Bangkok: Raniere’s 120-Year Punishment Too Harsh & Other Precocities

MK10ART's sketch - Cold Raniere in prison.

By Bangkok

I’m not saying all FR liberal members are totally okay with Roman Polanski’s behavior, as I’m sure that several of those LIBERAL HYENAS will come forward to express ‘outrage’ at Polanski’s behavior (in a half-hearted attempt to prove me wrong).

Liberal readers of Frank Report, according to Bangkok.

Roman Polanski

Perhaps a few of them even expressed some type of disapproval (of Polanski’s behavior) years ago.

Big fucken deal.

Liberals have a tepid response to Roman Polansky

Here’s my main point. They sure as fuck didn’t display the same PUBLIC OUTRAGE they have towards Keith Raniere.

There’s a difference between their level of anger displayed  towards Keith’s crimes (for taking a photo of a 15 year old) and their level of anger displayed towards Polanski’s crimes (having sex with a 13 year old after plying her with Quaaludes and alcohol).

Polamnski gave this girl drugs and alcohol.. when she was 13.

None of these LIBERAL HYENAS publicly SCREAM about Polanski’s behavior on their own volition, before today, while demanding he be imprisoned for decades — with the SAME PASSION they reserve for condemning Keith’s behavior.

Where are the PUBLIC SCREAMS for justice for Polanski?

Where are the PUBLIC SCREAMS for Polanski to get many years in prison?

Those screams don’t exist.

They’re just half-hearted whispers.

Most murderers in Europe go to prison for less than 20-30 years.

Have a good day. 🙂

MK10art portrait of Raniere behind bars.

Yet Keith is in prison for 120 years?

It’s nothing but liberal emotions run amok.

If Keith took photos of a 15 year old, even with her consent, he should be punished —- since the age of consent is higher in NY.

But, a prison sentence of 5 years would have been sufficient (not 120 years).

Mk10Art painting of Keith Raniere

As for the ‘collateral’ charges, not a single FR member HONESTLY believes these women wanted to leave Keith, but only remained due to their collateral.

Not once did Keith threaten to release collateral if they didn’t comply.

While I agree that holding collateral is a bad thing, I also know that none of these women seemed to base their ‘consent’ decisions on such collateral —- which is the WHOLE BALLGAME from a legal point of view.

Read their emails.

Truth is, the collateral issue only became their ‘defense’ AFTER the organization collapsed and these women needed a reason to justify why they remained in such a (now) hated group.

“Please believe me, it was the ‘collateral’ that made me stay in DOS and get branded. Honest. I had no choice.”

Well, I don’t quite believe that.

Truth is, these women were looking for a sisterhood to belong to —- and they found that in DOS. These women wanted to be accepted into DOS to boost their self-worth.

That’s all it was.

PS — Yes, I’ve argued differently in the past. But, this is my position today so kindly EAT SHIT if you have a problem with my shifting opinions. I’m humble enough to shift my opinions when the facts demand it. Have a good day. 🙂

US Prison PoliciesThe issue is humane prison policies, not encouraging or discouraging pedophilia.

What you seem to have missed is that even when people are convicted for statutory rape or sex crimes in Sweden (as well as most Euro countries), the actual TIME SERVED IN PRISON is absolutely minuscule compared to America —- because of their generous parole system.

They are more humane in Sweden (and all of Europe) than in America.

We haven’t yet learned that extending prison sentences (to inhumane lengths) does not reduce the impulse which causes such activity, nor does it contribute to acting as a deterrent.

Just like sentencing people to decades in prison for drug possession or drug dealing, has NOT reduced the impulse to deal or use drugs, nor improved the drug epidemic.

Our punishments for murder also don’t serve as a ‘deterrent’.

Why not?

Because most people who commit murder do so out of irrational passion or intense hatred (which overwhelms their sense of logic).

Nobody says to themselves, “Well, the penalty for murder just got jacked up from 15 years to 60 years, so, based on that fact alone, I’ll give my spouse a free pass on their recent infidelity”.

Instead… They simply go crazy when they find out about their spouse’s infidelity or the business partner who’s been cheating them out of tons of money — at which point they lose control of themselves and (sometimes) act on those primal impulses, without any thought to the penalty for being caught.

