Raniere Gave Gina Book Promoting Slavery, Utmost Secrecy and Death

The coroner ruled that Gina Hutchinson’s cause of death is suicide. She died in October 2002 in Woodstock, New York.  Police found her body on the grounds of a Buddhist monastery.  Gina had met Raniere when she was 14 or 15. He was 23 or 24. She died when she was 33.

The author of the following is known to Frank Report readers for her NXIVM artwork. Her name is MK10ART. See her work on Instagram.

Heidi and Gina Hutchinson

The Book is Sky Dancer


I thought reading the book may provide clues about Gina Hutchinson and her relationship with Keith Raniere.

Many suspect Raniere was involved in Gina’s alleged suicide.

I discovered more than I anticipated in the first few pages. Keith may have borrowed ideas for Nxivm and DOS from this book.

Heidi Hutchinson wrote about her sister:

Gina noted how Keith sent her on field trips to local Indian Ashrams, about the “profound effect Keith had on her life” and how during these experiments, Gina developed suicidal ideation, along with a deepening belief that she was the living reincarnate embodiment of the Buddhist Earth Goddess, “Samayatara”.
Keith bequeathed Gina with a book titled “Sky Dancer,” about this Buddhist consort cum Goddess. 
There aren’t many female deities in Buddhism. This was a rare reincarnation find or “recognition.” 
Keith calculated the astronomically rare probability once, I think. 
But that didn’t mean it wasn’t true. Gina believed.
Gina carried a tattered, marked copy of “Skydancer” around with her everywhere for years as a teenager into her 20’s. 
She had it memorized, recited, and pondered on it constantly.
She found all the monasteries around, including the most ornate one, K.T.D., where she was a regular visitor. 
She studied other books on Samayatara and Tibetan Buddhism. She discussed her findings and queries with her Buddhist God-mentor, Keith Raniere.

Some quotes from the Sky Dancer stand out as reasons why groomer-guru Keith Raniere recommended this book to a young, impressionable Gina.  

Yeshe Tsogyel, his Queen, together with the measureless universal mandala to the Great Guru. After that she accompanied him unswervingly, serving him continuously, giving her Body, Speech and Mind completely.

It might sound like ‘word-salad.’ but it is not so different from NxivmSpeak.

Tantric teaching is also hidden intentionally to prevent misuse, the misuse that occurs if these precious treasures are used for selfish gain and fame, neglecting appropriate dedication to sentient beings.

Merriam-Webster defines Tantric as “one of the later Hindu or Buddhist scriptures dealing especially with techniques and rituals including meditative and sexual practices.”

Raniere was a secretive sex addict and probably used this book to justify everything he did as ‘divinely inspired.’

How perfect.

We all know how secretive and erotic Nxivm/DOS was.

From the first few pages of the book, the concept of the goddess giving everything to her guru and keeping secrets is magically wrapped in mystical, spiritual Buddhist philosophy.

Wow, Keith hit the jackpot to begin grooming his reincarnated lover/student/slave goddess.

There is also a picture on the back cover of the goddess having sex with her guru. Artfully done to not be too obvious but definitely scandalous for a girl in 1983. 

No wonder Raniere used this book.

For twenty-five hundred years, the Buddhist’s goal has not altered – the perfection of man as the Buddha.. . the mystery of Buddhahood was expressed in terms of the union of sexual duality.

Of course, Keith wasn’t going to be outdone by some old Buddha. In his own mind, Keith had all Buddha’s virtues, magical sperm, and the ability to recognize Nazi reincarnations.

Yeshe Tsogyel, and in the cult that grew up around her and her Guru, she became the Guru Dakinl, the Sky Dancer, the embodiment of the female Buddha.

It even brings up the idea of having a cult, and that Gina is the female Buddha.  

The book Sky Dancer “describes the secret empowerments and vows which accompany initiation into the tantric mysteries.”

Wow, the book seems to be the inspiration for DOS. Now Keith’s group fellatio sessions are making more sense in a brainwashed-cult-member way.

To express his vision of the secret life of Yeshe Tsogyel Taksham employed the conventional literary devices of Tibetan tantric biography (rnam-thar): mandalas, metaphysics, tantric symbology, twilight language and poetry.

With these tools, he describes an ideal path of practice that the tantric neophyte can emulate.

So the tantric way utilizes sex, vows, secrets, and twilight language.

