Rock Rebuts Kevin: Sarah Edmondson Was a Savior of Women Not a Villain

Sarah Edmondson warmed many whom she recruited to escape from NXIVM



Sarah is a predator posing as a victim. What so many on both sides still fail to see is that Sarah and Mark use ESP teachings/tactics to hurt people, not the people frequently disparaged here and elsewhere like Nicki, Allison, and Danielle.

Nicki isn’t the one suing Sarah, or using Sarah’s name, image and likeness in a documentary. She has a right to defend herself from the attention-seeking plaintiffs like Mark and Sarah and their army of ambulance chasing lawyers.

Rock (Around the Block}

Agreed. Sarah has no right or reason to sue Nicki IMO, and this makes a mockery of the lawsuit. Nicki’s continued defense of Raniere’s teachings and the Bronfmans, though completely crazy and misguided, is not illegal and is protected by the First Amendment.

That said, she needs to cop herself on and take some responsibility for what some of those women in DOS went through even if it’s just to herself.

However, Sarah has every right to sue the Bronfmans. And perhaps more than just a right – she should be encouraged in that endeavor.

Cos it was the Bromfmans who financed Raniere’s nefarious activities over such a long period. He could have done little without their backing, because when it came to business, just like Donald Trump, Raniere was a total loser.

Constance Picayune’s painting “The Great Black Hope with the Great White Vanguard.” 

And Raniere’s ‘teachings’ were a sad rip-off of many great thinkers, whose philosophy he deliberately distorted to manipulate others, first breaking down their psychological schema through blunt NLP application, and once they were susceptible, taking charge of their souls like some demonic vampire.

MK10ART’s painting of Keith Raniere in his epic fight against injustice

Clare Bronfman funded the works and the grandiose efforts of her Vanguard which enabled him to do whatever he did. 

Judge someone not just by their actions, but by their intentions.

Sarah was also misguided in going for the low lying fruit, rather than just starting up the chainsaw to cut down the tree. I don’t know, maybe she bore Nicki a grudge because she hadn’t been told what the brand represented? Maybe she thought Nicki was just trying to get one over on her because Nicki was now the senior one who played a part in hiding what the brand meant?

Sarah is not a traitor, but a savior, and for that she should be commended.

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  • I can see where Sarah Edmondson has a valid claim against Clyne. Way back when on the FR there was much talk about how all these women were both victims and perpetrators. Mack was a prime example.

    Okay, so in this case we can say Clyne is a victimizer and Edmondson, for all her many faults, is a victim.

    Clyne was an important part of this fuckin’ criminal organization. She deserves to pay damages.

    I say bring the case to trial and let the jury decide. Let’s hear the evidence.

    There seem to be several misapprehensions about civil trials. One being that the plaintiff must be pure as fresh fallen snow to collect damages.

    Nope, nuh-uh, negatory. All Edmondson has to prove is that Clyne’s actions harmed her. Say by promoting the DOS thing, spreading the lie that Raniere wasn’t behind it, or the bullshit about what the brand represented. That shouldn’t be too hard. Clyne is still spreading lies in the cause.

    One thing’s sure as hell. Clyne is no victim. She rejects the label. She’s all perpetrator then, from where I sit.

    Directly or indirectly, Clyne caused Edmondson damage. Everybody in the cult was responsible, more or less, for harming everyone else. Cult leaders don’t run these things single handed. You can’t have a cult all by yourself. It’s the cult members who fuck each other over.

    Edmondson was in Nxivm to make a buck. She took great pride in being a top recruiter. She’s a real asshole. A grasping, selfish, mercenary c***. I think she has a legal case against Clyne and the Bronfmans and Raniere and Mack. I’d like to know what the jury thinks.

    As for this case being messy and the shotgun metaphor, shotguns are damn fine weapons, excellent for perimeter defense and slaughtering ducks and bunny rabbits. And they’re not as random as the good judge’s metaphor makes out. You still have to aim the bastards.

    Anyway, I want this to go to trial. I’ll make popcorn.

    • Pretty much agree with you on all those points.

      Just one thing – just cos Clyne doesn’t see herself as a victim, doesn’t mean she isn’t one. Oftentimes it’s the people who can’t/won’t see themselves as the victim who are the greatest victims of all.

      • But squeaky does see herself as a victim. She tweets and talks on a million podcasts about how she has suffered as an ultimate victim

        • Yes, in a way – she claims she is a victim of Edmondson’s lawsuit, which she is, but she doesn’t see herself as a victim of Raniere, which she really is. And that’s what’s fucked up her life more than anything else, but she just can’t bring herself to admit it. All she has to do is walk through that door, but just like Daniela in the room, that’s so much harder than it sounds.

  • RE The Divine Sarah Edmondson:

    Damn it! She’s a sexy 4’9 woman leave her alone.

    Sarah Edmondson at the end of the day did good!

    I enjoy ribbing Sarah and Nippy, but at the end of the day they are good people regardless of the fact they’re dopey actors.

    I support them and will defend them to the end no matter how many shitfest Hallmark or Lifetime movies Sarah does.

    Seriously, Sarah put the final nail In Vanguard’s coffin….

    ….And for that we all owe her a bit of gratitude and a big thank you!

  • Kevin is 100% correct as usual. Sarah is a predator just like the others. She really got lucky by not getting charged.

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