Family Court Story of Custody Evaluator Who Hid Notes of Sex Abuse by Father

Here is another story about the criminal racketeering enterprise called Family Court. Without a jury for a check and balance, the judge solely controls the fates of children throughout America.

For-profit court professionals, like the custody evaluators, who decide the fate of children they met once or twice, based on satisfying the GALs and attorneys who refer him or her.

Here is an example of a custody evaluator who buried credible allegations of a parent’s sex abuse of his daughter to recommend he get custody, because it made more money for the attorneys, the GAL, and the therapists involved.

A young girl of divorcing parents disclosed to the custody evaluator that her father sexually abused her on many occasions.

Somehow the custody evaluator chose not to mention her disclosures in his custody evaluation report to the court.

In fact, he recommended the father get custody, as the parent with superior [funds] parenting skills.

Fighting this monstrous injustice, with her daughter begging for rescue, the mother subpoenaed the custody evaluator’s notes.

 The Shining

Reading Crazy Circus: Family Court Custody Evaluator Ruined Daughter’s Life made me think of a story I personally know of.

I read the deposition of a corrupt evaluator who mishandled a child’s sexual abuse in family court.

Under oath, in court, the evaluator could not explain why he did not include his own notes from his evaluation of the then-young girl who her father sexually abused.

I read the whole transcript of the hearing. I read the evaluator’s ‘forgotten’ notes where the girl described explicit details of sexual abuse, where the sexual abuse occurred, and what times.

In the custody evaluator’s notes, the girl explained the physical discomfort, pain, and confusion she experienced. She described what she wore, what he wore, and the surroundings in such detail.

I remember feeling like throwing up when I read it. Imagine how devastating it was for the mother to realize this happened.

‘I wanted to throw up when I read it…’

The notes revealed that the girl described to the custody evaluator numerous incidents of her father’s apparently diverse forms of sexual abuse.

The notes of the girl’s words were compelling, describing thoughtful, matter-of-fact, understandable details of her father’s sexual abuse.

When questioned, the evaluator had no explanation for why he didn’t include his notes in his custody evaluation report to the courts.

The custody evaluator could not recall why he left out the notes of the child telling him her father abused her in his custody evaluation report.

He said, “I do not recall.”

After the hearing, the judge concluded the girl’s description of her sexual abuse was “inconsistent.”

The judge determined there was no sexual abuse. The girl was lying for her description of what her father did to her was not the same every time.

The father’s sexual abuse didn’t happen one time. It was going on for a long time. So, of course, it was “inconsistent.”

It cost the mother her life savings to dispose of that (very well-known) custody evaluator.

The mother was frustrated when the judge refused to consider the notes of her daughter’s sexual abuse.

And then appeal.

The custody evaluator’s notes, which he could not recall why he did not put on the record in his custody evaluation, were admitted by the judge as evidence, and they were never entered the court record.

The evaluator and the judge just changed the subject.

The mother’s lawyer refused to object. I repeat: her own lawyer never objected. The mother fired him. She was then called a “difficult client.”

She couldn’t find another lawyer who would take her case. She then represented herself.

The abused girl’s father placed her in a psychiatric institution. The girl fell apart when she had no more contact with her mother.

The father claimed that all the stress the mother put on them caused his daughter to have mental health problems. And, of course, he paid a lot of money to get her into that mental health institution. He paid it out of pocket. No insurance.

Eventually, the girl turned 18. The father then became her legal conservator.

The mother tried to ask her daughter to fight with her for her freedom from her father. At that point, the girl gave up.

Then the mother appealed again. But she made the tragic mistake of telling the courts she was outraged that her daughter made that choice. She explained in detail all the years her daughter pleaded with her to save her from his abuse.

The mother was alienated with her daughter.

This time, the court decided to make these statements part of the record.

Her statements can be easily googled by typing in her name. All of that is part of the legal record.

The people the father associated with did not let “the little woman” dominate one of their own. If it could happen to him, it could happen to them, which was not an option.

Eventually, because the mother reacted against her daughter’s choice to shut out all the pain, she lost contact, just like they wanted.

The daughter experienced long-term mental health issues.

The daughter has significant mental health issues, which force her to remain under control.

Justice, Family Court style.

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  • “… In the early 1960s, specialized “Family Courts” were established in states across the country to oversee cases involving child neglect, paternity, adoption, juvenile and family offenses, and child custody. These days, Family Courts are a crucial part of child-welfare services, but the system is plagued by a number of serious problems …”

  • “… I was illegally locked up, for not showing up for a hearing that I wasn’t subpoenaed to attend and never received a summons for the matter. The civil capias was issued and executed absent any legal authority, for the sole purpose of further trying to intimidate me and silence me. Imagine that, not a party to an action, licensed suspended, but yet a judge still maintains such a strong interest in making an example of me.” Attorney Nickola Cunha, CT

    “You have to make more noise than anybody else, you have to make yourself more obtrusive than anybody else, you have to fill all the papers more than anybody else, in fact you have to be there all the time and see that they do not snow you under, if you are really going to get your reform realized.” Emmeline Pankhurst, UK

    “Now, I’m going to talk to you about Constitutional Amendments first of all.” Attorney Connie Reguli, TN

    • 27:18 “… All right, let’s talk about this involuntary servitude. Why do I care? Well of course, my 30 days – – I guess they could put me to work. I don’t know what they’d make me do – – I’m more worried that they’d try to poison me and I’m going to say that out loud again. I’m more concerned that they would try to poison me …” Attorney Connie Reguli

      posted March 29, 2010

      CLARKESVILLE, Ga. (BP)–Nancy Schaefer, 73, a conservative activist and former officer of the Georgia Baptist Convention, and her husband Bruce, 74, died March 26 of gunshot wounds in their north Georgia home.

