Bangkok Attacks ‘BK’ Chet Hardin, Toni Natalie & Kevin, Lauds Kristin Keeffe for Bravery

Toni Natalie and Chet BK Hardin promote their book.

Bangkok has been commenting here for several years. Among the fine things he has said in the past are, “Keith was a disgusting & corrupt asshole.” And “Frank is a demi-god NXIVM reporter, and he’s never wrong about NXIVM matters. So I believe him.”

How do you argue with this brand of brilliance?

So let’s see what Bangkok has to say about a few of the fine folks we report on from time to time and most recently.

By Bangkok

On Bk Chet Corruptible Hardin

bk_in-corruptible Chet Hardin denies he is Chet Hardin, but refuses to say who he is. Why?

 Frank, this Reddit bitch speaks almost as though he knows you.

He’s spent years gleeful at the mere ‘thought’ that you’d be doing a long prison stretch one day. Now that you finalized your favorable plea deal, he was humiliated and left with egg on his face.

He’s been trying to ‘spin’ your plea deal as something much worse than it really is — in a desperate attempt to save face in front of his Reddit audience.

For instance, he says the prosecution will likely ask for the max penalty (five years) —- but that’s a lie, cuz the plea deal limits them to ask for a max sentence of 2 years.

Jeeze. Lori Loughlin paid $500,000 in deliberate fraud to get her daughters into USC, and she only got a few months.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart was convicted of four counts due to illegal stock trades and inside information, at trial, without a plea deal, and she only received five months.

So, I don’t see how this Corruptiblle RedAss can honestly expect Frank to get five years for a much lesser offense.

Frank is a first-time offender.

He’s pled guilty and accepted responsibility (unlike people who go to trial and lose).

The amount of money involved in tiny ($19k).

The government had ZERO losses due to this conviction since Frank paid his taxes on the money.

Frank will have many people writing letters to vouch for his character.

Frank is a textbook case for probation only.

If probation in Frank’s case isn’t possible, then nobody should get probation.

That Redd Ass keeps trying to associate the seized money ($1 million) with Frank’s plea deal, but they are unrelated. The $1 million was part of a civil settlement with the government. It has nothing to do with the criminal aspect of the plea deal.

He keeps implying that the $1 million (seized from the civil settlement) can be brought up by the government at ‘sentencing’ —- and used as part of the sentencing calculations/enhancements.

But I don’t think that’s true.

Only money that is officially part of the crime of conviction can be used to calculate sentencing enhancements.

The government can argue about other ‘issues’ at sentencing if they want, but I don’t think they can officially count that $1 million as part of Frank’s conviction.

Reddit Bitch clearly acts like he knows Frank personally and hates him with everything in his soul.

Not sure what his motivation is.

Great article, Kristin

On Kristin Keeffe Slams Toni Natalie and Corruptible BK Chet Hardin

Toni sounds like a filthy, vile animal.

Toni Natalie, saint and heroine or criminal?

Chet is an asshole and a deadbeat.

You must stand your ground now.

You must not hold back just because a few pussies (like Sherizzy and Aristotle’s Sausage) are acting BUTTHURT and attacking you here. Not sure why Sherizzy and Aristotle’s Sausage are acting so butthurt about your article.

Don’t listen to those two cowardly pussies. Neither of them has the courage to debate you in the open. They are both like frightened little kittens — attacking you without giving any SPECIFIC details, which spares them from having to debate you.

We need more exposure of Toni, Chet, and others. Not less.

The truth should not be hidden.

On Kevin Critic of Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente 

Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente, object of disdain for Kevin

Actually, Kevin, you should STFU and stop making every thread about Mark and Sarah’s fucken lawsuit, you fucken hater.

We get it. You fucken HATE Mark and Sarah.

You believe they are suing without merit.

You’ve said that already — about 1,000,000 fucken times.

This thread isn’t about Mark and Sarah’s lawsuit.

It’s about people on Reddit telling fucking lies about Kristin Keeffe.

Kristin Keeffe

She’s defending herself.

Nobody gives two shits if you don’t like her doing that.

Go back to memorizing dick pics that resemble cheese doodles. If you can honestly remember the shape of a dick 20 years after seeing a photo, you need therapy.

My advice: FORGET about the shape of those dick pics and cheese doodles.

And please stop eating cheese doodles —- cuz they’re messing with your mind, you weird fucker!

Also, stop fixating on Mark and Sarah’s lawsuit. You’re working yourself up into a frenzy over something meaningless.

If the lawsuit is without merit, it’ll be tossed out, OR the jury/judge will wind up seeing that it’s meritless and award them nothing or very little. See? That’s how it works.

My own opinion: You should at least ‘consider’ the prospect of improving the world by OFF’ing yourself. It’s easy. Just find a very high place, stand one step away from the edge, then take two steps forward and let gravity improve the world.

