an example of what will happen if these freaks don’t get it together and stop abusing children!

    Of course the FBI shouldn’t cheat. It’s not ok. That is very true.
    They should be honest and they should be called out for abusing their power.

    All these dirty people and their sickening ways need to be exposed. There needs to be more more more coverage. That’s the point, not that Raniere got coverage so he is paying the price like he’s a victim !

  • “Starting to sink in yet guys? That this whole Raniere thing has nothing to do with sex crimes or keeping people safe? That if it did, all these other weirdos, like the Rabbi and the gay mayor, would face similar punishments as Raniere – with his 120 year prison sentence.”
    Racketeering and racketeering conspiracy; sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy; forced labor conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy. The racketeering offense included predicate acts of extortion, identity theft, and production and possession of child pornography.
    Were the Mayor and the Rabbi found guilty of the other crimes too? No? Then you can’t compare.

  • There are probably thousands of examples of injustice within our justice system. That’s just an indisputable and sad fact. Using KAR as the poster child for this issue, will never move us one step closer to resolving it. Find someone a bit more worthy of the public’s sympathies. Victor Bugliosi most likely violated some legal ethics codes in order to convict Charlie. However, freeing Manson was never going to become a serious civil rights movement, because of the danger he posed to society. The same could be said for Keith Raniere. It’s time to move on, Kevin. BTW, it’s not at all clear that Moira and the FBI did anything wrong in convicting Keith. He weaponized the legal system when it was to his advantage, but cries foul when the shoe’s on the other foot.

    • “What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.” – Thomas Jefferson

      There’s a reason why the only crime defined in the Constitution is treason and the only penalty is death.

      If we string up a few dirty Feds, FBI Agents, and Federal Prosecutors, will liberty be secured and everything fall in line with the Framers’ intent?

      Some say the Framers would start with James Comey. George Washington wouldn’t have tolerated him. Andrew Jackson would have shot him.

  • I hate to disappoint “Kevin” but I believe in Justice for All.
    When I was ten years old and my brother was five years old, during the height of the Vietnam War we visited the nation’s Capitol even walking in the Capitol Rotunda.
    When Nancy Pelosi’s personal Gestapo, including FBI informant Ray Epps, allowed protesters the same privilege in 2021 one of Pelosi’s personal thugs gunned down an unarmed Ashli Babbitt.
    I believe in Justice for All including Ashli Babbitt and Nancy Pelosi.
    Here is a new song just released by one of America’s greatest Presidents Donald J. Trump.
    Justice for All

    • You say you believe in justice yet you call Capitol police “gestapo”.

      The “geheime staats polizei” (gestapo) or Nazi germany’s secret police is not to be confused with the capitol police, not even as a metaphor. Get an education and get a life, you ignorant fool. Better yet, emigrate to Russia. You’ll like it there.

      Babbet got what was coming to her. Fox is partly to blame. You did hear that the Fox hosts knew there was no voter fraud, that’s what they said to each other in e-mails, yet sold these lies of a stolen election to people like Babbit. For money. They are the ones with blood on their hands. It’s a miracle she was the only insurectionist that was killed that day.

      Next time around they should put a Gatling gun on the roof of the Capitol.

  • Do we care? Let’s play Devil’s Advocate and say the system is corrupt.

    You dance with the Devil, expect to get burned. Raniere knew the game he was playing. He knew the system was corrupt, but he joined in the corruption. It is well known how long he got away with things in the Albany/Clifton Park area because of his connections. Some even strongly assert he used those connections to get child porn planted on a computer that John Tighe didn’t even possess but was linked to him because John was a thorn in his side because of his blog bringing up his past history of statutory rape from sources he had. That Raniere now wants to call foul on a corrupt system that has targeted him and expect things to change is so laughable.

    Nonetheless, even if one part of the system is corrupt, that doesn’t mean another part is.

    You deadenders are playing a deadend game.

    • If you use any excuse to curtail the operation of constitutional rights, those rights become meaningless paper tigers.

      Even the most reviled deserves due process.

      Even the most offensive deserves freedom of expression.

      Even the biggest scoundrel deserves a Government that doesn’t have to resort to cheating to put them away.

      Equal Justice Under Law

      • Don’t care. Don’t need a conman criminal who is morally repugnant and abused the legal system and partook in the corruption when he saw fit needing to be some example of fixing corruption and getting due process because he’s now in the other end. There are plenty of other innocent people who lacked due process and are more worthy.

      • He was at liberty for decades to excercise and exploit all those rights given to ‘even the most reviled and offensive’ he chose to do the exact thing he did with his life. He broke the lives of others and he broke the law – anyone can do that, but apparently they don’t. He has had his just desserts Richard – just like you and me. But he’s not like you or me in his civic behaviour – is he?

      • how do you know ‘they’ cheated Rich? So the files were tampered with, but when and by whom? You don’t know jack

  • Are you making the argument that Daniela’s “confinement” (thanks for acknowledging that Daniella lost her freedom for 2 long years of her young life) WASN’T “so bad”?

    Daniela’s own words written in real time while she was isolated prove how brutal it was for Daniela and that she had started taking action to kill herself.

    Dead-enders have so much empathy for convicted pedophile Raniere being locked up and none at all for innocent victim Daniela.

    But it’s nice to see you acknowledge Keith’s guilt finally in your compare and contrast that ‘ if this could happen to Keith it could also happen to someone “innocent”.

    It’s great to see moments of honesty bleed through the dead-ender party line.

    Just like when you recently acknowledged that the ESP Tech could (and was) be used to “hurt people. ”

    That was also very refreshing. The truth will always out.

    Your logic is so deeply flawed. ESP and the cult have done you know favors in terms of being able to think clearly.

    Dropping somebody from a civil lawsuit in no way invalidates the criminality of withholding Daniella’s legal documents. Or the cruelty and abuse of keeping her isolated in an empty room for almost 2 years.

    Y’all have had years and years to come up with any kind of Defense for Keith and ESP and the DOS sex slave ring and this is the best that you can do?

    It really actually highlights the Ironclad conviction of Keith. And that complete lack of ethics and morality of most of the people surrounding him.

    Frank. Are holding back certain comments again? Hope not. Thnx

    • So you do Not find it odd that the prime perpetrator of Daniella’s confinement was dropped from the civil suit? I mean she escaped prison with a plea deal however wouldn’t you think Daniella would like to be paid by her tormenter, teacher and coach?

      • Would not.

        Lauren has woken up. Lauren helped to prosecute the true architect of Daniela’s pain, abuse and torture.

        It doesn’t matter anyway. That decision was made by attorneys and none of the commenters here factor into their decision.

        You think it’s a big deal and proves something. Totally disagree. Unless you’re privy to all of the discussions and the intricacies of different private relationships and legal choices, it’s just speculation.

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