      A daughter discovered the bodies in the bedroom of their home in Habersham County.

      The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation had ruled the deaths a murder-suicide in which Bruce Schaefer allegedly killed his wife, then himself.

      However, at least one friend of the Schaefers has questioned the murder-suicide theory. Garland Favorito, founder of Voters Organized for Trusted Election Results in Georgia (VoterGA), circulated an 11-point, two-page bulletin via the Internet stating it is “more obvious” that the case is a “murder made to look like suicide.”

      Favorito cited the Christian faith and pro-life beliefs of the Schaeffers and the fact that Nancy Schaeffer had been delving into alleged corruption in family & child services agencies …

      … Sadie Fields, who chairs the Georgia Christian Alliance, described Shaefer as “a stalwart of conservative causes in Georgia.”


      Reported by the staff of Baptist Press and The Christian Index, newsjournal of the Georgia Baptist Convention.

    • I heard we are being referred to as groupies. I think we are consumers of the truth. Concerned citizens for the welfare of the people. Men women and children. Want equal rights and children’s safety.


    The patriarch is going to continue to do everything to annihilate the maternal bond between mother and child.

    Most of the powerful men who fund these pyschotic experiments ( businesses) are in politics and also in the sex business.

    Imagine just how many experiments on human beings occurred already. Not only monkeys.( And imagine the poor monkeys.)

    Human trafficking is a a multi billion dollar a year enterprise. Family court is a part of it. It is literally all about power, control and money.


    Karen Mulder was sexually abused as a child. Later she became an iconic fashion model. She was sexually abused by many men in the industry. She was one of the first famous female celebrities to blow the whistle on her abusers. She explained in detail which political figures raped her.

    She was then thrown in a mental institution and bullied to shut her up.

  • Think of how Keith Raniere wanted all the NXVUUMers to literally kiss him on the mouth to greet him while in the cult. It was so disgusting to watch that. I felt a symbiotic reaction. I wanted to rub the feeling of dirt ( or sleazy stuff) off my lips. I felt my breath change. And I felt uncomfortable in my stomach.
    How could so many people allow Keith Raniere to kiss them on the mouth and not feel the same way?
    How can so many people have no idea what their boundaries are and so many people not stand up for their own sense of safety and or comfort ?

    We really need to teach people how to be comfortable with their own sense of e boundaries and to stand up for our sense of security.

    Sometimes I have seen that just merely saying the word “ boundaries “ and clearly looking firm can help.

    Predators like to slink into a persons comfort zone. It starts off slowly and increases insidiously. Because we don’t say anything at the first warning signs, we sub consciously feel like we contributed to the disolvement of our comfort zone. This creates a feeling of personal betrayal with our self, so we become more confused and even easier to manipulate.

    Be alert. Aware of red flags right away. Take control of our lives right away.

  • Start a class action law suit. Sue baalanciaga for emotional damage. Seriously, we don’t need a lawyer to start a civil suit. If enough people get behind it then baalenciaga will be put on warning. Sue this pediphile photographer, for her sweet swamp hog wash. Even if we don’t win, just do it to grow some balls. They count on us doing nothing because they know that they think we need lawyers.

  • these delinquents will do anything to hide what they do to kidz
    When morally sound people try to fight fair, they just won’t ever win-
    Because they are playing by rules
    While the other guys rules are “ they’re aren’t any rules”
    These people are like trophy hunters They enjoy the thrill They love mounting the head of an endangered species on their wall

    They get off on stealing innocence from children

    It’s a badge of honor for them

    It’s really THAT sick and twisted

    And of course very narcissistic people think that way And it takes people with huge egos to become lawyers and judges – to tolerate politics…total narcissistic predators

  • says:

    The famous actress, Jamie Lee Curtis was recently called out for posting a photo of her home office on Instagram for no real reason.

    People started to squirm when they saw that she had a framed photo of a naked child stuffed into a plastic box full of water.

    The “artist/photographer, Betsy Scheider who took this image and “ gifted “ it to Curtis is known for photographing
    extremely disturbing art of children that she titled the “SWEET SWAMP”.

    Images include a boy tied up to a gate, a naked boy with an infamous “ PANDA” eye. A black eye, with a very dirty face and a lollipop. ( recently the high fashion line Baalenciaga was boycotted for exploiting children through their ads. Among many terrifying symbolic images that were purposefully planted in several advertisements were little children holding baalenciaga panda bear eye back packs. This is symbolic to the pedo freak fest world. A child’s eye (?) blacken by the trauma caused by rape, the blood vessels burst and literally push the eye out. )

    Due to the backlash of this on social media, everyone is now picking apart fashion ads with fine tooth combs. It is actually a huge trend to pick apart any sort of pedophilc perpensities. There is enormous power through social media. USE IT.