As popularized by Roderick Bucknell and Martin Stuart-Fox in 1986, the notion of ‘twilight language’ is a supposed polysemic language and communication system associated with tantric traditions in Vajrayana Buddhism and Hinduism.

It includes visual communication, verbal communication, and nonverbal communication.

Tantric texts are often written in a form of the twilight language that is incomprehensible to the uninitiated reader. As part of an esoteric tradition of initiation, the texts are not to be employed by those without an experienced guide, and the use of the twilight language ensures that the uninitiated do not easily gain access to the knowledge contained in these works.

As Bucknell and Stuart-Fox state:

In the Vajrayana tradition, now preserved mainly in Tibetan sects, it has long been recognized that certain important teachings are expressed in a form of secret symbolic language known as saṃdhyā-bhāṣā, ‘Twilight Language’.
Mudrās and mantras, maṇḍalas and cakras, those mysterious devices and diagrams that were so much in vogue in the Buddhist culture of the 1960s, were all examples of Twilight Language.

Twilight language includes mysterious diagrams. What was that found in Gina’s car?

This may be a coincidence, but Sky Dancer seems to hold some keys to the mindset, inspirations, and passions behind Raniere and the Nxivm/DOS cult.


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  • Thank you, MK10. Very good post. Wish more women felt safe enough on this blog to benefit from Gina’s real story.

    Btw, apologize for my suspicions re: your moniker and the whole monarch-CIA gaslighting thing that went on. But, hey, what’s a spy to do 🤣?

  • Eastern mysticism is a gateway drug for Nxivm’s sex cult. The Guru bullshit gets into the mind of impressionable women, even through Yoga, and makes them susceptible to similar bs. The Vancouver actresses all were doing Yoga before they got hooked on Vanguard’s mysticism.

    • Good point. Keith was good at finding and using gateway drugs. He used Nancy’s belief in past lives as her gateway drug. Anti-big pharma and anti-vax were used. Feminism (smh) was used. Anti-establishment. Whatever slightly or majorly outside the box thing you were into, he’d use it on you as a gateway drug.

      • Actresses are vulnerable, more so if young and immature, and Keith was “smart” to target them. Auditioning as an actor means trying to please, trying to be the person someone else wants them to be. And if they are hired, they learn to “take direction well” — that means doing what they are told. Prime fodder for a sex cult guru.

  • I knew it!

    Many gurus, priests and lamas have exploited these types of spiritual teachings over the millennia. Tibet was a Buddhist theocracy for over a thousand years, just like the Catholic Church. They weren’t as genocidal as Catholics are, but when you see stories like this, that’s not saying much.

    Just as Catholics are not all Christians, Tibetan Buddhism is not all Buddhism. There is good and bad in both.

    The suspension of critical thinking in spiritual pursuits can be a very dangerous thing.

    And anyone in a position of authority who tries to get you to do that should rot in hell.


    • — Tibetan Buddhism is not all Buddhism. There is good and bad in both.

      Have any good books on the subject? Anything anthropological would be greatly appreciated.

      I know that Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are a little shady. I hadn’t heard that said about Buddhism.


    • Alonzo- Have you read Kristin Keeffe’s answers to NXIVM questions on trialsandtruths.us ? She answered several questions you had that none of us knew the answers to.

      • Seriously? You’re going to bring that scourge to Kristin? And those of us who enjoy that blog? Can’t we have ANY nice things?

        • Kristin answering NXIVM related questions is over. You bags already ruined it.

          Alanzo makes FR better. There – I said it. FU if you’re so close-minded you can’t see it. The problem with Alanzo, is Sniveling Craven stalks him and will show up on FR the second he/she realizes Alanzo is back commenting.

          • “Kristin answering NXIVM related questions is over…”

            Or did people stop posting questions? Weird….

          • —Alanzo makes FR better

            Some one must of — f*cked your brains out over the weekend.

            “Alanzo makes the FR better.”

            The Craven is Aloonzo. Then again we both know you’ve got a crystal ball. Perhaps you know better….Sigh….

            Nutz if you’re trying to Troll everyone you’re doing an excellent job!

      • NutJob are you referring to the paid content?

        Not everyone (Alonzo) can afford it…..

        And not everyone gets it free like you.

      • NutJob-

        Why are you always trying to be buddy, buddy with Alonzo?