Sure, they know that getting caught means many years in prison — so they do whatever they can to avoid getting caught. But, the actual length of the potential prison sentence is not something that impacts their emotional/irrational decisions.

Having the strongest penalties for crimes (among all CIVILIZED countries) hasn’t reduced our crime rate to any serious degree.

Our prison policies are based more on ‘revenge’ than rehabilitation or deterrent. Europe is better in this regard.

January 6

Niceguy, Richard is correct and you are wrong. You and Ice-Nine are acting like ignorant children.

To suggest that the majority of those UNARMED January 6th protesters honestly believed that they were there to “storm the capitol building” and “physically challenge” the DC police (along with the US national guard) in an effort to “overthrow our government” is a testament to how stupid the left-wing media is. LOL.

Even if those rioters delayed the election certification by a few hours or even a few days, that’s not a SERIOUS attempt to “overthrow the government” or elections. LOL.

It’s just a bunch of idiots making their voices heard.

Most of them were there to vent their anger and had no clue what was gonna go down later —- since it was a disorganized group of idiots.

They didn’t even do 1% of the damage that Antifa rioters do.


Jan 6

On January 6, most of the people were likely just walking around inside the building, casually, else the damage would have been MUCH worse.

Even the FEW idiots with guns were not SERIOUSLY trying to ‘overthrow’ the government, LOL, since a few itty-bitty guns ain’t enough to take over the US government or prevent a new president from being certified.

Heck, even a few M1 tanks couldn’t come close to doing that, LOL.

It’s amazing that a person with your intelligence, Nice Guy, has allowed himself to believe in the same fairy tales that idiotic liberals (like Ice-Nine and Erasend) believe in.

Ice Nine

It’s so funny how polarizing this topic is.

Normal adults have reduced their thought patterns to something equivalent to a child’s thought patterns.

Use your COMMON SENSE people.

Have a good day. 🙂 🙂


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  • It’s all the glamour and the money that surrounded Keith. They had holleywood stats and beauties, the wealthiest women in the world promoting it, a concept to enlighten and better the world- and deep pocketed commitments to convince the public there really must be something of great worth with nxivm.

    It’s a PR campaign to counter the rampant pedophilia that is protected at all costs because of the Exhorbidant profits and the highest oriole who much be protected. Exposing them will kill you.

    Raniere’s case is a facade. One that makes it appear that America is tough on forced sexual, forced labor, abs child porn, when, in reality- these things are the basis of our economy and profitable, luxurious lifestyles far greater than that of Raniere.

  • “They sure as fuck didn’t display the same PUBLIC OUTRAGE they have towards Keith Raniere.”

    Um, you do realize that many of us weren’t even born when Polanski was arrested?

    • Great point. People have been following this NXIVM shitshow in real time and on it continues because of the ridiculous stunts and the deadender comedy sideshow. I’m sure future generations won’t give a great deal of shit if they come across this story.

    • Think Bangkok’s showing his age! BTW according to his pal Nicki people didn’t give a rat’s ass anyway back then. LOL

  • Is this Suneel posting on behalf of Raniere? This sounds exactly like KR’s bull shit & defense. It sounds like whoever wrote this is angry and unhinged.

    Are you a NEXIVM insider? A member of DOS? Who are you to be so presumptuous about why these women stayed? Just because they wanted to be a part of sisterhood doesn’t mean they welcomed more & more collatoral hanging over them always wondering whether it may be released.
    The Polanski and Raniere cases are not the same and reducing it to ideology is an oversimplification. Believe me, even many conservatives and Europeans want Raniere behind bars for 120 years.

    When it comes to J6, it was a very well organized mob following Trump’s instructions, They were prepared to hang Mike Pence and Kill Pelosi if they could. They could overturn the election if Trump’s plan would have succeeded to replace electors. Wasn’t it bad enough that they murdered and severely injured capitol piolice? You mention the National Guard. Our President never called them in. Only late in the day did the Secretary of Defense involved them while our fearless leader did nothing to help, ALL DAY. You should read the detailed time line of events which can not be disputed. Many of your fellow GOPers, Proud Boys, Oath Keepers testified to it.

    Perhaps its you that needs COMMON SENSE.
    Have a good day!