    Curtis only defense for having this piece of “ art” was apparently she owned it for 20 years.

    It was in her business office. That means that other people have been in her office. And either they were immune to moral depravity or they didn’t like it, but she felt like keeping it anyways? Regardless, she had 20 years to think about her twisted “ art” and left it up for two decades?

    And it was not until there was a public outrage on social media that she acknowledged it” bothered people” and she took the post of the abused, naked child off her Instagram account.

    Since, there’s been a major backlash. Cancel culture is real.

    If people want to expose these sick pedos ( men AND women) go on your social media platforms and repost the Frank Report. Send his articles to every single media outlet you can think of. IG, Facebook, ambush twitter, just print it, send it to anyone who would read it.

  • Family court is a giant game of hungry hungry hippo. The lawyers devouring as much cash as possible. There is little to no following of the law. Evidence barred. Frivolous motion. All financially driven. If the violations of people’s rights were exposed it would result in a loss of funding.

    Despite the facts brought forward in Connecticut in 2014. The government officials continue to ignore the problem. Labeling people discruntaled litigants and groupies. Groupies of the social media that is writing stories. We are desperate to gain your attention. No one answers emails and phone calls. Hundreds of Connecticut residents. Majority woman. Desperate for assistance because there children are being abused and/or withheld from them. Through family court. Please ask your self members of the Connecticut legislators.

    What would you be doing if someone was abusing or taken away your children? You would be yelling, calling, emailing and posting on social media. Trying to get anyone’s attention who could possibly help you.

    • He would do the same, but focus on including all Americans. There is not a competiton -its all over USA and we need to unite and it’s happening to both genders and all races.

      • Equal rights is absolutely a problem. I can only speak to matters I know about. This problem is across the board. People are free to name their own state. It’s happening all over the country. All walks of life. However, as many women in the state discuss the ongoing situations in court. There is significant difference in the management of cases. With motions ignored or denied. Court orders inforced for men and not for women. Take a quick look around the so called leading expert in parental alienation and the continued attack on women in the majority of cases. Look at the comments about women being made by father’s attorneys. Attorney Melissa Isaak. Have a good look at her posts. Unsure what the local bar association considers professional conduct. But her post sure don’t reflect professional conduct. She doesn’t appear to post anything about the welfare of children. Just attacking the character of women. The state of Connecticut has a memorandum of understanding from about 2010. Signed by the judicial branch, the department of health and human services, family services and a host of other agencies.
        It is all about fatherhood. Absolutely disregarding any importance of motherhood. We don’t appear to have equal rights in parental matters . Often disregarded , ingnorded in court. Placed in fancial disadvantages. Gals placed on cases immediately intimidating mother’s. Withholding information from judges. Forcing everything into parental alienation. Forcing these reunification therapist on the case. Yes , there are father’s who have been victims. Majority are women. Please comment about mother’s rights attorneys posting attacking the character of men in general all over social media. They to should be outed for their poor conduct also.
        Please reference a state with a gender bias agreement. It’s shocking this is happening. It’s 2023. No one is focused on the children . 50/50 is not the answer. A court system educated , based on laws, without these horrific gals and court evaluators misguiding the court system maybe our future generation will have a chance. 50/50 in a broken system will lead to even more horrific tragities. If Connecticut and California get the hammer to straighten out family court. The rest of the states will have no choice but to follow.. Absolutely equal rights. More importantly the true best interest of the children.

  • “.. Barricaded Siblings Turn to TikTok While Defying Court Order to Return to Father They Say Abused Them

    A judge concluded the children were victims of “parental alienation,” which continues to influence family courts despite being rejected by mainstream scientific groups, and authorized police to use “reasonable force” to remove them from their mother.

    by Hannah Dreyfus
    Feb. 26, 5 a.m. EST

    The judge has authorized police to use “reasonable force” — including entry into locked rooms …”

    • Jessica Pearson, AFCC, Inc., The Center for Policy Policy Research etc. somehow secured federal contracts with HHS in and around 1984. That effort to study how mediation differs from court proceedings eventually morphed into the public private partnerships for profit in purposely adversarial “family courts” in California, Minnesota and Connecticut first. That poison then branched out across America and around the world.

      Corrupt corporations doing business across state lines with main offices in some states and other offices in other states are supposed to be guilty of “racketeering”.

