Wangdu & Swami: Two Cheaters Collaborate to Swindle the Most Money and Sex They Can Grab

By Leona Jeffries

On the Tibetan Chod Facebook page is a lovely photo of Swami Chetanananda and Lama Wangdu wearing their robes and skirts.

It looks like it was taken at the Movement Center with Molly Meridith, Susan Marshall and maybe shaven headed Jen Wilhelm clapping in the background.

The photo was taken by Moni O’Neal

Plenty of lifer “loved ones” joined in and “liked” this photo:

  1. Patricia Yinger
  2. Samuel Long
  3. Patty Slote, wife of Thomas Fabrizio, the Ganesh devotee and book mogul
  4. Sara Storm, a possible “recruiter” for Shoemaker
  5. Kelly Ponzi, still in the “grip” and often seen at Gold Beach
  6. Chris Cartwright, a lifer
  7. Linda Pope, a lifer
  8. Vanessa van Nieuwenkuysen, one of many Nieuwenkuysen’s involved with Shoemaker
  9. Blythe Grandon, a lifer
  10. Susan Marshal, a lifer
  11. Marilyn Ritter, a lifer
  12. Karen Sutherland, a lifer
  13. Swami Ganeshananda, a “loved one” who gave Shoemaker a Bronze Rudi Murti he made himself, how touching

All these “loved ones” liked the post about Wangdu, but did any of them help those he harmed?

On this same site is a photo of Wangdu with the Dalai Lama.

Too bad Shoemaker didn’t make the cut. Keith Raniere got his  photo with the Dalai Lama.

Here is a taste of the hagiology and mythology published on the Facebook page, of the two orange robed abusers. It doesn’t really fit on the back of a prayer card, even when edited for space:

How Wangdu and Swami Chet Came Together

I had been staying in Parping, Nepal, a sacred site of Guru Rinpoche and Vajra Yogini, for seven years when a person from America named Swami Chetanananda arrived.
He was the Guru of Nityananda Institute, a spiritual community that practices Trika Yoga and studies the philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism. He also had an interest in Buddhism, and particularly the Kusali Mahasiddha Lineage of India that I practice.
He asked me a few questions about my practice and asked me to perform the Chöd, which I did.
He liked it a lot and said that it was a practice basically identical to his own. He said that Americans would be very interested in it. I told him that the Tibetans were not extremely interested in the solitary yogi type of practice, that they were more attracted to the large monastic gatherings.
I said that if there were people in America who appreciated it, they must have associated with the mahasiddhas of India in previous lifetimes and that they may very well be incarnations of tantric yogis.
Swamiji liked me and, for auspicious reasons, I gave him my damaru, bell, and thighbone trumpet. ……

Wangdu plays on his thigh bone trumpet

Wangdu continued:

I wondered if perhaps he was someone who had practiced among the previous mahasiddhas of India or if he was an incarnation of one of the mahasiddhas who later lived in Tibet such as Padampa Sangye, Virupa, Tangtong Gyelpo, Milarepa, or Shavari. Such mahasiddhas have freedom over the process of death and rebirth, and some may want to take birth in a nice country like America! ….
Swami spoke with his disciples back in America about me and they asked him to invite me to teach them Chöd. When Swami returned to Nepal he requested teachings for his students and invited me to America. When I spoke to my lama friends about it they thought it would be very good. They told me that if people in America were requesting Buddhadharma, that I definitely must teach, and that it would be beneficial to spread knowledge of Buddhadharma wherever it was not yet understood. …..
At Swami’s request, I gave the Chöd initiation, the Sky-Opener Initiation, to Swami and his students. When I told His Holiness the Dalai Lama that Westerners were requesting initiations, he said that we must teach anyone in the world who requests, without regret or possessiveness. I have taught Swami and his students everything I know about the “ripening initiation,” “perfecting transmission,” and “liberating instructions” of Chöd. I have also given many initiations of the Pacification of Suffering Lineage of Padampa Sangye: outer, inner and secret Padampa Sangye, Vajravarahi, Krudhakali, Nairatmya and the Twelve Tathagatas, the Ali Kali Scripture Initiation, Protectors and so forth and, so as not to spoil the auspiciousness, I have given everything. …..I have offered these to Swamiji without regret.