  • Joe and Hunter Biden are both racketeers who trafficked in classified documents and threatened to have foreign prosecutors fired if those prosecutors investigated.
    They each deserve 120 years in prison.
    Tucker: This is really the scandal, it’s right there

  • “We haven’t yet learned that extending prison sentences (to inhumane lengths) does not reduce the impulse which causes such activity, nor does it contribute to acting as a deterrent.”

    Tautological drivel, old boy, since a deterrent aims to reduce the impulse. Of course, the 2 other reasons for legal sanction are:
    1. To punish the offender for what they have done so we can all say “hooray!” and
    2. To protect the public from Raniere, i.e. stop him from exploiting our young ladies (and gentlemen)
    The second one in Raniere’s case is the more applicable of course.

    “Our prison policies are based more on ‘revenge’ than rehabilitation or deterrent. Europe is better in this regard.”

    But Europe is full of libtards, socialists and commies! Hell, they even have decent minimum wages, social security, free healthcare, state pension systems, and progressive taxation policies to pay for it all, so the super-rich are forced to contribute properly to a society they’ve made so much money off of. Worst of all, they mostly have proportional representation democracy to stop the extremists from taking over.

    BTW loved your description of January 6th – really had that ring of authenticity, just like you were there. The photo was taken a while before the fun started though! LOL

    Perhaps you haven’t seen the documentary with the actual footage of what happened taken from both sides? If not, I think it’s still on Netflix. Just make sure you watch it on a big screen TV right up close so you really get to feel part of the action. They’d even built a gallows outside because they wanted to play a little game with Mikey Pence. Fortunately for Mikey, his mommy told them he wasn’t in that day. My heart went out to them because they looked so disappointed ☹

  • Let’s remember, 100% of Democrats fully supported pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum, whom raped and sodomized 5 children under the age of 13. They adore Polanski, Woody Allen, Alan Ginsburg, and countless other PEDOS. The left (Including Joe Biden) in America fully support child marriage, Pedophilia, etc. So I do agree with Bangkok on this one: their outrage toward Raniere is 100% manufactured.

    • Bangkok said they are more humane in Sweden (and all of Europe) than in America but I remember you saying that in Sweden they fuck babies and Europe has lots of pedos so why are you agreeing with him now Pilgrim?

    • “Let’s remember, 100% of Democrats fully supported pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum”, Pilgrim

      Joe Biden called Kyle Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” for defending himself against the pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum in Kenosha Wisconsin in 2020.
      I suppose Joe Biden finds some child molesters to be OK.

      • Hogwash! Do you really think the little shit even knew who he was. The big mistake they made was not blowing the little fucker away when they had the chance.

    • ‘…4 – Ken Kesey

      Speaking of CIA-funded cultural movements, it turns out the 1960s drug culture was helped along by everyone’s favourite spy agency.

      In 1959, Ken Kesey, Alan Ginsberg and 140 other young men and women volunteered to take part in an experiment at Stanford University. The experiment, run by two researchers who were secretly working for the CIA, involved giving the subjects their first hit of LSD. Five years later, Kesey was “Captain Flag” of the “Merry Panksters” taking their Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test across the country and Ginsberg was spearheading the budding counterculture movement along with fellow suspected CIA operative, Timothy Leary.

      But Kesey and Ginsberg weren’t the only 60s counterculture icons to be under the influence of the CIA. Others who have been confirmed to have been CIA funded include feminist movement leader Gloria Steinem. Even Gordon Wasson’s research into magic mushrooms (introduced to the public via CIA associate Henry Luce’s Life magazine) was funded by the CIA as part of their MKUltra mind control program.’

      Ginsburg was a government agent – harnessing and defusing the best minds of his generation…

  • Another article that connects KR’s 120 year sentence to statutory rape. Why? KR was not convicted of statutory rape. He was convicted of several other crimes.

    • Because most of the “men” like Bangkok who read this are Keith worshipping incels and find it unfair they can’t groom and manipulate then sleep with underage females, even though if they tried all of the latter would be repulsed by them anyway.

      • Bangkok is an attention seeker. Nothing more but trying to cause uproar. The problem is it’s just really boring rehashing and nobody is that invested. Apart from “Kevin”.

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