      Maybe they were too official-looking to get caught, ,working with the Health and Human Services offices and all …

      “Jessica Pearson is Director of the Center for Policy Research, 1720 Emerson St., Denver, Colo. 80218.Nancy Thoennes is Research Coordinator for the Center for Policy Research … with the support of a grant from the Administration of Children, Youth and Families of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that was administered by the Research Unit of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts …”

      • What kind of people destroy families, children, religion, schools, healthcare, farms and ... national borders? 🤔 says:

        “Communism is the riddle of history solved, and it knows itself to be this solution.” – Karl Marx, Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844

        … Of course, in reality, where things have to work, there is no riddle of history. The “riddle of history” Marx referred to is, in fact, dialectical anthroposophy (which is a really fancy word for man-centered heretical nonsense), thus any claim upon a solution to that riddle is pure pretense and dangerous hubris. The true solution to the riddle of history, if we should even allow such a phrase, must begin with the outright rejection of Communism and the dialectical framing in which the riddle is posed in the first place, including the underlying assumption that History has a purpose and is thus a riddle to be solved …” James Lindsay

        Family courts can produce, they can “deliver the goods,” [tomatoes] one might say.

        Family courts allow Man to escape the toil, exploitation, suffering, and work of marriage and raising a family.

        When Man is freed from the existence of private property, his family and children, that is the pathway to the “transcendence of private property as human self-estrangement,” as Marx had it.

        History is not a riddle. Hard work, children and families are not a burden.

        Family courts are ultimately a power grab, first for for-profit vendors and then for global stakeholders who want to destroy families, borders and the three major world religions to seize control of the entire world and everyone on the planet.

        Look at the first laws of the Bolshevik bankers after they destroyed the Russian government in 1917. Look what they’re doing to Russia in 2023.

        Many Russians are Orthodox Christians who refuse to accept a “circular economy in sustainable capitalism” in which “you will own nothing, and you will be happy.”

        The public private stakeholders of the Regime administering “family courts” is the same kind of Regime in place and ready to administer “the new world order”. Many say they are Christians, Jews or Muslims — and are not.

        “Stakeholder capitalism” in family courts and the new world government has nothing to do with religion. They are their own religion.

        The “transcendence of private property” is the transfer of wealth from children and families in family court to family court lawyers and other vendors. The “transcendence of private property” In the “new world order” would go to Vanguard, Black Rock, international banks and all stakeholders in World Economic Forum multinational corporations.

        AFCC Inc. is one model for stakeholder capitalism first established in California, Minnesota and Connecticut. For-profit wars started destroying families in those American states first and the poison spread from there, out to the rest of the world.

        If you listen to the New Discourses Podcast Episode 109, see if you can hear how the smaller “PAS” set-up and the larger family court racketeering plays into the international globalist/communist/technocratic “Long March through the institutions”. Just like public schools, private universities, labor unions, healthcare, governments (and years ago, fraternal orders such as Freemasonry) the world’s “family courts” were one of those institutions infiltrated to achieve short-term profit for long-term political control.

        “There’s nothing new under the sun.”

      • The AFCC needs to be dismantled. It’s a significant part of the problem. It’s a group of vendors. Pushing an agenda that is not in the best interest of the general public. It’s in the best interest of the industry to gain profit. Destroying the general public health safety welfare and financial security.

        • To take over the world, you’d need to first destroy the family unit in order to destroy communities.

          You would need to dumb down as many people as possible. It looks like AFCC was part of a strategy to destroy families via the for-profit purposely adversarial “family court” industry.

          Gardner going on a world tour to promote the sexual abuse of children and AFCC networking internationally wasn’t a coincidence. Look to see how few AFCC members there were in 2009. They astroturfed with help from local AFCC promoters — most who promote/tolerate aberrant sexual practices and the early sexualization of children.

          That family unit breakdown in many nations set the stage for “World Economic Forum” public private multinationals to take over your nation, wherever you are. Owners of multinationals with local governments can now easily monopolize all banking, all education, all healthcare, all food production, all “social credit” and everything else in the same way “family courts” ruined so many lives for profit and political control.

          Big corporations own mainstream media and we’re their slaves. We need more speaking tours, effective networking, follow-through on public information requests, huge class action lawsuits … and “Deeds, not words.”

  • Henry Miller, was one of America’s most prolific writers most known writing Tropic of Cancer.

    Not everyone knows about this book he wrote:

    “Under the roofs of Paris.”

    Read the attached until you get to the sample of the book.

    It’s a detailed description of a pedophiles fantasy.

    It’s absolutely repulsive. It’s shocking. It’s wrong. It is child porn. How is it even possible that this book was published? That it continues to be celebrated and people still buy it?

    A writer I knew told me about this book describing it as a “cutting edge story”. I glanced through this sample that is included above and I was horrified. I called him back and demanded answers. How could he like this, how could he recommend such a terrible book? His response was that I was a prude and I had to recognize his talents as a writer.

    Ah, yeah. NO.
    And bye.

    This is the kind of BS that has been defining our culture for a very long time.

    When Millers work first came out , it was considered revolutionary. His laconic use of the English language juxtaposed the lofty Brontes from before. But he actually changed the literary world by exploiting his sick, criminal perversions.

    So it’s now up to us to change these “ artistic” standards that are in place.
    All of this has glamorized pedophilia in the name of art.

    Speak out for our children. Time for change. Let’s make new art that challenges the status quo.


    Pedophiles are disgusting 🤢 they can’t be cured.

    I’m not afraid to call them out.
    If anyone ever hisses pedo innuendos I tell them exactly what I think.

    If I met Peter Tatchell, I would spit in his face literally. I would tell him he is nothing more than a disease.