What will Wangdu harvest?

Frank has published testaments of his abuses at the Movement Center, but he does not mention that. Wangdu continues:

As these practices are translated into English, they will spread and become available everywhere in the world. Now, if I die, I am happy because I know these teachings will flourish ever more widely. I feel like a farmer who has finished planting his seeds. Now I am happy to think about the harvest ripening in the future.

Good news, Lama Wangdu says that Black Magic will be diminished!

As these teachings of Padampa Sangye spread widely, they will help bring about peace in our world, because they will become a means for people to become free from hatred, greed, and ignorance, and to develop compassion, love, and altruism. It will start to happen automatically, just by seeing the books of these teachings! People will become motivated to practice! Black magic will be diminished! Fewer weapons will be manufactured! For these reasons, I am glad that this work is being made available now. I pray that the teachings spread everywhere and that they be authentically practiced.”

Bio Facts

“Lama Tsering Wangdu Rinpoche was born in 1939 in the Langkor Valley in West Tingri, Tibet. …..
Today, Lama Wangdu RInpoche is the Abbot of Pal Gyi Ling monastery and continues to serve as a healer and spiritual guide for countless people in Nepal and the United States. As one of the few remaining Tibetan lamas who trained and practiced in pre-occupied Tibet, he is also committed to preserving and transmitting the authentic and rare teachings he has received and brought to fruition through decades of practice.”

This “need to preserve” the teachings was one of the fraudulent indoctrination lines Shoemaker used to get his “students” to have sex with him.

Shoemaker used the translations of Dr. Alexis Sanderson to “justify” his rape and abuse as a “traditional” Tibetan practice that would “advance their spiritual lives”.

The Daily Mail exposes this type of abusive Tantric sex in an article about the Agama Yoga cult led by guru Narcis Tarcau, who calls himself Swami Vivekananda Saraswati.

Narcis Tarcau

His former students have accused him of running a ‘sex cult.’ There are widespread sexual assault allegations against him.

Funny how these sex cult gurus like Shoemaker, Raniere, and Tarcau always deny the allegations and blame the students for their abuse. They use “ancient Tantric rituals”, based on known psychological coercive control methods like gaslighting, dependency, fear, threats, sleep deprivation, chanting, and repetitive movements to induce trance-like states to gain control over their victims.

Wangdu on his birthday will expect his female students to celebrate with him.

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  • Let’s have a pop quiz:

    The sum total of all of these 60 articles in the Frank Report, the internal stories about Swami Chetanananda, and all of our own accumulated experiences, and observations has: the weirdest, fucking stupidest, “vibe” imaginable to it.

    1) True

    2) False.

    Yes, or, No.

    Agree, or disagree?

    Let’s hear from our readers. If I get enough responses, I will retire from these comments.

    I just wanna know.

  • People with money were cultivated. And, it was done in a such way that they were largely unaware of what was happening. Swami Chetanananda is a master of disguising his agendas.
    He is really good at that.

    • Reply to Horsetail, yes, you are right, Shoemaker got his “loved ones” to pay for everything!

      Swami spoke with his disciples back in America about me and they asked him to invite me to teach them Chöd. When Swami returned to Nepal he requested teachings for his students and invited me to America.

      Who paid for the airplane tickets, the housing, the meals, the flowers. Who cleaned the toilets? Who made the beds? Who made the meals? Who washed the dishes? Oh, yes the “loved ones”!

      From what some “loved ones” have stated on the Frank Report neither Shoemaker of Wangdu could keep their hands off the “loved ones”.

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