        I’m jealous. I wish you kissed my ass like you do to this Cult Groupie. N

        • Interact with him vs. shooting nukes, and you’ll have fun. He has stalkers that shape the narrative. I know you are slow to believe this, but I do.

          Not that I always agree with Alanzo, but if that was a standard I had, I’d be very lonely.

          • Respectfully disagree. “Blind retard” repeatedly isn’t a “fun” thing to be called. It’s offensive and unnecessary and doesn’t further making an intelligent point.

            The homophobic and misogynist comments do not make all feel welcome on the blog.

            He’s the stalker of attorney Neil Glazer of Sarah. Of Susan Dones on social media.

            You may be his self-appointed social director, But it is his own actions and words that have made people despise him. Just because someone has a different opinion of something or someone doesn’t mean you need to tell them to f*** off. That’s exactly what is wrong with discourse right now.

          • Dear Most Honorable NutJob,

            Anonymous [Anonymous August 8 1:59] –
            sums up how I feel.

            NutJob I only sh*t on assholes. It’s why I came back.
            The “Nasty Kim”
            was attacking Heidi
            in a most malicious manner way with things Heidi shared privately.

            Aloonzo will never change. He’s 65 not 25.
            NutJob you’ve a better chance of parting the sea!

            None of this truly matters — I enjoy shiting on mean spirited a-holes and enjoy helping the assholes.

            Frank depends on me!

            Fore I am the avenging Paladin

            I am The Man of La Mancha!

            “In brightest day, in blackest night,
            No evil shall escape my sight
            Let those who worship evil’s might,
            Beware my power – beware my light.”
            —Unknown Monk, circa 955 B.C,

            Take it easy NutJob! See you on the flip side or when another asshole attacks the fair maiden Heidi Hutchinson!

            Tally ho!

            Yours truly,
            Sir NiceGuy

            P.S. FU and the Devil Rays! And try and get a tan! I here tell you’re pasty white!!!

            And the answer is YES — I’m a middle aged white crank and have no life!!! FU!

          • Typo last comment

            None of this truly matters — I enjoy shiting on mean spirited a-holes and [YOU] enjoy helping the assholes.

          • They dropped the “Devil”. I’m offended by your mean-spirited refusal to use their correct name.

    • Here is a scene from the greatest anti-cult movie of all time:


      James Earle Jones as Keith Raniere…

      Arnold Schwarzenegger as the wayward NutJob…

      Nicki Clyne as (career suicide) Girl…

      Alonzo as Fat Strange Dude with snake….

  • Raniere is pure evil. Gina didn’t stand a chance if groomed by him at such a young age. The back cover of the book is disturbing– covert messages throughout. So sorry for Gina and Heidi. Thank you for explaining all of this.

  • Raniere liked to incorporate this Eastern mysticism crap into his seduction routine. It made him seem intelligent, superior and wise to the silly girls he fancied. The “crush on teacher” syndrome.

    In many ways Raniere remained a permanent adolescent. Jumping some girl’s bones was always his highest ambition. Boastful about the most improbable things, arrogant, convinced he knew everything. “Young and dumb and full of cum”.

    Lazy and half-educated, he “read widely”. Meaning he’d pick up a book and half-read it so he could lecture everyone around him about it. An instant expert.

    It impressed the gullible. “He’s so brilliant!”

    I remember Allison Mack on her blog gushing about the book Raniere assigned her to read. An idiotic novel called Shantaram. It’s set in India and it’s full of Eastern “philosophy”. It’s author sounds a lot like Raniere, boastful, a hero in his own mind, doer of great things, or so he claims. It’s utter shit:

    Andy writes on Goodreads:

    “This is an awful book. Awful. Full of beginners grade philosophy we’re meant to think is profound and horrible pretentious characters…”

    Joseph says,

    “My god. What an incredible load of drivel this is. This self-aggrandizing pseudo-autobiography teems with ludicrously bad prose, characters so flat I’d like to use them to keep water off my bathroom floor, dimwitted philosophy, and self-love. I quite literally had to stop reading from embarrassment at the sex scenes (‘my body was her chariot and she rode me into the sun’? ye gods)

    No wonder Raniere (and Mack) thought Shantaram was a great novel.