    These deranged sickening creatures all need to be tarred and feathered.

    Sent on an island in the Antarctica.

  • Can some answer these questions:

    1. Why does the Democrat National Committee support pedophilia?
    2. Why is Joe Biden not impeached and removed from office for supporting pedophiles?
    3. Why do Democrats think grown men raping children is ok?

    Every single Democrat in America needs to answer for these questions. If you have any Democrat family members, you NEED to PRESS them until they explain. Do not let them off the hook.

    – Pilgrim

    • Notice anything?

      Family courts ban mothers who report sexual abuse of children.
      Public schools ban mothers for reporting pornographic material in books in middle school libraries.

      All the blinking lights, red flags and dot-to-dots still wait to be connected. 🤔

      “… School District Forced To Pay Over 100K in Legal Fees After Banning Moms From Exposing Pornographic Materials
      by Tony Gray February 23, 2023

      A Georgia school district that banned a mother for reading pornographic material from a book available in her son’s middle school library was ordered to pay legal fees greater than $100,000.

      Alison Hair was interrupted by a Forsyth County Schools trustee while reading more text from the book “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.” Hair was later notified she was banned from future boad meetings until she became compliant with district policies. …”

      That’s about public schools.

      In “family courts”:

      “Family court” judges, lawyers, evaluators and guardians ad litem force parents and guardians to submit to “therapy” until they agree to sexualize their children. It’s been going on for the past forty years, but … doesn’t “to sexualize children” sound a little extreme? Yes it does.

      It’s also what happened in the Weimar Republic and it’s happening in “public schools” and “family courts” all over the world. Wake up, people.

      “Democrats” in name only coordinate it along with others who say they are something other than they are. This isn’t about Democrats vs Republicans.

      Democrat never meant “pedophile advocate”. It still doesn’t.

      All we need to do is: Learn more about the politics behind the Weimar Republic, Fabian Socialists, Bolsheviks, “Antifa”, Theosophists, Gnostics, Luciferians and The City of London and remove as many wolves in sheep’s clothing as possible from all governments ASAP.

      • Corrupt “family courts” were designed to destroy children and families.

        That’s why “family courts” are:

        1. for profit
        2. purposely adversarial
        3. extremely corrupt; and
        4. unaccountable to any state or federal office

        “Courts of law” are for crimes and contracts, not children and families.

        Why aren’t social services offices, religious places of worship and community centers typical go-to first entry points for divorces and separating families? Who involved the state in the process of non-life threatening separation? All crimes should go to criminal courts. Why are some crimes handled in corrupt “family courts”?

        Not all family courts are horrible, but the worst “family courts” were designed the way they were designed for two main purposes: 1. for profit; and, 2. to destroy as many children and families as possible

        Take a step back to see who designed and who enables the worst “family courts”.

      • “Deeds not words” can be most helpful and it’s springtime soon in the northern hemisphere. says:

        Protective parents, guardians and friends can learn a lot from good parents at public school board meetings.

        In which locations would we need permits to advocate for family court investigations and reform?

        Weather permitting right outside family courts around the world, there aren’t enough three-minute limits and no time restrictions on free speech. Most standing in long lines waiting to enter courthouses might be the most helpful kind of audience and we could share contact information for local groups organizing for family court reform. Given the potential of the internet, this could easily be a world-wide effort.

        A few ideas for public readings:

        … 📚 book read alouds: “Let My Children Go”, by Wendy Titleman … “The Worst Interests of the Child”, by Keith Harmon Snow … “From Madness to Mutiny: Why Mothers are Running from Family Court”, by Amy Neustein … public hearing testimonies … police reports … threatening letters from attorneys … Richard Gardner’s twisted theories … online fantasy chat texts from grown men pretending to be promiscuous teenage girls … personal testimony about family court cases … official transcripts from court hearings read aloud (takes 2-3 presenters) … last motions to the court before family court fatalities …

      • Why does Pilgrim have to ask himself, when he can just ask you? Lol

        I’m actually allergic to wool, so I don’t think I could be in YOUR reality with all the sheep.

  • Kelly Grohs Case from CT- FR wrote about this horrifying case in December 2021.

    The daughters of a loving mom were awarded to the stepmother following the death of their father.

    Kelli has been kept from her girls since.

    The step mother, allows the gal to control the trust money left to the girls by their father. A conservator ship allows this money to remain in the hands of the gal king past the age of 18.

    They begin to implement the mental illness angle and hospitalization at the age of 16 to make certain the kids are legally controlled for life.

    Crimes and abuse in ct family court.

    • Read about that story. There is a so called parental alienation expert that has formed a group for step mothers. Because she has no boundaries. On line complaining about her own step childrens mother’s. Engaging her self in the situation. Ladies you these children already have parents. You can not just help your husband disgard these childrens mothers. You are not a parent. Unless the mother is deceased or doesn’t want to be involved . Truely unfit. This parental alienation expert is all about being angry about child support. She is completely unhinged about it. She is encouraging these father’s to remove custody of the children. Under the whole parental alienation theme. These are not your children. You can support a spouse and encourage their relationship. It’s not okay to campaign to eliminate the other parent.These are not a two parent house hold. The parents live apart. Unfortunately the agenda to remove mother’s continues in Connecticut. Interjection of another person to get out of paying child support.