Have a good day.  🙂

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  • XMAS betting line.

    Over the last 5 years Frank has posted and updated comments only one time. Some say Frank drank a little too much rum&egg resulting in his one XMAS update.

    Will Frank post on XMAS this year?
    1 in 5 odds

    Prop bet:
    Will Nice Guy get shit-ass drunk and post on Christmas?
    -1300 gets drunk

  • I think Bangkok is not Frank because Frank has always said he hasn’t watched TV in eons, so I doubt he has a clue who Lori Loughlin is or what she was involved in (she was referenced in this article). If Bangkok was referencing actors from the 50s, maybe I’d think twice. That said, throwing a reference to Martha Stewart and Lori Loughlin in could be a clever attempt at misdirection. 🙂

    • WTF-

      Frank is a complicated man. He hasn’t watched TV in eons. But he loves Drake’s poetry.
      “Whip da’ ma’ma tea.”

      Plus Frank is an amateur puppeteer. Very intriguing.

    • Anonymous-

      “Bangkok is a fuck Wang?”

      Clearly……Not from Nice Guy.
      NiceGuy would’ve used a better insult like:

      “This Christmas! I’ll be stuffing mommy’s stocking and shooting eggnog on ur daddy’s face.”

      “I’m not “going home for Christmas.” I’ll be ‘coming’ in your(Bangkok’s) mom’s home/hole for Christmas.”

      Happy Holidays to the little dipshit Bangkok!

      And fuck the loser who wrote that shit insult too the Legendary Bangkok. Bangkok deserves better!

      Fuck Frank Geppetto!

      Happy Holidays Everyone!

      • Frank

        What if all of *this were a figment of your imagination and you are in fact Horatio Alger?

        Bangkok is the main protagonist of your tale. A representation of you. ….A sliver of you as child. Allegory dressed up as ‘tail’ of youth. Nonexistent devils in shades of gray Imagine: Scott Johnson is a modern Fagan. Do you cuff your pants like James Cagney in Yankee Doodle Dandy? Is it the mind being duplicitous. Perhaps you shall wake up and be visited by
        Charles Bronson dressed up as the Ghost of Christmas past. Can you dream. “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” It’s Cthulhu for me.


  • Still waiting for the mastermind of the “side door” college admissions, William Rich Singer to go to prison.

    He lured people in like a great conman and then flipped on them for the feds. Now he’s been living in a trailer in Fort Myers but living a reasonable life after the feds destroyed the low hanging fruit in that case.

    True corruption. The most honest guy took the fall and others got off.

    Singer should have her. In jail long ago.

  • I have no doubt incorruptible_bk is Chet if Kristin suggests that is the case, but there is an awful lot of hostility towards Frank and I’m curious as to why.

    If it is Chet Hardin, what did FP do to get him so enraged- and why is Chet unable to express it as his authentic self?

    Perhaps because there was no valid reason to take issue with Frank to begin with?

    If it’s not Chet, this person has a lot of time on their hands to follow Franks every move and report on it. Seems more like a jilted lover- or one of the many psychopaths that Frank has exposed over the years.

    • Kristin only started suggesting it after Frank’s post saying so. Before that, she had no problem promoting her blog and subscription newsletter on BK’s reddit page.

      • Kristin believed BK was Chet for months. Toni Natalie libeled Kristin in her book and Chet failed to fact-check it.

        • Doesn’t the responsibility for fact-checking ultimately fall on the publisher? They’re the ones who’ll get sued, if it ever comes to that.

          • The responsibility lies first with the writer to tell the truth and check her memory. Then next the co-writer, then the editor for the publisher, the publisher’s lawyers and finally the publisher.

            I will be charitable. The co-writer may have trusted the writer. The book was well written. Most of the many things claimed as facts that are disputed are not things anyone is likely to litigate for defamation or libel, which is what a publisher has to be concerned with – that and the truth for credibility and that the book is well written.

  • So happy Bangkok is back and on point as usual. 😃

    In your spare time please look at the changes FP made to his plea on the morning of sentencing?

    Handwritten changes required of FP and changed by prosecutor Charles Kruly.

    Significant changes were made before FP would sign.

    I’d like to hear Bangkoks interpretation given specific changes/cross outs/additions.

    Thank you!

  • Bangkok, it warms my heart to know that people are reading what I have to say, and that it’s sinking in. Thank you for the holiday pick me up. Maybe we can be each other’s secret Santa?

    The issues are linked. These people are eating into each other because they didn’t cover their tracks the way you know who are doing by strategically removing the top players in the company from the suit.

    And no, I will not be giving up cheese doodles. Cutting down on alcohol, yes, starting up running again, yes. But I’m still just a man.

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