    Raniere’s interest in Eastern mysticism was likely triggered by the Kama Sutra, that cookbook of sex positions for contortionists. (Oh, but this is serious philosophy, a mystical Art based on centuries of meditative tradition! Pffffttt, it’s trying to get your girl to screw you in uncomfortable positions. It’s porn. Ancient Hindu porn.)

    This Eastern Mysticism stuff was very trendy around the time Raniere was in high school / college. Krishna, Zen. So was Ayn Rand, especially appealing to adolescent boys, who see themselves as future movers and shakers destined to change the world. Rand’s books are the basis of much of Raniere’s hare brained “philosophy”.

    Raniere never grew up. He remained the horny self-centered teenager past middle age, until his arrogance and lack of character, responsibility and morals ended him in prison. He always thought he’d get away with his hijinks, slip one past Mom and get off Scot-free. In the end he just outsmarted himself.

    • “He remained the horny self-centered teenager past middle age, until his arrogance and lack of character, responsibility and morals [that I hope will] end him in prison.” Just replace “Raniere” and you could have written this equally about the Salamaji. Word for word, the same guy. I’d say 80% of people in the Portland ashram read this book. It was in the bookstore. Though Salamaji went far beyond the rudimentary Karma Sutra. There are texts in Indian mysticism and tantra that condone far worse in the pursuit of spiritual accomplishment.

    • “Lazy and half-educated, he “read widely”. Meaning he’d pick up a book and half-read it so he could lecture everyone around him about it. An instant expert.”

      Didn’t he demand some of his gals to do book reports for him? Maybe he didn’t have to even read half a book…just the report.

    • “Lazy and half-educated…”

      When it comes to eastern mysticism, or any philosophy really, Aristotle’s Turd is projecting again.


    • Sausage: Most of us men are horny.

      You the exception Mr. Sausage? If not, you certainly seemed enamored with Mack. So much so you chose Chloe over Lois Lane.

    • “In many ways Raniere remained a permanent adolescent…”

      Exactly. Just like the most famous actress members of this cult: Clyne, Mack, and Kreuk.

  • A few excerpts and some quotes to ponder.
    If you want, you can find the references to Raniere and others to whom you can apply these quotes and who may have internalized them and follow.

    The Register Guard

    Hitler’s words don’t feel out of place in today’s politics

    Staff WriterRegister-Guard

    “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.”

    “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”

    “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise.”

    These quotes seem remarkably current, but they were not uttered by the person in the White House. They were made by Adolph Hitler.

    [ … ]


    Cordele Dispatch

    Life, Liberty, and….. Quotations
    Published 10:39 am Wednesday, May 4, 2016

    By admin


    [ … ]

    Moving on to Joseph Stalin, who said, “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

    [ … ]

    I’ll continue with one of Stalin’s contemporaries, Adolph Hitler, who said, “Make the lie simple, make it big, keep saying it. Eventually they will believe it.”
    Adolph Hitler also said, “The victor will not be asked if he told the truth.” What makes me think Hillary Clinton is counting on the veracity of this remark?
    I also like Hitler’s comment on government, “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.”
    Let me leave Hitler with this last quote, “I use emotion on the many and reserve reason for the few.”

    [ … ]

    Finally, here is my favorite quote from Hillary Clinton, “If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.” What a deep thinker!
    So, there you have the best from the best thinkers of the liberal left from the last one hundred years. See you next week.


  • The back cover artwork – look, it’s the infamous “blue light” of sex with the exalted guru. Absolutely nothing original from Raniere the great, not even his ridiculous lies. Turns out, the “smartest man in the world” has all the creativity of a rock. And he spent his life throwing those rocks through all the bright windows of souls that he could find.

    Sadly, there are a lot of rock throwing jackasses out there. We all need to bullet proof our windows.

    • Too true, L. LOL on the blue light. I always thought mebbe Keith copped it from Kmart. “Attention Kmart shoppers we have a blue light special on aisle 7…” 😆

      • heh heh – if he was a blue light special, he’d be defective. Time for a recall and toss the lousy merchandise away!

        It’s a shame he caught Gina so young with this garbage. Like some kinda vampire moth – going after all the bright lights and sucking the life out of them.

        Stay well, Heidi, and I hope peace finds you even if you never find a complete answer on Gina’s death.