  • This is a critical part of their well-known playbook.

    Should child persist in truth, the abuser makes claims any presentation of a mental health issue- depression, anxiety etc is the result of either:

    1. the mothers mental illness (which is fabricated by court actor

    2. The “alienation” the protective parent visited upon an innocent father.

    3. The stress of the mother (usually mother) filing “frivolous” claims

    4. Public knowledge of the case/- this is to shut down any media outlet or investigator that dares to investigate crimes of family court.

    “The father claimed that all the stress the mother put on them caused his daughter to have mental health problems. And, of course, he paid a lot of money to get her into that mental health institution. He paid it out of pocket. No insurance.

    Eventually, the girl turned 18. The father then became her legal conservator.”

    What sick is these financiers of child custody abductions are so invested in their storyline and covering up their abuse that they make kids hostages for life.

  • I don’t think that most people can grasp the concept of a system doing this. Most people become distraught when these types of situations come about. The system is not design to handle these cases. Jump to labeling people suffering from PTSD as hysterical and crazy. Who would not be if this was happening to your children. The legalization of abuse in the United States and through out the world is outrageous. Unless you or someone you know has gone through this you can’t imagine. Don’t understand how often and real stories like this come about. The worst interest of the child.

    • People can’t grasp it. And hate to say it, but most people do not care.
      People don’t care about much these days unless they feel it will impact their own lives. Thats why it’s so important to tell true stories that are relatable to everyone.

  • Imagine what all the mothers in war infested countries feel when their children are taken away. Life is not fair. Sometimes we have to fight for our children s children. Even for our great great grandchildren. We may not see the results we want in our lives, but we are changing the algorithms and eventually things will shift.

    • The window for that change in algorithms is closing fast. Klaus Schwab predicts their World Economic Forum “one world government” will come “like a tsunami” — and MITRE company executives probably don’t believe in the God most people on earth worship.

      Billionaire and trillionaire “stakeholders” of World Economic Forum public private partnerships haven’t cared about pilgrims to or from Jerusalem, people starving in Africa, the Middle East or Peace on Earth yet … and we the people still buy Pfizer mRNA injections, Microsoft spyware and “The war in The Ukraine!”, anyway.

      The new “public-private” government of “stakeholders” in the World Economic Forum “one world government” model is literally the definition of fascism: a few government officials and unelected bureaucrats running the show with owners of for-profit private corporations. It’s the same business model of “stakeholders” in AFCC Inc. networks controlling family courts in Connecticut before Mr. Adelman was told to step down from his post as “Director of CT AFCC, Inc.”

      Those headlines weren’t in The Hartford Courant, were they?

      Watch videos of most any “stakeholder” meeting. All “stakeholders” are government officials, bureaucrats, corporation owners and representatives of officials, bureaucrats and corporation owners. Children and families aren’t considered to be “stakeholders”.

      That kind of top-down monopolized control has remained mostly unchanged throughout history. We the peasants did have a brief window of opportunity to organize to take back our governments around the world with internet connections, but we were too busy posting photos of the meals we prepared and the clothes we were wearing.

      Stakeholder owners of multinational monopolies with unlimited resources have now almost fully control us. Central Bank Digital Currency is linked to digital IDs and Quant family members are stakeholders in that venture, not you.

      Wherever fraternity buddies in government allow each other to lie, cheat and steal $750 an hour from mothers, children and entire families in war zones and “family courts”, great great grandchildren won’t have a chance.

  • It is torture knowing ones own child is being abused. It is an absolute nightmare not being able to protect them. The grief, depression, outrage and despair becomes chronic and acute. After all the emotions play out, the body numbs. And we welcome this…
    each breath away from our children, unable to protect them feels like one hundred needles piercing into the heart.
    We welcome it until we notice that we don’t feel alive anymore. At times we don’t even care if we do…
    Until that is, the memory of their smiles, the way they smelled, the weight of their body on the hip, the mystical nights just watching them sleep as infants twinkle back and we get up again..
    Frozen, not frozen, defeated, confused we still go on.

    And we look at ourselves in the mirror, tattered and torn with great pride because we know that this is what parents who love their children do.

    We are just incapable of giving up.

  • Over a year ago a friend in her late twenties disclosed that she had been sexually abused by her teacher at a school she attended in her childhood.

    She explained that her teacher had the audacity to reach out to her after so many years on Facebook and she said that she felt threatened.

    She is a documentary film maker. Apparently he congratulated her for her achievements, but what scared her even more was that after she blocked him, he made up another account under a different name and tried again.

    She said that her peers had encouraged her to speak out. She agreed that she had to do something, not only for herself, but for the children who were going through something similar. She said she wanted to help be their voice .

    She decided to go to the police and press charges. They brushed her off. They demeaned her. They said that there was nothing they could do and didn’t want to hear about it. She asked why. They rolled their eyes at her telling her they had more important things to do.

    She explained that it had taken all the courage inside to go to the police.

    She had been sworn to silence by her teacher when she was in school.
    She had always kicked herself for never telling anyone about it when she was a child. This was something that she had wanted to do for decades.

    When the police didn’t show any remorse for her, she felt so betrayed and ridiculed, she had a melt down.

    She wept, she begged, then the police made the big mistake of laughing at her.

    This pushed her over the edge and she blew up calling them “useless f&$king sleaze balls. “ I think she did throw in the word pig a few times as well.

    Boom, came out the handcuffs and she was charged with harassing the officers. She struggled calling out even more profanities. Then she was charged for resisting arrest.

    I guess at that point, apparently she just lost it. They slapped a 51/50 on her and she ended up in a mental health institution.

    Eventually she got out. Her
    divorced parents took opposite sides on the matter. Her mother supported her daughters recovery and her desire to tell her truth. Her and her exhusband agreed that it would be best if their daughter moved in with her father to help keep her on track.

    However, the father told his daughter not to continue any sort of legal action against the teacher.

    I spoke with him about it and he was unmistakably critical of her. He spoke about it like she was a pest at best and he didht know why she was making such a big deal about something that happened so long ago. I remember him saying that I didn’t understand how men think. He said that their urges are not personal, they just operate differently. He scoffed her saying he didn’t know why she was dredging up the past. He then made a total Segway about all her professional achievements in the cut throat entertainment industry. “ why didn’t she just enjoy her accomplishments”? He explained that her pursuit for justice was all a waste of time.

    I reiterated that she was only a child when it happened and the teacher was an adult and had to control his “urges”. He argued that “that’s exactly why the whole thing needed to be dropped, because she was ‘just a child ‘when it happened and it was time that she finally grow up. “

    It came to me that he was possibly projecting his own inability to ‘control his own urges’

    I recommended that she at least contact her school and make a report to the principal and the dean.

    There was a long silence. “ hmm? What’s that dear? Oh yes. You are so nice to care. I’ll think about that but I think it’s best to just let sleeping dogs…”

    “Lie?!” I interrupted. “ just let the lies sleep with the dogs. I get it.”

    “Oh, yes honey. Thank you for caring. We’ll get back to you if there’s any change.”

    3 weeks later I found out my friend tried to hang herself while at her fathers home.

    She was sent back to the mental health institution. I looked into the place. It was privately owned. Lots of pretty American dollars shelled into that place to bury all the dirty little lies.

    I have to admit that I questioned if my friend was targeted by her then teacher for sexual abuse because she might have already been abused by her fathers ‘ sexual urges’

    I don’t know when I’ll find out though because her father has made sure to let me know that their family requires privacy now.

  • After no prosecution in two-tiered justice: Adelman’s no longer Director, Inc. and Ms. Munro is no longer a judge. says:

    The reason so many are so embarrassed to admit family court failures is probably because:

    That “criminal racketeering enterprise called Family Court” was officially installed.

    Starting in the1970s and 80s, good FBI agents and their colleagues around the world who have noticed the blatant racketeering have had to ignore that blatant racketeering. The obvious problem with that is: as long as authorities don’t investigate and prosecute racketeering, that racketeering will continue.

    What will happen if racketeering in Connecticut family courts continues simply because of what looks like embarrassing, yet understandable collateral? Nxivm used collateral to keep “DOS” slaves and masters quiet, then came the branding.

    In Whitney Webb’s new book, “One Nation Under Blackmail” plenty of examples of blackmail running politics all over the world show what disasters all of that collateral produced.

    The collateral set-up in family courts probably looked like this: A few people in the 1970s and 80s convinced a few state and federal employees to help set up a few public-private partnerships in “family courts” to control and process children and families through purposely adversarial for-profit family court cases.

    Who can blame those living in the 1970s and 80s? Some kinds of seduction can sound like good ideas at the time (see: “Adam and Eve”) and the 1970s and 80s were still dazed and confused after what was done to America in the 1960s.

    For most state and federal employees working in family courts in the 1980s, Jessica Pearson, HHS and the beginnings of AFCC Inc. must have looked like a few savvy professionals with super skills setting up impressive experiments in California, Minnesota and Connecticut for “research purposes”.

    In one 2013 article about family court racketeering in Connecticut, one rightfully angry mother wrote about everything the FBI looked like they were totally ignoring almost ten years ago:

    “…Established 1975, the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) is now a Wisconsin based international trade organization for family court industry professionals founded by judges, court administrators, and the family court professionals who may appear before them.

    Documents obtained from the State and the AFCC show that the AFCC has been a vendor for the Connecticut Judicial Branch for over 30 years, and at one point even had a corporate office within the Hartford Superior Court.

    The articles of incorporation list Judicial Branch Manager Anthony Salius as a founding director. In addition to Salius, the list of former AFCC presidents also includes Judicial Branch managers Robert Tompkins and Stephen Grant. AFCC newsletters also show that for over a decade, Court support services managers Debra Kulak and Marilous Giovannucci have teamed up with AFCC affiliated Judicial Branch vendors like Dr. Phil Stahl and Dr. Marsha Kline Pruitt to assist with AFCC fundraising and policy initiatives.