        • Thanks, L. While back when I was talking to the media – in the ‘before times’ as the youngsters say, lol – the discussion with one intelligent reporter turned to how advertisers do target, mind condition and exploit children in almost a similar way to how cults like NX operate. Rainbow Culture Garden, GBD, Juicy Peach, etc
          – all of these grooming groups NX formed – are akin to the same marketing principles a McDonalds Corp. employs. It’s simply a “Get ’em young, get ’em for life,” principle that NX exploited.

          Rich area for discussion on the proper forum.

          Btw, appreciate your well wishes but, in fact, I was never unwell – just being falsely portrayed as such to fit the agenda of those seeking to silence and discredit me on not only this blog but in reality.

          The scary part is that I wasn’t and am still not sure how far they would go to do that where me and, especially, my son are concerned.

          Never underestimate the destructive power of greed.

  • Mr. Parlato,

    With all due respect, you have posted up dozens of articles and still haven’t posted up Patriot God’s work, yet like you promised that you would!

    What gives?!……

    • Obvious Frank is being McBlackmailed into posting professionally poisonous, anti-semetic slurs. Tsk, tsk. Couldn’ta happened to a nicer felon.

      • Heidi, haven’t you always tried to blackmail your husband? You got your payback for your years of attacking him, I suppose.

        As for being a felon, you don’t know how close you came to being a felon yourself for something far more severe than failing to file an IRS form 12 years ago.

        You were under investigation for sexually abusing your son. You might have been charged and gone to prison, and then have to register as a sex offender. Instead, the boy was removed from your control. You’re lucky.

  • Dear Nicki Clyne,

    Moonwalk 4 me and I’ll tell K-Dog!

    What up with the DNA? When you gettin me outta here?

    396, 397, you know my digits girl!

    Holla back at ya dog!



  • Frank
    Once again- KR, KR, KR – my Gosh- obsession- that kind of a book is witch craft and holds NO keys to anything. YOU are still following the killer – Gosh – NO life- NO life – NO life –
    YOU need a HOBBY- such as sight seeing or something – Keith is going to make YOU follow him to the gates of HELL- !!!!
    Thought YOU said you didn’t believe the person YOU are writing about – thought YOU said “I don’t believe her ?
    Forked tongue and NOT remembering what YOU say – hmmnnn-!!!!!!!?

      • You basically just said “it takes one to know one” Playground logic of a six year old. Grow up Trixcy Red Bow

    • Your recent (apparently unsuccessful) attempts to lose weight have left you ill tempered, Kim. Just accept yourself. You’re beautiful. Just as God designed you.

    • Kim,

      —YOU [Frank] need a HOBBY!

      Frank does have a hobby…..
      …..It’s reading all the crazy shit we all post.

      His other hobby is boar hunting. You’d better not let him know where you live. 😉

    • Dear Kim,

      Yes! It is I, The Great Patriot God! No need to blush, fawn, or shriek with da girl delight (though I completely understand why you would! 😉)!

      I would like to bless you with some wisdom that most people would die to be able to hear from me and my unsurpassable wisdom! No need to thank me! That’s just how great I am! 😉

      I would like to pint out a couple of things!


      2. Both Keith and Ginzo are damned to Nigger Hell for the crime of being born a wicked nigger devil! Keith was born the worst nigher of all, a Jewish kike devil and ol’ Ginzo is a guido marinara nigger! Though a kosher nigger is far worse than a guido nigger, both are amongst those same spiritual father father SATAN and therefore are both in the paradigm of evil! So they must burn and be tortured forever in Nigger Hell for being niggers!

      3. Ginzo has always been a barrel of contradictions. This is nothing new with him or his subspecies!


      ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

      ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY!!!!!!! ✊🏻

        • Yes, Ginzo! We all know that you’re Ginzo! No need to keep rehashing that!

          Keith’s mother is a Jew and their heritage matrilineal! So no! He’s Jewish!


          ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

          ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY!!!!!!! ✊🏻

    • Dear Kim,

      Yes! It is I, The Great Patriot God! No need to blush, fawn, or shriek with girlish delight (though I completely understand why you would! 😉)!

      I would like to bless you with some wisdom that most people would die to be able to hear from me and my unsurpassable wisdom! No need to thank me! That’s just how great I am! 😉

      I would like to point out a couple of things!

      ✊🏻 IF WE BELIEVE!!!!!! ✊🏻

      ✊🏻 THERE’S A BETTER WAY!!!!!!! ✊🏻

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