    According to William Silk, a staff attorney for the Connecticut Secretary of State’s office explained that in most cases, the Connecticut Nonstock Corporations Act requires all nonprofit businesses to file registration documents with his office, the IRS, and the Attorney General’s Office before conducting business in the state. Documents obtained from Silk’s office show that Jessica Pearson, Ann Milne, and Frank Orlando (a Florida judge) first registered the AFCC with the Connecticut Secretary of State in 1982 while Pearson was under contract to set up the court’s mediation services.

    However, the AFCC has not been registered to do business in Connecticut because in 1985, its application was withdrawn by then AFCC president and Judicial Branch manager Anthony Salius. The IRS’s website does not list the Connecticut AFCC as an approved charity. …”

    On April 19, 2013, The Connecticut Committee on Judicial Ethics discussed the public-private stakeholder collaboration described in that 2013 article.

    At the time: Gerard Adelman was CT AFCC Inc. Director. Bruce Freedman was CT AFCC, Inc. Treasurer and Robert Horwitz was CT AFCC, Inc. Secretary. The state attorney general’s office still allows Mr. Adelman, Mr. Freedman and Mr. Horwitz to work for profit in family court cases.

    Judicial Ethics Committee members present via teleconference on April 19, 2013 were: “Justice Barry R. Schaller, Chair, Judge Edward R. Karazin, Jr., Vice Chair, Judge Maureen D. Dennis, Judge Christine E. Keller, and Professor Jeffrey A. Meyer. Staff present: Attorney Martin R. Libbin, Secretary.”

    Some of the minutes recorded that day:


    I. With the above noted Committee members present, Justice Schaller called the meeting to order at 1:02 p.m.

    II. Although publicly noticed, no members of the public were in attendance.

    III. The Committee approved the Minutes of the March 22, 2013 meeting. (Professor Meyer abstained.)

    IV. The Committee ratified Emergency Staff Opinions JE 2013-13.

    V. The Committee discussed Informal JE 2013-15 concerning whether a Judicial Official may serve on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization that provides services to court-involved clients and receives the majority of its funding from contracts with the Judicial Branch.

    The nonprofit organization has multiple contracts with the Judicial Branch to provide various assessments and services to, inter alia, litigants in family, juvenile and criminal court matters (hereinafter “clients”). Clients may be referred directly by the court, as well as by probation and family services personnel. Various contracts require the nonprofit organization to provide reports to the court and to have personnel appear in court to testify regarding a client’s success or failure to complete the services and programs provided by the nonprofit organization.

    Rule 1.2 of the Code of Judicial Conduct states that a judge “should act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the … impartiality of the judiciary, and shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety. The test for appearance of impropriety is whether the conduct would create in reasonable minds a perception that the judge violated this Code or engaged in other conduct that reflects adversely on the judge’s honesty, impartiality, temperament, or fitness to serve as a judge.”

    Rule 1.3 of the Code states that a “judge shall not use or attempt to use the prestige of judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge or others or allow others to do so.”

    Rule 3.1 of the Code states that a Judicial Official may engage in extrajudicial activities, except as prohibited by law; however, a judge may not participate in extrajudicial activities that will (1) interfere with the proper performance of judicial duties, (2) lead to frequent disqualification, (3) appear to a reasonable person to undermine the judge’s independence, integrity or impartiality, or (4) appear to a reasonable person to be coercive.

    Rule 3.7(a) provides that a judge “may participate in activities sponsored by organizations or governmental entities concerned with the law, the legal system, or the administration of justice… including,…(6) serving as an officer, director, trustee, or nonlegal advisor of such an organization or entity, unless it is likely that the organization or entity: (A) will be engaged in proceedings that would ordinarily come before the judge; or (B) will frequently be engaged in adversary proceedings in the court of which the judge is a member or in any court subject to the appellate jurisdiction of the court of which the judge is a member.” The rule’s commentary states that “[e]ven for law related organizations, a judge should consider whether the membership and purposes of the organization, or the nature of the judge’s participation in or association with the organization, would conflict with the judge’s obligation to refrain from activities that reflect adversely on a judge’s independence, integrity, and impartiality.” Rule 3.7, cmt. (2).
    In discussing Rule 3.7(a)(6)(B), the Committee (with one member recused) determined that the prohibition on serving as an officer, director, trustee or nonlegal advisor of an organization concerned with the law, the legal system or the administration of justice if the organization “will frequently be engaged in adversary proceedings in the court of which the judge is a member” applies, not only when the organization is a party to adversary proceedings, but also when the organization supplies witnesses and reports for use in adversary proceedings. Based upon the foregoing, an appearance of impropriety would arise if a Judicial Official serving on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization or member of the Judicial Official’s staff were to refer clients to the nonprofit organization. Further, the nonprofit organization may use or attempt to use the prestige of the Judicial Official’s office when seeking additional contracts with the Judicial Branch or others. Accordingly, the Committee, with one member recused, unanimously determined that service on the nonprofit organization’s board of directors would violate Rules 1.2, 1.3, 3.1 and 3.7(a)(6)(B).

    … IX. The meeting adjourned at 1:54 p.m.”

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Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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